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Flames of War thread because we've had a couple of good ones in the past week or so.

What's everyone fielding? What are you finding works? What has seemed good on paper but ended up sucking?

tl;dr Flames of War General.

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I had faith that a wave of Tigers and Panthers would be able to crush anything they ran up against. Turns out that tanks have ALOT of problems digging out infantry.

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I'll bite.

Soviet Gvardeskiy player here. I run a tank battalion out of Hammer and Sickle, but I would like to pick up Stalin's Europe, Stalin's Onslaught, and a couple more handbooks for more options.

I mostly run a 12+ T-34/85s, with a command HQ T-34/85. Other stuff tends to be 120mm Mortar company, Sapper company (2 sections), some ISU-122s, SU-85s, and some recon armored cars.

What has proven to work very well, is taking a combined arms approach. Fielding a large assortment of stuff is tactically superior to just spamming tanks. The sappers have proven time and again to be my ace-card, while Tankodesantniki have given me a pile of infantry off the back of my tanks, when I need it.

What hasn't worked too well, has been the SU-85s and the Scout cars. The SU-85s I've pretty much determined are mostly for Mid-war games now, as their presence in my Late-war lists tend to be redundant. The ISUs have had mediocre success, but prove extremely useful when Panthers or Tigers show up. Otherwise, they just get used to obliterate defending infantry. The Mortars do nothing to vehicles, but royally fuck up gun-teams and infantry formations.

Overall, it's been a blast, and I definitely think that combined arms works best. And reliance upon big, overcosted tanks... not so much.

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bump for great success!

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How many points is that it sounds insanely point heavy.

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Sounds liek 1750 or even 2000.

Me, I run the G.I's, though I'd like to switch to paras tbh.

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I run 362nd Infanterie out of Dogs and Devils.

Infantry company is the way to go. I just need a better solution to my tank killing besides 8.8s. :(

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Pak40's are gross and unfair and you don't pay for the over-penetration of the 88's...just saying.

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been gathering all the books off of /rs/ waiting for guybrarian to get back to us with the new Hells Highway scan going to take these with the d-1 scan I'm commencing over spring break and release a mega Flames Pack with everything you need to play but the models and dice:) expect it sometime in the next month or so.

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Let's see...
1 T34/85 battalion commander,
1 company of 6 T34/85s with Tankos
1 company of 6 T34/85s

Company of 6x 120mm Mortars
Sapper Pioneers, 2 companies worth (11 total infantry bases, counting command)
4 Armored Cars
Company of 3 ISU-122s

And that's been my 2,000 point list for me. 2k tends to be our preferred around here, due mostly to the Germany players wanting more room to breathe in their lists.

I'm looking at adding in a Razvedki company or 2, and some more infantry so I can slowly build enough to run Mechanized, Infantry, or Tank lists.

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I don't know if FoW models this, but in most of the WWII tacticals I've played, the SU/ISU-100's gun is actually better than the 122.

Either way, yeah, the 85 is underpowered for late war.

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Pioneers. They work great. Artillery and air-support helps, although the only artillery that can make a dent is the really big guns. Lighter artillery like Mortars and Rokkets won't do shit to vehicles.

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US paratroopers here.gotta love being a fearless vet. However i was just reading the Villers-Bocage book and wanna try a lol look at my Tigers list.

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Finnish infantry. I'm just building it up, first army an' all. Gonna use some standard riflemen, some heavy artillery, as many machineguns as I can field and possibly some T-26's as mobile machineguns.

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Oh yeah... the SU-100 is a beast. It suffers some penalties due to 'overloaded', but it's awesome. Would love to run som SU-100s, but they're currently only available to Guard Lend-Lease with the 76mm shermans, and other Stalin's Europe lists (which are mostly infantry after that).

Currently I run under Hammer and Sickle, which is Operation Bagration. So no SU-100s for me. I make due with the ISU-122s. Although I think some IS-2s are in order. I wouldn't mind trying out an IS-2 spam list to engage some of the tiger-heavy german lists in my area! >:)

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one of the guys at my flgs is working on fins its awesome like an evil scandanvian version of my paras with stolen tanks... whats not to like about stolen tanks??

