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Ok, recently I started my (first) army which is Tau.
And I really need some love now, and to be assured that I'm not the last retard on the planet that tries to play them. At Games Workshop I regularly hear conversations like
"-Dude, you play Necron? What, did you lost a bet?
-Well, at least its not Tau! Hahaha!"
And I am pissed. Anybody feels some love for only race in W40K Universe that is so out of place that seems to take the piss out of other grim dark races? :(
(The picture is kinda lame, but i figured that tits will catch some attention)

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Honestly they're just scared of your ST5 basic weapons.

Tau are great it's just most players don't do them justice because they don't fully understand the concept of running away and shooting.

And even then a lot more people don't like them because they will either win by a LOT of points or lose by a LOT of points.

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Old hand grognards think Tau were brought in by GW in a cynical bid to attract weeaboos. Like most TT wargames, the grognards despise newfags. Not without reason. Look what happened to Battletech when Wizkiddies tried to bring new blood into the franchise - they brought it so close to death people STILL say "Battletech? I thought they stopped making that."

Mind you, at its popularity peak, Battletech had TT wargames, TT RPGs, video games, toys, a freaking cartoon...

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This race is just silly. I mean big robots, indian canibal head-hunters and dinosaurs? Please...
I know that the whole Warhammer 40K universe is kinda absurd but come on...

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>Old hand grognards think Tau were brought in by GW in a cynical bid to attract weeaboos

It was

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but for some reason, weeaboos always deny it and claim Eldar instead when the Eldar were clearly based on space elves.

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In the same way Sisters are there for fanservice
Space Wolves are there for the furries
Blood Angels are for Twilight fangirls

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2000pts of Tau no regrets great army it will take you some time to construct a list that works for you and get used to the playstyle.

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Those tau heads on the left looked jacked as shit.

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Everything about the Eldar looks ripped from a generic anime

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Dude, I'm with you. The only army I'm interested in aesthetically and fluff-wise is the Tau, and I would play 40K but from what I hear the Tau suck so bad I wouldn't be able to win a game no matter what, so I'm not even going to bother. I don't really care about playing tourneys/seriously, but I can't invest that much money for assured loses even just playing with friends.

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Dispel those negative thoughts. Go to http://www(dot)advancedtautactica(dot)com/ and read some of their tactica articles

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Interesting. Thanks!

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I play successfully at an acceptable level with tau in 750 1000 and 1500pts you simply have to get the play style down.

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Actually when playing with my friends a usually have a tie. Then again I play with Necrons and experimental Eldar army consisting of rangers and Herlequins ONLY so...

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>Everything about the Eldar looks ripped from tolkien's elves but in spess


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So, any advices how to play Tau, what to buy (Besides Crisis Suits) and what don't? (Besides Vespids who suck)
For example I still don't know if Krootox or Kroot Hound are worth Buying.

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Hounds are good for inflicting some damage (Initiative 5 and 3 attacks I think) with your speed bump units

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>Eldar: Tall white Aryan master race. Creative and artistic. individualistic.

>Tau: short sighted bandy legged funny accented ashuns with gundam robots. good at maths and normal tech (not magitech like the Eldar). collectivist, conformist mentality. I also read somewhere that Tau have "discrete" reproductive organs i.e. tiny penises.

Sound familiar?

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Don't forget Greater Good =

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short sighted bandy legged funny accented... My first thought "DWARVES!"

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>short, well meaning and immune to chaos

My first thought "HALFLINGS!"

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good at maths and normal tech (not magitech like the Eldar). collectivist, conformist mentality. I also read somewhere that Tau have "discrete" reproductive organs i.e. tiny penises. ,<-Still. dwarves.
So...are dwarves asians?

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Don't bother with kroot anything EVER! Run hammerheads with Ion cannons. a squad of broadsides with drones instead of shields can be very evil indeed. Don't pay for shields on your suits use their assault movement to keep them out of trouble. Crisis weapons should allways be plasma, rockets. A Stealth team can somtimes be worth it rifle fire warriors are your troops choices.

