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Hey, /tg/ I am now making a game for my fellows, in which all of them are gunslingers in a high-tech wild west setting (think Vampire Hunter D).

Instead of choosing character per se, they will choose the gun they want to use. That's right- characters will be written around weapons. Those are some really badass and unique guns you see.

Let me have your most awesome handgun designs- real or not.

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in b4 someone posts Helter Skelter.

Or was it Skelter Helter?

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Can't beat the classics.

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Sorry i know it's Wh40k but it just looks nice.

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Say, did you ever watch Trigun?

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Am I the only one who thinks this thing is designed for people without wrists?

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Um, yeah, but after a while I got tired with comic relief and anime cliches so I stopped watching. I'm no big fan of anime.

>sup dawg. I heard you like revolvers so we put cylinders into cylinder so they revolve while they revolve.

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Fuck I loved that guy.
Posting him now because you forced my hand.

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looks like typical anime snowflake

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Why does it have an iron sight when the ammo clip is in the way?

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What exactly am I looking at?

Also, if any one's seen Drive Angry (which I HIGHLY recommend everyone does), Iron God Killer. Don't have a picture, but the Iron. God. Killer.

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I assume the gun is modified, so it probably originally had iron sights and the guy didn't bother to file them down or whatever after he changed it.

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You push the rounds into the internal magazine and then throw the clip away.

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i bet I will get ninja'd on this one.

Its Rick Deckerd's plasma gun (from Blade Runner duh)

Prop was constructed out of variety of real gun parts, so look it up if you are curious.

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I have no idea.

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Do an Image search on "Mateba Unica Auto Revolver"

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Calicos, man, if you want a semi-modern to semi-futuristic gun.

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I like the idea of disguised firearms. Bad guys never pay attention to the person holding a plastic party cup.

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i am thinking. a close quarters specialist with an aa12 like autoshotgun. A classical gunslinger with double pistols of some sort. a long range specialist and reconnecanse expert with this baby here. and a rifleman with a semiautomatic winchester like weapon.

tough job ballancing soemthing like that but you can try the shadowrun gun rules. have funj

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That's a stripper clip for reloading the internal magazine quickly. Push down on the stack of bullets, discard or pocket the clip, and start firing again.

The sights are tangent sights with a maximum setting of 1000 meters. Hilariously optimistic for a pistol round.

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> Calicos, man, if you want to look like you came from a 90s sci-fi flick.


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You say that like its a bad thing.

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calicos are cool man. 100 bullets in helical magazine (for rifles)

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Yeah, I'm a bit of a firearm hipster. I cringe every time I see a P90 in a movie.

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Darn, that is Classy!

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Fuck year, the AR-10 machine gun. Do you have one with the backpack ammo crate?

> captcha: ritonfor !Kung

What the hell kinda book can I find these words in?

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Can't beat a handgun that has a very real chance of knocking you over with recoil.

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>Today's Random fact about the Wild West before the Civil War
>Pepperbox guns were probably ways more common that Revolvers, due to the fact that they one only cost between half to a seventh of a Colt.

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looks sort of like modern bullet storm system

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Sup. Still working on your resume?

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nonono, I mean TWO fucking triggers?

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Skelter Helter is hardly an "anime snowflake" he's the first fight in No More Heroes 2 and dies like a bitch, but goddamn his gun and sword are hella cool. He only wanted to avenge his brother.... but he can go get fucked, I'm gonna be number 1 even if it kills me.

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Medusa, fuck yeah! http://www.kitsune.addr.com/Firearms/Revolvers/Medusa_Model_47.htm

25 different calibers without having to fuck with changing out the cylinder or barrel.

" To withstand the varying pressures involved in the various rounds, the revolvers cylinder is made with mil spec 4330 modified vanadium steel (the same alloy used in the Gatling gun barrels of F-16 Falcon fighters) and is specially hardened. This cylinder is about twice as stong as any other revolver cylinder on the market. The Medusa uses special rims and springs to hold rimless (automatic pistol) cartridges."

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No, but will this do?

