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Drawing anything, preferably characters.

Pic related, someone requested this but thread 404'd.

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draw an isopod warrior

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Richard Dean Anderson, but with blond hair, a yellow beard, Renaissance-era clothes, a breastplate, a metal shield and a scimitar. Preferably in front of a roiling blue magical portal.

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Fantasy only or can I request an MnM character?

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An eldar warlock conjuring a psychic storm.

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That's an awesome concept, i'll try!

Meanwhile, post more requests, i might pull a all nighter.

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If so: A large blond man with big metal robotic gauntlets. They cover his arms, they aren't his arms(just to clarify) and almost reach the ground(gorilla-like is the best way to describe it, though he wouldn't be bent like a gorilla, just relative arm-length). Shirtless I suppose, torn jeans, boots, metallic mask that covers the lower part of his face.

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Could I please have a vampire business woman in mask? The mask allows you to see her lips, and what little skin you can see of her skin it is shrivelled and unpleasant looking. The mask itself is quite beautiful though. She also has excessively long, taloned fingers.

Also, that's a very cool samurai.

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should've spent more time on it

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Gods, you did very well indeed. And way to better ninja me.

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Tall, well-built Egyptian-looking woman with long black hair in a single braid, clad in bronze-and-turquoise plate armour, doing a flying leap attack with a two-handed black-bladed scimitar toward a zombie T-Rex or whatever other target is appropriate. Or just doing a flying leap attack.

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sup I,
I'm looking to get a number of character concepts down, and I like your style. You got any contact info if you're interested discussing rates and schedules?

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A dwarf barbarian with long unkempt hair and beard and a somewhat crazed facial expression; armour composed of fur and hide from various animals and monsters. Armed with a two handed Battleaxe. Basically a mix of these two pics. Thanks in advance.

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damn bro, that's pretty good

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Cthulhu vs Godzilla

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I would like to request art of my L5R character, an Asako monk. He’s not really that different from anyone else, kinda bland looking I suppose. Short, and rather dark skinned. He’s got a fair amount of muscle on him, more nimble than powerhouse though. Black hair that’s rather short and scruffy, or would messy be a better term? Whatever, it’s unruly. Brown eyes, large caterpillar eyebrows. I’d prefer it if he were dressed in his court robes; a rather fancier version of the monk robes he usually wears. Phoenix clan colors are warm; reds, oranges, and yellows. I’d like it if his outfit had a tiny phoenix clan mon on the left side, right above the heart. Please and thank you.

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Please draw the 1230 Varangian, but with slightly battered armour and a really menacing mask (Roman cavalry mask) on and a pointed helmet. Also, draw him with a ragged paludamentum on and a glaive (no sheild). He's supposed to be an ex-roya guard who was chased out when the Emperor purged most of the high classes.

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You mean Cthulhu completely owning Godzilla's shit, right? A god versus a big monster?

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Getting a good sketch takes a while for me, sorry for that.

Anyway, here's a rough one for >>14074184

Currently i'm in a sea of work, but you can mail me anytime and i'll see what i can do =)

glad you like it !

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I have a request.

A tall young woman (just under six feet) in a black jumpsuit, a lab coat, and a pair of vintage Converse All-Stars. Her hair is short (to about her jawline), black, and neatly parted, though it kind of hangs over one eye. She has green eyes and wears glasses like Buddy Holly. An appropriate prop would be a blue tool box, or robot parts. Friendly demeanor.

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Dunno if you like drawing 40k stuff, but there's something I think only you can draw properly.

The Dragon of Mars in his necrodermis fighting Hashut's avatar (or a really pumped-up lamassu).

Time to use a lot of middle-eastern references. For both of them, think Tiamat, Pazuzu, Nergal and shit all rolled up into two creatures. However, for the Void Dragon, it shoudl only look incidental; as he's beyond the collective subconscious influences that forms Chaos gods. For him, think Metropolis+R'lyeh. Some thing so alien and mysterious that it cannot NOT stir up religious analogies. For Hashut, just use all the orientalist mysticism shenanigans you can ever think about and make them look evil, but still incredibly majestic and powerful.

