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Tell me /tg/, why it is that the Empire is total bros with the dwarfs and the high-elves and the Imperium is the total opposite?

Both factions are pretty much the same, yet in the Empire is nowhere as xenophobic. Also, if you take a look at the fluff the Empire is just turnig stronger, while the Imperium is starting to fall.

So why not make peace with Eldar and Tau?

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Because aliens.

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I wonder. There are half elves in the WH Fantasy fluff?

I know dwarves and humans get along really well, but I've never really looked into the elf stuff

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because eldar will sacrifice a couple billion human lives to save a squad of guardians 300 years from now. don't get me wrong eldar are great guys but you know superiority complex and general eldrad levels dickshness

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Nope, there's no half-anythings. Except halflings, but they hardly count for anything.

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>>14177147because eldar will sacrifice a couple billion human lives to save a squad of guardians 300 years from now.

but of course, this being the imperium it's not a "oh the humanity!" but a "quit touching our stuff!" stance.

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The difference between the Eldar and Imperials is that the Eldar will sacrifice 10 billion human lives to save one Eldar, and the Imperium will sacrifice 10 billion human lives to kill one Eldar.

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Remember Games Workshop has to keep things kid-friendly, so things such as sex are completely out the question.

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Because Fantasy is a legitimately interesting setting, not mindless Grimderp

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>kid friendly

IIRC a few things do have a +18 rating.

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>>14177138I wonder. There are half elves in the WH Fantasy fluff?

No, that's one of their policies. They don't want to dilute the setting or styles of each race.

Think of it like the Lion King's talking animals. Timone will never have Pumba's babies

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For a sufficiently large number of humans, this will work out just fine.

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because this

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It's because 40k and fantasy are thematically different settings with different things at stake.

Might as well ask why Fantasy's Empire has never ordered an EXTERMINATUS on a city.

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But but but love can bloom, right?

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You Americans and your weird logic. It's kid friendly to murder someone with a chainsword and use his innards as wallpaper, but show one booby and OH NO! THINK OF THE KIDS!

Worse, it's infectious. When I was a kid I could just read pretty much softcore comics and tv programs. Now it's all... "Kid Friendly". Land mower murders not withstanding.

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Mordeheim would like a word with you...

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Gee, I wonder why the Imperium and the Eldar don't work toghether.

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No, no it can't.

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Yeah, I'm sure the Empire ordered that fuckin' comet. ROCKS AREN'T CHEAP

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Sigmar's Wraith, bitches. Twin tailed comet.

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Eldar guys seem a lot nicer and less angry than Eldar women.

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Blame it protestant values I guess


Not a single Games Workshop thing has a +18 ratings. Hell even the boxed sets have these "for ages 3 and above" warning to avoid little kids choking on the pieces

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It can try
Oh god I know, right? I was watching some crime show (CSI or something) and they were showing an autopsy, but they wouldn't be able to show the female lead with her shirt off. What would be more damaging for a kid to see?

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*insert joke about menstrual cycle here*

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That, and Wood Elves are basically vile forest daemons, Dark Elves only use humans for slave labour, leather, and food, and High Elves are too bored with having children to have children.

40k's setting would probably be a lot better if GW went and hired a couple of writers that are good enough to handle the scale of the setting to redo the basic framework into something functional.
That, and actually establishing an inalienable canon.
Except because no one at GW is a good enough writer to handle the scale that 40k takes place in, it becomes a massive cluster fuck.

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Because 40k is grimmer and darker and there's plenty good reason for the Imperium to not like the rest of the galaxy; because they're either trying to slaughter, rape and or eat them, not necessarily in that order.

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>Not a single Games Workshop thing has a +18 ratings. Hell even the boxed sets have these "for ages 3 and above" warning to avoid little kids choking on the pieces

whatever. The fact still stands that 40K is a game for adults because kids can't afford it nor fully understand the fluff

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So I see these comics every now and then. I know Love Can Bloom was written out, but where the fuck are these comics coming from?

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What's so weird about this is that the Assassin outclasses the basic Grey Knight any day. By leagues. In the RPGs, or the Tabletop, the Vindicare would totally rock they GK.

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Clearly, seeing breasts would have scared the kid for life and require him to take medication to surpres the memories.

The Autopsy however, would have taught him valuable anatomical lessons, and not inspire him to psychopathy. No sir.

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>>1417732540k's setting would probably be a lot better if GW went and hired a couple of writers that are good enough to handle the scale of the setting to redo the basic framework into something functional.

I would love to write the fluff in an Eldar codex.

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They doesn't really mean there aren't half-elves here or there in the world. They just don't really have their own culture is all.

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As much as I like the Empire, I doubt that they have the authority or the ability to call warpstone meteors from the sky.

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LCB has tons of fans, some of them are bound to be good drawfags. Anyone have that page from the Dark Heresy (I think) rulebook showing LIIVI and Taldeer?

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I do remember half-elves being mentioned in the first edition of WFRP.

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And still GW markets it for kids.
Then again, GW's marketing policies are questionable at the best of times, and borderline retarded at all others.

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The Vindicare had been fighting for a long time before the GK showed up.
The GK is fresh.

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LCB is a lot of bullshit that really takes a dump on eldar fluff

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Comet of Cassandora? Shit can be quite grand.

