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hey tg me and a group of friends want to start playing warhammer what are some class suggestions and some necessities that ill need

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>some necessities that ill need

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You're gonna need
A Core rulebook
A book for each army you're planning to play
An army you're planning to play
A lot of six sided dice
A large table

Do you want a real shooty army or a real hitting things army?

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how much money you got?

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a real shooty army
not enough to have the biggest army right away but in time ill have enough to have a good army

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Holy shit i was literally just about to post exactly that thanks!

all i have ever played is magic and dnd but warhammer 40k looks cool as hell and my friends want to play

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op here i kinda want to play hurr durr space marine but necron looks promising

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is there a place i can download the core rule book?

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As well as most of the army books can be downloadedthere as well

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thanks so whats playing like? do you have any tips for playing?

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also what books should i be looking for?

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Buy the black reach box, it comes with a mini-rulebook, all the dice and templates you need, and a good number of space marine and ork miniatures. One of your group of friends play space marines, another play orks. If you have fun with the game, you can go out and buy the "codex" (an army rulebook with rules and points cost for all the units in the army) for the two races. If you don't have fun, you'll only be out the price of the box. It's a really rewarding hobby, but can get really expensive really quick once you start buying lots of models and paints and terrain and modelling supplies and conversion parts and... etc.

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Torrents? There are probably torrents of them.

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op here the group of my friends have decided against the assault on black reach because we have people to teach us and other people to play

tldr we already know were going to like the game were just unsure about what we want to play

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yeah but i have no idea what im looking for i have the demo of dawn of war and dawn of war 2 and thats about all i know about WH40K.

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OP, stop talking and listen.
People can teach you to play all they want.
Are they going to GIVE you minis to start with? Are they fronting the cost for a starter set? There are only a few armies that are not shooty, to be honest. Orks can be shooty as fuck, so can marines, so can Tau, so can Necrons, so can Wolves, so can IG, so can Nids, so can DE.

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op here i was honestly just going to get necrons or space marines

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If you are going to go with marines, they are a solid option with a fairly large amount of internal variety without sacrificing a lot of power on the table.
So get AoBR, sell the Orks to a local ork player, they will never have enough boys.

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Newb who is not the Op here-

Whats up with the races in this game? Let me specify, the humans. All I ever read/see about is them being massive fucking dicks to every other race who gets anywhere even remotely near them.

Tau are the good guys then or... or what?

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I don't like the black reach box.

Everybody swears by it, because you're getting so many units plus rule book for a price that, while not cheap, is much less than you'd pay for the individual models you'd have to buy to have the same force.

But the book is a pocket manual with the core rules and nothing on the setting (which I, frankly find fairly neat), and the models themselves don't compare to the models for the same units you'd buy separately in terms of quality.

Download the big rulebook and read up on the different armies, talk to /tg/ like you're doing now in deciding what army best suits the play style you want to go for (and for the Emperor's sake, pick one you like the look of, you're going to be building these things and painting the shit out of them)

Then get a battleforce and codex for that army.

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There's no 'good guys' in 40k, just grey, greyer, and black. Humans are dicks because their once great and bountiful empire has fallen to shit, thanks to traitors and the constant attack of alien races.

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Imperium of Mankind is the only real option for humanity's survival. In the process of ensuring humanity's survival, they pull some pretty dickish moves.

Tau are naive but because of certain alien attributes which you'll find out about, they are a new hope for the galaxy. They can be viewed as good guys in that they devote themselves to the idea of a 'Greater Good' but this is subjective and honestly, they aren't that better when it comes to dealing with other races than the Imperium. Imperium is join or die, Tau is join or die but at least they throw some diplomacy in there first.


Chaos. Represents lust, violence, change (Read dickery, and pestilence. Mostly Chaos space marines which are evil people.

Space Marines. 40k paladins. Super human warriors that are devoted to the Imperium of Mankind. Good starter army, only if you get nice armour saves and good stats and good list of models to choose from.

Imperial Guard- lol humans everywhere and are with the Imperium of Mankind. Either tank rush or human rush. Expect 50 men out of your 100 men army to die but that's okay because you've won. Lots of variety in terms of converting, modelling. They are the good guys. Beware though, IG armies do tend to cost a lot of money.

Eldar - space elves. Do good but more concerned about their own survival.

Dark Eldar - space dark elves. They fucked up, were responsible for spawning one of the major Chaos gods (of sex, which is a pretty cool achievement tbh) but they are evil.

Necrons - tough undead robots who's only sole purpose in life is to reap souls for gods. Alright job if you think about it.

