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Can't remember anyone mentioning this. WH40K webcomic starring a space wolf and a sororita, drawn by Nachomon.

Gonna be awesome, or worst abomination to ever be unleashed on humanity?

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Do want.

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"Just to be clear, this isn't going to be anime styled weaboo nonsense.

This is going to be a proper, gritty, graphic novel in Nacho's unique illustrated style."

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Quote from the blog where the comic's supposed to premiere sometime in April: http://space-wolves-grey.blogspot.com/2011/02/space-wolves-comic.html

Artists' deviantaaaaaart page: http://nachomon.deviantart.com/

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Will there be a love triangle with a Blood Angel?

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>Just to be clear, this isn't going to be anime styled weaboo nonsense.
Meh, nobody's perfect. I guess I can live with the "unique" (haha, sure) style.

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I've always wonder, but why are Marines and Sisters lumped together?

She's ridiculously tiny compared to the marines.

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Personally I'm excited, I've been following the artist for a long time and I enjoy his style a lot.

I have no idea. Probably not.

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It's like a Japanese Mike Mignola with too many coloured crayons

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The art is very Mignola-ish but without the shadows.

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Just one more thing GW will be slapping a C&D on.

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It's like Mignola had tp accept that the world is not 75% shadows

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Whenever someone asks why there are no female Space Marines, the correct answer is SoB. At least that's what I learned from /tg/.

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I guess they can share power armor batteries or something.

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Hey, Nacho. Haven't seen anything from him since Dragon Fall ended

Is this really a webcomic, or just a bunch of pages someone commissioned off him? Not the same thing...

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Not sure about the apparent working title though. "Wolf & Sister", really?

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But Sisters are tiny compared to Marines and everyone knows that the big ones are more important than the runts.

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I don't think you understand why working titles exist.

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I like this title.

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General feel is Mignola, but facial style is more like Adam Warren, tho.

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see link in

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I have a dreadful feeling in my gut that this will devolve into a soppy love story between that space marine and space nun, where both protagonists are invincible apart from one or two scenes where they get slapped around a bit before charging their weapon with power/ holy fury and striking their overwhelming opponent down in a single stroke.

Art style is definitely a mixture of Mignola and eastern Manga influences. Personally I find it to be rather dull and hastily drawn.

All in all, not my cup of tea but more power to him if he wants to do a comic.

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Because Sisters of Battle and Space Wolves are known for their warm relationship.

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I believe the title might be a reference to the lone wolf and cub story. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lone_Wolf_and_Cub
That's what that cover art leads me to believe anyway.

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English isn't his first language.

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I'm imagining them traveling the sector discussing the rules of intergalactic commerce while ignoring the sexual tension between them.

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'The Sister and the Wolf' is a little more cinematic.

I'm hopeful for this, but its probably a misguided hope.

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good point!

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This looks pretty promising, but my suspicion is that GW's lawyers will stomp it flat before it gets very far.

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So.....I'm guessing none of us are going to be surprised if the Sister turns out to be a major tsundere for the Space Wolf?

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Or the other way around.

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I hope this turns out to be good!

As long as it avoids any sort of romance like the plague it'll be safe. Antagonism and grudging respect is a different matter, of course.

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See, I wouldn't mind that, assuming no lolsterilemarines. Then again, options are likely:
1: Endless unrequited love, angst, misery, audience projectile vomits.
2: Obnoxious bullshit Sueish Wolf/Sister romance.
I guess maybe it'd be better without. Unless they pull a major ballsy move and just have the characters in a pre-existing, healthy, stable relationship.

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Inuyasha 40,000

kill us all now

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It either works out wonderfully, or it works out terribly. Sometimes both at the same time.

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>Nacho's unique illustrated style

Best joke I've heard all day.

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Oh, come now, surely you jes-
>mfw I realize he's right

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>Space Wolf and a Sororita
Spice and Wolf in reverse?
No goddammit. That's too much for one webcomic.

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> Unless they pull a major ballsy move and just have the characters in a pre-existing, healthy, stable relationship.

People need to do this more often.

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>No goddammit. That's too much for one webcomic.
Years ago I think /a/ came up with the idea for a comic titled, "Everybody's Tsundere." with an entirely tsundere cast for the entire planet.

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You Fenrisian! I-i-i-i-i-i-it's not like I'm fighting alongside you because I'm secretly fascinated by your neopagan rituals, or anything! Baka.