It's pretty recent too. Like 2004+, I think?

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If ! is being used in a word, that usually means you're supposed to click your tongue.

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Holly shit. It's the first time I see real ammo backpack.

Would go nicely with this:

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For the two fucking barrels. One is for killing much easier targets like humans, the other is for taking down replicants.

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At first I was meh.

But then!

Horizontal box magazine! Cool

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Gentlemen, I present to you the Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express.

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Not just any box mag. The P90 50 round box mag.

And for you~

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Wait wait... this gun shoots PENTAGONS?? We have a winner.

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I always think of one of those ballpits or air-powered lottoball bins when I see the magazine of this thing.

It emasculates the hell out of this shotgun.

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Something I've been working on. Textures are still not mapped correctly, but when else am I gonna show it?

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Presumably this is all stuff you've already thought of but here are some things to consider.
Ammo types
Does the weapon fire bullets, explosive charges, focused energy, superheated plasma? What caliber round does it fire? What variations are available - if bullets are there AP or hollowpoint rounds, or self-targeting smart bullets? If explosives does it fire straight-line rockets, arcing grenades, seeking missiles, and do they explode on impact, from detonator, from timer and is this selectable? For energy weapons do you replace the batteries like a clip or does it recharge itself over time, and can drained clips be refilled in any way?

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No Wild Cards: Sons of the Gun mentioned?

/tg/, I am disappoint.

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>>14088710 contin.
How many shots can it hold at a time? This will be affected by the ammo type (rockets being bigger than bullets, normal bullets being bigger than caseless rounds, etc). Is it clip-fed, belt fed, or chambered like a revolver? Belt fed weapons might have backpack ammo storage, similarly energy weapons might plug into a backpack mounted generator.

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>>14088718 contin.
Firing style
Simple enough – full auto, burst fire, single shot. Can energy weapons charge up for more powerful shots?
Unique and Fiddly Bits
Does it have an integrated or removable: scope, lasersight, rangefinder, LED ammo counter, flashlight, bayonet mount, stock, bi/tripod? Does it have an underslung secondary weapon, such as a grenade launcher? Any hi-tech gubbins like targeting computers or tactical AI, nanitic ammunition builders?

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derp, captcha ate image

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that's a retarded gun. top loading ammo that obstructs view is a step in the wrong direction from a design point of view.
CAPTCHA: Why Apred

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obviously the base frame will need to be considered throughout as well - a pistol will have a smaller base capacity and only so much room for doodads, whereas 10 minutes on /k/ will tell you that you can put your own weight in addons to a rifle and god quails at what a madman might do to something like a gatling gun.

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Hey, you! RETARD! Read this:


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The character also has to be a mage type. because pentacles.

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Thanks for another awesome thread tg!

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If that's supposed to be an original design, I hate to break it to you son, but Mateba did it already. It was a target pistol from the 80s, made specifically for the rise in target shooting at the time.

Unfortunately, I can't find the Wikipedia article-probably because some Wiki Troll decided the only noteworthy Mateba was the Model Six Unica, this.

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Odd, I'm finding all my cutdowns but few actually weird rifles aside from interior mods and rechambers.

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I heard about it, but never seen it. I stole design from an old Cyberpunk sourcebook.

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Mmm. Berettas.

The clip only serves as a rail to assist in faster reloading. You remove the thing when you're done.

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Behold. Klobbs.

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Oh! I think you have cleared up a minor mystery of mine.

(There was a game that had a gun that looked a lot like this, and it was labeled as the M14 EBR. I was confused as hell because I only knew the full-length variant, and this one lacks all of its characteristic bits. All the other guns were rendered fairly realistically, so I couldn't just put it down to ineptitude.)

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EBR stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle. Essentially, it's one of the random upgrades that US military armorers/developers have done with the M14 rifle. In this case, it was originally built for SEAL teams to develop a modernized SOPMOD-like 7.62 battle rifle platform.

The cut-down is either a shoop or incidental. Though wikipedia says they also get used in CQB, so it stands to reason that perhaps you are right that it also is an EBR.

