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I return! With yet another shit-tastic drawthread in which /tg/ gives requests and whatever drawfriends and faggots that take notice fulfill them for no reward of their own. You ready, /tg/?

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Draw any scene from any Shakespearean play done by dwarfs.

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Little Bunny Foo Foo as an Dreadnaught bopping an ork on the head.

>> No.14186802

Franca advanced to demonic darknight. Naked.

>> No.14186834

A Ferret riding on the back of a Raven. They are both wearing tophats and monocles.

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You can't see it, but she's got her tits out EVERYWHERE just outside the borders of the pic. Serving as a boobhat for whatever idiot summoned her.

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Similarly I request a visual depiction of how a Raven is like a Writing Desk.

>> No.14186850

A Wraithlord acting as sneaky as possible, even though it's utterly ridiculous.

>> No.14186858

I need a vampire with a lot of water/lightning magic dressed as a WH40K commissar.

>> No.14186866

I would like that. What if they are debating the matter?

>> No.14186895

Requesting a tiefling bard playing a demonic accordion.

>> No.14186909

Requesting a demonic accordion playing a tiefling bard.

>> No.14186919

Uh....uh! Which one?!

>> No.14186923

Thiiiissssss cept the tiefling part. Halfling playing demonic accordion.

>> No.14186933

Uh here it is I guess. Not quite as kunnin' as an ork

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I have a work for you, drawfags. It seems I've been lucky enough to arrive at the birth of a drawthread.

I would request a sketch of Oscar, bane of all Mary Sues, stoned out of his mind, and surrounded by hysterical, maddened sues in various states of mind. Angry, raging, sorrowful, stoned with Oscar, in the process of murdering some other poor cunt of a Sue, etcetera. All around Oscar. Oscar is giving no fuck. That is my humble request of the day.

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Do the one that makes more sense, the Tiefling playing the accordion.

>> No.14186958

Who the fuck is Oscar?

>> No.14187003

His story.

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A legend, elegan/tg/entleman. A legend.


He is what happens when you take a mundane stoner and throw him into a roleplay full of Mary Sues.




And all the while, through that shit, Oscar doesn't give no fuck. He's chill even as the apocalypse comes on. He just passes the joint down the line, lights up another, and prevents the apocalypse (and the continuation of the shit plot) by being apathetic, stoned, and having an ear to listen to whatever bullshit the Sues are spewing- before promptly forgetting what they said and eating some potato chips.

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Wormwood, I would like to please maybe request King Kuei dressed as Don Quixote, riding on Bosco?

Pic related.

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There is no way to tell, they both play each other in some kind of crappy metaphor about selling your soul for musical talent.
And make it a tiefling. Halflings are too small to play accordions. They'd play concertinas at best.

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Double art?

>> No.14187174

Okay so I decided to spend more than 2 min on this

I didn't see any physical descriptions of Oscar, Mary-Sue Defeater, so I just imagined a generic stoner.

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Requesting: female mutant slummer. Her body is unnaturally thin and proportioned, her skin scarred and disfigured. Her left socket is empty and vestigial, while her right eye is oversized. Her hair is ratty, unkempt, and falls to her waist. She's wearing a body glove, and accessorized with a number of rags and scarves to cover a good deal of her skin. She's stopped for a smoke, pulling down the covering around her mouth with her double-jointed fingers.

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Close enough

>> No.14187235

... You, sir or madame, have made my day. It might not have taken long, the lines may not come together quite right, it's not really clear what the Sues are, and the text could've been placed better, but...

Dear God. Oscar has finally gotten drawfaggotry. A WRONG HAS BEEN RIGHTED IN THIS CRAZY WORLD.


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Bro I only do sketches in drawthreads. Then, when my drawfaggotry folder on my computer is filled, do I then descend and actually clean that shit up, adding color and clear-vision.

I guess I will post the next version of this pic tomorrow.

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A Business wizard looking at his management team with disgust. Saying "That game sounds too much like work."

