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I'm going to be in a Star Wars d20 game, /tg/, and I need a little help.

It's level 9. Four members of the 7 member party are Jedi, and almost every opponent we face is a Sith or Dark Side Acolyte with dissipate energy and a lightsaber. When level 7, we faced a female darksider who had a Defense of 35!!!

RP mode? Jedi and sith are all-powerful. Don't even try to naysay them, because your pathetic argument will just be ignored. The whole damn thing is turning into this improbable clusterfuck of Jedi and Darksiders. My last character, a humble fringer, had to basically spam grenades to be useful, and THEN only when no allies were around.

Fuck this shit. tl;dr I need a good build for a non-sensitive force-user-killer at level 9.

Pic related, it's the only easily-readable pic of the galaxy I have.

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OP here. I will bump with more star wars pics.

Pic related. My last character's ride.

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More bumps. No one will help a fellow fa/tg/uy?

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i'm not actually sure it can be done

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Then help me with a build that will just make me as fucking dangerous as possible without force powers.

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are you using Revised or Saga?

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Make a slug thrower out of that anti lightsaber shit. That'll show em who's boss.

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I asked about that. DM said it would be 2000 credits a shot.

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Poison gas?

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Cortosis is too fragile and too brittle to make an effective bullet; it'd turn into sand before leaving the barrel.
Phrik is more useful and also so expensive that only the Galactic Empire at it's HEIGHT ever managed to weaponize it.
Plus both of those only exist in non-canon sources; George Lucas occupies the highest tier of canon, and he said only force fields and other lightsabers can actually stop a lightsaber, things like blast doors only slow them down somewhat.

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Got any ideas, then?

I just want to be able to be a credible threat to a sith of the same level.

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I made a scoundrel who did 3d8+12 with a heavy blaster at level 8. Had two of those blasters.

That's a shit ton of damage. You should be able to easily keep up with Jedi if you get creative. Check Scum and Villainy and find some nice weapon upgrades.

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okay then, lvl 9... is you're GM allowing the use of Beskar? If so go for a beskar weapon, try to talk you're GM into allowing you to use a Beskar version of a D&D melee weapon with a high crit range.

I say Beskar so that a Jedi's blade can't just cut through it. Maybe get some armor made out of it, would work better if you were playing a character with a Mandalorian background. In game terms I think it'd make the light sabers effect your Vitality points instead of your base 10 directly, but since that metal didn't see much light in cannon until well after revised was released you may have to work that out with your GM, but it would enhance your survivability.

Also, with that high crit weapon make sure you take the Improved Crit Feat. Do this as a Soldier. Eventually Prestige class into Elite Trooper. Ad the Serrated quality to the Beskar blade to increase the base crit range by 1 (stackable with improved crit, unlike Keen).

More than anything though try to get the armor, it'll make you're character a hell of a lot more terrifying vs lightsabers.

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Are there abilities to mask your feelings Atton Rand style? Can Jedi in this setting stop a building from collapsing on them? How about a cave? Do they all know how to hold their breath with the force? Exactly how broken are we talking here? Also, what abilities/gear do you currently have at your disposal?

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reminds me, there was this one book, "Dark Rondevouz" I think it was, and yes I probably spelled it wrong. But flechette weapons worked wonderfully against jedi. Basically just shrapnel guns.

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Shotguns, explosives... Be more cunning. You could also get a Lightsaber for defensive purposes and then shoot them with a blaster when they move to parry (one in each hand). Ysalimiri to negate their powers, Cortosis Ore to short their sabers, Vornskrs to hunt them, flamethrowers, concussion missile launchers, proton torpedo launchers, turbolasers... there's plenty of ways to kill Jedi. Your GM just can't be someone suckling at the George Lucas teat of Jedi masturbation.

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Can you weave cortosis into beskar?

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Stun weapons, bro. Can't be blocked by lightsabers, can't be pushed or pulled around without taking the gun right out of your hands. Coup de grace them in their sleep, and remember: honor's an aristocrat's game.