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Can anyone explain me why the Kroot don't have an assault weapon?

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Because they're not a close combat race. They just wanted to spell it out for you.

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Kroot are valuable. Crisis Suits with Missile Pod and something. Piranhas, Broadsides, and Railheads too. Fire Warriors should not leave the devilfish they are in (be it a Pathfinder's fish or theirs).

Learn to moveblock. It's a lifesaver.

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dislike rail heads but thats just me

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Arent the Kroot suposed to be a token CC unit?

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Kroot are an anti-scout screen, and buffer against derpstrike (push back Daemons/Drop Pods so they can't DS within range of your Disruption Pods)/outflank (line table edges for fun).

Any assault ability of theirs is a matter of wiping out the 2 or so Marines left in a unit.

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I play Tau with my group and took some flack at the start. But over time and learning where my strengths lie, well now they fear the wrath of the greater good. Especially my Piranha squadron. Basically just play what you like, learn your army, and show them what you can do.

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I think they guy who wrote the 1d4chan article on tau tactics had it right; where you can take a railgun, you take a goddamn railgun.

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Kroot are a fantastic distraction, what the fuck are you even talking about. See anything closing on to your Broadsides? Sic your kroot on them. Sure, they'll die, BUT, they will keep your Broadside safe and shooting for at least one more turn, if not more, depending on dice rolls.

I'm a beginner Tau player as well. One of the first things I learned was appreciating my kroot. They can do some amazing things, and they are extremely cheap.

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Don't feel bad taubro. I play demons and my friend's stealth-suits once took down my keeper of secrets in close combat. It was a crushing, crushing moment.

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Oh yes. First games with having a Broadside in my army list. Yeah, I want more of these motherfuckers. They pack a significant punch.

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My three Stealthsuits managed to hold an Harlequin squad with Farseer for good three turns.

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Oh god. Fuck ATT the only reason to go there is for hobby related stuff. Their tactics are shit and their feel good rules make it so you cant call a shit unit shit.

Also, Tau are a perfectly good army. They can easily compete with the "Top Tier" (lol) armies like SW and BA. That is if you use the single viable build left in our out of date codex. The problem with Tau that causes new people to lose with them is that a good 50%+ of the units in our codex are shit and not worth taking.

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Tau are still a good race, definetly more viable than necrons.

Plus beating overpowered 5th edition races with underpowered 3rd edition races feels alpha as fuck.

In general the only people who make fun of tau are children and/or people who are new to the hobby who learned everything they know from "humanity fuckyeah" threads or the uplifting primer.

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Yeh, seriously. Anyone who says tau suck at close combat never had a squad of stealth suits decloak in the midst of their daemonettes. My friend also plays a farsight or however you spell it army, so they're even more hardass. You play your army taubro. If you love it, it'll work.

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This advice is and and you should feel bad.

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Can you make a Space Marine army full of guys with guns?

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Tau "tactics"

>Keep enough Firewarriors in your Devilfish alive until Turn 5, tank shock onto objectives and hope the other person doesn't melta-bomb your metal bawks
>If you succeed, hope the game ends on turn 5.
>If it doesn't, you lose!

Yeah, you guys need a new codex.


This picture makes me rage for some reason.

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Fucking this. Every time.

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Addendum to tactics for kill points:

>You lose.

S: 5 basic guns are great and all, and so is 30" range, but your ballistic skill and toughness are both lame, and you don't have the numbers that IG have to make up for it.

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>Dude, you don't play spess muhreens? What, did you lose a bet?

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Bitches don't know about my Celtic space elves.

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You don't even play 40k do you?

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cos' Devilshish is fuckin' hard skimmer.

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You don't know how to play 40k, do you?

The Tau codex has two troops choices - both of which are Toughness 3, one of which doesn't even have an armor save.

Firewarriors are absolute shit at holding objectives, and considering that 2/3rds of your games are going to be objective-based, that's a huge drawback.

