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hey guys, i need more chaos and ork images

they're not as abundant as space marines for some reason. ill dump what i have

appreciate any help

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I'll post what I have.

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One of my favorite.

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im also raiding, so there might be gaps in my posts

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Slaaneshi horror picture show.

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The fact that the door to this thing doesn't look like any orifice on the human body is a travesty.

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orks are fine too

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Some Wallpapers

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think again

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I know that this guy is any inquisitor, but check out the eight pointed star on his flaming sword. Daemon weapon, I'd guess.

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I think these are Word Bearers

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I like how orks get the best teleporters in 40k.
Their retard tech is amazing.

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Good Thread

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Some guy custom made this model.
I approve.

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That torture device guy on deviant art is a shithead.
But he makes some nice 40k art.

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mfw somebody posts my conversion work

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cant wait for 40K mmo

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It's the Eye of Terror.

I guess it counts.

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Hey! Those guys look familiar. I don't remember if I posted them here or on my blog.

I might paint some more. Here, have a Khorninator.

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You made that? Way to go. I don't play tabletop. I just play the video games and read the comics and stuff. I am a bit envious of people who custom make great looking models or come up with amazing custom paint jobs.

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Some of the fluff is a bit homoerotic.
You gotta admit that.
So I'll forgive this pic.

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Might as well dump a few more pics.

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i wish warhammer wasnt so expensive and i wish my friends would play it with me

heroclix works though

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I wish I had the sauce for these next three nurgle images.
They are great.

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Well, somebody else already posted my Plagues, so here's Abaddon - including his arms!

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Thanks bro.
This reminds me, I have plaguebearers I need to be making...

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This one counts.
I see a daemon being used as a footrest in it.
I also see chaos marines about to get their shit stomped.
So it counts as a chaos image.

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Huron and Hamadrya.

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Last one, off to bed.

Thousand Sons.

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I warned you about chaos, bro.
I told you.

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This guy is so chaos, his knees have mouths.

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Wait a second, when did Death's Head join the Chaos Space Marines?

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And this is my last one.

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Oh nice, what are you using to make them?

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and, of course, the cover from the former codex

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testing does posting image w/ sage bump 1.

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