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I have no idea what that is, sorry. But in the current storyline (the novels) Beskar armor works pretty damn well at stopping lightsabers as the are.

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>I have no idea what cortosis is
God dammit you need to read more Timothy Zahn.
Or at least play Jedi Outcast.

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>Cortosis ore was a very rare, brittle, fibrous material whose conductive properties caused lightsabers to temporarily short out upon contact, although the wielder could solve this problem by turning the blade back on after a couple of seconds. This effect made cortosis a useful material for anti-lightsaber melee weapons, though with repeated strikes, a lightsaber could still cut through it. Cortosis, due to its heat and energy resistant properties, was also resistant to blaster fire.

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No Beskars, and he won't allow more than one Mandalore in the party.
One of the PCs threw a building at someone with the Force at level 6. I have a 27.5k credit limit and a blank 9th level character sheet.
Good luck getting anything heavier than a hold-out blaster off the ship. No problem with lightsabers, though...
Our DM lets a sith use drain energy on STARSHIP ENGINES.

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give it up, bro. you can't win when force users are obviously the GMs favorite.

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He won't allow multiple Mandalorians, Beskar is banned, every force sensitive is Starkiller, and you can't even get a goddamn shotgun without your DM flipping his shit?

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kill your DM, or... no, just kill him, because your computer told you to

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He let me have thermal detonators with me all the time, though. I carried 5 on me AT ALL TIMES.

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>Our DM lets a sith use drain energy on STARSHIP ENGINES.

Don't even bother with this shit

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It actually depends on the type, Darth Bane grew up mining an incredibly all around damage resistant type of Cortosis.

The type of Cortosis that shuts off sabers on contact is really weak, but you can mix it with other metals at that point it becomes more resilient but only saber resistant without the ability to shut it off.

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This is perfectly plausible if the starship engines are made of hamster wheels.

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>One of the PCs threw a building at someone with the Force at level 6

What the fuck is their use the force skill at?

That check should be at least DC 25 or 30..nevermind the extra your DM should add on for uprooting the damn thing.

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Then quit. Honestly, don't try to compete in a game of constant one-upmanship in this situation. It wont pay off. I know from years of doing the same stupid shit myself. You can try talking with the GM, but these guys...

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Can't just walk away. My g/f is one of the Jedi (A Jedi/Tech Specialist), and if I leave the guy playing the Mandalore will probably attempt to date-rape her.

So, what's a non-force guy to do?

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Yeah Beskar even has limited anti-force properties.

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Your DM is a faggot. Find a new one.

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This is looking more and more like a troll thread.

Caster/jedi hate, bad GM, Girl friend in game with a helping of rape.

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as the saying goes: if you cant beat em, join em

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>My g/f is one of the Jedi

I am so glad I'm not you right now.

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Here is your build OP.

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...but shutting the lightsaber off is what MAKES cortosis saber-resistant.
Remember when Luke was using his lightsaber to cut through a giant block of stone laced with cortosis in the Hand of Thrawn novels? Cortosis will still chip and break when a saber hits it, it only gets around that by shutting the saber down, so that less of it comes into contact with the saber than if the saber were active.
It shouldn't be "blocking" an active saber.

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I'm aware it's not much better than anything else against the force itself, but against lightsabers it can be a nightmare to go against if you can get them into tight quarters where the force will be less effective for the sake of collateral damage.

Also, my point with the previous build I was semi suggesting was to get a crit range as high as possible. There's a way to get a crit range of 2-20.

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Read the fuck out of this.

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Flechette guns come in pistol form.

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It's really not a troll thread. My g/f plays star wars because regular D&D bores the fuck out of her. Also, she plays her character in an interesting way. (Lightsaber? No. Meet my ASSASSIN DROID!)

Everything I've posted has happened in the game. No trolling, only neckbearded truth.

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Be a Wookiee mechanic then.

Be loud and roar a lot.

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>There's a way to get a crit range of 2-20.


Oh, and all darksiders we've faced have sith alchemy-induced DR while wearing no armor.

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Wookie mechanic with a jetpack who burned his ass hair off with said jetpack. He doesn't know he did it and nobody has the heart to tell him.