Otherwise, some BLAME! stuff. How about some silicate dude, with a lot of nice ameliorations. Or even something cutesy, like Sanakan as a maid, cleaning the cyberdungeon.

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A little complicated, but I hope you can do it:

1st character: spirit knight in dark purple, almost black, armour with white glowing eyeslits. The armour is covered with ancient decorations/runes and on the helmet is a small eagle decoration with bat wings. His weapon is a large zweihander with a hilt that carries the eagle/bat motif and a bright white blade. He also has a cape.

2nd: A ratkin woman in thick, practical leather armour wielding a war-scythe. Body-wise, she looks similar to Freya Crescent (pic).

If you want to make it dynamic, a fight between them and a gigantic skeletal hand pouncing out of the ground like a trapdoor spider.

If you could do this, that would be so very awesome. Thanks in advance!

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Forgot my pic

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A well built tall elvish ranger with two longswords one set with diamonds in the blade.
With long dirty blonde hair. A small scar over his left eye.Wearing ragged black leather armour and an ankle length cloak with the collar popped in an attempt to cover himself from prodding eyes.

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A Sister of Battle going all shades of love-crazy over a Brotherhood of NOD flametank

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We need someone to drawfag this:

A space marine dressed in a gentlemanly attire with tophat, targeting monocle and wielding a drill rapier (see >>14075378 for how it looks) and black-powder-muzzle-loaded bolt pistol,

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No, seriously, that's pretty much it. Could you draw a fish?

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Are there no more drawfriends left in this thread?

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A dwarf with his shirt open, offering magic items in exchange for naughty touches

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Guys, i will try to do every single one of your requests, i ask only for patience.

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That's very awesome of you, sir. I'll check back later, but just in case the thread 404s, I'll e-mail you my request?

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are you crazy or what? This is not how you drawfag! You're doing it wrong! by the time you finish em all, the thread will have 404'd ten times or autosaged because of all the bumpings to keep it alive.

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And we will bump vigilantly until you have, brave drawfriend.

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i'll try to be swift.

just trust me.

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Requesting a female Orc barbarian in a Thulsa Doom-esque helmet, but with the horns curved more like this succubus' http://www.vectorvault.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/ben-kwok-b-vectorvault.jpg . Ideally her face should be completely obscured by opaque shadows on the face.

Hands and feet should be wrapped (Muay-thai kickboxer style http://img.wonderhowto.com/images/gfx/gallery/a634306311302370113.jpg

http://blog.nationmultimedia.com/home/album_data/213/213/album/73/images/1353.jpg) to better show off the sharp, claw-like nails.

The rest of her armor could be a combination of "typical barbarian garb" and bits and pieces of armor from warriors of other cultures (presumably that she defeated in personal combat and claimed their gear as trophies)... totally left to the discretion of the artist on how to design this. Other accessories (such as trophy weapons) would likewise be perfectly acceptable.

Has no real weapon of choice, so if you feel like drawing any weapon in particular (like something she may have acquired from a previous conquest), feel free.

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Follow me


Solid Snake as a

Don't laugh now

A Space Marine

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already done. Done badly, but already done.

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DM here, could you draw my 3 PCs standing next to eachother with some cool fighting poses?
They are a dwarf paladin wielding a hammer, an eladrin wizard with a wand, and a human rogue with a dagger wearing a rug as a cape.

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Requesting Alan Rickman as a pirate (think dressed down, white shirt, short pants) though redhaired, with a white stripe.

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I can give you more details if you want, but that just about covers it.
Their hair colors and all those things aren't very important.

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Was he a Ultramarine? Or a Primarch?

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Deverto Keruo stands as tall as a human, but does not look human. His skin have a dark red hue with a smooth look, only to be spoiled by tattoos of demons, devils and various arcane symbols.

Deverto have long silky black hair that ends in a ponytail which is hold together by skulls of imps. The hair line on his forehead is broken by two 2 inch long grey horns. He does not have teeth like a normal humanoid, but rather have fangs. His eyes are usually closed yet it seems like it does not bother his actions. When they are open they reveal eyeballs filled with fires of hell.

