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You are transported to the 40k universe complete with all your knowledge of it. You are also the unopposed leader of the Imperium. You are backed 100% by all the major organizations.

What do you do to make Humanity the most powerful species in the galaxy?

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>Military alliance and technology sharing with Tau
>Open dialogue with Eldar
>Reopen the Astartes Project, tell mechanicus to figure out how to make more geneseed

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pic related

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>Imperium falls in a couple years

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dawww looks at its cute little claws

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>Try to change anything
>Show off my knowledge
>Shot for heresy

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first two are terrible ideas because you seem to think those guys think humans are their equal.

third one won't work because you think you're the only one in the Imperium who's thought of it.

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in seriousness?
Find a mighty ork warboss. promise major WAAAGH if they join us. Let him fight all other orks until thay are all united under one Waaagh. Organize a get together betwwen our warboss friend and the tyranids.

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>remember other sci-fi series with crazy bullshit technology
>tell techpriests to make it
>recreate space marine legions
>have empire with spaceships from star wars, technology from doctor who and ground units from 40k


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Needs mechanical arms so it can hold a gun.

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>Immediately sacrifice all humans to the Emperor

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Send all the Space Wolves into the Eye of Terror, accompanied by a few Null Zone Librarians. The Wolves do Chaos better than Chaos, and they almost autowin against anything Daemonic due to Tempest's Wrath and Null Zone.

Allocate more Forge Worlds to producing more Lasplas Razorbacks, Immolators, and Vendettas. All Land Raider variants are to be converted to the Redeemer Variant, and used for combat-engineering operations against Ork and Tyranid armies; otherwise, it's lasplas spam.

If I lose, wait for GW to update the Imperial armies again.

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>give Creed control over all military operations
>increase draft for Imperial Guard
>necessary 1 year experience at Cadia for all veteran defensive troops

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it needs no guns. It is an Inquisitor. Orbital bombardments for everyone.

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Really? Aside from a few colonies most humans who have had dealings with the Tau have come out on top. There is even that lore piece about that Rogue Trader who defected to the Tau and has been living like a king ever since. The Vespid and Kroot are treated all right as well, why not humans?

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This could in no way backfire!

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then send huge army of space marines accompanied by grey knights (just to be sure) into Dark Eldar city thing. Commeragh i think?
Claim ultramarines are fags unless they defeat Tau single handedly. Either kills tau or Ultramaines

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>Immediately crush the tau empire with a small fleet.
>Support secret factions that are in contact with the eldar- make short deals to consolidate the Imperium's borders and destroy the necrons/chaos scattered around.
>Work with heretical techpriests to build new technologies from xenos technologies, like the taus.
>Above all else, increase the search for STCs enfold, giving the mars priesthood any support they ask for. Highest priority is reclaiming the lost technology of mankind and to fix the golden throne.

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>logistics of getting every troop to cadia

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Release Skynet.

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Turn to chaos.

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>mind-controlled leaders, totally dependent on the tau.
>considered as niggers, not given any responsability.

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not if orks realize I'm the greenest and bestest. Go in bright green Emperor class titan and insist thats just my natural body.
Forsake all tomb worlds ASAP. Slowly blow up craftworlds through naval engagements as they appear or send those psyker killer assassins aboard and let them practice

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>Support secret factions that are in contact with the eldar- make short deals to consolidate the Imperium's borders and destroy the necrons/chaos scattered around.
>Work with heretical techpriests to build new technologies from xenos technologies, like the taus.

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>>14131133 is immediately killed for tech heresy

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eldar could mess you up, but working with techpriests to come up with new tech could be ok if utilized properly

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As for chaos? well you never really beat chaos.

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Work with Tau to develop Pulse Rifles for the Imperial Guard
Try to mass-produce more stuff. More dedicated forge worlds would take too much time, maybe make sure every planet can produce Lasguns (or Pulse Rifles), Chimeras and Flak Armor. And meltas. Delicious meltas.
Imperium will survive by being tougher than anything else. We have the manpower, we need to bash our heads against everything that wants to kill us and outlast.

