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Can we get all the warhammer fantasy players on /tg/ to post?

What's your current force?

Mine is high elves.

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no because /tg/ only cares about 40k

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What is your highest kill count with a single cast of Teclis's IR Purple Sun?

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WoCh player here.

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I feel insulted. (Guy making the 40k thread). I was going to make a Fantasy comics thread to, but I guess you don't want to, huh?

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Vampire counts, ghosts and zombies.

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I managed to kill half of my opponent's army with the purple sun


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Lizardmen reporting!

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>>I feel insulted.
Welcome to /tg/, enjoy your stay!

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Wood Elves, Orcs n' Goblins, Empire after everyone went to war and all the farmer wives, bandits, prisoners and general ne'er-do-wells are pressed into service by the Countess of the area to defend them selves from an invading force the Army missed or are chasing but are to far behind.

Also I'm working on an Alice in Wonderland themed Empire Army, Female Bretonnian Knights and Vampire Counts using Tomb King minis.

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8th Edition magic is the best thing that has happened to game since I can remember. It feels great to have high magic that actually makes a difference.

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havnt got round to using Teclis in a battle yet, but from what I've seen he pwns everything with purple sun!

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OP here, that sounds awesome, please post pics of it when you're done

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I've always wanted to play Warhammer Fantasy. I really loved the Skaven. Unfortunately, my friends play 40k.

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Okay, just passing by to ask the following:


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more friends get!

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Samefag here. Bretonnia seemed cool, too. I really liked the fluff.

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Will do.
I get roughly an army done in both systems (my 40k ones are Sisters, Daemons and Tau) per year but last year I was struck for three separate ideas. It'll probably be most of this year before they get even near done.

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Had a Dark Elves and Daemons army in 7th Ed (Yeah, I know, shut up). But now they've been rendered useless with 8th.

I'm just waiting for TK now.

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OP here, I know that feeling too. If you're ever around Nottingham and are up for a game, I'd be happy to give it to you.

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They do get mentioned occasionally in White Dwarf, whenever they do an article looking back at the history of the game, but it's never anything more than a "hey, look at these odd little curiosities" type of thing.

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Were Fimir the all male rapegnolls?

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Bretonnia also needs a new codex.

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Tell me your honest opinions on this 1000 list


Sorcerer - lvl 2, MoT, chaos steed, third eye of tzeentch, armour of demnation - 226


12 chaos warriors - MoN, shields, full command - 260

20 marauders - MoK, flais, full command - 150

5 marauder horseman - MoS, chieftain, musician, flails - 98


5 chaos knights - MoN, musician, standard bearer - 260

total: 994

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I know. That's where I first read about them. And it looks like /tg/ never fucking did. Will these ugly one-eyed fat guys ever get the love they deserve?

Damn, everyone must hate them because they believe they were an early attempt at lolsoedgy grimdark or something. They were just badass. Had to rely on themselves, lacked ressources, were forced to fight and rape their way to survival.

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nicely balanced list.

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seems solid

and in case somebody doesn't know:

MoS - Mark of Slaanesh
MoK - Mark of Khorne
MoN - Mark of Nurgle
MoT - Mark of Tzeentch

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If they ever release Fimir as an army I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

As it stands, I have a bunch of old minis I use in my Orc army.
I've toyed with the idea of an all Fimir orc army but that much converting and recasting turns me off it.

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>were forced to fight and rape their way to survival.

The curious thing is, it's not like they were marginalised because GW thought that rape references were a little too much to put into the game, as the Beastmen army book has a couple of oblique references to it as well. I suppose they may just have thought that Fimir didn't really have scope as a full army and overlapped a little too much with Beastmen, though it might have been interesting if the two were rolled together and you could take a regiment as a Special choice or something.

Also, as soon as Wood Elves get a plastic Treeman and Wild Riders, I will be all over them in a heartbeat.

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Kinda. Except they were like celt-gypsie giant frog-lizard-cyclops.

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Anything i should improve in the list?

