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At Black Library live yesterday in the Space Marine seminar, with James Swallow and Nick Kyme, some one asked about doing more Space Marine vs Necron books.

James reply was that it was unlikely at the moment because Matt Ward was currently working on them, and writing there background.

>Necron books; Matt Ward was currently working on them, and writing there background.
>Necron books; Matt Ward; Writing

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Didn't Ward already turn the Necrons into total bros in the Blood Ravens codex?

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I'm wishing with my entire being that isn't true. SO hard.

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Warseer thread about it.
must be where OP got his beans


>unisy threefolds
Yes captcha this is a universal heresy case in threefold

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>authority ericat
Yea Recaptcha, Matt is probably in truth Erica Ward, fucking with fa/tg/uys.

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Reminds me of how I felt after White Wolf sold the film rights to Hunter: The Reckoning to Uwe Boll.

It was only after filming had already started that Boll backed out, purely for funding reasons.

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Boy am I glad that I like Tau.

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Now you are sad and mad but that is only normal fear of change. The man can but his heart on things like no one else in the company.

Ward's writing career will elevate the fluff to never before seen heights.

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First he came for the marines,
but I did nothing for I do not play marines

Then he came for the grey knights,
but I did nothing for I do not play Grey knights

Then he came for the necrons,
but I did nothing for I do not play necrons

Now he comes for the tau,
and I can do nothing for there is no one to help me

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So what?
Now the Necrons will kill everyone with contemptuous ease and also destroy a few thousand Avatars.

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>there background

Really? You haven't learned they're/there/their yet?

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You say that, but I just don't want to hear about that time the necrons converted to ultramarines and a lowly necron punched an avatar in the face and sealed the warp but ont before writing the nightbringers name on the heart of Khorne.

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would goto be better or worse?

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I don't really think you can fault the OP for that,
He just copypasted it from the warseer thread.

>hoahoahoa adelande
even captcha laughs at our misfortune

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You really think there is a noticeable difference?

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As a matter of fact, yes. If you do not think so, then show me where Ward has Eldar tanks get taken out with sticks or backflipping Terminator kung fu battles.

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but it's Wards pen-name

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If this were true it wouldn't phase my in the slightest. It would fit so well; the only possible discrepancy is that nowhere in the DoW books do the blood ravens acknowledge Papa Smurf as their spiritual liege.

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Well, given this special abomination...

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What's the issue? It's like those fucking kickass robot suits from Avatar.

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this is

this is fucking RETARDED, I'm going to go order more gundam models instead an field those.

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Good thing your opinion doesn't matter to anyone.

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Wow that's a lot better looking than what I thought it looked like.

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Well going from the 5th edition sm codex where the necrons destroyed the ultramarines i'd assume he likes the necrons more than the ultramarines anyway.

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All that, and he still doesn't wear his helmet?

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That thing is giving his such a wedgie

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how's it feel being an INTERNET TOUGH GUY

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This, fucking this.

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Same here, Though if I ever get one I think i'll remove those extra "upper" arms. Don't see why they're there at all

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>and on that dark day... the metal men knew once more what it was to cry.

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Not as bad as I thought. Reminded me of Aliens movie for some reason.

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You keep using that word, tripfag.
I do not think it mean what you think it means.

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probably has a force field bubble around the pilot. like an extra big Iron Halo

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Also I think it looks retarded personally. But I don't give a fuck, never planned on playing GK anyways. I look forward to putting it out of its misery.

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please don't tell me this is an actual model, I would kill for this to not be an actual model it's so fucking retarded.

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So why can the powerful faction in the imperium can't afford to completely armour their robosuits?

His legs are just dangling in the wind

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Crix, man, you really need to fuck off. I don't know what you think you're getting out of tripfagging but it aides nothing. You're not clever enough to end up with a rep, and you're not annoying enough to be a trollking. You're just a below-average poster with a trip, and it's annoying.
You don't have to leave, you just need to be anonymous so your underwhelming post quality doesn't accrete so much.
Also, PROTIP: INTERNET TOUGH GUYS are people who threaten to beat you up IRL. You're fucking welcome.

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at least it doesn't look like the prime knockoff everyone was making it out to be.

just something else for me to destroy as it deepstrikes

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I think you may need to kill someone. I don't really hate it, but what is a lifter harness doing on a GK? It's very uninspired.
I really liked the look of the old GK models. Elaborately gothic, more edges and less rounded than normal marines. But whoever sculpted the new ones made them look somewhat less impressive to me. See for example the picture here.

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he probably needs his legs free to move since it looks like its one of those suit things that follows the pilots movement. Also he does have Terminator Armour on, armour that is comparable to light tank armour in the protection it offers.

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they look pretty much exactly the same as the old metal models. Just different poses and slightly different weapons.

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What's those sticks on their back?

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Probably some piece of wargear that makes the model cost 5 more dollars.

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They're the holy sticks of fuck you, demons perceive them as the grey knights giving them the finger.

That's also why bloodletters have those big ass horns and the phalic heads.

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It makes them look like an old fashioned TV.

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Huh, actually you are right. I wonder why I remembered them as somewhat better. Though the stormbolters got even bigger... I think that looks kinda silly.

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I'd guess the personal teleporters they have.

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You can build him with the helm. I know I would.

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Man. I have a bunch of Grey Knights and every time a new batch of Rumors drifted out, I have been inching closer and closer to just throwing them all in the trash.