Upon his head, behind his horns floats golden crown and around his head five burning stones rotates in a pentagram pattern. He carries a long black cloak with the hood down. Even though the cloak is long it does not touch the ground as Deverto hovers a feet over the ground. His only other piece of clothing, a pair of woolen pants, is covered in blood of demons and devils. The cloak covers his shoulders where a pair skulls of Cornugons rest, giving Deverto an unusually broad frame.

In his right claw-like hand he holds a twisted dark wooden staff adorned with small skulls of various fiends. A pitch black raven rests upon his left shoulder, staring in all directions with its glowing green eyes. Its bone white peak drips with fresh blood.

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Requester here. Refreshed this thread at random and saw this. Awesome work.

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An undead necromancer, wrapped completely in black silk (has a purple shine). The only thing outside of it is a belt, with a pouch and a bag of holding on one side, and a rapier on the other.

Pic related, it's him as done by another artist. The ghost lady is his wife.

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I have a request it's for my D&D character.

She is a fairly tall woman with a muscularly lean build. Her skin is a tanned white and her eyes are a deep blue. Her hair is dark and done up in tight ponytail reaching from the crown of her head to the small of her back, tied with pearl jewelery. She also has a tattoo of cresting waves along her left abdomen and hip.

Her clothes are like fitting dark blue wraps that show off her mid-drift and keep her arms and legs bare. She has a sash tied about her waist with a circular buckle with a fist on it.

She wears a headband of pearls that has two jeweled strings that loop under her eyes. She also has a choker inset with pearls, bracers that look a lot like laurels. and these Greek looking sandals, the ones tied up around the leg, but there is a design of a spider on them with the laces.

Finally she has a quiver full of arrows strapped to her back and wields and elaborately painted bow.

TL;DR Aquatic Indian Athena.

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Would it be possible to draw a Geist character for me?

Essentially, imagine Jimmy Stewart as a Sin-Eater and Harvey (the giant rabbit that only he can see) from the movie "Harvey" is his Geist. Only instead of a large rabbit, it's a huge figure with an animal skull for a face in a weed-wrapped, soaked through rabbit costume. It has twig like antlers and very rotten looking angelic wings.

I realise you have a lot of requests to get through if you're doing them all, so don't worry if you don't get around to it!f

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I request anything from the Shattered Sun homebrew.


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As a fellow drawfag, it's usually better to ask for a specific thing because if a drawfag is taking lots of requests, he won't have time to scan through an entire document and then choose something.

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I have a request if you feel like it, its a DnD character I have been enjoying of late:

A young man with slight feline features (shifter race from 4e), in primal garb. A light leather armor covering his upper body, furs over his shoulders. His legs are covered to the knees by animal skins. His feet have well-worn moccasins. A dragon's claw hangs in a necklace from his neck. There is a bright feather behind his right ear. He is holding a wand of wood carved like a old man and has a scythe strapped to his back. Next to him walks a mountain lion that seems to be glowing slightly.

Would love to see this character come to life.

>> No.14077842

Any artists still lurking here or is posting a waste of time?

>> No.14078010

totally forgot about the ripped jeans, sorry.

I've noted down all of the requests, in case it will 404, ill start a new one.I'm going to sleep for 8 hours and continue.

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bump for op

>> No.14078467

bumpng on hope of more drawfags

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OP, do you got a blog or some shit like that? Im very impressed by your stuff

>> No.14079767

Interesting artwork. Will save it for later.

>> No.14079877

>implying anything will be drawn

>> No.14080312

>implying this is a drawthread, and OP isn't trolling the fuck out of you

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Battle Master

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A man in a regal-esque red overcoat with gold trim down the sides, long dark pantaloons leading into his buckled boots. He has short blond hair and is wearing spectacles. His left hand rests on a sheathed rapier. His right hand is adorned with a deep black glove that runs up his forearm. He holds a wine glass in his gloved hand, a pretentious smirk on his face.

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My Paladin. Cleveland Smite. All he does is cleave and smite evil. Fullblade, plate armor, crazed look on his face all the time. More barbarian than paladin but he doesn't enter a rage, just a trance like state where he chants about "cleaving and smiting evil" while he cleaves and or smites said evil. The angrier and more crazed, the better.

No real standards to his look other than intense rage and desire to cleave and smite evil. If it's not too much trouble, maybe have him doing something like smiting some evil.

