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In nWoD, are the different splats aware of each other, or are they as mystical to one another as to most of the mortals?

Also, if a weapon gives a +1 damage bonus, is this +1 a die, or simply just added to the final damage dealt out?

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They know about one another like mortals know about them,just in rumors and legend with the few crazies who've actually seen them. Sometimes,although rarely,they know about each other and create an alliance of sorts so they don't step on each others toes as much.

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It depends. The core books certainly suggest that the various supernatural creatures are aware that there are other things out there, but how much they know, or whether they even exist is up to your GM.

I think its generally +1 on dice pools as well, although a more experienced ST will probably correct me.

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>In nWoD, are the different splats aware of each other, or are they as mystical to one another as to most of the mortals?

Generally, yes, at least the big three (vampires, werewolves and mages), the others are relatively obscure.

However, REAL knowledge of the other supernaturals is usually quite limited, many (but by no means all) vampires know that some mortals have strange powers, but prefer not to dig too deep into that topic.

How much knowledge a given supernatural has about the other major powers depends largely on age and the organization he belongs to (a vampire of the Ordo Dracul is much more likely to know about mages and perhaps even know some personally than a Carthian does, for example).

>Also, if a weapon gives a +1 damage bonus, is this +1 a die, or simply just added to the final damage dealt out?

Both work.
By RAW you simple get an additional die.
However, the opposite is a popular modification (even mentioned by the developers in various sourcebooks) to make combat more lethal.

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Please refrain form yelling this is not /b/

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That's entirely up to the ST and, given the very local nature of the nWoD's supernaturals, it might differ a lot from location to location.

Generally they seem to have rough information about each other, seemingly dependent on how rare they are.
Mages seem to be moderately well informed about vampires, while this can't really be said the other way around.

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monstergirl thread?

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>Doesn't know MR. RAGE
Welcome to /tg/.

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But he's Mr.Rage,he ALWAYS types like that.

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Brilliant justification, old chap.

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Much like pretty much any game with wizards in them, mages will typically know the most about any other organization, what with being smart and information-hoarding and all that jazz. Plus, they have the tools to actually see the supernatural through any number of objective lenses, re: if something behaves like X when you look at it with Y and Z, it's likely a Q.

Of course, your average mortal knows (some of) the weaknesses of the more common supernaturals, just due to Hunter influence on the media, what with how you kill werewolves with silver and vampires with sunlight, fire, and stakes. It's all a massive conspiracy, I tells ya.

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Welcome to /tg/.

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He has been around since /tg/'s early days, and has ALWAYS provided clear, concise advice.

You? You are nothing.

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Justification: He contributes. You are complaining about the way in which he contributes.
Conclusion: Suck it.

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Depends on the ST. I once played a Sin-Eater who was about as info-broker as you get; high Computers, group's link to the Twilight Network, Industrial Boneyard for spyan gaems, all that shit. But when a party member asked if mortals knew about our shit and I answered with a half-true explanation of Hunters, the ST flipped his shit.

Then again the ST was Edward (yes, THAT Edward), so surprise factor zero.

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He's writing. Yelling is something you do vocally. Also, they don't type in uppercase and contribute/are right on /b/ at the same time.

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-fixes glasses..-
SHIT.... pickles....

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Taxidermy was weird before people started getting creative. Then it gets Really, Really Weird.

Tron for the Tron God, Neon Lights for the Neon Light Throne.

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Mages do usually know the most but they probably wont know the specifics of any.

Probably because Mages have their fingers in all the pies.

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You're forgetting the part where Mages know everything because they're fucking mages.

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Actually that was more at the comment then the awesome Taxidermy job.
I did not realise who he was...

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A mage is generally not going to know the nitty gritty, like how changeling society works, or the vampire covenants.

Unless they try to integrate themself into it, which is generally a bad idea.

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Or they grab one and use Mind... I don't know, Mind 2-3 and just get the nitty gritty off of Joe Changeling?