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Working with the Tau is a terrible fucking idea.

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Find a way to recreate geneseeds.
Look for a cure to save Gulliman and have him lead all of the military
Promise war to the orks and many,MANY wars if they join me. (Use convicts in mass to fight them to sway them into helping)

Try to fix relations with eldar, try to trade technology and knowledge for food,land and protection.

Open major weapons marketing with the tau.

Create mercenary legions.

Cause major influx in technology industry to recover lost tech and create new.

Develop ways to restrain the warp to stop chaos

Make many benefits for humans to become researchers in order to help create tech influx

and thats it for now..

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Military alliance with Tau under the condition that they share their tech. We give them what resources we can spare.
Ceasefire with Eldar, make some embassies or sumshit for emergency coordination
Try to increase standard of living on shitty planets to reduce chaos powas

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...and then the Orks crush the Imperium using tyranid bits as the best close combat weapons ever.
Seriously, all the Orks uniting is their WE WIN scenario.

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heretics in the eyes of the adeptus mechanicus i mean, not chaos tainted techpriests, just ones that are interested in creating new technology

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Not really, I think they would realize it's in their best interest. OR smash the Tau, tell some radical Techpriests they can sort through the ash to build new guns.

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>>Comb the entirety of Holy Terra and the solar system out through the whole Oort Cloud for any time-capsule like STCs
>>Evacuate the Adeptus Mechanica from Mars, Vortex-bomb it because I do NOT want the thing there waking up on my watch and I have no idea what the emperor's original designs for it for
>>Work with the Blood Ravens to find more more "gifts"
>>Return to the original teachings of the God Emperor, before the theocracy sprouted around him.

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vortexing bombing and entire planet half a system away from terra cannot possibly be a good idea

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Letting one of the things running the Necrons wake up (or be released) that close to terra wouldn't be great either

Sever the limb if before the rot takes the body

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<- this guy

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That was BEFORE they cut off his penis

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Void Dragon may not even be a threat anymore, the Emperor hit him so hard he turned into a room

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Increase power to the Inquisition. Use them as my eyes and ears and hand.

Make the Codex Astartes obsolete, Rowboat Girlyman can go suck a cock. All Space Marine Chapters are to be reinforced to Pre-Heresy levels. Every Space Marine Chapter is to be outfitted with a council of Inquisitors, who's sole purpose is to monitor the Chapters. Should a problem emerge, they are within power to execute anyone who dares oppose them. The fact that there are multiple Inquisitors means that if one, Emperor forbid, was to turn to Chaos, the others would kill him before he could screw things up.

In the end, I'm pretty much starting the Great Crusade 2: Electric Boogaloo. Deploy the new Space Marines to Cadia, in the path of Leviathan, and head on over to crush the Tau. Beef up the Grey Knights so that they become the largest Space Marine chapter, and let them loose on the Eye of Terror. Oh, and tell the Mechanicus to get their shit together.

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how'bout massive gravitationnal anomalies that make Terra collide a dozen astral bodies?>>14131357

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I lock myself in a room with Eldrad and scream the following at him:


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i like the way you think

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Declare myself to be Alpharius. The Imperium self-destructs, Chaos is defeated by default, and everyone wins.

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Oh jesus I'm not prepared for this. I don't even read the fluff, I just get snippets of information here and there from threads on /tg/! I don't want to be a military leader in a grimdark universe, get me outta here!

YOU! Corpse-man in the big chair! You're back in charge!

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I guess ill add a few more

Abandon all tomb worlds and have entire fleets with exterminus ready at all times

Use new tech influx to create terminator orks (basically orks in space marine armor but with a kill switch and a little brain prodding to keep them under control) armed with plenty explosives and LOTS OF FIRE WEAPONRY and BIG DAKKA'N MACHINE GUNS (all guns have a chainsaw, rockets too.) and a chainsaw blade launcher (like in Dead space)

Use new terminator orks as main unit to for wiping out tyranid invasions.