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Requesting a lithe-looking, redheaded human male wizard with a shoulder-length ponytail, green eyes and a few freckles. He usually wears silky red robes with gold highlights, thin black gloves, dark brown boots, and carries a simple oak staff. He usually has his hood down, and if at all possible, have one of his hands being held up with thin claws beginning to protrude from his fingertips in a somewhat bloody manner. Fiery, windy, or electrical arcane effects would be an awesome addition, as would his fullplate-clad air mehpit familiar. Our local DM would very much appreciate this!

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If anyone could draw this, that would be really amazing. Don't really going to have to give him armor or clothing or anything, but a sweet ass spear might be awesome.

Arachnoids appear as arachnid humanoids. Their abdomen and bottom four legs resemble a giant spider, but their thorax and upper four legs appear more humanoid and are upright. The topmost arms are significantly shorter and look similar to a human baby's arms, but still maintain a chitinous exoskeleton and the same color as the rest of the Arachnoid's body. The set of limbs below that, of normal length, end in a hand typically with longer than humanoid fingers.

Their face and head are that of a spider, having eight (sometimes six or four) eyes, chelicerae, and pedipalps. Most often, their main two eyes are larger than the rest. Their eye color tends to be a solid color of black, dark red, dark green or dark blue. Their chelicerae can sometimes be a different color than the rest of their body, often an iridescent color. Their body has hairs that cover it, the density of which ranges between Arachnoids, and can be a different color than the rest of their chitinous body.

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>> No.14084992

A human ranger, 5 o'clock shadow, wearing a hooded cloak and mail shirt. On his hands, black steel gauntlets, with a six inch claw on each of the fingers. Thanks!

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>> No.14085160

Could I get an NPC in a Chinese-themed D&D campaign I'm running?
Hair: Dark brown and worn in a pair of ox-horns/double buns.
Appearance: Chinese features, face obscured by her mask. About a C cup, although she has an amazing ass and a nice body in general. Slightly toned.
Clothing: A bit of a Mortal Kombat expy. A black and very dark green sleeveless leotard with a loincloth. A bit of sideboob due to how it closes around her neck, but no cleavage (unless you really feel it's needed). It's skintight, anyway. Numerous golden bracelets and armlets on her bare arms. Wears black knee-high boots. Wears a mask over her lower face (again, a bit of a MK homage). Wears a golden band around her leg upper thigh. The bindings for her ox-horns are also gold.
Other: She's an assassin, LE, and wields a dao.
In exchange; tits.


>> No.14085201

If I could get my PC drawn much happiness would be abound

A four foot 217 pound dwarf, black beard with no hair. Skulls are tied into his beard and he wears a large cloak over chain mail. In one hand he holds a warhammer while his left hand juts forth a carved raven, the sign of his goddess.

>> No.14085331


>> No.14085361

Holy shit that was fast. Thanks a ton!

>> No.14085407

Alright I never get this request done, but I want a tech priest with a hood and cloak and all that but tracks for feet like johnny 5 and if he could have eyes like johnny 5's with the flaps that'd be kick ass.

>> No.14085424

This thread's old, but I have a few requests.
A woman in battered leather armor, a hide of flayed dragon-scales draped over one shoulder as a cloak. Long black hair, a bit mousey from lack of care. A pair of small, worn, but well-made daggers in her hands. Very neutral sort of stare.

Thanks, if you take this one.

>> No.14085430

>"Hmm draw thread, I just finished homework for last week I got a day or two off. Maybe I'll do some stuff."
>(User was warned for this post)
>My face when

>> No.14085435

Oni gladiator. No armor on his torso, maybe some leather along the arms. Buff but not terribly defined. Vibrant red hair, bronze-tone skin, if you do color. One large conical horn in the center of his forehead, with a smaller one underneath it sort of at an angle to the larger one. Minor scars, nothing severe - he's well-trained and more importantly, was noble and thus given the advantage in most of his fights, but he doesn't take this as an excuse to slack.

>> No.14085436

posted porn i guess

>> No.14085439

He posted porn on a worksafe board.

