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>Relic: One of the things we kept finding when making Retribution was that everything felt just too cramped and claustrophobic for what we were trying to do. So for DoW III we considering making a brand new game engine. Luckily we realised that we already had an engine that was near perfect for what we were tying to do already in the form of the [Company of Heroes Online] engine we basically had just lying around since it's cancellation from on high.

>GS: So what should we expect from the new game?

>Relic: For a start we've shifted the emphasis back to the multiplayer elements, unlike in DoW2 where the emphasis was very much on the singleplayer campaign. One of the things that people have always impressed upon us, is just how much they enjoy the army painter function included in Dawn of War, as it allowed them to create they're favourite chapters, craftworlds and klans. So we've decided to take this a step further and allow players to create truly individual factions of their race. Using a simple set of buttons and tools, players can easily create a Space Marine chapter that say, wears tabards, lacks librarians and devestators and is assault oriented... sound familiar? As well as this will be the option of giving their new sub-faction a customised unit type created from a balanced set of pluses and minuses. Such as the Blood Angels and their Sanguinary Guard, or the Ultramarines and their Tyrannic War veterans. Of course since multiplayer is the key emphasis balance is important. This time we have enforced a rigurous mathematical formula approach to the cost of buildings and units in DoW3 and it's hoped that no matter what the players come up with, it will still be balanced alongside their opponent. Of course, being the developers, we've already had our fun creating Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels from these tools, so look forward to those.

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FUCK... YES...

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>create truly individual factions of their race
That's nice and all but is this function only for Space Marine?
I want to create Valhallan ,Vostroyan and Krieg dammit.

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>Play as Guard
>Our men will block out your refresh rate.

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Fuck Space Marines. I want my AdMech Skitarii army.

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>>Relic: For a start we've shifted the emphasis back to the multiplayer elements

Well, that's DoW 3 fucked.

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Time to start the petition for the new Greater Daemon to continue in the pattern. If all goes well we might actually see a Keeper of Secrets by Dawn of War 4

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I hope they give it a larger scall, with squads of 10 marines, full sized guard squads, tanks everywhere...

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I think they probably started the idea based on space marines, but if they didn't move it to other races i thiiiink that might be a bit dumb.

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Then we shall fight in the lag.

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They will actually fix the MP and you are mad about this?

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Never cared about multiplayer. I enjoyed DoW 2 because it was a great single player game. RTS games don't do it for me when it comes to multiplayer.

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Holy fucking shit.

>allow players to create truly individual factions

>option of giving their new sub-faction a customised unit type created from a balanced set of pluses and minuses

>enforced a rigurous mathematical formula approach to the cost of buildings and units

Take all my money and get me a bottle full of viagra, I'm gonna ruin that shit.

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I wish they made DoW I with better graphics and a new story. And a bit updated gameplay.

DoWII can go fuck itself, far as I'm concerned. Only thing worthwhile from it is the Magpies meme.

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If this is Apocalypse: The video game i'll be impressed. as it stands dow games are far too small scaled. Unit-caps are devil-spawn

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You realize RTS games are primarily a MP experience right?
The campaign in DoW2 was more of a tactical RPG.
You can always play spess mahreen when that comes out.
Now begone from the hall of the RTS players.

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Huh, cool. I doubt that SOB will be making an appearance but that at least sounds cool. Might see if I can make something cool for the Fire Angels.

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More emphasis on MP? Sweet.
How about a better mission editor?
How about the ability to import your own 3d meshes into it?
Bigger scale, so 10-man-squads are standard?
And of course the gameplay of DoW2/CoH.

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I looooooved Dawn of War 1!
But after playing DoW2... eh... it didn't play well.
DoW3 needs to take elements from BOTH games.

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RAMP THE FUCKING UNIT COUNT UP TO 11. Make SupCom shit a brick.

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