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May I have a /tg/ themed advice picture thread? Not just Advice Guard or Admech Guard, but EVERYTHING /tg/ related.

Let's see 'em.

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im pretty sure "advice threads" are /b/ related since they have nothing to do with traditional gaming.

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And the last of my Advicewarriorraceguy

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And I'm pretty sure you're one of those fags who whined and got Wakfu Banned.

So fuck your shit.

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I dont even know what wakfu is, so no.

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Fuck off.

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It's hillarious because my player most likely to do this is also named Will.

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My favorite

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Hey guys I need advice about a traditional game I am playing.

>im pretty sure "advice threads" are /b/ related since they have nothing to do with traditional gaming.


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My players would actually seriously do this too.

I hate GMing sometimes.

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Glorious... Keep 'em coming, elegan/tg/entlemen!

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I have a bunch of Guardsman, gonna post em

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enter roguelike advicedog (or adviced for short)

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A favourite, this is basically how my DH Guardsman operates.

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My favorite of all time.

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I wish I had more DM Cat.

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Because MOAR.

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Requesting that 5% of my former flesh remains one.

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I feel proud of this.

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And so you should

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I could never find a pair of kamina glasses to put on this...

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I'm so proud saved this one now..

For psyker guardsmen everywhere!

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Here you go.

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Why don't we have a Advice Psykers?

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Godfuckingdammit. I hate it when that happens.

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God damn it, not again.

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Ya, that is pretty dickish.

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Sorry, couldn't hear you... you were saying?

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>second to last panel
>last panel

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Silly DM, a blackguard doesn't fall for murdering babies!

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People and their Pal All Dins. They should know what a true hero looks like and why some get shit done and some don't.

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Be ebil is the best...if you do bad...no problem...if you do good, it's because you are soo bad XD

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I'll put sugar products in his vehicle.

And by suger products I mean sugar.

And by vehicle I mean gas tank.

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Jim?...what are you doing in /tg/...it's me, Daniel...one of your players.

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This happened to me once.....in an inn that was connected to everywhere important in the multiverse. It opened gates to all of the 9 hells and infinite layers of all the abysses in the multiverse. It was a good day.

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i did this a few times for my first time DMing. my players were... less than pleased. made worse by the fact that i was playing a DMPC and he ended up dying from one of my instakill traps as well.

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I've always wanted to play a campaign like this

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Belive me, is not funny when everyone else have a basic class...

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OP here,

That made me lol too hard.

Have an animated .gif of Dan Abnett dancing.

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This is amazing. I would pay money to see this man dance.

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Glad I could help, Imperial citizen.

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That's Howard Tayler, author of Schlock Mercenary.

Can getcha a link to the blogpost of his where he put that up, if you like.

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OP here again. Sorry for the mistake, I didn't know. Before I titled the picture I looked up a photo of Abnett and... well, the individual in the .gif and Abnett look quite similar.

Nonetheless, let's have that blogpost!

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Oh hey, whaddya know, our GM just pulled this exact same thing to try and cut out anti-Gygaxian game design bullshit, and it resulted us in going to even FURTHER lengths than normal to go against the Gygaxian game design.
While it was fun working with less abilities to do crazier shit, you may as well tell the DM to eat a dick and play WFRP instead, cause everything else about the campaign beyond the planning and execution of craaaaaazy shit wasn't terribly fun, especially when no one at the table can be bothered to remember the name of the last town they were in or the city the campaign has as a hub city, let alone the names of the other party members, leaving the "amazing setting" as a moot point.

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Heh, no prob.

http://www.schlockmercenary.com/blog/and-now-a-happy-dance is the blogpost, and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO2bEvB5doI is the original video.

The man literally makes a living off of Schlock Mercenary, his online webcomic. So he had a pretty good reason to do a happy dance at getting a week's worth of work done in a day. :D

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>no one at the table can be bothered to remember the name of the last town they were in or the city the campaign has as a hub city, let alone the names of the other party members
If I were y'alls DM i would be slappin y'alls shit.

As it is, I get the feeling you're including the DM in this quote, so I'll settle for slapping his shit instead.

Then again, of the last 6 games I've DMmed, five of them have been completely homebrew settings, our group meets weekly, only one of us ever actually takes notes (he's a CPA in his day job) and all of us remember the names of cities/towns/planets/NPCs/etc.

Then again, the group only has one stoner, and he's like the fucking rain man when it comes to planning.

Also, I don't understand your image... at all.

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Reported for a /b/-style thread.

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But /b/ has all kinds of threads, thus all threads are /b/ style...

Also, didn't you read the last sticky. reports are for rules violations, not your pet peeves.

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