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Except that's boring sometimes. It can work, but then there's no relationship development and therefore further(read: "extra") character development.

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Can't find that picture of the tsundere mother but if everyone is tsundere for each other it will either create world peace or complete destruction.
Also the entire world politics will be like England and France.

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"We can't do this, Stefan," said the sororita, seeming diminutive, even in her power armor. "I feel for you as well, but..." She trailed off. They sat in silence for a moment, before he spoke.
"I have a suggestion." She looked up from her reverie.
"We do for each other what the Wolves did with the Codex.

"Fuck it."

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>mfw I realize he's right

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Why does everyone like tsundere? Why not yandere? That would be actually fun. For us to read, at least.

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I don't think that's quite how it works....you're only tsundere for the people you love, provided the love is romantic or platonic sibling-like...

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It'll probably be a story of the Space Wolf's arrogant disdain for the Ecclesiarchy running against the Sororitas's scandalised institutional ethics. They batter against each other until they reocncile by learning to appreciate that there is more than one way to serve the God-Emperor.

Theological slap-slap-kiss

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Because most people don't like psycho girls.

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>Implying it's impossible to love everyone.
Not likely or common in reality, but we're talking about a Planet of the Tsunderes in the first place.

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Yandere? Which one the Spress Yiff or the Sister o Bolter?
Whatever it will all end in Nice Battlebarge.
I don't know I just see.
>tsundere cast for the entire planet
>the entire planet

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Exactly what I was thinking, except that if this artist is also writing aswell as drawing the damn thing, it'll be some shitty manga-esque fanwanking from the bowels of DeviantFart.

>> No.14124375

Which ends in physical fuck-fuck-fuck?

>> No.14124383

Just so ya'll know, there will be Squats.

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we don't talk about those anymore

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>The entire planet
Right. Planet of the Tsunderes

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Y-y-you bakas! You blew it all up!

>> No.14124413

I read that as the planet itself is tsundere

Tsundere the Living Planet

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Baka humans! I-i-i-it's not like I secretly like how you pollute the atmosphere o-or anything..

>> No.14124432

the twice removed cousin/sister of Mogo

>> No.14124437


Well, Gaia is tsundere. We have green fields and luscious forests and suddenly EARTHQUAKE OUTTA FUCKING NOWHERE.

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>This comic will be shittastic nonsense and cause untold numbers of deviantart fags to want to play 40K based games such as Dark Heresy, Deathwatch and the table top it self so they can be the Speesh Marine and SoB cutesy team in the PnP's or field another army of poorly painted marine and/or ][ models with shitty "tough and dangerous, but with a soft heart" back story full of faggotry and poorly researched "official" back story where shit like a successor chapter to the Space Wolves being combined with a successor chapter to the Blood Angels to make some monstrous flaming piece of snowflakey dog shit. Dark and gritty my ass, this thing screams unresolved sexual tension between characters that shouldn't give two fucks about their genitalia. You guys know I'm right.

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Take THAT Christchurch.

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>Space Wolves/Blood Angels cross


Jesus fuck you're right, burn it all

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maybe a GW employee will realize this and advance the godammed plot starting with the addition of weaponized genitalia to remove all possibility of hormone based relationships

i want my crotch based bolter

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>Holy fuck balls /tg/ I fucking missed that picture some how. That is some seriously fucked up shit. Why the fuck is a SoB and a SW in a fucking Ultramarines chapel? Why the fuck is there a Chaos Marine there with a sword that looks like it belongs the a fucking Wraithlord? That being said why the fuck dose the SoB have a sword that from visual assessment is the same height and width as her? And most of all why the fuck is the SW wearing that cloak around his lower face/upper body like some anime fagot trying to be "mysterious", not weaboo my left fucking testicle. Also just to fuck up shit some more and drop a flaming chill and curry induced diarrhea dump on our heads the fucking puppy is using a power axe with his power fist.

>> No.14124537

Considering it's common for SoB to wield chainswords several times their size WITHOUT wearing strength boosting power armour to go with, I don't really see a problem.

And our animu space wolf is wearing Dark Angel robes

...y'know, when you get down to it, core 40k is pretty animu and I don't mean Tau.

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You act like that would stop anyone

>> No.14124540

>greek mythology

It's called Holy Terra.

fucking gaiafags.

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You missed his weeaboo as fuck hair.