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Well... usually it's the ROF 1 decrease that most stolen tanks get.... But yeah, gotta love stolen tanks! Especially when they're Panthers and Tiger decoy tanks for the Soviets!

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damn did not know about the rof decrease is there a decrease in points to compensate?

picture related its how it feels to be a us paratrooper player

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It depends. Not all stolen tanks have a ROF decrease. The ones that do, end up at ROF1 usually, and are compensated for it. For instance, a stolen Tiger (with no vet skills) for Hammer and Sickle Soviet lists is cheaper with a ROF 1 cannon.

So really, it just depends upon what your list says. The ROF decrease is usually to represent a lack of available ammunition for the tank. Go with whatever it says in your book. It will tell you what you have, or if you get compensated (usually in the form of lower points).

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You wanted to say US Armored Infantry surely?

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i mainly play smaller point games 600-1200 as im just building my force but yea i can take LOADS of bazookas i mean LOADS

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Yes, five per platoon is nice. And since halftracks got a point break in Normandy books it seems, they're actually reasonably priced now. Hell, even my footslogging infantry seems to be able to fit more now, and I love the ability to take 2 155mm's as separate bunker buster platoon.

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Ok so, my PDF stuff is playing up and im considering buying the starter box anyway but..

Very interested in a british infantry army (I'm ex-british army myself so.. why not eh?)

What do they count as a platoon for infantry in the game?

1 base = one section / squad? Platoon = multiples (as they are IRL of course)? Then with attachments like MG team bases added on?

And those boxes with rifle platoons for example:
1xBritish Guards Command Rifle/MG Team
1xBritish Guards Light Mortar Team
1xBritish Guards PIAT Team
6xBritish Guards Rifle/MG Teams

Would that literally be a platoon plus or minus some stands? and how would that be written down?

Sorry for the dumbass questions it's just I have no access to a rulebook for the game.. I figure it's like in real life but you never know lol

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See pic. In game terms, rifle/mg type of platoon means there's one MG per two bases of infantry, while MG infantry (not to be mistaken with MG platoons!) have one MG per base.

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the blisters contain a unit which consists of multiple bases ( or teams) that are purchased as a group in game points. the box sets contain either a large/armored unit or a platoon which is comprised of multiple units that you can take in various combinations for various amounts of

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Ahh brilliant, cheers for that. Pic clears up hell of alot of things - I was looking around various sites and lists and they didn't include what they contained for the most part.

I'm just far too used to games workshop crap I guess.

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Brits tend to have a lot more of the vets and 'borrowing' of units/companies from other nations. The Brits have some good tanks, but leave a bit to be desired. Their artillery is pretty brutal in that they perform murder barrages and hit the same area twice.

One thing to note with Brits, is they get the Firefly Shermans (US doesn't). And Firefly Shermans are pretty fucking mean. Brits also get the big ass flame-tank churchills, with 13 from armor.

Generally speaking, I believe the Brits usually end up being Confident Trained to Confident Vets, depending upon the formation you're running and what nations they're pulling from.

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run standard German Wermacht Grenadier

doesnt matter what book its from...I run infantry with some deviations for list flavor

usally its
Command with either 81mm mort attached or PF teams attached
2 Grenadier platoons
1 Pioneer Platoon fully tricked out
MG platoon attached to Gren platoons
PaK40 platoon
1 or 2 units of arty..usually 105s or Nebs or Maulters depending on what im feeling like
a unit of mobile AT-Stugs or Marders or JgdPz IVs and if im feeling especially saucy Ill toss in a JagdPanther or 2
a unit of AA

depending on the list there are some minor variotions to the above base list. for 316th I throw in fortifications and more stuff (Confident Trained Germans are cheap), if im running a Lufwaffe JagerKompanie then I thow in ALOT more stuff (Reluctant Trained germans are even cheaper)

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Yeah, I hear you. I was far too used to GW crap as well. So when I started looking over my soviets and started thinking "Holy crap! They've got a fuck-tonne of units and different organizations!" But the game's really smooth, amazingly intuitive (it's like how 40k rules SHOULD be), and quite balanced.

Combined Arms is your friend, btw. Especially as an allied player. So many FoW players seem to jump straight to Germans and want to pour out Panthers and Tigers. Then they get steamrolled by Infantry and are like "WTF just happened!?"

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What supliments have decent british infantry lists in by the way?