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I agree with this. dps dick measuring is fucking stupid. play something that you think is fun.

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Cortosis is fairly resistant to it, in addition to shutting it off, but there are other materials called Cortosis with similar traits.

Once you weave Cortosis it becomes saber resistant but no longer shuts it off.

See Jedi Outcast Shadow Troopers.

Against Sabers you can use a few things, Energy Shields, the Various types of Cortosis, Phrik, Beskar, and superconductive metals with enough surface area to distribute and dissipate the energy. (Vibroshields do this)

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Use lots of explosives and insta-traps. Nothing that clicks BEFORE it goes off.

For Jedi, try diplomancing. For Sith, hang back and let everyone else be a meat shield while you search for a good spot to hide and drop grenades from.

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And mandalorian armor that's barely strapped on and barely visible beneath the fur?

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One moment, this is crossreferencing like a bitch though so the DM may or may not go for it.

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This guy here is pretty cool, Swoop Ganger on Tatooine that worke for Jabba, he was a Chiss but had no idea about it, just figured he was some other kind of random alien.

Has some bitchin' spiked armor.

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Can you be one of these?


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The problem is basically just like any caster edition, only worse because the GM is a Jedi fanboi.

Could you swing playing a droid? It sounds like between the various Jedi, playing a mundane skill-type is probably going to be redunant (and the casters do it better 90% of the time).

I'm fond of playing the Wookie. Lightsabers are badass, but you can't use them in a grapple, and Jedi usually don't do the 'big strong guy' thing. (though as usual, being force-sensitive would make it better)

Alternately: go Noghri for stealth hax.

>> No.14204214

Rodian with a DL-18.

Pretty awesome especially since the gun is so average it's cool.

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Anything that`s area attack. I was racking up sith body counts with my blaster cannon carrying soldier

>> No.14204249

One of the Jedi is a Wookie.

GM stupidity time: The backstory of two of the Jedi in the party is that they are from the old republic, thousands of years ago, and were flung forward in time somehow. We're in the New Jedi Order Era, so my fringer was basically explaining the WHOLE DAMN WORLD to them while playing.

(I kept a special datapad with pictures of people and places I was talking about.)

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Jawa. Don't bother with combat, wander around being inconspicuous and sabotaging crap while having maxxed diplomacy (for bargaining.

Oh yeah, and see if your GM is just trying to be realistic about hauling around military-grade weapons in civilian areas, or if he is really a prick. There's lots of ways to smuggle in the heavy repeater if you're clever... but they won't work if the GM is dicking with you.

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I always figured this looked like an Action (What was it IV, V, or VI that the Wild Karrde was?) so I named it what I did.

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okay then, if he's not allowing Beskar then get whatever metal would be at least reasonably durable and go for a scimitar (18-20/x2 p116 PHB 3.5) with the serrated and cleft blade adjustments (somewhere around page 176 of the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide) for a total of +2 to the BASE crit range, making it 16-20. Improved Critical: Scimitar ups that to 11-20. If you survive long enough to get the Elite Trooper thing you can give up a full attack and AGAIN double the crit range to 1-20, but most DM's say 1 is always a botch so it'll have to settle for 2-20.

Hmm... not as much crossreferencing as I remember. I think maybe Serrated is in another book....

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>Basically it's the same shit with a few cosmetic differences.

The end!

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jesus christ. are you serious? no GM with half a brain would allow that shit.

>> No.14204290

If it doesn't come from Star Wars d20, it's not allowed.

>> No.14204296


>with half a brain

I think we've already established this... thing, if you can call it a GM, doesn't have much in the way of sense, or this thread wouldn't be here.

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OP here. What's the options on flechette weaponry? Anything decent about blaster pistol-sized?

>> No.14204304


I could have sworn if you double something twice you instead multiply it by 3. Double again by 4, ect.

But, I might be remembering a rule from a different game.

>> No.14204317

Try concussion weapons, the tubes that do the blast generation are actually industrial tools.

