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Hi guys , so I'm working on this, like fan codex, for the Necrons

and i need some help i can really figure out a cool gimmick to give them, physic pariahs maybe ? or a new c'tan?

any ways after i throw together my little fan codex , i plan on making one for both the tau and the Sisters of battle, any addictive on these two.

Thanks a Bunch guys,

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>Hi guys , so I'm working on this, like fan codex, for the Necrons

>physic pariahs maybe ? or a new c'tan?

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First, make them Ultramarines.

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well i was think some nercon lord , would wake up on ultramar and work with the Ultramarines , to kill some renegade c'tan.

also an other cool thought i had SoB librarians!

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>fan codex

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>Matthew Watchman

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Multi-Gauss Rifles, Multi-Gauss Rifles everywyhere

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I know nothing about Necrons, and couldn't help in the slightest.

Now -Tau-. Tau I have thoughts. But I always prefer my -own- Tau fandex to almost anything other folks throw out, so... meh.

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