Seriously try to stop this human superiority act as ignorance/arrogance will lead to our down fall

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how about instead of working with the Tau, we subjugate them, steal their tech and finish the job?

Then do all the other plans

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Please, those are merely technical issues, the Void Dragon being awake and free is much worse. Technical issues we can anticipate and plan for.

In this scenario, if we are to take the place of the Emperor, we can't presume to have his knowledge. If we only have our knowledge, we have to make assumptions -- almost no one knows the Void Dragon is trapped on Mars. Without the emperor sitting on Holy Terra or clear instructions as to his final designs regarding it, it is simply too great a danger to leave on our doorstep. And we don't have to use armament to do it, we could simple used controlled demolition.

The point is, knowing what we know about the game world, what abuses of hidden knowledge could you use that wouldn't end with you being killed or civil war breaking out in the Imperium?

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...why use orks at all

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but why are you immediately jumping to putting the heart of the imperium in immediate danger? If terra is destroyed it's pic related

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Because the tech we have is just as good, if not vastly superior to Tau tech.

A lot of archaeotech is so incredibly powerful, it makes the most powerful Tau weaponry look like a rock tied to a stick.

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just send a couple ships and wipe the entire empire out, anything more complicated than that is not necessary or worth it.

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>unopposed leader of the Imperium
I guess I wait on my throne, being a pickle and all... Lame thread idea, man.

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theirs plenty of them, they all can fight, and their blood thirstiness is mine to manipulate

why let humans die? integrate these motherfuckers so they can do the job they were created to do.

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I laugh at those of you who say working with the Tau is a bad idea.
Derisively I might add.
Their technology is better than "ours". and they know how that shit works.
Get them to teach a couple of smart dudes how to do actual research, and presto, maybe the imperium could actually figure out how to build some of the shit they use.

Incorporate their tech where it's superior, learn from it where it's not.

If they try shit I have about seven hundred thousand times as many soldiers as they have population total.

Tell the Eldar to stop fucking around, and surrender to our superior numbers, soldiers, tactics, psykers, and potential.
Hire the best fucking debater the imperium has to tell them just how much they can eat a dick.
In return I won't personally murder Eldrad with a plastic spoon.

Put a tighter leash on the inquisition. Commit their forces to deal with infighting, instead of pissing of the space marines.

I have the full support of the Assassins, I will remind people of this whenever they question me.

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if youve got countless billions of humans to manipulate why put the resources into arming orks with the best armor and weapons humans have.
seems like that might be.... a poor decision in hindsight.

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Try to be bros with Tau
Try to be bros with Eldar

That should make things a bit easier.

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Whoever conquers the Tau Empire gets to keep it.

Watch a thousand Rogue Trader families squabble over the burning remains of the Tau Empire.

Proceed to focus on holding Cadia, and give Space Marines limited political power in their surroundings.

Force the AdMech to open the vaults with top-secret plans and designs they're hoarding.

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Well, let's see, I don't know that much about WH, so I guess I can suppose some scenarios.
First, universal health care for everybody in old-terra, dental plan and a diet filled with proteins and everything they need.
Second, Capitalism at it's maximum. I give them cute dresses and clothes and they become happy.
Third, casual fridays.
Fourth, public and techincal education.
Fifth, tell everybody about chaos and why it is important to be happy.
Sixth, repeat with all the planets under human control.

We will make the galaxy happy in no time.

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i didn't just say JUST orks i just included them. Why would i use humans when they must be trained. Too much time when theres a race that was created for fighting and is atleast as strong as a space marine.

As the leader of mankind i dont want my people to die . Humans can do many things, orks can not, i would use the extra to start the tech industry revolution

there would still be enough to fill our armies and improve them

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But 40k is already capitalistic, idiot.

Read about rogue traders and navigator trading houses.

40k even features ATMOSPHERE TRADERS.

They sell... guess what, breathable atmopsheres to hiveworlds and forgeworlds.

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oh incorperate this idea and make it a religion

a religion of being happy so chaotic motherfucking demons dont come take your mind , rape it and then go fuck humanity. Its the best way to fight and prevent chaos

Make such things mandatory too

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what part of I don't know that much about the universe you don't understand?