And even though in the Jedi Knight games concussion blasts were treated as rockets that could be push-deflected, in-fluff they can't be pushed.

>> No.14204320

*shrugs* sounds familiar but I think that was something to do with saves. no, I'm blanking. I know I've heard something like that before.

>> No.14204323

Phrik was in Ep-III.

>> No.14204334

It's true "Double" in d20 means "Add the Original Value Again."

>> No.14204337


That's the rule, yes. Dunno if its actually in the Star Wars d20 rules but it was added into the SRD at some point.

Though frankly, if the GM is dumb enough to be allowing Iron Kingdoms shit into a Star Wars game all bets are off.

>> No.14204340


yeah, I was right. under Multiplying

>> No.14204353


In Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, and its expansion Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, concussion rifles worked the way they were supposed to, no Force Pushing or lightsaber reflecting allowed.
Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy got rid of this in an effort to make the games more cinematic.

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okay, still gives a crit range of 6-20. not to be taken lightly


can't find my revised books atm, sorry, thought I had them somewhere around here

>> No.14204363

Yeah, they added it to increase challenge from Force using bosses.

I personally hated it so very much.

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OP here. I hate to be a downer, but I'd like it if we could get back to something resembling my original request.

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sorry, cats have longer attention spans than your average fa/tg/uy

>> No.14204388


I don't think you understand how /tg/ works.

>> No.14204392


Try this, they can easily be built with parts from any industrial rock crushing plant.

>> No.14204399

Dude, this is /tg/. We've turned troll threads into serious discussions on reasons why the USSR fell. Your thread never stood a chance.

>> No.14204406

and we've trolled D&D alignment threads into arguments over tax law

>> No.14204408

Just posting some guns.

Mind you this is NOT to scale the bottom one is an MG34 and the other one has the core of an stg44, or was it the core of the paratrooper squad support weapon?

>> No.14204411

Nerve gas. Play a droid with a forcefield generator and deploy nerve gas and fully-automatic stun weapons. Build more droids to back you up.

Also: Browbeat the Jedi and Sith alike with how completely meaningless their conflicts are. No matter what they do, nobody outside their immediate circle of influence will care. Jedi rule the galaxy? Millions still starve and die on backwater planets, billions still steal and lie and cheat to get enough food to feed their families or turn a profit. In the last ten centuries, nothing any Jedi has ever done has improved the life of any dock worker on Ord Mantell or street urchin on Corellia. Likewise, the Sith can posture and strut all they like, but even when they did rule the galaxy, NOTHING CHANGED for anyone of any value. Some politicians changed titles, flags got repainted, and everyone else just went about their daily life like nothing happened. Their battles have as much significance to the galaxy as the latest grav-ball match. They are utterly trivial. All they do is waste resources and kill foolish soldiers who think that their ideologies actually matter. The only major change under the Empire was the destruction of Alderaan, a hippy planet that produced nothing of value except empty promises and pretty words. And even that was done by a weapon that could have been built without the Force, so it's not like their special abilities had any actual impact on the course of events. Make it clear that both sides are antithetical to peace and prosperity in the galaxy, and that you fully intend to execute any force user that starts trouble of any kind.

It works for MRX-7, aka Marx, my Droid Engineer turned revolutionary leader.

>> No.14204412


A man can dream, yes? A man can dream.

>> No.14204418

Do you have any pics of the hardware from the Alien series (from part one to [shudder] part four)?

Need 'em because I like them. Or the other way around.

>> No.14204424


OP here. You sir, are my GOD.

>> No.14204448

Always the elegan/tg/entleman, eh O'Grady?

Can't argue the point though.

>> No.14204449

you're welcome. Also, if going the Droid route, see about getting a sprayer installed. Like a single spray system filled with fire-retardant foam, for emergency use. Make sure there's two tanks and two spray nozzles fed independently, but targeted together. Then empty the foam out. fill one tank with Bleach and the other with Ammonia. Viola! Instant middle-finger-to-force-users. Spray them down and watch them drown on the sludge that used to be their lungs. should work on most breathing carbon-based life. Gand and some of the ammonia-breathers may be a problem, though.