>> No.14124561

>Also the puppy has cocksucking Asian inspired fuckwit hair. What kind fucking space viking has that lame fucking haircut, it looks like the fucking emo kids who sit around the mall all day thinking that cause they stole a durrie from their dad it makes them cool cunts. That asshat doesn't even have a braids or a beard. Even the most fresh Bloodclaw has a beard, braids or some wild viking hairstyle; not that shit. Pic is fucking related and you know it, thats the mad space viking hair SW's should have.

>> No.14124568

Ragnar Blackmane doesn't have facial hair.

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>> No.14124593

>Damn right I just hived minded with this namefag. Why? Because he is on the fucking level and knows his shit thats why.

>I'm always mad, you're fucking implying its something special. Also you're putting pepper on what appears to be salad Mr Ansley Harriot and thats fucking wrong nigger.

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P.S. Im weeaboo as fuck myself, so I dont really care about the artstyle. What gets me though is how he calls it unique. There is no unique. It doesn't exist, it's an illusion.

>> No.14124619

He didn't call it unique, the guy who runs the blog did. Two different people.

>> No.14124624

>Nigger please. That buttpirate has some fucking insane viking pony tail. Thats still fucking more arse-kicking nordic awesome then that dickhole has drawn for his character. Logan Grimnar has more pubic hair then that dickhole has on his head.

>> No.14124631

by the same guy.

>> No.14124632


But... you're not supposed to have pubic hair on your head.

>> No.14124640

>Implying salad doesn't taste better with pepper.

>> No.14124645


>implying people don't have different tastes

>> No.14124647


I believe this is all the proof we need of the inevitable Manga influences the person drawing this comic will put into it. I hope you've got raincoats, it's going to rain piss for a while.

>> No.14124652

Why does she have the Inquisitorial Rosette at her waist?
Where is her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus?
Is the Space Wolf going to have the Deathwatch Seal so the artist can be consistent with this junior level mistake he continually makes?

>> No.14124665

>You guys watch as that puppy fucks that SoB doggy style with his apparently functional dick and creates that fucking monstrosity. I bet thats the kinda shit the artist plays in his feces filled DH/DW games flicking around his perfect as fuck snow white hair in battle as he/she spins around like a fucking ballerina with some fucking "Axe of Russ" home made weapon that they "were granted from the coffers of the chapter by Grimnar himself, being the only one worthy of wielding a weapon of a Primearch" You know that shit would make you sick if it was in your game.

>> No.14124675

Wow it isn't even out yet and the trolling has already started...

>> No.14124687


That's not a Rosette, it's often used as a device for the Ministorum in general too

>> No.14124691

That picture is actually his idea for a Sister Order based out of Fenris. She isn't anyone's daughter.

>> No.14124692

>implying people are trolling and not speaking the truth

>> No.14124693

Actually, it says it's the daughter of Russ, and we DID have that whole 'daughter's of the Primarchs' thing a while back...

So that MIGHT be our fault.

>> No.14124694

Fair enough.

>> No.14124696

Space Wolves do have a functioning sex drive, so that at least is fine by canon.

>> No.14124704

>Implying you're not just being a caustic prick.

>> No.14124707

Can you not fucking read? It sas Daughter of Fenris, not Russ. Christ.

>> No.14124714

White hair? The Wolf has red hair....

>> No.14124718

Doh! I read the file name.


>> No.14124720

Holy Fuck

Green text has already arrived.



All the recipes for a shit thread are present in large quantities.

>> No.14124729

It actually says Sons of Fenris.
Apparently thats a dude.

>> No.14124734

Actually, I fucked up. It says Sons of Fenris, and Daughter of Russ. My mistake.

This picture predates the Pruimarch Daughters fad by a while, and is an idea for a Fenrisian Battle Order of the Sisters.

>> No.14124752

>Bitches hair is white nigger use the eyes that you were born with. If you have no eyes or poor eye sight it sucks to be your fat ass.
>You love the greentext namefag you fucking love it. If you could you would take this greentext to bed with you and make sweet sweet love to it.

>> No.14124768


Your green text is too fat for me to get it up for. I like more waifish troll sentences.