>> No.14187298

And God help me if that thread is not archived, and I am not there to see it. Put your fist to the screen, motherfucker.

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Alright, drawtime!
I've had this milling about my head for awhile, but don't have the time or patience (or skill) to do it myself at the moment. I'd like this picture, but with Alpharius as Aizen, Guilliman as Ichigo, and Russ in the last panel.
Don't actually watch the show, but I find the pic hilarious.

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It's a long-a-ways from being done, but is this better?

>> No.14187466

... Nigga. You didn't have to do this. You didn't have to do an extra brush-up RIGHT NOW. But you did. Making a great picture even greater.


>> No.14187470

Working on this.

>> No.14187509

Can I get a mid 20's blond tall man with 5'oclock shadow, green eyes wearing white dress shirt collar undone with red suspenders and brown dress slacks?

He's my steampunk "Actor/Entertainer/Musician"

fuck yeah bards, also thanks!

>> No.14187534

Awesome, you rock.

>> No.14187570

You look familiar. Have you drawn any techpriestesses, by any chance?

>> No.14187636

So no tiefling playing a demonic accordion then?

>> No.14187677

No love for this one? Q_Q

>> No.14187727

Uhm, no...I did scribble out a Khornate Techpriest, however.

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>> No.14187771


I did this for another Drawthread, but it seems that it was overlooked.

>> No.14187774

Is... Is that a cactus in a suit, anonydrawfriend?

>> No.14187784

Oh. Your art style looks similar to someone who drew a techpriestess with a...

... Never mind.

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>> No.14187813

Saved. Mother of God saved. How old is this?

>> No.14187818


Yes, I figured it'd look pretty sharp in it.

>> No.14187845

>I figured it'd look pretty sharp in it
>look pretty sharp in it
>pretty sharp
>it's a cactus

You fucking magnificent bastard.

>> No.14187856


Only a couple of days. I drew it at the dying end of a thread that had been sustained for a day or two with only a thin stream of bumps that ran out shortly after.

>> No.14187871

A Slaaneshi Keeper of Secrets watching someone sleep from a bedroom window.

>> No.14187889

Did it happen to end with some guy posting up trollbait about an anon- this anon's- use of vernacular labeling Oscar as the 'antisue?'

If so... Goddamnit. I abandoned the thread before then, checked back, abandoned it again. And I missed it. Must thank you for reposting, because that, that is glorious.

Then again, so is anything including Oscar, should his efforts succeed.

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>> No.14188422

I prefer the Oscar that was a herm who liked to fuck tiny white cats while wearing a schoolgirl uniform..

>> No.14188580


A counter-proposal!

>> No.14188599

Well played good sir!

>> No.14188620

Alright. I'm turning the Oscar-Table and the Aizpharius things into projects. I am gonna refine the shit out of them over the next few days so they look nice.

Now to sketch this request so I don't look like an enormous faggot only doing 3 pictures for my drawthread.

>> No.14188641


How's this?


I commend you sir, well played!

>> No.14188649

Draw a hobbit musketeer with a pipe please.

>> No.14188669


>She who Peeps
>Begin thinking of Daemonettes eating Marshmallow Peeps
>Think of Daemonette/Peep hybrid


>> No.14188707

It has made a new fetish for dozens of fa/tg/uys.

>> No.14188775

Couldn't sleep. Must draw.

Ask me to draw stuff, please. I don't know how much time I'll stay awake.

preferably stuff with dat ass or tentacles or grimdarkness. But I guess my being so demanding isn't quite relevant.

>> No.14188788

Callidus Assassin and Sister of Battle rubbing each other asses.

>> No.14188791

Wow I have a really shitty art style

>> No.14188811

Nope, it just looks hurried.

Starting, but keep 'em coming.

>> No.14188827

Peep-Daemonette hybrid.


>> No.14188831

A pair of boxing Boxers (The breed of dogs) being watched by murder of murdering crows.

>> No.14188835

>dat man's face

You're not Jo under a different name are you? Jo always draws men with sort of easter island/cone heads.