>> No.14204451

Oh that's too easy man. Your droid sounds like one of those Che Guevara t-shirt wearing college students.

>> No.14204459

Try this, if you're going the two-tank route:
Sodium, powdered and mixed with a gel stabilizer.
Water, pure and simple.
Instant flamethrower.

>> No.14204462

Hey Bananas. I've made the point before with multiple characters. Jedi and sith strut around, bragging about their 'enlightenment' or their 'powers', but at the end of the day, nobody really cares.

>> No.14204464

>too easy man
but how often do you see it done?

>> No.14204472

Was planning to stick to starwars but a lot of those guns cross over fairly well.

Infact many are made from the same parts!

Here are some side-arms form Alien, they were never fired, but they are made from the same Swiss Rexim-Favor SMG, as the SE-14r, the gun used by the Stormtrooper in the promotional posters for ANH, and the SE-14c used by Dr. "I Don't Like You Either"

>> No.14204480

Those will do, thank you.
Proceed, proceed.

>> No.14204483

OP's gf here (stfu, I can exist on the internet). If he does go droid, I can bitch the GM into letting my character make a sick and broken droid, then hand the sheet over to him to play. Sir took my droids away. I don't care that he wants me to be a fucking hardcore Jedi and use the force like a fag. I WANT MY DROID ARMY I BUILT WITH MY OWN BARE HANDS.

So yeah... droid suggestions. Gimme 'em. Plz.

>> No.14204492

Oh and Hey under the magazine is the scope from the dh17 used on the Tantive IV

>> No.14204496

I'm gonna save a copy of this thread.

>> No.14204539

well, he wound up constructing an entire self-perpetuating society of free-willed droids from the ground up, including a highly efficient navy, and successfully conducting a guerrilla war against the new Republic in retaliation for their refusal to acknowledge free-willed droids as citizens and treating droids capable of sentience as slaves. Over a dozen Mon Cal cruisers, half a dozen Star destroyers of various models, and over a hundred support ships and freighters seized, paralyzing the New Republic's economy and military. All without a single casualty on either side. (Marx was firm, but not savage). He just berated Jedi when they resorted to force against his diplomats. Interesting note, jedi suck at negotiations where they can't mind-read or ind-trick the participants.

My Marx character was a modified LE-series repair droid. But once you start building your droid army, I suggest a standardized chassis. Small size, spherical hovering with two arms ending in hands and four arms with manipulating claws. Scomp-links are a must, shield generators for the soldiers. I suggest Sorosuub Firelance blasters, or knockoffs thereof, as the standard weapons. Great stunning weapons. Build Construction laborers and fellow engineers first. Deploy them to an uninhabited system (or systems) to build the infrastructure you need. Once they've constructed generators, factories, and shipyards, you can begin constructing an armada. And since they require no complex organic intake and can fabricate repair parts from the systems they go to, you can keep them 'off the grid' until it's time to call them in.

>> No.14204552

I love the Uglies,

>> No.14204568 [DELETED] 

uglies come in all shapes and sizes... but wow... that one fits the name

(shameless excuse to mess with the "recaptcha" and do the "renigger")

>> No.14204614

OP here.

You all have motivated me to play a Droid soldier 4/sharpshooter 5 with a slugthrower, far shot, and a decent scope.

Barring that, attempt to get a blaster cannon, and fit THAT with a scope. Or a heavy flechette launcher.

>> No.14204616

Make an army of Guri's.

At least they'll be hot. Otherwise, just use whatever you get your hands on. Everything. Astro Droids, Protocol, repair, etc.

>> No.14204621

I think I'm gonna start by building them out of my existing nonoperational astromechs, then cable link them all together in some weird factory whose owner I've Friendshipped and Mind Altered into not thinking about it... and in the back corner of that factory will be a production line of every design of robot those astromechs have ever had programmed into them. Like Droideca. Then, I shall have them produce/appropriate a ship, load all of the droids onto it, and begin a droid colony in the far reaches of the galaxy with the technological information my droids have sucked up in their ridiculous astromech brains.