Kroot are good at holding objectives from shooting - if they're in woods.

The Tau codex suffers from the lack of ability to do much in the assault phase, and with the exception of IG, which lets you drown your opponent in dice rolls in the shooting phase, the assault phase is what will win you games.

Ten fire warriors shoot at a tactical space marine squad - let's say they're in double-tap range. Okay, so twenty shots. Ten hit. Of those ten, you're looking at 6-8 wounds. Of those 6-8 wounds, you'll probably kill 2-4. So, that's decent. I won't even bring up Firewarriors charging Space Marines.

Okay, so it's the Space Marine's turn. Double-tap range, twenty shots. Looking at about 13-14 hits. 8-10 wounds. 4-5 Firewarriors die. At the worst, statistically, the Space Marines with the gun that's not as good kill double the amount of Firewarriors. And charging will about the same, only the Firewarriors don't fight back and just die. Pic related.

I like the Tau. They're a lot darker than newfags think they are, and Crisis Suits are the shit. But what they can bring to the table needs to be updated, and YOU don't play 40k if you think otherwise.

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Yeah, hide your Fire Warriors in that Devilfish. Make it easier for the enemy to kill them. A sure way to victory!

>> No.14063924

Heres to H2/A1 Pulse rifles come 5th edition

>> No.14063928


Easier to kill...? Unless you park it somewhere stupid, you'll make it HARDER for them to be killed, even if the devilfish freaking explodes - remember, that creates a 4+ cover save where the vehicle used to be.

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>ITT we compare uneven points of different units to make marines look good

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SM were, and always will be producers pets, and always will be better than anything else.
Playing them is like hiring thos thaiwan boys to max your character in WoW for $100. Sure it will be easy as hell, but what's the point?

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Bring in the image!

Eldar are the weeaboo race.
Tau are Chinese.

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True dat.
Besides all Tau are comunist as fuck.

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Except they are literally based on a manga style.

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That's why IG frequently beat SM armies, right?


I'm not trying to make Space Marines look good, dipshit. I'm trying to make it clear that Tau need a new codex, with 5th edition's focus on objective games and transports.

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Already provided here:

lets get back to Tau Tactica

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Comparing basic troops squads even if points are not identical is legit, don't be stupid

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Animu elements:
Mechas, Katanas, Shurikens, martial arts, paths of enlightenment, psychic powers, and more.


Chinese elements:
Ritualized society.


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Sooo does making a close comba crisis suit (Stimulant Injector, iridium armour or vectored retro thrusters) a good idea or not?

>> No.14064057


Playing against your strengths is never good and that suit will cost way more than its worth.

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a lot of the power creep is retarded, tau can win games, its just that some toys newer armies get are somewhat better. it doesn't mean that older armies can't win a good necron player can win against a bad space marine player any day (and there are a lot of bad space marine players)

I love the tau they're fun to play and fun to play against. i love their ship asthetics and i love how fucked they are in the fluff.

Strangely enough it was playing tau and eventually seeing the benefits of crisis suits that eventually got me to start liking mecha and eventually turned me into an /a/ browsing weeaboo.

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>Caste system
>Does not fucking compute.

>> No.14064066

>implying a rigid caste system is part of a meritocracy

>> No.14064069

Because idiocy is global, an adjusted version of your image.

Also: Spain - represent!

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>Within each caste is a meritocracy, it even determines their fucking names.

>> No.14064085


They are all addressed by their rank, this does not a meritocracy make.

>> No.14064088

>How and Work capitalized
>mon visage

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>> No.14064094


You're right, promoting based on deeds done, and achievements accomplished is what makes it a meritocracy.

>> No.14064095

Complain to the guy who made the original image.
I can only adjust just so much of their fucktardry.

>> No.14064124

Trying to end the stupid ragewar.
Vespids. Any use or just shoot them to the sun?