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Find a man immune to fire and you might be in luck.

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So where are we going with this thread?

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Take a walk on the wild side.

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Wherever we please.

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The thing is, as I understand it, Mages usually just don't care enough. Other supernatural rarely play more than a tangenial role in their mystical cold war, and/or are too rare to be a problem.
They are busy enough with all their infighting and cockfencing with seers.

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Do we still have a "Nipples are from satan" Janitor

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Any thoughts on Ling?

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We've had a couple in this thread already. Worst case I at least won't be banned alone.

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As long as I know.

Im gonig to play some Rome:TW I've got some germans to slay.

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In nWoD what posibilities do super naturals have in becoming a normal human, I know thats the point of prometheans but how about others?

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This thread was headed there before anyone even suggested officially jumping the tracks. Dunno about the janitor, though. My feeling has been that we've been following the rules of late, maybe I'm just not seeing things before they get deleted.

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I raise you in cute.

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Don't worry, the fun police are still around... they're just on lunch break or fapping on /d/ right now

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One more from me because "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!"

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Mostly an individual basis; probably more Vampires than Werewolves or Mages. Most Changelings would probably change back if they could, but they don't have the option. Dunno about Sin-Eaters.

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Sin eaters are bound to their giest. they cant go back and eventually they will finally die again

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Vampires have that Golconda thing, which is not really defined though. I don't think vampires or werewolves have anything like that, and mages do most definitely not have that. You cannot even make a mage forget how to use magic, or the fact that they are awakened (not ever, nuh-uh)

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Disregard janitors, acquire catgirls

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not gonna lie, I love me some cinders.

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Those Carcosa girls really know how to party.

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Well that game didn't last long, bloody steam.


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nothing prevents normal humans or supernaturals from going out and looking for information, several factions within each major group are well-suited towards that sort of thing.

of course, it's difficult, dangerous, and likely to bring you and your friends a lot of trouble.

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For some reason I read this as 'which would want to become human,' not 'which could become human.'
Disregard my lies.

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I'm pretty sure they are aware aside from maybe 1 or 2 of the rather smaller splats (Promethean or Geist).

If it adds +1 Damage then you add that to the dice pool. So if you are using a knife (1L), Have Strength 2 and Weaponry 1 you will have a dice pool of 4L.

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I thought Sin-Eaters kinda liked being supernatural.

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At least she'll love you for your mind.

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Most of them do. Some of them like it a whole hell of a lot. Others find it annoying as fuck.

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Outside of ST Fiat, I don't think there is any way to make them human again. Maybe Golconda in Vampire, but it's ill-defined and has been described both as being able to become human again and as being able to make peace with the Beast inside and become the perfect predator.

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I wouldn't know. The one I was teamed with was sucked into a pocket dimension pretty fast...

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It's implied that the Unholy, one of the vampire main NPC storyline antagonists, is both 1) Anoushka, the second Embraced of Dracula, and 2) that what she is now is what happens when you reach Golconda (essentially no humanity loss for anything, up to and including diablerie). Make of that what you will, I love making that something my players find when they're researching Golconda-lore.

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Sin-Eaters have a Ceremony that can permanently separate a Sin-Eater and their Geist, but it makes you go bugfuck crazy as a side effect. Makes you mortal? Yeah. But it makes you a looney tune too.

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Well, I imagine that most of them don't mind, seeing as the alternative was dying.

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this... this is very strange. i don't like it.

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I thought I would when I clicked it, but I didn't. I just didn't.
I just feel dirty now. Frightened and dirty.

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classic monster girl

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oh, hey, a nWoD thread. Lemme ask my question here.

I'm joining a Mage: the Awakening game, going in knowing some stuff about the nWoD (mostly changeling, hunter, promethean) and not a whole lot about new mage, just what I've read in the core book.

I want to play a Moros member of the Free Council, who is a New Orleans (as the game is going to be set in the southeast somewhere) native and voodoo practitioner, who went to medical school and made a good living as a surgeon.

