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ITT : Awesome ideas for daemon models.

I like these dryad horros. I think I'll try something similar but with bolder, more crystaline colours, and gold loincloths, leaves and sprites.

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These are dryads with their heads on backwards, and greenstuff'd to hide their faces.
My emulation of these guys won't have the greenstuff eyes - I'll just make the backs of their heads smooth.

As far as colour goes, I'm torn between gold bodies with pink/blue tentacles and claws, and black bodies with deep red tentacles and claws.

Does anyone else have any ideas for my possibly Tzeentchian daemon army?

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If I was a Deep One, blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub.

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Motherfucking Alaric Cantonain

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Oh hey, Daemons thread.

I'm a Chaos player looking to expand into Daemons using 10 Letters, 10 Daemonettes, and a Daemon Prince with Wings that I run in my CSM list.

I'm still trying to figure out how best to approach Daemonic assault in lower points, where 750 points are going to have to hold for two or three turns while my reserves show up. Any tips?

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> My face when awesome count-as Slaaneshi demon

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Spectacular. Source? I'd like to know if the whole army has the theme.

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No idea.

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Also he has done this too.

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I've had several ideas for Lesser Daemons actually:

1) for my Thousand Sons I had thought of fluffing Lesser Daemons as a spell that summons the spirits of dead warriors from Terra's past under the command of the summoner (using the Army of the Dead box from the LotR Gondor range). I think it's fitting in a twisted sortof way, that a legion legion would use Terran warriors to attack the Imperium (basically Terra's current protectors).

2) The spell to summon these warriors would sometimes fart and summon creatures from an alternate dimensions. Minecraft Creepers. If I could cast small squares and rectangles I could easily make tons of these out of plaster. Same psychological horror Daemons would instill when fighting against fellow minecraft players too!

3) Dryads as Horrors I've seen a few times even locally.

4) if Khorne, you could use wire to model floating weapons (basically Khorne makes a bunch of his warp beasts temporarily possess an armoury and they fly out to turn something to swiss cheese).

5) if nurgle: use disgusting shit like insect models, maybe make a pile of sentient goo out of greenstuff (or even just make a giant blob of hardened glue!)

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a traitor legion* pardon

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Plaguebearers are tough as nails. A 5 man squad can take a lot of beating.
Bloodletters, on the other hand, need to run in squads of about 15, to make up for the fact they will get shot up on their way to combat.

I might use an Arachnarok Spider as a Soul Grinder.
Interference paint for that warpspawned look.
Pic related - it's the spider.

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I was thinking about using heavily greenstuffed Dryads as Plaguebearers. Nurgle's realm is described as a rotting garden/forest so some kind of twisted tree-daemons would fit right in.

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some guy made daemons from ghouls. Heads are simply the ball joint for the ghoul head, with no head attached.

plaguebearers next

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interesting combination of kroot legs and zombie bodies. I've also seen this done with beastman legs, but these are better because they look more freakish. Not sure about the 2 eyes though.

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I wouldn't. The spider is positively huge and God knows that Soul Grinder doesn't need any extra attention to be destroyed.

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kroot bodies, not zombie bodies.

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the most slaaneshi appropriate daemon ever

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What sort of ideas would you recommend for a Malal/Malice demons?

I'd like to run a CSM army with lessers and greaters, but I'd rather avoid using simple skeletons for my daemonic troops.

Pic not exactly related, but it's a nifty thing to pull ideas from for Slaaneshi daemons.

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I love this, but I doubt many gaming stores would let you use that. BECAUSE OF EXPOSED TITS. HIDE YO KIDS etc

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I beg your pardon?

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I could see that working more as a warp reflection of love to be honest.

>love lessess
captcha agrees so I must be right

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That's one of the few models that still had tits. There's also (suggestive) PENISES there too(SO OFFENDED). The daemonettes has barely any tits left. The last time they did was in the 80's.

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I..... just.

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>The daemonettes has barely any tits left.
>The last time they did was in the 80's.

Any tits LEFT as in, they had before as in they don't have now as in past tense.

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What is that in the front a giant fat nose?

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How would one go about making these eyes?
Cut a hole in the plastic and fill it with an eye-shaped blob of green stuff?
I'm pretty certain the green stuff would work, but I've never used a hobby knife before. Would that be the way to create the eye sockets?
Would that be a difficult task, or is giving some bloodletters fish eyes a good starting project for a hobby knife virgin?

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a face , almost and infants one

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breast feeding ...

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the guy has a pregnant fetish for sure

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fucking beautiful!!!

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What parts went into these models?

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For people who want plaguebearers and not pay for the silly amount to get them.

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confirmation of the fact

Tho those wings are fucking awesome , i think with about a year of converting she could become the most badass living saint ever

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she's got a tentacle penis for fuck's sake, some living sait it would be!

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Well I would imagine he's gonna chop that off...

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Remember the initial shitstorm this model caused on /tg/ when someone posted it. It was especially funny when you compare it to the warm welcome the eldar rape diorama recieved.

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>the most slaaneshi appropriate daemon ever
How is this Slaaneshi on anything but most superficial level (ie. TITS)? It's some kind of Great Mother type - surely, a fertility cult is more associated with Nurgle?

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I agree completely

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eldar rape diorama???

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fertility cult, Nurgle?

it really doesn't make much sense ,fertility cults usealy don't get sad about being pregnant. i see it belonging more to Tzeentch , you new generations more change , ect.

unless because big old papa Nurgle is controlling isha, he get to put his rot in to any thing that would be associated with her

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This. I'm going with Tzeentch for fertility cults.
Look at Aekold Helbrass.

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