>> No.14124773

Nacho Fernandes (and his then partner, Alvaro Lopez) where very popular in the lat 90s in Spain for their Dragon ball parody comic called Dragon Fall.
He then tried to do something more serious but it wasn't well received because he was stuck into his "comedy artist" facet, those projects which where heavily influenced by Warhammer and old World of Darkness where called Star Hounds and...well, I can't remember.
Shocks me to see his art here, really.

>> No.14124777

Oh great, some bullshitty "stylized" take on 40k.

You know within six weeks of this shitfest starting, that Space Wolf is going to be wearing that Battle Sister like a condom.

>> No.14124784


>> flicking around his perfect as fuck snow white hair in battle

Forgive me for being confused, since you can barely cobble together an understandable sentence.

Tone down the rage bro, it doesn't make you as cool as you think it does.

>> No.14124794

regardless of what we all say at this point in time, we all know one thing.

we will all read this

we will all secretly love it

we will all argue it's merits every month or so, coming to the public conclusion that it sucks, but still continue reading it privately

>> No.14124795

>Fuckin' oath this bro is on the level /tg/ he knows what's going on.
>This is the home of fa/tg/uys bitch, you know this green text is gonna be fat as a fucking hippo.

>> No.14124802

why the fuck does the space wolf look like a post-pubescent justin bieber

>> No.14124826

Those are some good looking Elfdar

>> No.14124840

Also by the OP artist.

>> No.14124847

>Don't know what you're smoking bro but fucking share some with me.
You are a funny funny man.

>> No.14124871

He also did this pic that gets circulated a lot on /tg/.

>> No.14124886

Yep, that's the Chaplet Ecclesiasticus.
You will notice though that is every picture the artist has ever drawn featuring a Sister of Battle, she is never once wearing said symbol. Never wearing the single most important item to a Sororitas and what is considered a necessary and compulsory part of their entire being.

And in its place is the Inquisitorial Rosette.

The I with the three strikes through the middle.

>> No.14124890

>> No.14124893

Oh dear, someone doing a different style of artwork for 40k? This is heresy indeed. Throne forbid we see a touch of variety in fanart.

He's one dude doing an unofficial fan thing. If you don't like the style then fair enough, but it's not inherently wrong to deviate from the usual manner in which 40k is drawn.

>> No.14124920

I wouldn't say he never does. All that's missing in this pic is the star burst behind the skull.

Clearly the OP Sister is on Inquisitorial business.

>> No.14124938



>> No.14124943

Why on earth would i fuck a hippo?

HOW would i fuck a hippo?

>> No.14124954

This picture is bullshit.

We all know the terran marine would win.

>> No.14124960

You did notice the three strikes, right?
Skulls are pictured on the Inquisitorial Rosette also. Skulls are kind of the go to decoration choice in the Imperium.

We haven't been told she is on Inquisitorial business and he has never once drawn the Chaplet Ecclesiasticus. Only ever the Rosette.

>> No.14124961

It's not specifically his art style that we are raging about. We are dreading that with the artists history, we are going to see a horrible lovey-dovey story concerning the Space Wolf and the Sister of Battle.

And the image in the post you linked to is just absolute garbage. Good heavens that image rips off the already terrible Transformers animated style.

>> No.14124970

What history? No one has mentioned the artist's history outside the fact he posts on DeviantArt.

>> No.14125000

I didn't post any image. Was just passing by and saw people whining. Yeah, I don't like that style either, but it's a bit of variety.

>> No.14125061

Did... did you see the icon in the top left of the picture? You do know that was sort of the point, right?

>> No.14125097

People think this is weeaboo? The fuck?

Also I'll give the comic 3 weeks before a C&D from GW

>> No.14125126


>> No.14125140



>> No.14125153

no, the Japanese WISH they were half as Japanese as weeaboos think they are.

>> No.14125202

If Turn Signals was any indication, this webcomic will be fine unless and until he tries to make money on it. THEN they stomp him.

>> No.14125453

I sure did wonder where the artsyle came from

>> No.14125495

>read >>14125140
>see >>14125126

>> No.14125499

Where is his beard or manly hair?

>> No.14125548

Even earlier than that. This is Joe Madureira cirka late 90's

>> No.14125681

I hope to the god-emporer he does

>> No.14125722

Before or after his penis shrink and fall from all the chemio-bullshit he has been induced to?

>> No.14125739

Space Wolves have functioning dicks. They have to have them to fuck the large number of hot blond shield maidens they have at their service.

>> No.14125749

The first stage, kind sir, is denial.