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The Imperium of Man is only the current best candidate for mankind's survival because they destroyed all the better, brighter hopes for mankind during the Great Crusade.

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diasporax - yeah no. If they couldn't stand up against the IoM then they had no chance against say, fucking tyranids.

oh I forgot about Tyranids. They are basically bugs who eat things to spawn more bugs that eat more things that spawn more bugs ad infinitum.

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No good guys.

The universe is falling apart at the seams, Humanity is desperately clinging to a dogmatic manifest destiny it bought into as it took over the galaxy. Eldar sacrifice billions of innocent lives to further their own obtuse goals under a delusion that by somehow staving off anihilation one more day they'll be able to reclaim their past glory. Tau emerge on the galactic scene with so very little, yet so arrogant as to assume they know better than everyone else, completely unwilling to entertain the idea that they might not be absolutely right in their cause, if they'd been told that very same attitude almost destroyed humanity tens of thousands of years ago, they'd scoff, claim we did it wrong, and go back to setting up their tiny empire that's doomed to be swept away by a glancing strike from a Tyranid hive fleet.

From within, the galaxy is assailed by unliving, undying monstrocities from a past epoch of sentient life, from without, a ravenous swam of uncaring, unthinking insatiable beasts decends to devour everything, and from beyond, abstract concepts of love, jealousy, rage and hope conspire to invade the physical realm and turn it into an orgy of madness.

And at the center of it all is a man who can stop it. A Man who can set everything right. But he is mortally wounded.

Had he not been injured, he might have been able to weaken the coming storm, had he not been kept alive by his fanatical followers, he might have ascended and brought humanity into a glorious new plain of existance. But he is injured, and he is alive, kept in stasis on his Golden Throne as everything he has built over thousands of years falls apart around him.

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Talking mainly about the guys with an STC the Imperium thoughtlessly exterminated.

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Why are IG armies expensive?

Cause of all the pieces?

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Golden Throne is failing yo.

Emps has been secretly routing all porn through the golden throne to continually infect the firmware for the throne with all sorts of viruses and shit. Sooner or later, the throne will fail and Emps will reincarnate.

There will be one more and the final Golden Age of Humanity which will last until the end of time.

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Er, the imperium is die or die, not join or die.

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IG player here
An infantry platoon bare minimum is around 130 dollars AUD. Even converted to USD, that's still a fuck load more than one troops choice for say, the Space Marines which is normally 55 (probably 60 AUD now, fucking jews).

This is not counting obligatory CCS which is another 55 dollars. With this money, you'd already have the start of a decent SM army whereas one platoon and a CCS is pretty much fucking nothing for IG.

I've got 2 inf platoons with 3x inf squads, heavy weapons for inf squads, a CCS for my IG and it's cost me more than 600-700 dollars now.

600-700 dollars will buy you a fuck huge awesome space marine army.

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although the good part is I don't see 12 yr olds with any real IG armies. No way mommy is spending 1k on warhammer

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You mean they destroyed deviant, xeno-consorting, warp worshiping civilizations who used forbidden technology such as artificial intelligence? Clearly they were doing humanity a favor exterminating these fools as time as shown again and again that their ways lead to ruin.

Let's break this down shall we?

1. Consorting with Xenos

Contrary to most science fiction, the universe is not populated with peaceful civilizations. Most are expansionist, just as prone the to violence as humanity if not worse. The only thing they humanity as is at best a resource, either as a labor force or food. The most horrible ones are on record as sacrificing human souls to warp entities. Parley?

2. Using forbidden technologies.

There's a reason the Age of Strife happened. Artificial intelligence is highly unstable in 40k, and prone to corruption. Among the other forbidden techs are extreme transhumanism, dimensional warping, and many other things that quite plainly threaten the existence of humanity. It's any wonder that humanity wasn't extinguished early, such is the unbridled magnitude of terror it doled out carelessly.

3. Warp Worship

Need I even explain how serving these dark and terrifying being is negative? Still, such is the folly of many civilization, both human and xeno, that they believe they can control these uncontrollable forces. It is only too that they realize their own damnation.

The Imperium didn't exterminate every human civilization it came across. Indeed, most were successfully integrated into the Imperium. It is only those whose taint was too great, whose sins where of the highest magnitude, who by their very existence threatened humanities survival, who were put down. The Emperor Protects.

Also the one example you may be thinking of is the Interex. Only the Imperium didn't directly destroy. Instead it was the traitorous chaos legions that did so.

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