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The sleek armored form of the being was... Not quite what they were used to, save maybe Cegorach, The Emperor saw it as similar to the knight's of old from Terra, though far more form fitting and stylized.

He, if it had a gender to be called by at all, though it claimed to be a he and had the correct body proportion's to be a Human Male, had requested to join their game, how he had learned of it was a mystery, but it was a point in his favor.

After some deliberation, as the four of them had been in stalemate for so long, a new face would be welcome, but he had to prove that he was at the least, a challenging opponent.

He offered to make a game board to prove his talent in that art of weaving worlds.

He requested what, if any, goal he should strive towards.

Eventually, Tzeentch, the Changer of ways propositioned he make something gloriously confusing, a great web of madness to decipher.

The Deceiver requested something amusing.

Cegorach requested something he could use to confound Slaanesh.

The Emperor eventually piped in that he wished to see, even fleetingly, the image of his sons united in purpose.

The being listened to their requirement's, and thought for but a moment, before stating thus: "I believe I have something... Yes, that seems as if it will suffice. And, for the sake of politeness, the closest thing I have to a name is Ark."

From then, he reached out to the empty universe scapes they used for their game, then reached out for the image of a time that was, and a time that could have been.

And then he took them, took from these two frame's, a possible universe in each hand, and smashed them together, and began to move the pieces around.

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Tl;Dr, RoB ask's to join The Emperor, Tzeentch, The Deciever and Cegorach's Paradox Game, and in order to prove his mindfuck credential's...

Takes the Canon 40k setting JUST pre Horus Heresy, and combines it with the same time period in the Dornian Heresy.

There are now two of each Space Marine Legion, one of each Loyal, and one of each Traitor.

There are now, out of nowhere, two Emperor's sitting in the same room on Terra, with no fucking idea what the hell is going on.

Chaos now has, basically, all the Space Marine Legions (save Ultramarines, who are now fighting Ultramarines because the Ultramarines have decided to stop the Ultramarines from branching out from the Imperium, because the Ultramarines are no traitors, unlike those filthy Ultramarines.)

And yet the Imperium ALSO has all the Space Marines Legions, and as an added bonus, thanks to the Emperor's request, none of the Loyal Primarch's (or at least one of each in the case of ones who have multiple loyal counterpart's.) can die until after they are all in one place working together, which won't be until a while after the Heresy.

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Prospero now has Soon-to-be-Khornate Space Wolves AND Loyalist Space Wolves gunning for their asses, and are being defended by Made-a-deal-with-Tzeentch-and-is-butthurt Magnus the Red and Loyalist Magnus the Red.

Soon-To-Be-Traitor Magnus the Red send's off the dudes who eventually become the Blood Ravens, except, other Loyalist Magnus, sends off another group, the Blood Magpies, who quickly fall to Chaos out of nowhere because Lol Chaos, thousands of year's later, both groups have developed a pointless rivalry.

Now, in this scenario, with some exception's, Chaos has the advantage, because they will instantly know the new dudes are their slaves and will be able to just SAY "No those are our dudes, go kill those other guys." when this goes down, the Loyalist's don't have this ability and there will be much lulwuting, plus a few fuckup's like Khorne Space Wolves chasing Soon-To-Be-Tzeentchian Thousand Sons into the warp while they're Loyalist counterpart's just sorta go "What just happened."

Oh and Traitor Salamander's still devote themselves to Malal, because the dude needs some dudes, since all the other Chaos Gods get two personal Legions.

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cool story bro

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Now, to insure awesomeness, Olannius Pious will exist, and he will shoot either Traitor Dorn or Traitor Horus in the eye, after they become Daemon Princes, because the two Emperor's just combined because their hiveminds ANYWAY and now the two Arch Traitor's need a boost to keep from getting skull fucked.

But there will also be a Loyal Imperial Fist and a Custode, Because no Guardsmen stands alone... At first.

The great Gate will have Sanguinious Vs Sanguinious, with loyal Perturabo helping the one that is actually trying to go help Dad, with a Thunderhammer to Nurgle Sanguinious when he get's ready to break loyal Sanguinious' back, then the two of them smash the zombiepire and crack the gate open.

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The finer detail's we can work out later, but for major setting info: The Segmentum Ultra and the Ultramar Segmentum both exist, the traitor Ultramarines took Macragge when the Loyal Ultramarines abandoned fighting to go help the Dark Angels, with info psychically supplied by Loyalist Magnus, who were espescially cluster fucked by the four play heresy bananza they got hit with.