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It's better to minimize the Eldar''s overly complex plans and dickery than it is to maximize them.

See examples DoW2 and expansions, they took it too far.

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>Fan story
>Doesn't follow fluff to an exacting degree
>My fun has been ruined forever

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It's okay, because LIIVI survived

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Where in fuck's name did all this love can bloom shit come from?

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It was writefaggotry. It originated right here, on /tg/. The characters are from Dawn of War, and it is fanfiction with shipping.

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A Vindicare is an assassin. A sniper. They were right next to each other. The Grey Knight rapes him in the ass with his power lance.

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Be warned there is no last chapter.

Writer posted it elsewhere and it was never saved.

Writer has either forgotten us or died or something.

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A full color gift.

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>Writer posted it elsewhere and it was never saved.


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>twin tailed comet

Lolno. Sotek would like to have a word with you.

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>are there half-elves in Warhammer Fantasy?

There was one in Gilead's Blood.

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Exitus Pistols, bitchas!!!

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And it's pretty decent writing too.

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Does anyone have the comic that started that writing?
The whole 'I can not shoot' thing.

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You want the core difference? The Empire owes its very foundation and existence to the Dwarves, and a slightly lesser degree to the Elves. They have more in common as allies than is outweighted by competing interests.

The Imperium meanwhile has clawed its way up from a veritable dark age, was screwed over by the Eldar's hedonistic Slaaneshbomb birth of the Eye of Terror, and has expanded at the expense of the Eldar, inhabiting and colonizing their Maiden worlds, and generally fostering a very antagonistic relationship.

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Birth of Slaanesh is what allowed humans to finally leave Earth.

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And the buildup prior to its birth is what prevented them in the first place.

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>Birth of Slaanesh is what allowed humans to finally leave Earth.

The gestation of Slaanesh is what fucked up warp travel in the first place.

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It was still a bad thing.

> Life is dandy
> Can't travel anymore
> Now we can travel but OH FUCK a new chaos god.

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To everyone going "OHH NOES THE ELDAR WILL LET A MILLION HUMANS DIE TO SAVE ONE ELDAR!", have you even seen what the Imperium does with its populace? Its not as if they were going to live happy, fulfilling lives free of want or toil anyways. They were going to live short, brutal lives, cut short by a tragic industrial accident, or being raped to death by the Inquisition and the Sisters of Battle for being in the same hab block as a suspected heretic.

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Are you suggesting that just because they are poor they don't have the right to life? I mean, that kind of logic would be the same as saying "Lets go to Africa and kill all the Africans! That way when us white people go on safari in the future, none of them will be murdered by those Africans. Its a great plan."

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But at least it's other humans making the decision and not filthy xenos.

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Actually its even worse.

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It's the difference between Sigmar and the Emperor.

Basically the Emprah was a god-like being with all-too-human flaws. He was a shit dad, refused to listen to disagreement, and hated Xenos with the fire of a billion exploding suns.

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Pardon my ignorance, but who the fuck is that human and eldar?

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LIIVI is a vindicare assassin.
Taldeer is an eldar farseer.
He is sent to shoot her and instead falls in love.
They fight necrons and run from a grey knight.

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Taldeer's dead. Confirmed in DoW2: Retribution, killed by the Blood Ravens' Chapter Master and Chief Librarian Azariah Kyras.

Hurf durf

But still a soulstone.

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Hot wraithlord girlfriend?

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Vindicare assassin? TAldeer? What is going wrong hereeeeeeeeeeeee. I smell fanfiction -..., and the felling i am already late to the party.

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What? With craftworld altansar orbiting terra, eldar void stalkers fighting along side Imperial battleships, I thought the Imperium was getting TOO hammy with the space panzees as of late

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>the felling i am already late to the party
By a few years, yeah.

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This is amazing for a number of reasons. Each of those reasons is also amazing.

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Am I going to have to do this?

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There wasn't a 'Half elf' in Gilead's Blood, though; at least not one recognised and internally described as such. What there WAS was a human with an Elf for a biological father.

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Ooh, if Love Can Bloom is getting mentioned, can I mention Whips, Oil, & Lofn?

THAT story was finally finished, BTW.


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A couple of things. First off, the Empire, in large part, owes its existence to the dwarves (I don't know about the elves, not super familiar with the WHFB fluff).

Secondly, the Humans originally tried peaceful coexistence with the xenos. During the DAoT, humanity simply forced them into non-aggression pacts. There were probably violations and xenos were abused, but they weren't wiped out on a galactic scale. Then humanity falls and a bunch of xenos begin enslaving humans as soon as they can.

Because aliens are more alien than dwarves or elves. Even the Eldar are basically incomprehensible to humans, so there can be no peace.

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its beautiful.

>orkill our

and Orkill will now be the name of my warboss.

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Who cares? Fanon -----> Canon, especially when you're talking about 40k.

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Get out, never return.

pic related

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Because Warhammer Fantasy is fantasy in which every race can relate to each other.

Because Warhammer 40,000 is scifi in which every alien species thinks in an particular way and canĀ“t understand another way of thinking.

Humans want to kill everything non-human.
Eldar think one Eldar is worth more than a trillion other sentients.
Orks can't even understand the concept of someone dying to a lost arm or a caved in skull.
And the Tau don't understand "No we don't want your Greater Good".

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