>> No.14125804

actually read space wold fluff

there are multiple occasions where a pspace wolf will make advances on women....you know...so they can use their shrivelled dick

>> No.14125814

Uhh no and you are dumb.

Srsly only some of the spess muhroons do that whole monk bullshit. Space Wolfs are not among those.

>> No.14125829

Sorry for being a moron guys. I just cannot stand that even fictional characters getting more pussy then me. I'll try not to be a moron in a desperate attempt to compensate for my perpetual virginity.

>> No.14125851

>someone badmouthing space furries and spehs mareens in general
>It must be serious business!
Oh /tg/, you never learn, do you?

On a side not:
Your english made my whiskers coil and shiver.

>> No.14125860

On a side not

Deal with it faggot

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>> No.14125868


So, for my take...

The art style sort of reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons. I'm not sure how good that is, but I like it right now.

I'll save my thoughts on the writing until I see a few releases. If it's a simple beat-em-up comic strip, I will be entirely happy. If we get to see some more serious plot lines, I'd be happy if they're done well.

It's 40K, but the fluff isn't sacred to me. If it's good, I'll enjoy it. If it's not, it's another failed webcomic in a sea of thousands.

>> No.14125878

Wise words of wisdom, Space Wold brother.

>> No.14125898

I have no idea why a chose such a shitty emoticon guys. I have no idea why i cannot accept my status as a worthless attention whore with a micropenis. I am deeply, and terribly sorry for dragging the quality of conversation on this board down to my own pitiful level. ;_;

>> No.14125906

You can take a look at his Deviantart page and follow it from there.

>> No.14125914

Second stage. Anger.

>> No.14125937

Guys i really don't like posting shit on /tg/ but my own desire for hot manlove prevents me from being a quality poster. Wat do? ;_;

>> No.14125945


>> No.14125965


>> No.14125978


Yea, I plan to. I have hopes...

>> No.14125996

Great. Now the only way to end this is to ban them both.

This is why I have a secure tripcode

>> No.14126000

Goddammit anon. Gather your wits.

Oooh failtroll mads

>> No.14126049

The real one is the one polyte enough to say he was trolling the spehs muhreens, to laugh of an uncreative nametroll and to remain civil in the thread.
I never thought /tg/ would have so much butthurt for spehs furrehs, it's quite funny actually.

>> No.14126052

Sounds like an excellent plan, really.

Well, if it doesn't become an awkward story, that is.

>> No.14126092

please dont associate your faggotry with battletech.
use some nice animu macros.

>> No.14126109

Don't build them up too much.
There is many ways someone could fuck up something like that.

Ae Nee May is over /a/, kind sir. I have no intention to bring it here.
And read the meme. Not giving a fuck works quite that way.

>> No.14126152

A sister working with a Space Wolf? I wonder how he'll explain that.
Sisters dont particularly like SM in general, but SW's are even worse with all that Fenrisian religion shit instead of praise emperor all day erry day.

>> No.14126176

Like we said earlier:

>> No.14126205

Holy shit /tg/ how can a webcomic that hasn't been released yet make you shit such a huge pan of assburgers?
Being anal has no place in the inconsistent wankery of 40k.

>> No.14126232 [DELETED] 

/tg/ has gone to shit, end of story.

The mod is a douche. If things were the old ways, we wouldn't have this faggotry.

>> No.14126244



Frankly I'm glad we can have our good old aspie threads without dickgirl spam.

>> No.14126254

I am entirely okay with this.

>> No.14126262

>implying dickgirls arent the only thing that made /tg/'s aspie population bearable to witness.

>> No.14126283


That's what /d/ is for. /tg/'s population has ALWAYS been shit.

>> No.14126289

>> No.14126293

Not this sort of faggotry, we'd have people participating in "YOU SEE TRAP, STICK UR PENIS IN IT'S POOPER?" and "ELF SLAVE, WAT SORT OF HORRIBLE/ SEXUAL THINGS DO" threads for our quests, drawthreads filled with "please draw me a lobster getting a penis stuffed in it's thorax vagina," regular discussion would be about "guys I totally want to play a hemaphrodite thri-keen wizardknight with a flaming sword of pure death."

Yes, mod made the board different. Don't like it? Bugger off.

>> No.14126305

>implying /tg/ hadn't garnered a reputation as /d/-lite

>> No.14126312


>"guys I totally want to play a hemaphrodite thri-keen wizardknight with a flaming sword of pure death."

