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This part of the axe--is there a technical term for it?

Also, your favorite weapons and armor thread.

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I believe the proper term is "Pokey-thing". As in:

"His armor seems to bounceth thine axe-blade, though shouldst trieth thine pokey-thing to more avail." -romans 2:17

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its more usually seen on pollaxes than horesman's axes.

the one on the other end of a pollaxe haft is the buttspike, and the one opposite the blade is a backspike.

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"spiky bit on the end" I believe experts call it

btw, any britfags here who where at the living history faire?
the weapons...*drool*

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My thanks, anon. Go forth and spike.

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rolled 82 = 82

the spike on the end of some pole arms.

what is a terminal spike?

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Which one?

TORM is on the 18th 19th and 20th...

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>what is a terminal spike?

you answered that yourself. its the spike on the end of some polearms.

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last weekend
shit if I know where it was, I was shangahied to the bus...
not that I complain, shit was awesome and I think I might be engaged to a falchion

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rolled 16 = 16

it was a poor attempt at sarcasm based on a certain popular television gameshow, the name of which temporarily escapes me...

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what make of falchion?

I've been plotting to manufacture a replica of the Thorpe Falchion for a little while now following a possible comission.

(/tg/'s resident WMA cutler, and maker of arms and armour, so always like to know what other people are up to...)

pic related, what I'm assembling as I type.

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I dunno. sorry.
was some germans who had it... it was so big...curvy...and BALANCED... perfect for one handed and two handed mayhem as well.
it was so...sniff...beautyfull

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Oh! Oh! I know this one!

..what is "I hate you, Trebek, and your mother's a whore"

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That was completely uncalled for.

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and you did'nt buy it?


first rule of reenactment/WMA: the number of weapons you need is N+1, where N is the number you currently own...

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I KNOOOW! but it was about 300 years off period and cost 50£ above my budget

...ye gods i hate the norman period

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Shuang Gou?

These are pretty neat.

I also like polearms.
And the neato-ness appearance of longsword/kite or heater shield combo

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Fuck yeah chinese weapons.

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you only do one period?

Blesphemey, and Heresy!

I say, with 16th C kit for kentwell, plus 15th C kit for WOTR, and a bit of Scots Border Wars of Independance...

I really need to do a norman brazilnut someday... ghaddjalt-spikes are fun.

did this for a jut who was at Jorvik last weekend.

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what is jeopardy?

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>>your favorite weapons and armor

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norman period might be cool for the knights, but for us peasants it is fuck-boring.
I would LOVE to do some 14-15th century... get me some plate and a nice falchion... and a Kettle-helm. I look FABULOUS in a kettle-helm

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a jut? A guy, even. God knows how that typo happened.

well I do know... its more 'cos my fingers aren't working from being buzzed by power tools grinding steel all night. typos all over the place.

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Does that axe have a faucet?

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I have been wanting to try one of these (kipinga) for a long time just to check how accurate it is.

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oooh yes!
I saw in on deadliest warrior, whic is full of shit, but damn that kipinga... Imagine the possibilities

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yeah. norman just does'nt do it for me.

115th C is fun, as you can use proper lichetenaur tradition longsword in the right context. Fun stuff.

going to have to get a decent 15th C harness when I can afford something off Jiri Lucius or Jiri Klepac. or maybe Matt B if he's doing stuff in carbon steel. Dont see the point in forning out to be some nining shite in mildsteel, though.

have some armourporn of Dr Toby Capwell.

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among ALL the periods the norman is the most boring. its between the time where it was all viking/saxon and proper brrrritish gruffity.
its just... nasal helmets and tunics, hunting knives and spears.
le sigh

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forning out? Forking out.

dammit, polisher. my hands feel like jelly after a night of that.
Wonder if porn actresses with vibrators get RSI... hrm.

have some more armourporn.

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rolled 73 = 73


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deep, man.

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so why do it you daft bastard?

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Deep RSI?

that sound unpleasant. :)

have another out of my workshop.

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isnt it obvious?
no alternative, man.
im not sitting on a train for 2 hours to go to a session when there is one going down within 4 minutes of walking

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even so... when its that dull, I think I'd rather have the 2 hours on a bus.

plus, there's nothing to say you cant do 15th C on the side. Hell, go the whole hog, and join the Companye Saynt George... even if its just for one event a year, its damn well worth it.

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allready got my kit sorted and Im on a student budget. haha...sigh.
one day!

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ok, maybe not the COSG on a student budget then.

but there must be alternatives.

(I say this, as I currently do a 7 hour round trip to take part in a 16th C group with WMA training, rather than the local group who are very much a bunch of wangs whose idea of accurate combat is to politely go around the clock in sevens, defending, and then defend in turn while your opponent gets to hit you around the clock in turn.

fucking terrible, and soul-destroying to take part in that sort of crap.

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I wish I'd got to the ILHF, TORM just doesn't have enough of the specific traders I need.
Bonus though this week as I found out Pavel Marek's(http://www.armorymarek.com/) polearm heads are about 80 euros a pop. Works out with shipping from the Czech republic to the UK at £95 a head. Not bad, especially since they're easily twice the quality (in terms of accuracy and build) of most polearms available near that price in the UK.

In other news, fuck mid 15th Century Doublets and their damned puffed shoulders, and double fuck hand stitching anything that is not hemming. Considering a historically accurate stitch for that era is a running stitch with 2-3mm long stitches, machine stitch actually manages to be more accurate than my own by-hand stitch (double that length at best), if only because it holds better.

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There's re-enactment groups all over the place, surely there must be an alternative. Especially since you're in the UK, the place is infested with them, some places even multiple groups per town.

Get thy arse to here and ask what's around. http://livinghistory.co.uk/forums/

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I'm a fan of the tetsubo.

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the nailbat in all its forms is one of humanity's greatest achievements.

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I'm a fan of polearms in general, but the bill really appeals to me for some reason. Particularly ones shaped more like the one on the left in this pic, where the curved bit is less hooked and looks more like it could legitimately be used for slashing.

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The dague is a commonly used term for that part of a hafted weapon like a pollaxe.
The opposite stabby bit is a queue

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Beak is a good term for the back spike (which also works) in both this and halberds, and other similar designs.

'Top spike' really does seem to be the recognized technical term from my source (John Waldman's hafted weapons in medieval and renaissance Europe).

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I've got to get me one of these, it is a Swedish staff-sword, a weapon of peasants apparently of the 1500s, about 8 feet in total length so that's a pretty hefty blade.

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so... a super oversized spear?

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