Another EBR to compare.

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May i join you guys? i have a good bunch of guns in here to share with ya...

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the cut was a shoop, a so short rifle wouldn't be usable on the battlefield, even though you may find some rifles that short on You tube ( HK-51 for example )


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>that it also is an EBR.
that it is considered an EBR instead of being a further modification of an EBR. Derp.

Also, gotta love bony oldies.

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I do love me a gun that can double as a baseball bat when there aren't any more bullets.

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Any love for modern rifles?

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Please do.

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I will keep on them

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id give a kidney for this, or another handgun that could take that many rounds.

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i forgot to type, this pistol is full auto capable russian handgun

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>realize that actually is a clip
Carry on.

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when you finished putting the rounds on the magazine, you take off that clip

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Just for you, bro.

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this gun fires sub-sonic ammunition similar to the ak-47 round.

This means it is silent, yet, when they find it out, they will look out for a rifle, not a pistol.

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Unf. Dat Pernach.

Best gun in all of modded STALKER.

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Behold, the McBros 95-cal!

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And its boolit, legal only with a special sporting exemption.

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At the very least, either you never really cared about accuracy for your 7.62, or you're still in the works trying to build an effective system to tame the recoil recoil while figuring out a way to make the darn thing slow down (the M14 has a gas impingement system to supply automatic fire. You put the hole for the gas to bleed into closer to the chamber, the quicker the rifle action's gonna start pushing on the rod to eject the round and feed a new one in the chamber, etc etc). The potential for a misfeed also increases if the operating rod doesn't completely 'return to battery' before being pushed by the gas from the next round.

The probability of the thing breaking also goes up for obvious reasons, but I don't think that theoryfags such as ourselves care all too much.

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to turn full auto pistols ALMOST pratical

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My grandfather brought back an old Luftwaffe flare gun from his time in Germany.
This isn't it, but it's the same model. I'm way far away from home and don't have a proper picture.
Sure it's just a signal gun, but damn if it doesn't weigh a ton and look like the bastard lovechild of a sawedoff and a pistol.
Also, ITT: Awesome but impractical but mostly awesome. I love you so, /tg/

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Nigger what? The Pernach works JUST fine.

And those "pistol to full sized rifle" mods make my blood boil.

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My weaponry folder has five folders. Guns, Jury-Rigs, Melee Weapons, Melee Weapons That Are Also Guns, and Tacticool.

Which shall I dump next?

inb4 all of them

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Roland of Gilead here.. all of you have forgotten the face of your Father.

Ingleg Between.. indeed captcha.

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I've always been fond of this one right here.

... and all its variations.

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so cool!

looks really futuristic

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tacticool, THEN jury rigs

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I vote either "melee weapons that are also guns" or "tacticool"
Also, can't believe no one's posted the five-in-one-gun yet.

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Saburo? Sounds Familiar... Like the corporation from GiTS. SHIT, it IS a prop.

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6/6 last one i have

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The one with the Luger was doned by a german gunsmith as a proof-of-concept. To make the story short, it's the first carabine based on that gun that actually does work with such a long barrel.

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Don't mind me, just being the crappiest, most forgotten gun in the history of guns.

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Probably not at all what OP is looking for, but I love me some SCP, so that's what you're getting

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Don't mind me, I'm just a Stoner.

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lol no

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PM-63 Rak

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That is hot.
The gun is nice too.

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The Colt Monitor R-80 rifle. Loads .30-06 semi-or full auto. Rare as balls too since almost all of the less than 200 models went to the FBI.

Looks futuristic somehow... like an old space hero should carry it.

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Nigga what? That's airsoft. I GOT one of those.

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> teeth gun

I'm getting flashbacks to eXistenZ.

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looks a lot like a custom FN BAR...

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It is exactly that.

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Everyone has balls what are you talking about. Nice gun tho.

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Excuse me, I think it's time I organize my shit for once. Shit's so unorganized I can't find a fucking chauchat so I can lol. Or the antique 1800s revolver with a gold skellystock that I had.