On the plus side, those threads were usually hilarious exercises that exhibited exactly why 4e was terrible before the rule patches.

>> No.14126317


Duh. Hence we were always shit.

>> No.14126323

I miss our Slaaneshi overlords ....

>> No.14126335 [DELETED] 

Fuck you

The dickgirls were the best things. ANd the fact that you admit to being an aspie proves one thing:

All the fuckers who stick to /tg/ are pretty much Derphammer versions of CWC. Just because Derphammer is more OMGSOMANRY then SOnicfaggotry doesn't make it any less fail.

Nobody gives a shit about the money you waste on those dinky little statues, codex and whateverthefuck tl;dr that you call 'lore'. And msot popular game on /tg/ ? Don't make me laugh: DnD's larger. No, its just a bunch of writefags who took advantage of the new rules to push their agenda to cover 90% of this board in Derphammer.

/tg/ was awesome before. But now it isn't. ENjoy your failhammer.

>> No.14126340

Then migrate to another board. They'll be happy to violate your behind for you.

>> No.14126349


So, it still will be anime-style girmderp right?

>> No.14126356 [DELETED] 


Britfaggot detected. Figures why they'd be so obsessed over such a shitty game as 40k

>> No.14126358

yeah you guys are pretty Chrischan esque now that I think about it ...

>> No.14126368

Then you, sir, are a gigantic fruitbasket.

I will be enjoying the discussion and creation of settings without someones fetish being displayed on a platform, thankyou very much.

>> No.14126371


>awesome before

Hah. Either oldfag with nostalgia glasses on, or buttangry newfag. Either way, you don't fit in with the board culture anymore, so get with it or get out.

I remember this board when it was "good". Hell, I remember this board before it ever WAS a board. Angry teenagers like you probably never heard of "Warhammer Wednesdays". Protip: they're the reason /tg/ was founded.

tl;dr, go back to /r9k/. OH WAIT YOU CAN'T.

>> No.14126379 [DELETED] 

>>implying your own behind is safe

Watch your back.

>> No.14126401

I want everyone on this thread to know that I LIKE GAY SEX.

>> No.14126410


Wait, does the laughing god have a gender?

>> No.14126412

i wont say /tg/ was better before, but it certainly wasnt worse. its funny how most of the complaints about old /tg/ are dickgirl-centric, which tells me that the majority of you shitheads prefer this kind of shit-fest pseudo-animu to good old girls with wangs. fags.

>> No.14126416

me too :3

>> No.14126421


>likes girls with wangs


Also the reason most people bitch about the dickgirls is because of the legendary continuing dickapocalypse last year.

>> No.14126425 [DELETED] 

>>implying warhammer as a foundation should be the reason /tg/ is obsessed with warhammer

DnD people need an outlet as well. M:TG need an outlet as well. Wednesday is only one day of the week.

It's not enjoyment when its only ONE fucking setting. And "fruitbasket" ? You think "Oh, I'm too civilized to use vulgarities and degrade myself". Well you're a fucking chump, thats what you are.

I'd love to see more variety on this board. Back then, even the OMGNAKEDELFWATDO was a comic relief after grueling hours of Dark Heresy and Exterminatus. But no, you faggots come and take out all the fun.

And don't give fucking excuses. This is 4chan. EVERYTHING is NSFW.

>> No.14126431

Shaddap, faggot.


>> No.14126437

Ironically enough this is the least gay thing that has been stated in this thread recently.

>> No.14126441


>This is 4chan. EVERYTHING is NSFW.

Yep, this kind of faggotry is the reason 4chan is still the asshole of the internet.

>> No.14126451

pfft always a little dick envious, arntcha Khorne

>> No.14126455

>suddenly, out of nowhere, HATE
This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

Why /tg/ can't be more like ellegan/tg/entlemen?

>> No.14126457


>DnD people need an outlet as well. M:TG need an outlet as well. Wednesday is only one day of the week.

Yeah man, everyone needs an outlet. I'm not saying Warhammer40k's role in the board's founding is the reason people SHOULD be obsessed with it, I'm just saying it's had a solid, if derptarded, fanbase here for literally years, and expecting that to go away because people don't like it is rather silly.

>> No.14126458

Can't we all set our differences aside in the pursuit of greater faggotry?

>> No.14126459 [DELETED] 

Pretty much.