There's a huge rectangular chunk bit out of half of the Segmentum Ultra, the half with the Tau and soon to be hit by Tyranids.(See Op Pic)

Dark Angels are most likely less emo, since they can just pull the 'Other us are dick bags' that everyone else get's to use without anyone finding out what actually happened.

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>save Ultramarines, who are now fighting Ultramarines because the Ultramarines have decided to stop the Ultramarines from branching out from the Imperium, because the Ultramarines are no traitors, unlike those filthy Ultramarines

I can't stop laughing. This is a bad thing as I am hanging out in the Dining commons leaching off their wirelesst

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Loyal Lorgar still becomes head of the Ecclesiarchy, but the Sister's of Battle are made, and loyal to the Emperor, and they don't get wiped out because LORGAR LIKES HIM SOME BITCH'S THAT SHARE HIS INTEREST'S: 1. WORSHIPING THE EMPRAH. 2. BURNING EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T WORSHIP THE EMPRAH.

Fulgrim... Saves IRON HANDS OF THE IRON HANDS AND HIS IRON HANDS from his other self, since he end's up 'spawning' like five feet from where the fight was going down.

Loyal Roboute Gulliman see's his traitor self and chuck's his Codex Astartes into the trash, but then just revamps it into two versions, to be elaborated on later.

The Loyal Imperial Fist's split up as per canon into three smaller Legion's, The Imperial Fist's, The Crimson Fist's, and The Black Templars, they just didn't branch any further after that and there were no recruitment limit's slapped on them, the Black Templars are STILL somehow the most numerous fucker's ever, unless you count the (almost, again, there are a few others) 1000 Chapter's of Ultramarines running around.

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The Loyal Alpha Legion became a seperate group from the Astartes organization, Alpahrius was basically put in charge of making sure none of the Loyal Primarch's pulled a Russ, and to keep them alive.

So when Russ get's bored with being forced to sit at Terra being a High Lord ruling the Imperium and tries to run off, he's suddenly tackeled to the ground by a swarm of Alpha Legion infiltrater's screaming Hydra Dominatus and calling in reinforcement's.

They are also charged with keeping 'Traitor' Alpha Legionairres from infiltrating the Imperium, which is a full time job, but they still find time to do their usual shit, helps that they have a better tech base then 'traitor' Alpha Legion and can therefore recruit faster, plus they claim to STILL be at war on their homeworld over who get's it.

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Now keep in mind, the point of this is to be as big a confusing clusterfuck as possible.

Until the Heresy is over NO ONE has any idea what the fuck is going on, except Chaos... Partially.

Almost everything is negotiable, save the Emperor's terms, all 18 Primarch's must get together in one place, alive, and be 'united in purpose', and they CAN'T die until that happens, though they don't know about their temporary super plot armor.

Any idea's and/or thought's? I'll be back in a bit after i eat and I'll just let this sit here...

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My brain hurts

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That's the POINT.

Also, ate some muffins, I'm back.

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Who? What?

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This is... impressively. Impressively what, I don't know.

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Your premise is excellent; your grammar is killing me. Please stop using apostrophes and continue amusing me.

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How to go about this...

Oh! Ollanius Pious gives the Emprah a Stim Pack while a Imperial Fist's Terminator is getting owned by Traitor Dorn, and a Custodes is getting Raped by Traitor Horus, then turns RIGHT around and, because he apparently wasn't in the Dornian Heresy Fluff, somehow rams his Power Bayonet into Dorn's eye before being pasted.

Now the Emperor get's up and lulzpwn's both of them so hard their gods feel it, yeah we've basically read this stor-

Wait what.

The Chaos Gods gather up the shredded remains of their Champion's souls and forge them both together into one screaming, bat shit insane Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided... Sorta, Known only as Arch-Traitor, this monstrosity bear's three eyes from the two screaming face's of the traitor's being fused together, however, born upon it's unified brow, is the empty scarred and burned socket where Ollanious Pious struck Traitor Dorn, it's body is a twisted Chimera, it's Dornian half's upper body is like that of a Daemon of Khorne, it's leftmost upper half is that of a Tzeenthian Lord of Change, with mismatched wretched wings, it's right lower body is a thick rotting leg of Nurgle, and it's left bears two lanky leg's, bearing the pale coloration and tendrils that mark it of Slaanesh.

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Yeah, sorry, I've always had a problem with those damn things.

Still shit loads better then before, trust me.

If someone could link me to a copy of Microsoft Word (Not office) for me to use that spell checks apostrophes I'd really appreciate it.

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Gave up trying to understand all that, but fuck, what I could made it sound awesome.

