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>implying we aren't already exploring the cosmos

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implying you, living in your mothers basement, has any association to astronauts

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Sure, I'm down.

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>not knowing what cosmos means

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As awesome as space exploration sounds, I like where I am now.

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And then I'd use that knowledge to take from my life what mattered most to me.

Fuck thinking inside the box.

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Depends, will there be aliens with me or will I be totally by myself? While any of the aliens by fapfantasy races?

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yes, I would gladly accept it.

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Am I supposed to be able to see that?

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I don't think so.

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Do I have to go alone?

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That's the point of it, actually.

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without a doubt id say yes, not leaving behind much anyway.

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Then it's dumb IMO. But that is likely also the point.

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I know oxygen.
Best not to accept this proposal.

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Yes. Without a second thought.

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Sure, why not? Fuck those of us unwilling to make the big step. I'd gladly explore the Cosmos.

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Does the cosmos include the multiverse? Or just our universe?

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Absolutely, but as long as I can breathe. And I have a very fast ship, with supplies, a toilet, shower, supplies, porno, a brotacular crew, supplies, weapons and ammunition, supplies, landing gear, all-terrain vehicles, supplies, advanced recon related shit, planetary probes, supplies, an eldar whom with which love can bloom, supplies, and a very excellent collection of books. Am I forgetting anything?

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rolled 10 = 10

I honestly don't know what I would pick.

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I think you forgot supplies

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Damn, I knew I forgot supplies!!

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Nah, I love my family and girlfriend, and my other friends.

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Boring as shit life now, get chance to explore the final frontier?

Totally taking it

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Yes, everyone I know is either a faggot or will be fine without me.

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Without a second thought, even if it were just me alone on a space ship with nothing but shelves upon shelves of the driest, most contrived reading ever (ie Kant) I would still be able to enjoy the natural beauty of space. Hell it's not like anyone here would miss me or not understand if I told them what I was doing.

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Remember: Everything you've ever known.

That includes oxygen. Also matter. Who wants to be an incorporeal being of an energy completely uinknown to mankind?

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Does this offer also come with the ability to live either forever or at least for a really long fuckin' time?

Because the cosmos is kinda big. Without the lifespan bit as part of the deal it's kind of a shit option.

But otherwise sure, I'd be down. And then I'd leave notes and markers and shit for mankind to find later on with details of the stuff I've discovered. Help us all out even if I can't do it directly.

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To anybody who says no:

What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously I love everything about my life but how can you not wonder about what is out there in the infinite expanse of space?

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Loved ones. If I could take with me even 3 people I would do it without a second thought. 2? Id have regrets. 1? Maaaaybe... but just me? No way, I love my wife.

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I could see myself doing that.

"Check out the caves under that mountain over there, there's some cool shit to be found."

"Green skinned alien space babes here, say that Adam sent you."

"If you're reading this, kill yourself now. This shit is fucked, bye"

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No. If I wanted to explore shit I'd start with the planet I've already got.

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So I can go with people, they just have to be complete strangers to me?

It's tempting.

But the value of the familiar, the the streets and shores of the two towns of my childhood, my friends and my family... They are my soul.

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So...in essence...any guy that takes the deal and does this...is...

He's writing the first layman's edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe. Like if they invented the travel tips before they invented the book.

He will be famous.

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>there's some cool shit
"Cool shit" is rather nebulous. What if the guy who takes the deal is a troll and it's really full of super space monsters?
Or what if it's some alien narcotic, where in the future, mankind has moved on beyond such pitiful things like physiologically-active drugs, and onto PSYCHIC DRUGS, or the vice versa situation?
Or what if it's just some nice scenery? There's going to be a lot of angry treasure hunters after that.

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"Well...I suppose it's rather nice to just wander a bit."

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I've lost everything and Im still not exploring cosmos.
Dont believe OP, its a FAKE.

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Because space is boring as shit.

Ever been on an airplane? Sure it's fun for the first few minutes, but after a few hours it becomes painfully boring. Now imagine that but with no changing scenery below you, only distant stars that you will never come close to. Remember 2001: A Space Odyssey, in the scene where the astronaut gets birthday wishes from earth and then goes back to his boring existence on the ship?

People here are imagining visiting new planets, making contact with aliens and such, but what's the likelihood of that actually happening? It's like those people who sign up for the army thinking that they will fight face to face with the enemy when they'll probably do a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing and then get blown up by an IDE. You'll probably just be floating through space for a long fucking time, trying to keep yourself occupied with games and books and craving human contact.

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>>You'll probably just be floating through space for a long fucking time, trying to keep yourself occupied with games and books and craving human contact.
Whats wrong with it?

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Look at it this way: If you can skip from destination to destination in light-speed travel while in cryo-hibernation, where cell deformation ceases, you can possibly live forever. The only time you will age are during the few days or weeks out of Cryo and exploring shit. But you will age and decompose really, really fast if you die while exploring.

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I'm pretty sure OP implies that you would have a set of supernatural powers suited for "cosmic exploration." Otherwise this question is a waste of time.

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awww angel you're so cute I can't take my eyes off of you

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If I can live forever or have some way or regeneration, yes. If I have to die at some point? No.