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pretty sure he wasnt serious

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>I believe in grimderp conspiracies

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Being "too happy" is PRECISELY what would attract Chaos. Anything in excess would likely attract Slaanesh.

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sorry broda but making geneseed is heresy, the emprah made a pact with the dark gods to acquire the knowledge on how to make primarchs and space marines out of them
the knowledge used for the custodes and the first space marines used on terra at the beginning of the crusade was a whole different animal
Tau, although look upon as the GOOD guys would go "OK, but you must submit to the Greater Good", which apparently is Tau on top, everyone else is second class citizen.
the eldar are dicks, without the Emprah alive to keep shit straight they will never think of the humans as anything more than monkeys and will effectively treat the human like shit, sending millions to their deaths to stave off the Necrons and Slaneesh
Is not called GRIMDARK just because, is because is retardedly grim and dark

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what the hell? if you are too depressed you attract chaos, and if you are too happy you still attract it?
Then what's the point?

>> No.14131747

GRIMDARK all day every day

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wouldnt that be only if their constantly having sex? slaneesh wouldnt do anything if there "happy" the idea of the religion is to have the mind set even if your not just make these a little less miserable. i mean come on you think those in old terra are gonna be happy to the point SLANEESH is intrested

>> No.14131798

New idea in order to get rid of chaos gods

Put 2 people on a planet thats uninhabited


so slaneesh comes for mr horny and nurgle for fat fuck

have alot of motherfucking psykers and shit warp in from a ship orbiting the planet to help pull those 2 fuckers out in hopes of battle

if it fails the ship just glasses them and we try it again from what we learned

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First I lift the restrictions on Space Marine Chapter size. I tell them to start churning out new Chapters as fast as fucking possible (we need to build up SM numbers). I put Dante, Calgar and Logan in charge of it. They've all proven that they're unlikely to fall to Chaos. In case they do, make sure they have Grey Knight advisors at all times.

Next, find somebody who can conduct a summoning ritual. Have them call Kaldor Draigo back out of the Warp. A guy who beats up on Daemon Primarchs and topples the domains of the Chaos Gods for the lulz is always a good thing.

Manipulate the Orks. Like what Kryptmann did with them vs the Nids, except on a bigger scale. As in, a HUGE scale. I want the Orks doing nothing but fighting the Tyranids and Necrons as much as is humanly possible. They like fighting, so it should work out just fine for them.

Lastly, I have that group of the AdMech tasked with guarding Void Dragon's prison either make me a copy of the device that draws technical knowledge from Dragon's mind, or I take the device itself. I put it to use, and create awesome technology not seen since the Dark Age.

I tell the Dark Angels to cut that shit out, and go get Jonson out of the Rock. I'm going to need the tactics. I also see if I can get the Eldar to find the Khan in the Webway for me (if I have to, I'll point out that I know about Ynnead). I also use the Void Dragon tech to find a cure for Girlyman.

Then, launch the Crusade. Put the senior Chapter Masters (or Primarchs, if I can get them) in charge of general operations, including command over the IG units under them.

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... Why would Nurgle care about someone overeating?

Someone eating to excess is more Slaneesh territory, though I doubt s/he would bother.

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Wtf is this. I don't even...

On a /slightly less retarded/ note, steal a soulstone off the Eldar, shoot myself in the head, and have the soulstone fired into intergalactic space. It is the only way to win.

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Schools everywhere, get people learning shit. Gather all archeotech and begin study. Find some of those necron pylons and shoot them into the Eye of Terror, along with any tomb worlds that can be identified. Crush Tau, call a truce with the Eldar until I can wipe them out with one go, or if that's not possible begin locating and wiping them out. Massively increase assassin recruiting, along with SMs. Get a less harsh and mass producible augment and start churning out 'semi-super' soldiers. Promote Creed.

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>(if I have to, I'll point out that I know about Ynnead)
This could either go REALLY REALLY WELL, or TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY WRONG. Still worth doing to get the Khan back. Maybe they could keep an eye out for Corax while they're at it, who knows where he is.

