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Lets talk about ridiculous things. I saw this picture, and I thought "There aren't enough games where a wizard rides on the hood of a car, forms a lance of magic, and goes jousting with it." So I'm making one. I want to add as much ridiculous bullshit as possible. Land mines, .50 cal sniper rifles, unicorns, +1 uzis, lava, the works. So, in this thread, list ridiculous bullshit so I can turn it into cards. Bonus points for art.

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Oversize chainsaw swords? Yes plz.

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Shotgun wielding gentlemen?

Captcha: Makin cultured

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The death race episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

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It doesn't get much more ridiculous than LASER RAPE FORESTS.

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Just use Risus but add stunt dice.

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That was a good thread.

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Lightning gun

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Care Bear Stare.

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Have yet to work this into one of my campaigns but I so want to.

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Well, there needs to be some sort of "awesome point" for players to receive for doing awesome shit, and spend in some narrativistic manner, in order to effect greater awesome.

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Flamethrower wielding billionaire.

Face it. If it were anything other than the Simpsons doing it, it would be completely out of place.

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Undead computer,
Huh don't have a pic for this.

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Actually, I am going for a casual card based combat game. Instead of having a battle map, you can play terrain cards between you and other people (Exploding volcano, land mines, steel works, etc.) You play weapons (Uzi, sniper rifle, katana) mod them (+1, flaming, armor piercing), then beat the shit out of your friends. When you cause a wound, you get it as points. Damage someone enough, and they "Power Up", and get to draw from increasingly ridiculous decks. Once everyone is at max power, the game ends, and whoever had the most points wins. The goal is something you can teach in 2 minutes, play in 20, and clean up in 20 seconds.

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Spell: "The floor is lava."
High level requirement.
Higher the level, wider the effect.
Only combatants are effected.

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Chainsaw Launcher.

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They have all of this (and encourage this kind of thing) in d20 modern Urban Arcana.

Too bad the system is awful.

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One of your mods has to be "gun that shoots X." So you can make a gun that shoots chainsaws, a gun that shoots swords or chainsaws, or even a gun that shoots other guns. After all, a gun that shoots other guns would have twice the range, right?

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Perky teen monsters.

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Come on, at least post some Redeemer then.
He has a flamethrower crown as well!

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Two midgets standing one atop the other, sharing a trench coat.

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They get two punch attacks every round.

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I think you can do all these things in Exalted.

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father figures

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What's that from?

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monocles. wearing one grants a +3 to your monocle stat

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This could work as a military weapon for anti-personal IF it launched the actual teeth-on-rope part of the chainsaw...a large bundle of those, exploding off of the shell would tear through all enemies not in a vehicle.

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Is that the Guyver?

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Multitarget Strike

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Golems have the ability to beatbox so well the gods cry.

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Militant Mimes.

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Garlic-infusing-stake Gun? But that's a little cliche by now I guess...

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Pony shit take it to /co/

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Reported for being an insufferable pretentious tripfag

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Cyborg PResidents

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>see ponies
>ignore thread content
>post dumb shit anyways.

I also suggest roving unicycle gangs.

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You down with OTC?
(Yeah, you know me)

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The Goddamn Monkey King

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Undead clown bards, killing with the power of laughter

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Paper Pyro
>It works really well, but only the once.

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Superhero Knifefight Scandal

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Weapon of Choice

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giant girlfriends

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Toroidal Bitchslap Singularity

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Armor for the slutty elf princess in all of us.

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Urban Dog Sleding

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Raptor Natural Philosophy

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Post-apocalyptic robot session band

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Mimic/Sucubi halfbreeds. Hey, they fuck EVERYTHING.

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Wow, think you put enough memes in that pic, guy?

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Play shadowrun sometime.

Fucking love wizards in shadowrun. Bonus points for shooting an uzi while jousting.

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So many to choose from... but Beetlejuice and The Joker are definitely in.

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Optimum Razor Profile

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a recommended name for the game

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Non-euclidian terrain

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Simplified Quantum Physics

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More drugs and a big bag of anti cancer traits.

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"Flaming" weapons

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Squaring the Circle

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Tiny Minions

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Draught Whales

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Adorable monsters

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Moped Cannon
(doubles: It's real)

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infant launch vehicle

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I counter with swordgun.

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Double barrel

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Good luck hitting anything with it.

Contributating with Worlds Most Difficult Golf Course.

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Minecraft 3: Herobryne's Revenge

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Yeah, the delta force didn't have too much luck with it either.

Care for a light?

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>Franze Erderl

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Traction Air-Harbor

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Anything looks better with a chaingun strapped to it.


A cat? Damn straight.

A plane? You bet yer ass, it's the main armament these days.

A schoolgirl?


Also, Tome of Eldricth Adjectiving

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Masters of Disguise.

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In Exalted, stealing the words from a person's mouth and beating them to death with them. Or just about anything from exalted, really.

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Hot Australian naval admirals

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Gravity gun from BLAME!

Anyone got pics of damage it does?

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Every class of character has a cute girl version

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Dogs in plug-suits, piloting our mechas.

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You don't even know what Angel is

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So ... Australia is ridiculous to you?

>> platypus.jpg

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70 km hole...
in its lowest setting.
God damn.

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I'd hit it.

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I'm just going to go ahead and recommend this movie.

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>gooky cartoon movie

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