The new /tg/ IS shit. It's obvious that the new mod and the new culture is a bunch of insecure 13 year olds who need to have a little kindergarten for their own tastes, and designated /tg/ for it.

I mean, fuck, looks like I have to migrate to some other /tg/ for my old peasures. Which I have. But I do wish for a day when 4chan's /tg/ was for EVERYBODY whow anted to roleplay, and not just a small bunch of ronery faggots who make up a mass when they come online.

>> No.14126464

we were the asshole of the internet before you wanted to clean us up. go away.

>> No.14126476


>EVERYBODY whow anted to roleplay
>not just a small bunch of ronery faggots

Sorry, but you ARE a ronery faggot by virtue of your hobby. Suck it up, loser.

>> No.14126477

Simmer down punk.

There's plenty of asskicking to go around.

>> No.14126481

I'm ok with it. Could be cool.

>> No.14126501 [DELETED] 

It is. And you shouldn't be here. 4chan is unclean, raw and savage.

I give concession to /c/, /e/ and /h/, since they have easuly segregated a specific image type to specific boards. But if /tg/ is about roleplay and traditional game in general, it should include ALL /tg/ ANd yes, that also means sexual /tg/.

>> No.14126503

You can bet my only regret was being part of it's downfall. But meh, what can be said has already been said.

>> No.14126507

Guys my posting in this thread is a poor attempt to cover my homolust.

Won't someone please join me and logicninja for a meatup outside the local 7-ll? Please? ;_;

>> No.14126511

i wish /tg/ would be spit into two sister-boards;
a /tg/ for HEAVY METAL nerds a-la 90s battletech,
and a /tg/ for GRIMDERPS.

>> No.14126515 [DELETED] 


The fuck is that, fourth grade ? Not surprising: warhammer enthusiasts must be the most deprived of creativity.

>> No.14126517


Too bad you're the only faggot who wants that.

>> No.14126519


>> No.14126524


>4chan is unclean, raw and savage.


What I'm saying is, shut up. You're making an ass of yourself, even more than those ANONIMIS IS LEEJON faggots.

>> No.14126527


I'm not a Warhammer enthusiast, I'm a dickgirl enthusiast. Loser.

>> No.14126531 [DELETED] 



Then one board can be clean safe /tg/ for warhammer bros while the other would FUCKYEAHDICKGIRLSSEENAKEDELFWATDO rp.

We need that.

>> No.14126532

the fact that i cant refute your statement makes it no less ridiculous. try again.
also, it means you and your little battle-buddies could romp in GRIMNESS and DARKNESS all you want, whilst my compatriots and i would discuss the finer points of Roleplaying, giant robots, and girls with dicks.

>> No.14126536

>>14126524Random CAPS make ME a MANLY MAN.

>> No.14126539

Alright, and?

The fuck was the point of that post. If you are hoping 4chan can be the kind of website you can show your mom and have her not disgusted by, you're woefully mistaken. At best, you got /an/

>> No.14126544



You need to not do this to me so much.

>> No.14126549 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I don't deny it. But I'm laughing at the fact that you even bother to respond to me.

You're fucking classic, and I like you for that. And yes, we are legion. So are you, too.

>> No.14126552

The ammount of anger and butthurt of this thread gos to infinite.
Fuck it. I'm going back to spehs.

>> No.14126554

>>14126527I'm not a Warhammer enthusiast, I'm a dickgirl enthusiast. Loser.

I find this sentence incredibly amusing for some reason.

>> No.14126555



Bro, really, you need to not say things like this.

>> No.14126559


You realize that if we all weren't such aspie faggots, it would be a nicer world here in /tg/, right?

>> No.14126563 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I confused him with someone else. My bad.

>> No.14126565

you two are ruining this thread. knock it off.

>> No.14126569


>> No.14126573


I KNOW man, they're pretty RAD.

Let's have HOMOSEX right HERE AND NOW.

>> No.14126584 [DELETED] 

/tg/ has become this nicer world, and where has it got us ?

A fuckign apartheid where 90% is derphammer, and pur mtg and dnd bros have only 25% of threads. Everywhere is nothing but SPESH MAREENS HAILD GOD EMPEROR KILL ORKS blah blah

No, this is not the utopia I wanted. It's NOT a nicer world.

>> No.14126589

Oddly enough this thread is actually becoming less gay for some reason.