>> No.14064129

You mean, like a fucking military?
A meritocracy is ruled by those best at ruling, not a fucking caste of special rulers.

>> No.14064133

You might as well use the Space Pope while you're at it.

>> No.14064134

how can you have a caste system inside a meritocracy?

>> No.14064137


A meritocracy would be a society where the dude/s with the biggest killscore/CV/insert another accomplishments rule.

In the Tau Empire you are born to rule, and nothing you can do will change that.
Even in the very best of the fire caste will ALWAYS be subservient to the very least of the Etheral.

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even the very best*
Fucking grammar.

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You'd be better off spending an equal amount of points on Chaos Spawn.

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HQ units:
Crisis suit commanders: both are good, i prefer the cheaper shas'el to the shas'o, but thats just me.

Body guards are good, but if you keep your HQ an independent character you can put them in a 3suit team for added protection. though body guards are good for squeezing in more crisis suits at higher points levels.

Ethereals are crap, but i have fun using mine for my Oshava origins list where the ethereal is meant to die but every turn he's alive he's an added bonus.

they're all right. their ability to actually shoot down av10 vehicles is not to be underestimated.

Kroot: always a good choice, taking hounds will help them in close combat but will not make them cc specialist, without hounds they're better at shooting.

Fast attack:
Drone squad: not reliable because of their shitty leadership, they really need to be fearless, they're god damned robots.

Pathfinders: Great, use their devilfish for some fire warriors, it has an added bonus. markerlights are teh sex.

Piranhas: great, alone as a tank hunter, together to stop movements, don't forget that they're open topped and the drones form their own squad, (you can move 12" jump out your drones from anywhere within 2" of the piranha unit, and you can shoot and then assault with your drones. can be useful against heavy weapon teams and the like.

vespid: ahahahahah

>> No.14064178

OGRYN would be a better use of the points.

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I finally have an excuse to post this.

>> No.14064212

>10 FW vs 12-14 SM (what?)
>100pts of FW vs ~218pts of SM
>therefore i win

>> No.14064224

Thanks, few nice tips.
And, actually, I also noticed that Kroot are better at shooting which came as a major suprise for me.
True, but we do not lose our optimism!

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Heavy support
Sniper teams:actually decent, but only in smaller point games, heavy support is too valuable to waste on them.

Hammerheads: Fantastic. either railguns for vehicles, lighter infantry and being awesome, ioncannons for meqs, monstrous creatures and light vehicles. both are good options.

Broadsides: Fantastic drink your opponents tears as you consistently wreck their vehicles.

sky-ray: meh, high price and needs pathfinders to get the most out of it, i don't mind the fact that it runs out of missiles.

Buy a sky ray box though since you'll be able to make any tau tank form it. since it includes all the bits and is the same price.

Stealth teams: good, i like their abilities to infiltrate or outflank, and they have decent firepower. giving them a lot of gun drones isn't that bad of an idea.

Crisis suits: Fan-fucking-tastic. your bread and butter. don't just rely on plasma missile. its a good jack of all trades but other suit variants will do their own specific jobs better for cheaper, at the trade off of being unable to do other specific jobs. The plasma missile multi-tracker suit will generally always be useful (though pricy)

good general suit variants
Plasma rifle, missile pod multi-tracker
Plasma rifle, fusion blaster multi-tracker
Twinlinked missile pods, and either a flamer or a targetting array
burst cannon flamer and multi-tracker
missile pods, burst cannons and multi-trackers

This isn't even getting into special issue systems or even more specialized suit variants. Making crisis suits is a lot of fun.

>> No.14064259

also generally i think missile pods should almost be standard on crisis suits.

not in the codex but as a choice

they're just too good to pass up.

>> No.14064334

acutally configuration of crisis suits is the hardes thing in making an army list...

>> No.14064354

a few final tips.

for vehicles:
Targetting arrays on piranhas with fusion blasters is boss (its only 5 points)

disruption pods on all your tanks is a must 5pts for always being in cover is also really awesome.

multi-trackers on tanks are a must.

flechettes actually make your tanks your best close combat units. (though you can only be reactionary with them.)