Then he got hit by a car and, in his own words, traveled with a conga line of the damned to the Tower of the Leaden Coin and awakened while he was on the operating table.

I'm not sure what to put my Arcanum dots in, nor what rotes to get--I have a general idea that I want Life on top of Death and Matter, as he is a doctor--and I know I want his technique to blend Voodoo mysticism with modern medicine for doing his spells. Is this too disparate a concept to work right?

Also, the Moros writeup in the core book dosen't mention the Free Council at all--do they just not end up joining the Free Council that much?

And if it matters, I know the rest of the group is going to consist of a Acanthus Adamantine Arrow, a Thyrsus Guardian of the Veil, and a Mastigos member of the Mysterium.

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>>Also, the Moros writeup in the core book dosen't mention the Free Council at all--do they just not end up joining the Free Council that much?

Don't pay too much attention to the writeups. Especially to things like "most members of * usually join *".

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Fair enough.

oh! one more question. What Legacy would be good for this character? I looked at the Moros one in the core book and it didn't particular feel like it would fit.

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Bumping for aid. Help a guy out, /tg/!

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Cute puppy!

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Use your Life arcana to make drugs with the Matter arcana so you can store some Life magic around without using any mana.

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Oooh, that is a cool idea. I'll remember that one.

Still trying to find a legacy (ideally not a left-handed one) that would fit. Also ideas for what rotes to take.

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Take a look at the legacy dealing with the element Spirit. It's in the book that has a legacy for Earth,Fire,Water,and Air...well damn. I think the Moros legacy is the Earth one but they're pretty kick ass when it comes to making items I do believe. Also take a look at the Legacy from the core call the Sons of Prometheous or something like that, the ones that can shapechange. With Matter you can turn into stone and shit so it could be useful.

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You can also make golems with Life+Matter+Death arcana.

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The Tamers of Stone look cool, and they kinda fit if I squint, so I'll consider that one.

The Orphans of Proteus don't really fit, I don't think, plus they're a Thyrsus legacy. I'm not 100% on them, but can you join Legacies that aren't from your path or order?


Now that *is* cool, and fits my character, too. I think I picked my Arcana right.

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Yes, you can join legacies outside your order and path, as long as you meet the other basic requirements.

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Then he should go with the legacy dealing with the dead and eventually being able to bring someone back from the dead but at the cost of his own life.

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Tamers of the Cave is what you are referring to.

They don't really fit his other basic idea though.

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I'd be more help but unfortunately I don't have the Legacies books on my computer and my actual hard copies aren't here right now.

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I'm looking at Tamers of the Caves now, and while it would be an *odd* fit for a Moros mage, my character is a Doctor (and his Virtue is Charity), and I could see him walking down that path, maybe. I'm not really sure... honestly, none of the Legacies really jump out and grab me, but I feel like I should take one--if only for the power boost, as the other players are more familiar with new mage than I, and I have an irrational fear of falling behind the curve.

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Perhaps the Fallen Pillar legacy?

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Scions of God seems like they could go along well with the Voodoo religion.

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Looking over it--no, definately not. This character might be a Moros, but he's a devout follower of Baron Samedi. If it helps, think of his personality as basically being like a Sin-Eater--Life won't last forever, so let's have a damned good time while we can. Eat, Drink, be Merry. (Addendum: Save lives, that's on the list too. - Doc Saturday) Make sure life *is* worth living, as much as you can.

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Hmm, the Scions could work very well. I'd just need to pick up Spirit and Space magic. Which... fuuuuuck, Spirit is my Inferior. But since it's a primary and only requires two to qualify for the Legacy, once I'm a member then it'd be a Ruling ARcanum, just like Death and Matter, yes? And I won't even need tutelage to learn up to 2 in it.

Hmm. I think the Scions might have it.

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Glad we could be of assistance.

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more monster girls!

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