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40k comics thread

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if you have all any comics related to that plz post ill continue to dump everything else i got

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Don't you mean 40k repost of reposts thread?

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requesting that one strip of IG singing "teenage dirtbag"

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sure why not

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If you want OC, make it yourself. Bitching about it helps no one.

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Post the first page of that

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This is fantastic.

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derp i fergot lol

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last page to

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Someone post the FUUUCCCKKIIINGGG DOOO ITTT comic, please.

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Just found

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Dranon1 and Dranon2?

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What's the backstory on all the Dranon/cultist stuff?

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who did the fucking art on this? cultist looks so bad it makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a blunt plastic spork

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As I understand it, cultist is oddly favored. She keeps on dying, but is ressurected over and over by all 4 chaos gods. Possibly they have big plans for her. Or just find her amusing. Thus, she's worked with a lot of chaos dudes in the past.

Culexus's big idea was Dranon: the Professional, where one time Cultist gets ressurected too young, and is pawned off on Dranon. It's a riff on Leon: the Professional.

Dranon is just the author avatar of a polish drawfag that hates cultist. In-universe, he's a way-too-old, tired Aspiring Champion of the Word Bearers who's only remaining pleasure in life is cigars.

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Cultist is also old, chronologically. Old enough that a space marine scout she used to date is now a full Ultramarine. He's also still obsessed with her, and is currently tracking down every reported sighting of her. A culexus preview for the year promises their reunion.

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>Vect took the basket and rested it on his lap, before reaching inside and gently picking up the large egg cradled within. Freshly-birthed, it was flawless, perfect. The ovoid's marble-like, pale surface was silky smooth to the touch, and it still radiated warmth from the body of the girl who had nurtured it these past days. Vect thoughtfully bit his lower lip as he turned the rounded egg over in his hands, admiring its gentle curvature, and the firm feel of its shell. In an almost fatherly manner, he took the cloth and dabbed away the last remnants of slick mucus from the egg's surface before leering at the exhausted girl.
"I do love Easter".

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Yes... yesss... please, read on....

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