However, on reviving the Lion and Girlyman, bad idea. Neither of them have exactly acted in the Imperiums best interests in the past.

>> No.14131891

making a truce with the eldar is fine, if your intent is later on turning on them then next Thursday a Farseer will dream about your betrayal and send some sucker to backstab you the moment you least expected
Crushing the Tau should be left for last, if anything thye might slow down a Waaagh or a Hive Fleet
Tossing necron tech down the EoT is stupid, with no laws of physics the pylon doesn't do shit

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>Schools everywhere, get people learning shit.

Advice Techpriest

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Well you get the idea, ill just do it in LARGE NUMBERS

secretly have bomb in them incase it goes bad

COME DEMONS NEXT STOP THE OPERATING TABLE and by that i mean death with the recovered primarchs aka gilliman and jonson

>> No.14131918

Farseers can't predict their own death, just make sure all plans include mass genocide. Pylons are anti-warp, they'd fuck with the EoT before actually going through it.

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>Stop grossly overextending human military power
>Withdraw from several sectors, evacuating entire worlds
>Work on consolidating our forces so that we may adequately defend a smaller region of space
>Continue the search for STCs while improving base Imperial life
>Rinse and repeat until sufficient STCs are found to restore the Imperial army to its former glory
>Purge the servants of the Dark Gods, no weakness will be tolerated in the New Dawn of Mankind
>Begin diplomatic negotiations with alien races, demanding what is fair for humanity, but also taking their well-being into consideration
>By our powers combined, purge the Necron, the Tyranid and possibly the Orks if they will not be brought into line

MFW my glorious plans come to startling fruition

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I don't think you understand, more people doing that means more power for whichever of the gods you choose, more souls that they keep even if you destroy the newly-made cultists.
You're an idiot.

>> No.14131974

>until sufficient STCs are found to restore the Imperial army to its former glory
a) One actual STC would be sufficient to fix everything.
b) The Imperial Army no longer exists, it's the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy now.
c) STC tech would take the Imperial Guard and Navy far, /far/ beyond what the Imperial Army could /ever/ do.

>and possibly the Orks if they will not be brought into line
>Orks brought into line.
>By 'umiez


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give everybody j-pop. It is happy, so they will be happy. Chaos dies because they can't compete against our inner weeaboo.

>> No.14131999


WHATEVER, dude, you're just arguing semantics. Call it what you want, I'd make the Imperial shooty guys BETTER with STCs. Call 'em the army, the navy, the Guard, whatever the fuck you want.

And the Orks won't be brought into line you say? Well then, the glorious legions of mankind and their newfound alien allies will crush them. They cannot withstand us all.

>> No.14132001

>Implying Farseers can't predict mass Eldar genocide.

>Implying the Imperium could move enough Pylons to the EoT. How? Their ships, with their Warp Drives?

>> No.14132046

Ok, a) the Admech has been looking for STCs for 10000 years, during which time they've offered rewards of incredible size for things as (relatively) insignificant as an STC printout showing a better type of knife. How many have they found? Nada. Now, they might be able to find the one that we know of, but given it's being kept away from the Imperium on purpose, it would probably be destroyed before we could actually recover it.

As for our "newfound alien allies"... Who, exactly?

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Then, some asshat from Ulthwe will have a great big prophecy declaring pic related, you will die in their attempt to stop pic related, thus causing pic related.

>> No.14132067

Fine build giant space ships to drag TOMB worlds into EoT

Now watcha gonna do when the tomb worlds come for you?

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Circular argument is circular.

>> No.14132098

-Make Creed in charge of more things
-Promote the Ciaphas Cain way of doing things in the Commissariat
-Tell all the Rogue Traders and major royal families that the Tau Empire is up for grabs
-Then crush the strongest of these families after they've worn themselves out on the Tau
-Then takeover the remnants of the Tau Empire, taking whatever technology seems useful.
-Institute the scientific method, promote dissension in the AdMech hierarchy
-Populate worlds known to be in the trajectory of Hive Fleets with Orks. Lots, and lots of Orks. Somehow get Orks to these planets.
-Begin diplomacy with the more friendly Eldar craftworlds for at least neutrality. Try to get them to recolonize worlds in part of the galaxy that is irrelevant.