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Yea, more of a fan of battlefleet gothic etc with games workshop, 40k and fantasy have just gone batshit crazy in the last few years.

I was thinking mainly infantry with artillery / mortar support. A few tanks (mainly because I want to paint a few and they look awesome..), and AT guns for the tough buggers?

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The size of those companies (sorry, platoons) is just adorable.

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Depends... There's Mid War and Late War. Although the Brits are also in Early War (US gets left out of Early, but Soviets should make an appearance in Barbarosa).

For Late War, Brits are in the Fortress Europe book (which is the primary Late War handbook), and then I believe you can find Brit Infantry lists in the Normandy books (D-Day), and more. I'm not positive, but I think Miller's Bocage, and Monty's Meatgrinder also have some Brit infantry lists. Don't quote me on it, though.

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AT is the tricky part of this game. In general artillery can't be relied upon to take out tanks. But the Allies AT guns are a bit lackluster. Fireflys are ridiculous though, so they help quite a bit.

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I have seriously wanted to pick this game up for awhile now. Only thing stopping me is not knowing what book to pick up. I want to run Soviet combined arms and or engineers/sappers "whatever the soviets call them" and my bro wants to run eastern front Germans with a focus on combined arms as well what book should we pick up?

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If you want to run an all Engineer Sapper Army then pick up River of Heroes, if you want a Storm company with engineer sapper support pick up Stalin's Europe.

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so rather than towed AT guns, use the fireflys?

>> No.14153961

Luftwaffe Felddivision here, anybody running this list is playing for fun.
Seriously though, I just run Jagers, some 8.8's I use for light tanks, and bring out the artillery whenever I need it. Feels good man.

>> No.14153982

Towed AT guns are useful, but don't expect them to punch down a Panther without some serious luck. The Firefly is awesome, but Shermans aren't the most survivable tank, and it's a "gun-tank" that you add into a platoon... Which means your opponent can opt to target just those.

It's really all about combined arms. Don't rely on just AT guns or Fireflys. Look into some combat engineers, and possibly air-support as well. Air can be tricky, but there's not a tank in the game that has a "good chance" of surviving some bombs/rockets from an aircraft, provided of course anti-air doesn't shoot you down.

>> No.14153996

Same goes for the Soviet Militia battalion from Eastern Front... That's a list PURELY for fun... lots of Confident Conscripts, shoveled out of their factories, half of which are given a gun.

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Another interesting thing about this game... is play to the mission. Don't have a reliable means of killing a Ferdenand or some other stupidly over the top German tank (i.e. King Tiger), ignore the damn thing. Keep your tanks out of it's sights, and focus on the objective. The big tanks are too expensive to really do anything to infantry.

>> No.14154727

I agree with this assessment of the King Tiger. It can totally waste other tanks and have its way with the board, but trying to rip infantry off of an objective? Absolutely not.

>> No.14155168

Yeah, trying to rip infantry -at all- with a King Tiger? Not going to happen. "Ooh... spray me with your mediocre couple of machine gun rounds..."

I especially love it when you start running Pioneers or Flamethrower teams towards it, and it starts fleeing backwards.

>> No.14155475


Hahah. I do the same thing with my Fallschmirpioneers. 20 bases with tank assault 4, fearless vets, charging at you. Backed all the way to their objectives, then I bailed them all with flamethrowers, for a nice easy follow up assault.

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us paratroopers here enjoying our gammon bombs since 1944

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which book would be good for getting into the Italian theme of things?

Alternatively, I'm looking at doing a late germany mix. You know the Nazis when their elite divisions were watered down with every tank they could find, old men, kids, and dogs with boxes on them trained to growl like tank tread sounds.

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North Africa for Italians i believe that's the only book for them if im wrong im sure some anon will correct me

>> No.14158289


links to most of the books that have been scanned you can get afrika and north Africa from there cant remember which one is the newer one

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Does anyone know if Earth and Steel made Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Late War armies decent? They were waaaaayyy overpriced in the other LW books, MW they got better with Eastern Front but I haven't been able to find a copy of Earth and Steel at any of my FLGS's yet.

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ostfront/ eastern front have italians aswell

>> No.14158983

Yeah, that's a point. Where the heck are the fallschmirpioneers in LW?

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