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In mutants and masterminds is the dodge bonus considered a part of the defense bonus when figuring out if you are above the max for your power level, thanks in advance.

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What the fuck is your problem

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thanks for the constructive help asshat

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just gonna dump pics for a bit whether i get the help or not.

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bump bump

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if theirs a particular brand of pics you want just ask and ill see what i can do.

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hammer time

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Which edition are you asking about? I can answer your question if it's 2nd. Don't know how it works in 1st or 3rd.

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I think the answer to my own question is no it does not, but im making a character for a game and i want to make sure im not cheating.

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yes 2nd edition, sorry about leaving that out.

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Then the answer is no. You don't even buy a dodge bonus, it's calculated as half of your defense bonus. You lose the dodge bonus half of your defense when stunned, flat-footed, etc.

I don't mean to be a dick, but you could have found that out by just looking it up in the book.

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well more what i was looking at was the power shield, it adds to your dodge bonus but i wasnt sure what the limit on that was.

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and i dont consider anyone actually giving me advice a dick, so thanks

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dumpin more pics as thanks.

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Ah, ok. Yeah, that's still limited by you power levee's limit on defense; what you're doing is buying defense cheaper than the straight up defense bonus, with the drawback being that it does fuckall for you when you're surprised.

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you see too many dicks on /tg/ who feel like this is their personal answer repository and get pissed when they dont get the answer, i go into this thinking im not going to get the answer and try to give pics back as a way of thanking anyone who contributes.

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Ok, so just so i make sure im getting this 100% right (im going to be one of the people who knows the most about M&M which i realize is sad but makes this clarification that much more important) does that mean their is a limit on your dodge bonus or that the "shield" bonus can not bring your dodge bonus above the power level?

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>>14094948fucking lich

goddamn so fucking Lich Badass Awesome there

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Any bonus to your dodge bonus (from the shield power, dodge focus feat, etc.) is counted directly towards your total defense.

So say your defense limit is 10, and you buy 8 points in defense. This means if you buy any feats or powers that add to your dodge bonus, you can only buy 2 points worth, because that would bring you up to 10.

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ok thanks for that final clarification, any particular brand of pics you want, gonna post a couple more as thanks.

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Oh, and to be perfectly clear, following that example, your total defense is 10, and your dodge bonus is 6, meaning that if you get caught flat-footed, your defense drops to 4 until you're not flat-footed. The dodge bonus feat/powers are cheaper than straight defense because they're not quite as good.

I don't need anything, just happy to help when it's a clarification as opposed to somebody just being too lazy to read the rules.

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Why cant /tg/ always be this nice

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It looks like the discussion portion of this thread has ended, so I declare it to be picture time.

It's like pizza time, but prettier and less delicious.

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hey a fellow contributor, welcome to picture postin

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freakin flood detection

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sweet pic, savin it,

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I choose to interpret your comment as a request for similar images.

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and i will choose to save more of them

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is the new rules good? I seemed to have some problems with the last ones

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I have only just started reading over them and they seem like a simplified version of hero system (which i never really learned) its got some points where i got to look over the rules a couple of times to figure out what it means. this is the first time ive been unsure.

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i like it because its more, come up with a character concept and see how the system can fit your idea. D&D, our groups normal game, on the other hand is, come up with a character concept and see how your idea fits into the system.

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couple more then im gonna head out.

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This looks like a recolor. Or the previous one is a recolor.
Either way.

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Thanks again for the rules clarification /tg/ once again proving you can be classy!

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I feel bad making requests since I just joined the thread, but do you have any high fantasy art you could contribute? Looking for inspiration for locations in my next campaign setting. I'll dump some of my faves in return.

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Hehehe.... ruined rental store....

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How high?

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*Resists stoner joke* I guess on the level of the stuff I've been posting? Which, for reference, is:

Thanks! In return, the most obscenely large cathedral ever.

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The first in my "potential NPC art with creative file names" series!

>beinfe University. It knows I should be studying for tomorrow's midterm...

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That one always struck me as being underground.
Different strokes.
Here, this one doesn't have those weird lines.

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I wonder if Lando lives here....

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Lando didn't seem as big into purple as Mace, but I guess the tabard isn't mandatory.

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Ah, thank you! And just because it's underground doesn't mean it can't be obscenely large.

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Eldritch horrors, in mah teevees

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Here, have some Dinotopia. Oh childhood, how I miss thee...

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Fuck yeah, seaking

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I'm off to sow chaos elsewhere.

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Hmmm.... how much more do I wanna upload. Anyone still here that's interested?

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FFXI Corse right there, in case you want to find more of it. They are indeed bad a, I still need to get the baddest of the bad of them to give me some Bandomusha Kote.

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Now, if there were any ripped warrior women in full plate, I'd be happy.

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Well I guess I'll upload more while I'm here. Bed time soon, though.

Don't think I can help you, but I'll look. If there are any other requests that I can fill with my meager collection, I'll do my best.

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Alright, last one until I see someone else in here. Hate to be dumping for myself.

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I am enjoying it.

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