Revenge, itn't it a bitch? Only real problem is that I'm running around with 8 HK-77s, a way modified R7, and a bunch of R5s sitting in storage. And I have to get around my Jedi Master GM telling me that having all these droids is bad, as ooooh, attachments. Fuck that, intelligent Trade Federation is want.

Also, FUCKING SAVED THAT SHIT. Technical basis for colony is always wanted.

>> No.14204634

Or an army of GONKS.

>> No.14204643

slugthrower, definitely. See about the Dissuader pistol (KDS? KDE? Compay name is something like that). Actually fires slug rounds filled with acid to dissolve armors. Expensive sith-augmented plotanium power armor? Nope.jpeg.

>> No.14204652

They're the Elite Heavy Weapons division: Gonk-Squad.

They waddle forth into the breach, and then split apart to reveal their installed heavy weapons.

>> No.14204665

Not gonna work. Gonks are filled to the brim with REACTOR space.

Mount the guns on the outside, infinite ammo,

>> No.14204671

Therein lies the rub. They aren't WEARING armor. He says the sith alchemy is just a permanent effect on them.

>> No.14204702

You replace the reactor with the gun, obviously. Sure, you don't get that MAXIMUM HIGH POWER but you also get to have the spectacle of an army of Gonks waddling towards you, and then the pants-shitting moment when they all open up and deploy weapons.

>> No.14204727

ahh. Then I reiterate my earlier suggestion: Gas them like the valueless insects and petty vermin they are. Also, Sonic Weapons cannot be absorbed by Force powers or deflected by blasters. Same with Stun weapons. Same with fire (flame throwers are in the Arms and equipment guide). Cortosis and Phrik can neutralize a lightsaber's properties and make for OK gauntlets (nothing like the look on a Jedi's face when you grab his blade, pull it out of the way, and punch him repeatedly in the nose). Or, again, get a decent Shield Generator installed and ignore lightsabers altogether.

>> No.14204771

Normally I'd encourage this sort of logic, but I kind of don't feel like making a new character. The main problem with this is that our GM has a tendency to only have Sith show up when everyone is there to get the shit kicked out of them. So the gas to kill Sith? The Sith will make the save, cuz GM will roll his dark side die and go all game break gay like usual. Everyone else? Will die.

>> No.14204779


OP here. I'd like to reiterate that ALL WE FACE are darksiders. They ALL have at least one of the following three items:

Sith Sword
Sith fucking disc-launcher 90's toy bullshit-looking thing.

>> No.14204806

And then you can all roll droids..........

You know what? There was a 'how to deal with a crappy DM' thread a while back. Someone ran into a similar problem with a shitty Storyteller. Their solution? talk to the rest of the group. The group has downtime? They decide to spend it playing a roleplaying game. Congrats, the GM is out and you get to play a different game. Pick another member of the group and replace the GM. Offer to let him play, but make it clear that the rest of the party is sick of his bullshit.

>> No.14204832


Rig yourself to blow come death.

That way you can blast the fucking mart sues he throws at you into dust.

>> No.14204836

OP here.

Some great ideas, but I'm tired, so I'll continue this tomorrow, if the thread is still up. Thanks everyone.

Captcha: Force, landiall

>> No.14204843


Or this.

I also like this.

Actually. Fuck my bomb plan. Do this.

>> No.14204921

He's the only one who will run Star Wars. A lot of us could, but he's the only one who will. This guy, he's been our group's DM for a year, and generally he's not that bad. He's just out to kill us horribly every session. Good plots, complex stories... just... out to get us.

Though this Star Wars rules shit, he's fucking it up horribly. Though I'm pretty sure most of our group is actually ok with him. Which... says something about them methinks.

Dunno, I'm about to ragequit, go back to my usual artfag self, and stay home with my Photoshop. Photoshop doesn't tell me I can't count or assume I know nothing just because I take a minute to decide what I want to do.