>> No.14188844

Draw this one please!

>> No.14188851

in THIS dimension, there is a female version of me. she thinks this thread is silly.

>> No.14188866


Draw this one please it's for my warhammer fantasy RPG character

>> No.14188869

I am sorry, but who is Jo? Is he the one who did that Luchador Zombie Apocalypse thing?

>> No.14188918

Honor Los Tiburon with your talents! The [half ogre, half-]man wrestled a dragon, for chrissakes! Surely this paragon of lucha should be honored.

If you're not familiar with Los Tiburon, he's a Half-Orc Luchador who wrestled a dragon to death and won. In midair. The name means "The Sharks", for he has the strength of many!

>> No.14188919

If it was, you'd have called him a halfling.

>> No.14188959

Posted in the wrong thread i believe

>> No.14188979

A sneaky bugbear chick with a huge fucking mace.

>> No.14188986

Romeo and Juliet....

with ORKS.

>> No.14188991

1950's era chick wearing a pin striped suit and hat

stereotypical male's clothing on woman

>> No.14189028

Cleaned up slightly

>> No.14189046

I heard this drawfag draws dicks professionaly. I hold this belief very close to my heart and the thought that a gay transexual would assault my /tg/ experience with relatively POOR drawfagging is apauling. Get the hell out. This is a christian board you fiend.

>> No.14189065

Grimdark-esque modern-day cowboy. Younger guy, around 20, blonde hair, black hat and duster, combat boots instead of cowboy boots. Carries two fuck-huge revolvers.

>> No.14189081


Try harder next time.

>> No.14189102

Could I please have a man in a cloak (Like one picture) wearing jeans and a snarky t-shirt swinging his broadsword at a guy in a black suit (and tie)?

The guy in suit+tie's face has just split apart into something like the right hand picture, and it's hands are turning into crab-claws.

Thanks! I can give more details if need be.

>> No.14189187

Next drawthread I'm gonna have to do this with Dwarves.

>> No.14189217

Well, I draw pants, pants which contain dicks.

So I guess you could come to that logical conclusion.

>> No.14189223

Mh. meh.

tryan this. Not sure I'll deliver.

Y u so silly tonight, /tg/?

>> No.14189250

Sexy Tau with see-through tanktop.

>> No.14189271


>> No.14189308


>> No.14189391

Requesting a Tau girl taking it up the ass.

>> No.14189441

Huh, finally doing this, because I need to practice transparency.

>> No.14189455

Gapricot, is that you? How's it going with the conversion?

>> No.14189532

Not Gapricot.

>> No.14189571

ah, sorry. Anyway, I'll try to draw this one better. Even slooooower

>> No.14189633


I can see it now....
And so can you all!

>> No.14189657


oh lordy, a comic.

>> No.14189660

/r/ing Kroot eating Sisters of Battle!

>> No.14189746

I want to see the other side of the last panel.
What are they looking at?

>> No.14189758

My bet?

Her eating herself out.

>> No.14189826

Well, either that or the best game of Twister ever.

>> No.14189848

Damn you, now I need to draw this.

Expect an odd intro to my drawthread tomorrow.

>> No.14189852

Same bet.

>> No.14189876

You say that like it's a bad thing!

>> No.14190030

Any word on >>14187343 ?

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>> No.14190096

whoa I want that too now.

>> No.14190106


Like I said, adopted it as a pet project to be finished over the course of a week so it can look niiiiiiiice

>> No.14190126


>> No.14190131

and don't make it redundant, please.

Done. Also, pants are now extra-tauretical

>> No.14190134

Anyone working (or planning to work) on this one? I'm heading off to bed (Early day tomorrow), so if questions are asked, I won't be able to respond.

>> No.14190309

back to the peep-deamonette, if anyone's still there.

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>> No.14190385

>Wow I have a really shitty art style

You're better than about half of the hacks on tgchan.org

But you're worse than about half of them, so you should feel ashamed. They're not that good.

