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Any of my fellow Los angeleans, valleyers or otherwise browsing tonight? I want to see any and all who can to come there =D

I'll be unveiling my completed Iron Warriors 1500 list.

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GAME EMPIRE dena 40k player here. Haven't been in the store for a bit perhaps this I can do.

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Nice brother, do you have a screen on dakka or can I direct you to our San Fernando Warhammer players group page?

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Bumpin' general

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San Fernando Valley here.
Used to play at the Games Workshop at the Northridge mall.
Store shut down, I lost interest.

Now I occasionally browse /tg/. Might get back in and go play down at the Glendale Galleria.

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I may know you, I used to frequent the GW in the mall until it closed.

the name Adrian ring a bell? Or a guy that wore a leather jacket?

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Used to have a 4000 point Necron Army.
2500 Ork Army.
And, for Fantasy, I had a 3000 point dwarf army.

This was all, oh, four or five years ago.

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Sweet you all should come!

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Are you the dude with the model of the dreadnought that was ripping apart a necron?

Its been a long time, I may have played with you but my memories are scratchy.

Recall playing with someone named Nathan? That was myself.

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You were the assistant manager correct? But no, my dreads weren't been modelled that way.

Sounds freaking boss though

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Don't have a sceen on Dakka Dakka, also not a big tourney guy but I might show up to see the community.

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I'm more of a casual myself, figured I would try my hand though.

I'm also in in for more of the comraderie as well.

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No I'm not that Nathan, but I do know who you are talking about. Huh, more and more is coming back to me as I think about it. I horrible at remembering names, so you'll have to forgive me in that regard.

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This is our group page for anyone interested, It's not much but at least we talk regularly.


There is also another group called the duskraiders that were regulars at GW northridge, what has happened to them is beyond me but that's there.

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Not a problem my man. We'll get that sorted out eventually.

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Still in process of getting a workable army, but Antelope Valley desert dweller here willing to keep an eye on you lot until I do

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Nice, how much do you have assembled at the moment?

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>culte life

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Many semi-scattered IG waiting for me to learn how to use GS for custom bits, and a handful of Space Wolves I've been working on in between.

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