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To sum it up, some cheeky bastard god asked to join The Emperor, Tzeentch, Cegorach and The Deceiver's game, the one they meet up and play on Tuesdays that always end with the universe they played in being destroyed so no one ever wins.

In order to be allowed to join, he had to prove he could actually play, so they game him some vague 'rules' and he took the Horus Heresy and literally smacked it into the Dornian Heresy in as confusing and ridiculous a manner as possible.

Also, people, that's all my premade setting info, make shit up.

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>Soon-To-Be-Traitor Magnus the Red send's off the dudes who eventually become the Blood Ravens, except, other Loyalist Magnus, sends off another group, the Blood Magpies, who quickly fall to
>Chaos out of nowhere because Lol Chaos, thousands of year's later, both groups have developed a pointless rivalry.

Oh god that's hilarious, Bloody Magpies fighting Bloody Magpies, stealing each others wargear and even their Marines over and over in the same battle.

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You have a terrific imagination, sir.

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Thank you, I try.

Though with how badly I did with the grammar I should have tried harder.

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How does the Imperium look at this? I mean, how do they look at being attacked, and then immediately saved by the Blood Angles.

also lol at fully half, I will always think of this when I read that now.

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Not Op, but maybe they beleive that all the Primarchs were Loyal?

Yeah, they think all the Primarchs are the true loyal sons of the emperor, and that the traitors are just doubles, wretched copies created by the Ruinous Powers to spit on the Emperor's works.

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The point of this entire thread is to get /tg/ to help make a setting.

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What about the now doubled IG? and SoS?
and Elfdar?

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Nah, now there's the Imperial Army, which is full of heresy, clones, genetroopers and crazy archeotech against the regular Imperial Guard. There are two copies of each regiment on each side.

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Being more concepts than defined people, wouldn't the chaos gods simply merge with their duplicates? Either this would double their power, or they'd just sort of... be. I don't know.

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ONLY the Space Marine's were doubled... Technically.

Really it was the Emperor, the Primarchs and the force's under the Primarchs that were grabbed, everyone else just has one of themselves, so yes, all the regiment's that were serving under a Primarch got copy pasta'd.

Because the Primarchs actions are the only differences by that time period.

Hence two Emprah's, but not two Khorne's.

Though the Chaos gods did get twice as many worshipers out of this then in canon, so yeah, they're stronger.

Plus the Sisters of Battle didn't exist yet.

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Bumpan for lulwut.

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On the map, you will notice a few things, first, in the Ultramar Segmentum, the Forge World of Konor is listed as a dead world, this is because the diversionary forces left behind to distract the (Traitor) Ultramarines by the (Loyal) Ultramarines Exterminatus' the Forge World to weaken (Traitor) Gulliman and his (Traitor) Ultramarines.

Plus traitor's having the world named for his father pissed him off.

(Loyal) Roboute Gulliman founded a new world as the Fortress World for his (Loyal) Ultramarines, naming it after his father.

Also, I was a little worried there for a second since Lexicanum list Rynn's World as being in the Segentum Ultra, but when i found it on the map it was in Tempestus, so I don't have to change the Crimson Fist Legion's canon Homeworld, awesome.

As a bonus, they get to be the one's in charge of watching that border, so they got attacked by Ork's RIGHT after fighting off an Ultra Incursion from the Ultra Ultramarines of the Ultramar Segmentum.

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The second thing you will notice is the contested border to the north of the line between the two Ultra domain's, this is contested space between them, which the Loyal Ultramarines are barely winning due to Alpha Legion (Both really, Alpha Legion hates Ultramarines regardless of whether their loyal or not.) assistance.

And as a bonus, if someone wan'ts to, they can write (Loyal) Roboute eating crow and apologising to Alpharius,because the traitor Gulliman showed him what his pride would ultimately get him.

Traitor Alpharius received a recording of it from Loyal Alpharius, it's recording is now a priceless relic to both Alpha Legions.

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Hmm... Other shit...

Oh yeah, Loyal (Know what, fuck it, from now on I'm talking about the loyalists unless stated otherwise.) Leman Russ straight up 'apologizing' to Magnus about the world thing, and helping him rebuild on Prospero, ironically, the Khornate Space Wolves were far less thorough in there BURN!MAIM!KILL! then the Space Wolves would have been, so there was actually still much of the buildings standing by the time the Khornate's chased the soon to be Tzeentchian's off world.

God Emperor, who else has to suck up the sorry...

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Yes my Grammer is horrible.

I'm aware of this, I've said so several times.

It's not trolling if the person you're doing it to doesn't care.

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Your spelling isn't that great either.

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