>> No.14190525

Oh, wow, that's awesome. Didn't know you had made it into a project. Thought you might have started on it and forgotten or something, I know how these threads go sometimes. I really appreciate the fact that you're willing to take the time to make it look good. The idea's been begging me to get someone to draw it for awhile now. Anyway, it's about 3 over here, so I am out. Best of luck in all of your endeavors, drawing and otherwise.

>> No.14190553

Not necessarily a dick, mind you. Who knows what they've got down there?

finally a bit of feedback.

>> No.14190657

Gonna need some fapping Tau.

>> No.14190684


>> No.14190692


glorious ass and soft vore and guro.


>> No.14190724

indeed. I'm not much of an oral guy except when it comes down to this. I think I now feel sleepy enough. G'night, except if you've got a last awesome request.

>> No.14190728

If you can't draw, why start a thread about it? It won't make you a better artist and will clutter up the front page.

>> No.14190752


>> No.14190766

I dunno about wormwood, but I did improve since I started drawfagging. Really faster than before.

>> No.14190778


If PeepDaemonette gets drawn more, I think focus should be placed mostly on her marshmallow-y flexibility.

>> No.14190779

>awesome request
>stuff that has been done ten thousand times and isn't exploitable anymore.

I don't know, add it an interesting twist or something.

>> No.14190792

Tau fapping while a Sister of Battle is banging her in the ass.

>> No.14190795

not if I draw her. More nom nom nom. But I don't like colouring yellow stuff. Blue is best

>> No.14190800

Faster is not equivalent to better. Get your basics down, such as perspective and such.

>> No.14190809


Yes, I hadn't noticed the actual nomming until after I posted, on further analysis I approve wholly of what you've done.

>> No.14190825

so you mean a futa tau and a futa SoB? Mh. Not sure. I'd actually rather draw strange alien genitals than a human dick. I think that'll get me going for my tgchan thread. tonight I'm finally feeling sleepy enough.

>> No.14190837

A.) Peepdeamonette in a Mechanicus Microwave (don't forget the gothic style!).
B.) Khorne roasting Peepdeamonette over a pile of flaming skulls, with bloodthirster on harmonica.
C.)Peepdeamonette minituraized and stuck in a box of regular yellow Peeps, with Tzeench 'justasplanned.jpg'.

>> No.14190841

I meant futa Tau.

>> No.14190899

I said I was IMPROVING faster. Which means that my perspective used to suck even harder. And I intend to get it down precisely by drawing more requests. I guess I'll try more of this in the next ones.

Mpf. I think i'll stick to the invention of alien genitals.


>> No.14190996

Blood and violence all over the Twister board.
Khorne is pleased with this.

>> No.14191254

Naked women with round figures and sharp noses.

>> No.14191266

Somebody please draw civilian Eldar doing civilian things? Like.. gardening, or baking, or sitting around eating with friends... Or an Eldar sculptor or something like that. Not fussy, just really wanna see some stuff of Eldar not busy fighting.

>> No.14191312

Heavyarms Katoki looking down on some Tau XV8s, Marine Terminators/Dreadnoughts, and some Orkz with their shooters and own deff dreads.

The 40k guys are looking pretty beta compared to Heavyarms.

>> No.14191316

Youngish male moon elf bladesinger? Long dark blue/nearly-black hair, slight bluish tinge to pale skin, dark blue gold-flecked eyes, determined expression. Holding a longsword, possibly with ~magiceffects~ rising up around it?
He has simple but effective studded leather armour, and a green cloak whose bottom edge is slightly ragged with long wear.
Basically standing there looking very much 'mess with me and I will fuck you up.'

>> No.14191323


I'll take... C.
Yeah, I don't know what I was talking about earlier, whatever goes goes.

>> No.14191369

Bunch of drow playing poker, complete with all the inevitable cheating, please?

>> No.14191424

Thanks for fulfilling an/my request!

>> No.14191433

Although I would like to see a Mechanicus Microwave, anyways. It's the real reason i made the requests i did.

>> No.14193248


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