>> No.14085465

>posted porn i guess
Yeah his post ends with "In return tits".
Seeing mods hanging around giving bans/warnings tends to kill my mood to drawfag.

>He posted porn on a worksafe board.

>> No.14085487

Not sure if heavy enough.

>> No.14085493

Draw an elf in a white and immensely plain robe with a wide brimmed hat. FIREBALLS EVERYWHERE.

>> No.14085494

>Seeing mods hanging around giving bans/warnings tends to kill my mood to drawfag.

Man up you fucking pussy.

>> No.14085501

>Man up you fucking pussy.
Haha, go suck a dick.

>> No.14085506

Thankyou for the quick response. It's taken a long time for somebody to actually draw it. My thanks.

>> No.14085566

Requesting a Black dragonborn pally, platemail, greatsword and is missing his left eye, thanks in advance.

>> No.14085638

Hopefully not too oni.

>> No.14085723


>> No.14085733

If anyone still is drawing I'd request a short fat almost naked Bullywug armed with a two handed morningstar and riding a camel.

>> No.14085761

Aw man, why does no one ever want to draw an arachnoid for me?! I always get skipped over. :(

Someone? Please?

>> No.14085779


Holy shit I used to chew those when I was a little kid.

>> No.14085783

I'll see if my sister will undertake that request, she has a thing for arachnoids as well.

>> No.14085994

Me again, she says she will do it but you might have to wait a week before you get the final product (it's midterms week here in germany) she also wants to know if you want a male or a female and if you want it young or old, because if you don't specify she is gonna default to a shota arachnoid

>> No.14086040

I like the way your sister thinks. If she does that, then does she do thri-kreens, too? Female monk ones, perhaps?

>> No.14086061


Is it possible I could get this drawn?

>> No.14086064


Did you ever end up posting any of the pictures you said your sister would do before Christmas? I remember you put up a couple of threads where people could come up with suggestions, but after that my internet connection died for some time. Did I miss them?

>> No.14086095

a elven lich, wearing black full plate which is falling apart from age, surrounded by a negative energy field, casting a necrotic ray (a black crackling [like electricty] ray) , with a evil grin on his skeletal face

>> No.14086110

D and D half elf, appearance of about 26, long blonde hair. Sorcerer class at level 8 with a rank in elemental savant for Air elemental. Preferably some tell-tale signs that he isn't wholly of his original race now, like an aura or strange eyes. Pretty angular features and ornate staff.

>> No.14086158

A Black Templar assault marine standing before a bridge, saying "None shall pass." with lots of dead Ork body's all over the place.

>> No.14086220

Lieutenant of my BBEG in my current campaign, please. He's a troll warlord (in this setting the race looks like this pic), who generally commands a small army of monsters to fuck the party and the kingdom they're in up.

He wears studded leather spaulders with a diagonally-worn torso belt with a proper belt round the waist, some tarnished silver bracers, a sort of makeshift lioncloth made from from a (deceased) elven wizards robe (former PC), with tough leather boots. His weapons would be a large, ornate mace with a blocky head which was originally created by the dwarves, and by his side (with a chain to make sure it can't be stolen somehow) is a black tome that radiates dark magic. He doesn't have a helm as such, but does have some minor face-paint for intimidation effect.

Please & Thank you.

>> No.14086278

Bless you, Drawfags.
Here my humble request:
A redemptionist priest, 2,10m tall, 120kg heavy.
Hair is long and red (by nature, not dyed).
Wears carapace armor under his robes and a cloak made of scales, usually wears his mask when in action.
Wields a huge, two-handed axe with a flamer-attachment. Has a flamer dangling on a chain over his shoulder. Carries a whip and promethium tanks on his belt.
For posing, I thought him resting his axe on the right shoulder while reading from a book (Ludmillan Dictates) in his other hand.
Before him a few penitent citizens kneeling and pleading for forgiveness.
I shall standready to answer any questions or deliver sources.

>> No.14086282

That's a cool samurai, OP. Can you do my Rogue Trader character?

A disgustingly thin hive ganger with a fairly square jaw. Sunken deep eyes and a sardonic smile. In two hip holsters are a Las pistol with a bayonet and a stub automatic with a chain knife attachment. In his hand is either a grapple gun or a trashy romance novel. If you are super-ambitious and go for scenery, he might be leaning up against a giant crate of Soylent Rations.