I just don't know. I liked the Grey Knights when they first came out even if they were really bad, even at the time, rules wise. Now, I just don't care anymore. Why do they want to give them the Avatar Robot Suits? Why do they want to make everything in the book completely negate the flavor of the army itself?

I liked them because they were more Knights than even Space Marines were and I liked their connection to the Inquisition. I even liked their ability to team up with other armies. Now, pretty much everything I liked about them just doesn't quite fit anymore. They have inquisitors but they're peripheral at best. They are knights but they also have giant TV antenna and Pilot Aliens Loaders. They can't ally with anyone anymore.

They just seem so pointless. They're just Grey Marines. I already have a marine army, why do I need another one?

Couldn't they have just shelved this book and made a Mechanicus army instead?

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Still doesn't change the shitty design of it. The marines positioning in this... robot is comically bad. The Grey Knights legs stop the robots legs from moving a full cycle, preventing walking and running. Since the machines thighs have limited movement, the most this hunk of junk can do is fucking WADDLE towards the enemy.

Not even mentioning suspending a pilot in the middle of such a contraption with no canopy is an invitation for brutal murder.

Guess I'll sell my old Grey Knights and start Eldar or something more sensible.

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Is that wargear optional?
Better be canon.
Oh ok then.

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This, i swear it looks like the first step it attempts to give the damn thing will trip and fall over 50 demons.

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Why the fuck do they need this thing, they already have Dreadnoughts and they have Terminators. You do NOT need something in between, it's fucking FINE as it is!

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Personally I disagree, from what I've seen so far they've kept their Elite of the Elite space knight flavour. And you can still run allied armies, the henchmen rules let you run guardsmen or Sister of battle equivalents.

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It's funny how you dismiss the entire army only because there is one model you don't like.

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actually they sorta do need something that can go toe to toe with enemy MC's on the table top. Dreadnoughts can't because they're vehicles and so get raped as soon as the MC attacks. So their own MC is a good fit.

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This model was merely the straw that broke the camels back. I started playing Grey Knights partially because of the underdog factor, partially because I could utilize a box of Kasrkin I had bought as my first models. I loved running a list that had mainly regular troops and Grey Knights as the special units, further elevating their "majestic few" factor. Now that theme is gone.

I am thoroughly disappointed.

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you can still use your Kasrkins.

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If I can totally just ignore the giant, weird space monkey machine, maybe.

I mean, that thing just speaks to GW's ever growing need to throw a giant gimmick into every new release, expecting it to boost sales. Instead of putting together interesting new rules designs (or even just refining old ones) they just rhwo something big and stupid for people to gape at for a while before it get's old.

I feel like adding something like that pretty much negates their role as Knights though; The whole idea, in my mind, for Grey Knights was thet they are individually powerful. They don't use firepower or giant machines to fight off Daemons, they use their faith and will to repell them. This stuff just speaks to the opposite to me.

Plus the Inquisitional Henchmen, though powerful, are just a mishmash of shit that you can only use with an Inquisitor unless you use "X" Special character.

This is another one of those long lines of GW things where, if they did some actual beta testing with people outside of the company, they might actually get reasonable feedback but instead they just create things through a constant inbreeding of ideas.

I don't know. I just can't shake the idea that this codex, even though it will probably be strong, it will be terrible. The fluff will probably be generic, the units have been shown to be uninspired and gimmicky (in the last codex, terminators had one sword, in this one, we will give them TWO! Oh Matt Ward, you virtuoso). More than likely the rules will be generic as well. Just a continuation of the "more" mentality the Codexes have been taking.

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yeah that's why Grey Knights are supposed to be powerful. See, the whole idea when they originated was that they are just stubborn and willful enough to fight off Greater Daemons. They aren't supposed to need some big dumb looking Aliens Loader to fight off Greater Daemons. They use their powerful wills, faith and personal power to banish them.
Plus they have like a squad of Terminators gang up on the thing. Just because they're "elite" doesn't mean they don't gather for a beatdown.

Fucking Aliens Loader my ass.

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2 swords s is just one of their options. And to be honest I like the Idea of having more options on my units.
Besides its not like you can't build an army without any of the dreadnoughts and dreadnights.

Also it makes sense that you need to have an Inquisitor to use their troops. Fluff wise its silly to think the grey knights can requisition troops off an Inquisitor.

But thats just my opinion and too each their own.

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So they made a non-sucky version of the penitent engine, with a Terminator at the helm. Big fucking deal, you fucks just can't rest until you've had a nice big whine at everything.

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Especially since bare-cones Inq is cheap as shit (25 points I think) and you can fluff him as Storm trooper sergeant if you want.

>> No.14181902

>Also it makes sense that you need to have an Inquisitor to use their troops. Fluff wise its silly to think the grey knights can requisition troops off an Inquisitor.

So what, it's less silly to think that an Inquisitor, who will likely have many groups of henchmen scattered around hunting down various leads, somehow cannot tell a group of henchmen to go help out a taskforce of Grey Knights he has assigned to a task, without being on the battlefield himself? The Inquisitor can't be one of the "brilliant mind, not so good at fighting" style Inquisitors, who delegates the stabby stuff to his underlings while he stays out and runs a bunch of operations? Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

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then do as

A basic inquisitor is 25 points and has a Bolt Pistol, Chain sword, Carapace armour and Frag+Krak+Psyk-out grenades.

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The antennae look silly.

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