>> No.14126593

It's not the comic's art style or promises of Weeaboo bullshit that have my tits up
It the fact that my local gaming store has already been invaded by furfags playing yugioh, pokemon, and whatever shitty roleplaying games those sub-human creatures engage in.
40K remains the only untainted by furfags, and I fear >>14124448 that this ragin hater may be correct in his assumption.
Also, brofist. I could use a good SoB fapfic, preferably one that is drawn.

>> No.14126596


Magic isn't fucking worth it anyway, and DnD has been shit since 3.5. 4e just made it worse.

At least 40k is funny, but I'd really rather we discussed Battletech more.

>> No.14126604 [DELETED] 

Thats because we're coming out of the closet and stating our grievances.

We hate the new /tg/. We miss the old days when we can RP however we liked. Even though we have alternatives, /tg/ was our first home.

But not anymore. And for shame.

>> No.14126621

Great, you can just GET THE FUCK OUT YOU WEEPING FAGGOT and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

>> No.14126622 [DELETED] 


Seriously ? Then again, I've heard of different humour vlaues, so I'll let this one slide....

>>3.5 sucks

Alright, now you fickign piss me off.

But yes, we do need more Battletech

>> No.14126638


Just for the record, I meant the threads, not the systems. I keep my opinions on systems to myself, because really, OPINIONS, MAN.

>> No.14126640 [DELETED] 

Once again, the elitism of derphammer rears its ugly head.

I hope this webcomic succeeds and ruins your precious fandom.

>> No.14126644


But it's Yugioh. Yugioh is the most hilariously broken TCG in existence, bar none.

>> No.14126652 [DELETED] 

Seriously ? Thats the only thing you retards are afraid off ?

God, no wonder I never got into Warhammer, you guys ARE immature.

>> No.14126660


>Lumping the awesomeness of Warhammer in with the faggotry of 40k

>> No.14126672

>WH40K untainted by furfags


>> No.14126674 [DELETED] 

My bad.

Warhammer IS awesome, 40k is faggotry, and the reactions in this thread prove it.

>> No.14126691 [DELETED] 

>>implying I'm inside

I already left. And oh, I hope your enjoy delicious tears when your fandom is ruined.

>> No.14126699


But the 40k fandom was ruined literally ages ago.

>> No.14126716

By the birth of matt ward

>> No.14126723


Aright bro, now yer on the right track.

>> No.14126747

What I never understood is the complaint about not enough threads about X.

Why don't the people who want to talk about let's say...DnD post DnD threads? Then everyone who wants to talk about DnD will get to talk about DnD.

>> No.14126757

Guys. Guys?

Alright, look. The thing is, I like 40k, and I'm not a flaming retard. Also, I might enjoy this comic when it comes out.

Why are you so mad, /tg/? Let's all settle down and discuss this like gentlemen. We can be civil about our differences.

>> No.14126775


Because, /tg/ is filled with basement dwelling manchildren. Who apparently can't create a damn thread for themselves.

>> No.14126789

Ragnar blackmane's got a ponytail and is clean shaven.

>> No.14126794


>> No.14126807


We haven't deserved the name "elegan/tg/entlemen for two years, sir.

>> No.14126813 [DELETED] 

I agree. I shall stop saging.

I may hate warhammer, but I do like some of the new rules actually. Just wish they weren't so ridiculously stringent. Even spoilers, like what they do on /co/, would be nice.

>> No.14126851

>>See dead ultrasmurf

>> No.14126875


Is... is that your fetish?

>> No.14126965


wait, dead ultrasmurfs aren't yours?

You are not Alpha Legion.

>> No.14126973


... or am I?

>> No.14126977



>> No.14126983

Ok, I have to ask. How do you know it's a ultrasmurf?

>> No.14126988

Looks like a sino-belgian Mignola.

>> No.14126994


>> No.14127026


I say. That was rather preposterous. Ruffled my jimmies even.

>> No.14128117

All I see from this comic is shit whatever it may be, hello Inuyasha, welcome kagome, lets say each others name forty thousand times to some shitty art, cause lord knows I play and read 40k just to see some weeaboo shit get smeared to my face.

>> No.14128152


the asspain just wafts off this thread in waves...

>> No.14128170

>webcomics threads

>> No.14128187

>40k threads

>> No.14128245

...Any idea where we would be able to find this comic once it starts?

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