>> No.14086289

I'm a little late on this, thank you.
Lost the thread, had to find in my history.

>> No.14086406

Hey drawfriends! I've got a request for my two person D&D party.
There's a half-elf druid, fairly tall, with black hair and a goatee. He looks halfway between a douchebag and a nice guy. There's a pretty fat rat at his feet.
He's sort of glaring at his partner, a half-nymph girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. If you've seen panty and stocking, she's essentially Panty in a Grecian dress. If not, well, she's obviously very confident in her looks and kind of a bitch. She's got her arms crossed and is staring at the guy.
Thanks if you read all that, thank you even more if you draw it!

>> No.14086996


>> No.14087460


>> No.14089378

wise fwom yore gwave

>> No.14089464

That would be amazing, thank you. I would like him to be male and I would like him to be old if that is cool.

I base my request on sort of a mixture between the World of Warcraft Nerubians, Perdido Street Station's The Weaver, and even a little bit of Thri-kreen. If any of that helps.

I'm fine with waiting a week. I checked out your blog, looks pretty awesome. Germany is a pretty awesome place. I couldn't find an e-mail address on there, though, so I'm hoping you're checking this thread... You can e-mail me back if you'd like.

>> No.14089805

Skinks with top hats and monocles. Drinking tea.

>> No.14089807

Still waiting on this.

>> No.14089975

OP said he was working on them...

>> No.14090012

I was just makin' sure.

>> No.14090027

An old paladin warrior, bald, with a big beard and mutton chops. He's smiling widely, and he's also wearing sunglasses. Why? Because I want him to.

>> No.14090134

>Still waiting on this
Entitelment issues much?
(not a drawfag)

>> No.14090160

About what I thought upon reading that.
(No Drawfag, either)

>> No.14090302

A masked and hooded necromancer lovingly holding the head of a dragon as she reawakens.

They were friends in life. Dragons size is up to you, should you fancy drawing.

>> No.14091510

Will deliver on saturday, worst case scenario on sunday.University just got real. + work, +side jobs.

You can let this thread die for now.

>> No.14091523

Aw... Alrighty. Good luck.

>> No.14091550

Drawing characters is worthless.
Everyone and their dogs can draw characters.
There is no job openings in that.
Can you draw backgrounds?
Everyone of the billions of guys who draw characters wants a guy who can do backgrounds for them.
And you set the price.

>> No.14091697

Like i've said, you can request anything, i can do environments, the thing with characters is that they take less time for me.

>> No.14091702

I have a pretty unique character I've already drawn myself but I'd like to see what you or any fellow drawfag in this thread does with it. A Silver-back Gorilla 6ft 2 (When standing straight up) and 430 lbs of furry muscle, wearing a zebra striped bowler hat, rainbow suspenders and baggy polka dot clown pants with armored knees. He's a Barbarian and has specially made gauntlets with axe blades coming off the sides so he can strike with his arm swings the way a natural ape would.

Anyone wanna tackle this one? Pic related. It's the pic I did of him myself.

>> No.14091705

a few of them are up on the blog (address is in my email field)
the others are being re-done due to my sister being one of those perfectionists that after practicing or finding a new way to do something declares most of her past work shit and tries to redo it or scrap it. I am sorry she is such a cunt.

She offers to scan some of the stuff she sketched but is probably going to redo them anyway.

she says she will probably do a few sketches of these as well, as she thinks Thri-kreens are dawwww worthy.

to anyone else requesting something you can send it to creme_of_penguin_soup (at) Yahoo (dot) com

She will take the best ones submitted and draw them on our trip to Italy (5 hour bus trip) then post them when we return.

>> No.14091723

so is he supposed to look comedic or is it serious?

>> No.14091748

The character is totally serious but his look was intended to be somewhat funny as his back story is oddball to say the least. The biggest quirk he has if probably the fact he has NO idea that what he's wearing is odd at all. He's my favorite to play.