>> No.14132101

true, but Farseers are master psykers, his/her dream will be something akin to "Your race will be exterminated by that dunce that seeked to make a truce with you last monday"
second, pylons pacify the warp in theri surroundings, preventing it to overlap with the Materium, it does not fuck anyone, also the Pylon array was designed as it is to shut down the eye of terror, by tossing them in there you are effectively destroying the dam they are supposed to make, if you want to use the pylons against chaos prevent them being destroyed or repositioned, they are there to maximize their efficiency, not just because. You don't throw pylons at the EoT until it shuts down, you surround it with pylons until it recedes and you keep frog leaping with your pylon construction until it is effectively shut down

>> No.14132106



-Figure out the geneseed procedure
-Massive Smurf armies everywhere. Everywhere. Produce more Inquisitors, who can act in a similar role to the Commissariat but with Space Marines.
-Fuck Codex Astartes, try to revive Girlyman, get Jonson back, and try to negotiate access to the Webway to get the Khan back.
-If the Death Korps of Krieg are replenished via cloning, make it happen on Cadia and Armageddon as well.
-Speaking of which, have scholars create a book concerning the various strengths and weaknesses of each opposing race drawn from the experiences of the past. Promulgate that shit everywhere.
-Black Ships only for Psykers? Fuck that shit. Search for all Pariahs now, too. Throw them all at a Grey Knight/Inquisitorial program. I want thousands of Jurgens running around everywhere.
-Stop the Inquisitorial infighting. Fuck trying to use the warp to fight Chaos, that shit is bad news. Methods may vary, however that will be made illegal.
-No more Governors/Kings/etc. Instead force each planet to adopt a Committee of maybe 7 people in different branches of the government to rule instead. If one becomes corrupt and is discovered, all 7 die.
-Try to bolster the standard of living where possible. If not, don't worry about it.

>> No.14132133

Why the fuck would we do that? HOW could we do that? Our space ships go FTL with Warp energy, which the Necrons have all kinds of tech to mess up.

Oh, I did not agree that we will magically fix something the AdMech have been trying to do for 10,000 years inside our puny little mortal lifespan, even increased a hundred years or so by superior tech. Clearly, my argument must be circular reasoning, as opposed to just "Magic coincidence will fix it all because we are the destined PCs!"

>> No.14132144


>I majically find STCs despite a religious cult that thinks only about finding any rumor of a STC failing to do so for 10,000 years or more.

>I open up relations with aliens.

Are you fucking retarded. The only thing you need from aliens is to through the Tau to the Nids in order to stall them, and get the mechanicus to reverse engineer tau and "purify" it so that it is acceptable human technology in the eyes of the Machine god.

>No theocracy for the Emprah
The imperial truth was a failure, belief is not the only thing that empowers chaos, any obsession powers it. Being a self deprecating, self denying cunt with that venerates only the Emprah(thereby putting all his power of belief in the one god that is actually for humanity and empowering him) is supposedly the only way to go in this setting.

>> No.14132146

First, Tomb Worlds have defense systems, among the countless of necron and their fleets
Second, as it has been mentioned the cost of that shitfest would me magnificent
Third, that does didley to chaos, it does COMPLETELY fuck the necrons, as they are now in a place where physics make no sense and science kind of work and kind of doesn't
So, basically you are suggesting to mass resources against Necrons (resources the Imperium cannot afford without losing on a different front against Orks, Tau, Eldar, Chaos) to beat them and THEN tea bag them by tossing into the universe of wonky physics and make belief

>> No.14132243

Actually, it would be even worse. That kind of massive ingress on Necron territory by tasty noms would probably wake the Necrons up, and then we are all screwed. Plus, the Eldar would be doing everything they could to stop you, possibly up-to and including telling some Tzeentch worshippers what the hell you are doing and would it would mean for Chaos if the Necrons awoke.