>Ortaket students.
Captcha has named my ship.

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Fuck This planet Sign me the fuck up for the Leonora Christine

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I've said before and will continue to say that I would be willing to volunteer for a one-man, one-way mission to Mars in the name of inspiring Man to explore the Cosmos.

I mean, I'd expect at least some promise that you guys would at least try to supply me with food, water, air, and whatnot so I could transmit inspiring messages of hope whenever I was in range, but I understand if that's not a promise you can keep.

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You'll eventually break up with your girlfriend.
One day, everyone in your family will be dead.


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Without a second thought.

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No. My wife and daughter need me. What does it profit a man if he gain the whole cosmos and lose his own soul?

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My answer is yes, as long as I have two points.

1. I can tell everyone where I have gone. Honestly, my friends and family would understand.

2. Immortality. Cosmos takes a long time to search.

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If your soul consists only of your wife and daughter you're not wanted in space exploration.

>Was going to say "...then I have bad news for you", but family is actually a good thing.

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Lose:sould, family

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No. Exploring the cosmos would be fuckall boring. It's called 'space' for a reason.

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There's a lot of factors that would influence my decision, mostly based around the definitions of "cosmos", and the method of exploration.

I would like to be able to say goodbye to my friends and family first, to let then know that I'll be ok.

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Where is this from?

>> No.14191708

Are you serious?

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>No. My wife and daughter need me. What does it profit a man if he gain the whole cosmos and lose his own soul?
>lose his own soul
>wife and daughter

So... what? Either you had no soul before you met your wife, or you somehow injected your soul into your wife via your penis.

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Should I bag a lunch or are we gonna stop somewhere

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recalibrate your visio-augmetics brother
>And I have a very fast ship, with supplies, a toilet, shower, sup etc. etc.etc.
>with supplies

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Not now, when my plan is so close to fruition.

>> No.14192238

>then get blown up by an IDE
>I will never be blown by an integrated development environment, most likely a Java one.


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I'm totally down for that, but you're forgetting something.

We also know energy.

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Stay on earth.

Let the IDE come to you.

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As others have said before me, Yes. But expanding on the immortality/supplies/spaceship deal, I have to be guaranteed to meet multitudes of sentient alien species, and get my own Krayt Dragon.

Captcha: Stadler named

A krayt dragon named Stadler, eh?

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Incase you're actually being serious. It's Doctor Who. Specifically he's the 10th Doctor

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I guess. Not like there's anything important in here.

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I'm in

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Is this supposed to be tempting? What am I supposed to see out there, stars? Clouds of gas? Aliens who don't even feel the same emotions as I do? Is this supposed to be more important to me than what I'd be leaving behind?

I'm still learning new things about my wife, my children are less than 10 years old, I'm not even 30 yet. What the hell would I want to leave this behind for, so that I can go freeze alone in the void looking at matter moving around for the rest of eternity? I'm doing that right now, except it's matter that matters to me.

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I guess it's different if you have a family.

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without a seconds' hesitation

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Everything I've ever known? That's a bit of an odd stipulation. Giving up everything I've ever known would be tantamount to killing myself, which would make the entire gesture meaningless. Existing in bored misery still sucks marginally less than not existing.

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No. There's so much of Earth that I don't know squat about nor have I ever even seen; why leave all that behind for a chance to fly through some space dust?

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I guess. It's hard to be where I am, look back, and imagine giving up that chance forever. But even barring that whole family thing, can you imagine the loneliness? The lack of human relation? Sure there might be aliens, and some of them might even be sapient, but you'd be out there forever, knowing that you're never going to see another human being again. Never going to be able to tell someone that you feel, say, nostalgic, and have them really understand what you mean.
Never to watch Jeeves and Wooster again. Never to kiss a woman again. Never to even see a real smile again, or look into another human's eyes again.

Maybe I'm just the wrong breed of person for this kind of question, but to me this sounds like a proposition of torture. This is like being offered hell, and then I look around and see people accepting, and I have to wonder if they know something I don't.

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Space is a big, boring, empty place to mine more minerals and construct additional pylons.

It takes decades to get from one boring, empty star system to the next.

This is basically asking to get shut in a small room for the rest of your life with nothing to do but look at the night sky until you die.

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This thread is hilarious. We go from CARL SAGAN FUCK YEAH to >>14190603 and >>14195118
I've never seen an idea fluctuate between being so appealing and being so depressing in the same thread.

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That's because some people are thinking of the fantasy setting "Space", which is small enough to drive across in a month and chock full of sexy alien girls and adventure, and other people are thinking of the real outer space in our actual universe, which is a vast dead void.

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The OP make it sound I would be travelling "Silver Surfer" style.. very fast, but not instantly. I will be probably long lived, but not immortal.

I guess I would enjoy the scenery for a while but humans are know to go batshit insane being alone for long stretchs of time.

I'd accept if I could meet new alien forms, since I am not sure they exist, I'd humbly decline because it sounds like a death sentence.

I'd go if I had at least something to fight the roneriness.

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Depends on my transportation and if I am given the gift of extended life. Slow transportation and normal life means that I am fucked. Even at near light it would take a human lifetime to get anywhere.
Or, if I get to be a belter. Being a belter would be badass.

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