Couldn't think of a pic to upload but here's an enemy from a campaign I wrote where the evil circus he escapes from comes to kidnap him and the party he's with and doom them in the show. These were the guys sent to capture them all. Their evil leader was the same except he was a rodeo clown and talked like he was from the creepy rubber nose wearing part of Texas.

>> No.14091830

kreig-chan request for anyone who missed it.

>> No.14091857

human female, chain shirt, day of the dead makeup, longspear.

pic for makeup reference

>> No.14094311

I was in a monkey-ish mood today.

>> No.14094759

Please draw for me a battle chef. Long blonde hair with blue eyes who is holding a flaming trident in his right hand, and a wine bottle in his left. Give him a grin and make him look more like a kind person than a serious warrior. And on his hip, give him a small champagne saber.

If you have the time, that is... ._.

>> No.14094834

And make the hair kind of thick, shoulder length, and parted in the middle, please.

Kind of like in the pic only not as bleach blonde

>> No.14094881

This, if you would- a Super Mutant Legionary. Maybe punching some tribals, or standing triumphantly in front of a few crucified NCR troopers.

>> No.14095044

alright, if you are still there...
My pheonix Shiba bushi would be nice~ Has a light red/golden armor, a katana, a mastercrafted wakizashi (the sheet has jade runes), A bow and a Spear. He is slightly above average height, a bit on the skinny side but very agil. No redeeming scars outside of his armor and kimono, and no helmet

Or, alternative if you dont know much about L5R, my DH Techpriest without his hood on, that would be a techpriest made of 90% metal. most of his face is gone and replaced by cybernetics, only his right eye and the top if his head arent cybernetic (he is wearing his respiratory implants, so the usual part of the face hidden, has a metal staff and lots of mechandrites (utlity, manipulator with inbuilt breacher, optical and medical). Apart from that... wearing red robes. duh.

>> No.14095169

>>There is no job openings in that.
>>I just nailed a job doing exactly that.

I bet you think drawing porn won't get you anywhere, amirite?

Also browsing the thread for something to draw.

>> No.14095248

Well draw this :D


>> No.14095409

A Super Mutant Legionary frustrated at the fact that he can't up his loincloth properly like the rest of the soldiers, since he has no genitalia.

>> No.14095462


Yes, i can draw a fish.


>> No.14095974

I always imagine chef-types as chubby, nice-looking brosefs.

>> No.14096033

Angelic man clothed in vines growing from his body, wings with each feather being a leaf, and a halo made of lighting. Wind blowing everywhere. His left hand gesturing "stop!". etc etc. Thanks in advanced OP/

>> No.14096075

Looks like there's been some Mechanicus stuff already, but I was wondering if I could request this character with the left side of her face replaced with the bionic eye array seen on the inset pic.

>> No.14096183

Ahaha nice, you made my night man

>> No.14096248

Requesting the arab woman with a big scar on the neck, long blonde hair, and blue eyes with a veil over her lower face and neck.

>> No.14096355

Tried it. Didn't come out too well.

>> No.14096367

Left side from her point of view or the viewers?

>> No.14096999

Her point I was thinking, but it really doesn't matter.

>> No.14097021


Could you visit the thread where /tg/ fleshed out a country/world and called it Dener?
Would appreciate it if you could draw king Brogitarius or Captain Taraklet.


>> No.14098825


>> No.14098861

I'd like a Kor sort of like this one, with a hook-on-a-chain in one hand [spinning or hanging at your choice - I know some people hate having to draw things in motion].

>> No.14098895

I have a character that is a robot that thinks he is a private detective from a noir movie. He's got the suit, cloat and hat. In his thump there is a built in lighter. He pretends to smoke ciggars and is a bit odd in personality.
pic related he kinda looks like the robot but with his partners clothes... in his right hand there is a built in boltgun that fires from his index finger. Please draw him.

>> No.14098896

Female wild elf warrior. She is naked and covered in warpaint made with blood. She has long hair with feathers and small bones braided into it. Her pose is stalking and ready to pounce and she has a psychotic grin on her face, revealing sharpened teeth. She has an elven blade ion her hand, looking somewhat like this in design:

>> No.14098923

She is a recurring villain from my campaign and gives my PCs nightmares. I would love to have her drawn.

>> No.14099166

amazing brushwork, horrible stylization

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