>> No.14204940

OP, if you're still about, remember that DR is stated to not have any effect against energy damage, which blasters are. Lightsabers also, but that's beside the point of this thread

>> No.14204948

Then step up and offer to run it yourself. Or actually call the GM outside of the game and tell him you're not having fun, he's being a bit of a douche, and to come up with a story or villain that doesn't suck.

>> No.14204995

... Why you have to be paragon of wisdom on internet? But no, I'll talk to him about it when I have to go do my little padawan session this weekend. If he can't figure out how to not suck... I'll start hitting the books and write me own campaign.

>> No.14205018

I gave up on reading part way through the thread because this sounds like a pretty bad situation. Then I saw this pic and thought you could just tell the GM that you're this guy.

I do like the area of effect type weapons ideas though. A flame thrower I'd be afraid of one of these all-powerful jedi or sith blowing up your tanks or turning the flame back on you. I like the idea of the stun gun and a energy shield. Flachette pistol... Basically I'd just make the most under-handed jedi/sith hunting asshole I possibly could and try to make sport out of killing even the other players just to see if the GM would let them roll up more jedi. Go Amityville Horror on them and stun gun them all in their sleep one night. Then press their lightsabers to their hearts and turn the fuckers on, on every single one of them. Girlfriend included. Then yourself. This is what I call the RPG reset button. New characters for everybody!!! ^_^

>> No.14205062

Be a droid. Start with a good processor, then duplicate your programming into another processor. Use your starting cash to buy a better chassis, and outfit it accordingly. Max out the skills of the duplicate programming for maximum Computer Use, which it will then provide for you, along with Craft (Droid) and Repair. Then, update it as you see fit. Play as your doppleganger, frequently uploading experience and credits to you at periodic intervals. When they fail to upload at a given time, activate yourself and start new.

>> No.14206559

It's an unfortunate side effect of age, wisdom, and gentlemanly respect for fellow gamers.

>> No.14206599

Ah Star Wars RP

I feel like in any game you should just intend to roll up a normal, non-force using character. Tell your players Jedi or whatever are off-limits because the power difference is ridiculous.

Then as they're rolling up their stats you get them to roll a single d20. If it comes up with anything other than 20 move on, if you get lucky then roll 2d6. A roll of 2-8 means you have the faintest touch of the force, manifesting itself as excellent reflexes or intuition. A roll of 9-11 will get you noticed by an NPC Jedi, but without intensive training it wont ever manifest itself as more than a gargantuan, energy-draining effort to shift small rocks or feel those around you. A 12 gives you the ability to actually play a Jedi.

It's just a shame Force-users are the Space Marines of the Star Wars universe... It seems like everybody wants to be one, even though just playing a regular dude in that high-fantasy sci-fi is a shitload of fun.

>> No.14206936

Now that I've had some sleep to clear my head: Your master says attachments are bad? Ask to borrow his lightsaber for a moment. If he doesn't hand it over, chastise him for being too attached to an inanimate object. If he does hand it over, smash it. Then challenge him to leave the Jedi Order completely. The Jedi strip their members of conventional attachments, but replace them with artificial attachments, to religious dogma, to non-legal command structures, to the organization itself, and to the faux-family master/padawan relationships. The entire Jedi code is a farce.

>> No.14206962

>George Lucas says...
George Lucas also thought Jar Jar was a good idea. It's obvious he doesn't know what to do with the franchise anymore.

>> No.14207583

He's circumvented my ability to argue the lightsaber point by taking one of my lightsabers and chopping his in half. Oh, and I'm not supposed to argue logic with him, because when I prove him wrong I end up using circular logic and making his brain hurt. So I'm not allowed to argue in session. Ever.

So yeah... might just... make me own Star Wars campaign.

>> No.14207726

>Pic related, it's the only easily-readable pic of the galaxy I have.

Ooh maps, I love maps.
Here's an older version made by the same guy. It's a little easier to read. Lucasarts eventually hired him to make this one and the one in OP.

>> No.14210301

good for you. Make the transition as peacefully as possible, but if the GM is deliberately making things un-fun for one or more players, the situation needs to change.

>> No.14211527

Starwing Necromancy.

I Really want to see a TIE Fighter Remake.

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