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This is all undeniable canon.

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Indeed it is.

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No, it's actually slightly better.

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What the hell am I reading?

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Spoilers for fluff from Matt Ward's Codex: Necrons.

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I wouldn't be surprised if that were true.

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>mfw mon'keigh call 'shells of thunder full of chunder' 'drop pods'

>mfw mon'keigh call 'yappy happy yiffy and scrappy' 'Space Wolves'

>mfw mon'keigh call a severed torso and a head their 'spiritual liege'

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GTFO, elf.

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>mfw space pussies believe what remains of the Emperor is only his head and torso and not also his legs and one arm.
Already wasted nuff time without having to look for a reaction face

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>mfw when filthy mon'keigh like you call a gilded kebab merchant 'the emperor'

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>mfw degenerate, heavily mutated chapters believe the Emperor is their spiritual liege, not Roboute Guilliman

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>yfw you realise you will never be an ultramarine

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Raw-Butt Girly-Man confirmed for emprah of mankind?

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>mfw faggoty elves hijack a thread for no reason.

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mfw when mon'keigh call 'oiled up for his emps butty-boys' 'primarchs'

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>mfw when a filthy mon'keigh is buttdevastated that our seers have not foreseen this thread

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>justin biber songs
>void dragon face when

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Yarrick here. Elves are arrogant faggots who fucking had it coming.

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>mfw the sacred chapter number of the Grey Knights is claimed by a filthy xenos infiltrator

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>>14127697arrogant as an insult

Yarrick rides in a baneblade named the "Fortress of Arrogance"

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>mfw you believe Roboute Guilliman is not the emperor

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Says the guy that has a pimp up baneblade. With arrogance spelled on the side...

Yarrick retire already.

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>MFW fa/tg/uy believes that the Dragon is called "the Void Dragon" while it is actually the name of an eldar spaceship and of an eldar pirate warband because he doesn't read some fucking fluff from fucking books.

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why is that squat is wearing a power armor?

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>my gob when panzees trollin' 'umies in 'dis 'dread

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Now that right there is some high-quality hairsplitting.

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non wiser

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>mfw he doesn't realize that Grey Knights are not squats, but large and vicious attack bears

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squats on steroids?
now, really, Who else can pull out such insane tricks than space dworfs?

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>MFW he probably wants to play Grey Knights instead of Jokaeros.

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