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/tg/ I'm looking for some advice. I want to start a Warriors of Chaos army but I'm stuck with what theme I want to go with for my army. I would like to do a mono-god army but I have no idea which one I really want to do. So I come to you, /tg/, humbled and asking, which Chaos god is your favourite and why? Which Chaos god is most fun to play with the WoC armybook? What can I look at to help me figure out my favourite? How do I best go about representing a chaos god on my models? Or should I just go Chaos Undivided and call it a day?

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bump for the bump gods!

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A thousand times Khorne






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Undivided is best divided.
Wait hang on...

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Tzeentch is my patron deity of chaos.

For he is wise and treacherous and knows all things.

Whenever I play chaos I field 24 tzeentch chosen with a tzeenth lord and BSB in the squad escorted by 2 tzeentch war shrines.

The unit has never been killed or beaten in battle.

As for coloring I would recommend chaos undivided so should you wish to change their marks its still properly represented.

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For fluff, Slaanesh is fun as hell, literally, and the one with the best 'sell' in my eyes. You want to have fun? You want to have more fun than your limited mortal mind can comprehend? You want to have fun for eternity? Fucking join Slaanesh and live like a boss for eternity. That isn't what really happens, naturally, but it is what people want to hear.

For creepiness...Nurgle. Grandfather Nurgle loves everything...gather all the little viruses unto Nurgle. And Grandfather Nurgle is so, so very loving...he even loves -you-! Yes, you, in all your hideousness and hatefulness and deceit, where everyone else has abandoned you...Nurgle loves you, even though no one else could.

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I'm fond of Slaanesh, myself, probably because of this.

But seriously. Have infinite pleasure for eternity, do whatever the fuck you want and get daemonic gifts for it, and the only drawback is that you can never, ever restrain yourself. And you might turn into a hideous shambling lump of dicks. Still, sounds like a better deal than being a rotting corpse, a paranoid freak, or a lobotomized barbarian.

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I think I'm leaning towards either Tzeentch or Slaanesh. I'm going to grab the battalion and a hero to start off, how do I go about customizing my force to look Tzeentchian or Slaaneshi? Also I'm hooped for what kind of model I could get to represent an exalted hero of slaanesh, I was thinking sigvald but I kind of like to customize.

Thanks for the responses so far everyone.

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I... I'd let It have me.

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I'm all about the Chaos Undivided.

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