And some people will try to convince you that burst cannons have no place on a crisis suit.
I'll just say that st5 ap5 assault 3 for 8 points is never a bad option. Sure your list has it in spades, but with so much cover its rate of fire at range is great, and most of the time it can do damage against priority targets.

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The Tau Empire could be a meritocracy based on the assumption that they have a eugenics program: this would be justified by the "greater good" moral system (breeding everyone to have a certain role so that everyone may benefit). I dont see why they couldnt have a eugenics program as they are technologically more advanced than the Imperium is. This theory is based on an assumption though

>> No.14064401

Again, thanks taubro

>> No.14064487


It's like you can take different political views and put them together to form new types of governments, like National Socialism, or Anarcho-Monarchy.

>> No.14064581


>> No.14064687

>hey are technologically more advanced than the Imperium is
Oh boy, here we go again

>> No.14064719

This is stqated in codex.

>> No.14064790

Stealthsuits are good, Kroot are good, but you know what's really good? Kroot AND Stealthsuits!

One of the best strategm in the game I've found is presenting your opponent with a dilemma; shoot the nine guys with power armor or shoot the thirty naked guys? This worked in the old nid codex as well with one ravener and sixteen or more gaunts, because if the ravener gets stuck in it'll do some damage, but it's generally not worth a whole squad's shooting to overkill the thing when there's so many gaunts RIGHT THERE.
With kroot and stealthsuits working together if yuor opponent doesn't deploy across a wide front you can start the game with your opponent already surrounded by considerable firepower.

Anotehr good combo is a bodyguard with flamer, airburster, whateve else you like, and stimms. This guy protects your Shas'el from being swamped with scouts, kommandos, stormies, gargoyels, etc. The flamer means he's still cheap enough to sacrifice if you aren't facing enemies like that, and the stimms make him very durable against S7 or weaker weapons (like the guard and their fucking autocannons).

>> No.14064822


>> No.14064927

So this Airburster thingie is good?

>> No.14064960

S4 AP5, Large Blast, Special Issue, ignores line of sight, ignores cover saves.
I think the range is 24 inches and it costs less than a plasma rifle.

>> No.14065665

18" and is the same cost as a plasma rifle.

Pretty much a long range flamer.

Or combined with a flamer makes an extended range flamer.

definitely a good combo.

>> No.14065718

If anything is going to wear irridium armor, make sure to give it a drone controller with two shield drones to get the delicious 2+ saves.

>> No.14065778

Anyone want to help me figure out a points value of Kais.

Having a special character that's only a private is insanely cool.

i'd say somewhere around 75 points since his ability to give away wounds is awesome.

>> No.14065807

hey guys would it be possible to run a tau army woth virtually no tau, juts kroot and vespids and an ethereal as a HQ. or is this just terribad?

>> No.14065859

There were rules for kais in some WD.

>> No.14065990

yeah thats what i was referring to.

I meant to post the picture but i guess my internets fucked up or something.

he has no points cost due to it being a special scenario.

>> No.14066013


you need at least 1 firewarrior squad and one crisis suit commander.

after that you could do kroot and vespid. but you'll pretty much have 0 anti-tank.

I also hope that the new codex includes at least two more alien auxiliaries, some for type of slot (elite and heavy support)

>> No.14066482

bump for some more tau bros opinions.

>> No.14068056


Read my post, ye of the unfeeling testicles.

Ten on ten. Equal numbers. Someone else made a point about comparing the merits of basic troops being legit.

>> No.14069570

Mega Bro Bump!

I just started playing as well and I love the Tau!

For the Greater Good!!

>> No.14069627

>equal numbers
>ignores point cost and just uses equal model counts.

So i assume 10 guardsmen are of equal power to 10 gery knights.

>> No.14069704

if anyone can tell me the troop cost for the chaos forces in the scenario it'd help.

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