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I wonder why it never occurred to J.M. browning to give the BAR a in-line stock and pistol grip.

>> No.14089881


That is a BROWNING Automatic Rifle you numbnuts! A BROWNING! Fuck every goddamn fucker who believes anything not made by Colt or H&K is a fucking Fabrique Nationale shitpiece of a gun!


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The Hammerli. Sure, it's a .22, but fucking look at it.

>> No.14089892

It occured to others, thou.
Polish licensed version.

>> No.14089894

Has is ever occurred to anyone how fucking cool olympic-grade air guns look?

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But seriously, it's not made by fucking Fabrique Nationale. Saying that it is is just pants on head retarded.

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Needs more My Favourite Pistol Ever....

Designed as a cavalry sidearm, features a nine shot .42 revolver with a special pin you could set on the hammer to fire an underslung .16 gauge shotgun barrel.

The only thing that gets me harder are Pan magazine machineguns.

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So, an American 180 with extended mag and suppressor does what for you?

>> No.14090016

Oh hey.=|


My name is Fabrique Nationale, and I hate every single one of you fucking ameritards...

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Gotcha. Tacticool first. Not all that much in there, buuut...

Mind you, this is "tacticool" in the "fucking stupid" sense.

>> No.14090084

Colt Monitor was a civilian BAR.

FN had the license to produce the BAR in Europe, (and so did Carl Gustafs, but those were only made in 6.5x55 Swede), but most of the American military BARs were made by Colt and Winchester.

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Counts as on-topic, too, because Megatron is a gun.....

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Really, really, FUCKING stupid.

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And that is the end of my Tacticool folder, thankfully.

So. Jury-Rigs or Melee Weapons That Are Also Guns next?

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Reminds me of the .223 pistol from Fallout 2...

Alternately Bubblegum Crisis, which doubles the force of my awkward gun-boner....

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jury-rigs please

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Also, as much as like that one, I fell in love with the Degtyaryov DP-28 after playing Red Orchestra, so it's officially my favourite.

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Jesus fuck, everyone insists on calling it "obrez". Obrez means sawn-off or cut-down in Russian. It's not even a technical term or anything. Just call it a cut-down Mosin and be done with it.

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The WTS .50 BMG
A Single shot Bolt action pistol firing the same cartridge as a Ma deuce. Because you only need one round.

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>> No.14090528

>> No.14090587

I just love this little bastard.
About no recoil, light enough to hold in one hand and punches through cevlar.

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Only the bets good sire for your campaign

Source is a book called WEAPON by the British Royal Armory Museam, great source for weapons through out the ages of anyone is interested, great buy.

>> No.14090643

Gotcha. There isn't much, though.

>> No.14090702

Seems legit...

>> No.14090988

Finally a good use for Clarinets.

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>> No.14091043


I shall call it the "K Flat"

The K stands for KILL

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>> No.14091162

aaand that's the last of my Jury-Rigs

Now. Melee Weapons that are Also Guns?

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>the deadliest trap known to man

>> No.14091227

melee/guns next please

>> No.14091252

>the deadliest trap known to man

you rang?

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It's a AR15 lower made out of a cutting board.

>> No.14091513

This thread is godly.

>> No.14091555

4 gauge is best gauge

>> No.14091610

I hope that wasn't meant to be the enitre gun!

>> No.14091663

> AR15 lower

As in, lower receiver. So no, it wasn't.

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How to make a flammenwerfer.

It werfs flammens.

>> No.14091882


Flammen are the best thing you can werf. If you're considering werfing, always go for flammen.

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I wish to god I could find a picture of it again, saw it a book of antiques my parents used to have...

It was a German Mace/Four-barrel Matchlock rifle/Spear.

The central shaft had a long spear tip, and it had four matchlock rifle barrels banded to the center with extra-thick iron straps covered in spikes....

>> No.14093769


That is not a flammenwerfer. That's a torch.

A flamethrower is more of a hose that sprays flaming material onto something, than a torch that makes a pretty fireball in the air.

>> No.14096609

what about a blitzwerfer?
wouldn't that be even better?

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