The first of those two posts was acceptable, but just about every item on the second list would HORRIBLY SCREW EVERYTHING UP, and/or be impossible. Seriously, they've been trying to figure out the Geneseed for /10,000 YEARS,/ with /far/ better scientists than any of us are. Our presence is not going to MAGICALLY FIX EVERYTHING. THE EMPEROR HIMSELF AND A TEAM OF HIS BEST SCIENTISTS were UNABLE to make that shit work, until he MADE A DEAL WITH THE CHAOS GODS. WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO FIX THAT.

Oh, and we are probably a blank as well, so that whole "get the inquisition to round them all up" thing is a) pointless, they already grab them when they can, they are just a lot harder to detect than normal people, b) would take us out of the game, and c) Bequin, not Jurgen. *Imagines thousands of Jurgens* Oh gods, why...

>> No.14132261

*They are just a lot harder to detect than psykers. Also, far far rarer. So much rarer you wouldn't even believe.

>> No.14132267

>This is what Guardsmen actually believe

>> No.14132329
File: 881 KB, 1024x1024, 1299286858692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Call Samus, she gets shit done.

>> No.14132334

STC's are the holy grail of the AdMech, the ones they have recovered are misssing data, partially corrupt (files are corrupt, no chaos stuff going on there), have been destroyed by enemy factions or weather, or never existed in the first place
the idea of the COMPLETE STC that can produce anything from the Golden Age is held equally as myth and truth by the AdMech and the authors
The Admech EXISTS to find the STC's, all the stuff they do is only so they have the resources of the Imperium to do so. Finding an STC is an event that happens perhaps once every century, and it usually is an STC containing already known information

>> No.14132348

I would be scared if Dark Samus replaced Abaddon as the Warmaster.

>> No.14132401

Mario could be more efficient than abaddon. He is an useless bitch.

>> No.14132439

I would be scared if /anyone/ replaced Abaddon as the Warmaster, who the fuck else could fail that many times with that much power?

>> No.14132458
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to be fair, his curriculum is immpresive.

>> No.14132631


If we're going by the standard of "Wiping out a extremely well prepared foe with a single massive assault" then yes, every Black Crusade was a failure. If we are going with "Slowly weaken the foundations of the Imperium in preparation for one final blow" then every crusade has been a resounding victory. The Black Crusades have goals other then "HEY GUYS LETS GO ATTACK TERRA!".

For example, the goal of the First Black Crusade was for Abaddon to claim a weapon capable of sundering reality. The goal of the fourth was to destroy the Citadel of Kromarch on El'Phanor. The goal of the Gothic war was to field test the Planet Killer and claim as many of the Blackstone fortresses as possible. The 13th was launched to gain partial ground control of Cadia and weaken the defenses of the sector via the destruction of a number of planets, including two in the Caida system itself.

>> No.14132638

Try to make the administration a bit more efficient, try to encourage colonizing new areas of the galaxy (Imperium only controls like what, 1% of the galaxy?), try to manipulate orks into fighting my enemies instead of fighting me. Except if the enemy is Tyranids, don't want to make that mistake again.

>> No.14132740

I call it necronic exterminatus

im the supreme ruler fuck your mass resources

Besides i would of made up with eldar and probed the orks

So ill let chaos dick around with the necrons

as for as im concerned i just scored a major victory for mankind


the worse thing that could happen is chaos necrons in which case. fuck this ship were leaving the galaxy everyone board the colony ships and enter statis and fuck your shit

>> No.14132752


You also have to factor in just what Abaddon has to do to even start contemplating launching a Black Crusade. He has to get a billion different factions to work alongside their mortal enemies for long enough to prepare for the crusade, get out of the eye, and attack the Imperium. Warbands of the fallen Astrates Legions, the Titans of the Dark Mechanicus, the fleets of the Chaos reavers, the daemons of the warp, and the uncountable mortal worshippers of Chaos. Abaddon needs to get all these guys to work alongside each other, when frankly, most of them hate all of the others almost more then the Imperium.

The fact that he's been able to do this not just once, but 13 fucking times is goddamn amazing. Abaddon is just about the only Chaos lord who has not only the goddamn vision to get his buddies to finish what they goddamn started under Horus, but the initiative to do so as well. The traitor primarchs? With a few exceptions, most of them are too busy moping around the Eye to actually do anything of value to their cause. The various mono god Chaos Lords? They could certainly assemble a large force, but most if not all of it would be fellow worshippers of their God.

>> No.14132762

Well, yes, but seriouslly, he's been dicking around with giant crusades when he could have been doing far more damage by going all subversive on the Imperium, instead of constantly reminding them of how big a threat Chaos is. If the Khorne worshippers feel the need to go head-on attack the Imperium, let them, but undermining the structure of the Imperium with infiltrators and traitors is a far better idea than undermining it with Black Crusades. Sure, you /could/ destroy Citadels and Planets, or you could infiltrate them, capture them for Chaos, and then let the Imperium have to do it. The Battle of Tyrok Fields, for instance, would be a good example (Well, if it hadn't been for Creed, anyways. CREEEEEEEED!!!) - Sure, the Imperials "won" the battle, but they lost the Governor Primus of Cadia, and while they destroyed the traitors, that's just it - they were traitor guard. Now, that was a waste of a perfectly good group of traitors that could have revealed their treachery in a key fight, so poor planning there, but the ones behind them turning- genius.

>> No.14132810

Yes, this is true. Abbadon does indeed have to go through a vast amount of work trying to get a Crusade together, hence the fact they've managed 13 in 10,000 years. This crusade then invariably falls apart after it's managed some subtle, long term goal. After a while, you have to wonder "Would it really be so bad just to come up with slightly smaller schemes that you can pull off every few hundred years? Maybe corrupt a few Chapters, cause another Badab war, pull an Alpha Legion and screw around with the hypno-training of the chapter for a few centuries? Is "CRUSADE!" really the answer to all Chaos' problems?"

>> No.14132918

Imagine, if you will, Chaos tainted Phazon asteroids striking Imperial worlds near the Eye of Terror.

>> No.14133035

I have every major commander (EVERY FUCKING ONE) investigated for stupidity and/or corruption. If I find it, I have him executed. I have the Administratum overhauled so that it isn't as insanely convoluted and inefficient. I exterminate the Tau race in as brutal but efficient a fashion as possible. I go to Mars, find the STC behind anti-grav and pass it out to all forge worlds (jetbikes for everyone!).
That's a start.

>> No.14133217

The main problem with this scenario is your plan has to entirely eliminate or nullify one of the major threats to the Imperium. Because of that, I say pour resources into studying the Pylons. There have been some efforts but all the fluff I've come across states that they view the Pylons as more of a curiosity.

Study the Cadian Pylons. Use them to close the EoT, blocking a major invasion point for Chaos. This means you can dedicate the forces protecting Cadia to other tasks.

Offering up the Tau empire to Rogue Trader Houses is a good idea, though you should have some terms involved. This means that the Rogue Traders do all your work for you, leaving most of the Imperium's resources at your disposal.

Open diplomatic channels with the Eldar. Humanity has done it before and they are about the only race other than the Necron perhaps that have tech we can use. Tau can use plasma tech purely because they use a less powerful version of plasma. We don't want AI at all. Hover tech already exists, we need to work on getting the Admech to mass produce it more.

The Eldar can provide us with better tools to train our psykers. They could potentially eliminate our need for Navigators/make our Navigators safer even without providing access to the Webway.

The Orks should be directed at the nids and necrons. Use whatever incentives are possible to convince them of this. Give them whole human worlds to play around on even. The loss of a world would be a small price to pay for the protection of a hundred due to Ork meat shield.

All of this combined should allow the Imperium a chance to consolidate its forces and emerge stronger. The only thing putting them on the back foot right now is the sheer number of threats to deal with. Take away even one and the Imperium becomes an even more serious threat.

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