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fucking same here.

I know a French neckbeard who actually built himself a full fimir army count-as orcs (for the 7th ed I believe) and won a couple tournaments with them. Since the new editions, he kinda stopped playing them.

tabletop-quality conversion and painting, but it proves that the idea is viable.

At least the explanation that always pops out is that racewide rape was too much.

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Yes, stop playing a noob-ass-cheesy-overpowered army.

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Orcs and Goblins master race reporting in.

All of our weapons are Choppas.

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Is there even any rumours about them?
Fantasy and 40k share something in common in that the best armies get ignored for 5+ years till updating them looks harder then ignoring them.

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Seriously? Is this some kind of poor attempt at trolling me?

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Saurus-wall Lizardmen. So what if everything is I1, I'll outlive anything you throw. I've seen my oldblood take out entire ranks before.

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no no you are supposed to say it like this:

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WoC are one of the most powerful armies in the game.

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>So what if everything is I1, I'll outlive anything you throw.
>IR Purple Sun

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>At least the explanation that always pops out is that racewide rape was too much.

True. Might there be some references to them in the 8th edition book, just naming them among the other creatures that inhabit the world? I've not gotten my hands on a hard copy to check, and all that /rs/ is giving out is rules sections.

None that I've heard of. AFAIK they were never a full army in their own right anyway.

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Please educate me, because this is something i don't really know. How, or why, are they exactly overpowered?

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>purple sun

your move

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rolled 5, 1, 4, 4, 5, 1 + 6 = 26

third if not second most competitive army after high elves and empire

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Chaos Warriors are possibly the strongest core choice in the game. The only one that comes close is Lizardmen Saurus, but they only have I1.

Chaos Sorcerers are a pain in the ass for any other magic casters too, with Infernal Puppet and Third Eye.

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Slann backed up with Skink priests. Its a game of who can cast it first.

>> No.14061718


I do use a slann. loldispel.

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rolled 2, 2, 5, 3, 1, 6 + 6 = 25

no it isn't. teclis is still going to murder you.

>> No.14061726

rolled 6, 6, 5, 2, 5, 4 + 6 = 34


>> No.14061731


A decent tooled-up Slann is easily on a par with Teclis. Especially if the slann has skink priests backing him up.

>> No.14061735

rolled 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 2 + 6 = 25


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>Power Scroll Bomb, Teclis.

You are going to face IF Sun in tournies sooner or later and it will eat your whole core. Saurus are good most of the time but the hardcounter hurts them like no tomorrow.

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you know, this is why people cast sun using 8-10 power diece hoping for a irrestible force.

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I've got a Bretonnian army, which I don't play anymore due to the drastic need for a new codex, along with the Skaven from the 8th Edition box.

I'm hoping to set up a warbands tournament at my local gaming club later this year, where I'll build a Khornate WoC army.

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You really do have such a boner for teclis don't you.

Slann with skink priests are easily comparable with Teclis. If you try and say otherwise, you're either a total Teclis fanboy, or just plain stupid.

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Only with Teclis dude. Any Slann decently kitted is his equal, not even going into special characters.

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>irresistable on any double.
>generates d3 power and dispel dice
>ignores first miscast every turn
>comes with uber dispel scroll
>+5 to dispel
>also cheaper than tooled up loremaster toad

>> No.14061757

>magic item, book of hoeth, does EXACT SAME THING AS TECLIS. welcome to two casters in one army with irresistable on any double

>> No.14061758


>full khornate army

fun to play, but you will most likely lose all your games.

>> No.14061765

Anyone wants to buy a full army of Skaven or Lizardmen?

Contact [email protected] for more info.

Not joking, not kidding. Real offer!

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>I prefer to use tyrion and an archmage with book of hoeth, lore of beasts. lol. tyrion with toughness 7, S7 always strikes first rerolling misses uber armor save immune to fire breath weapon magic resist regenerate special character of fucking doom

>> No.14061775

>Not joking, not kidding. Real offer!

>> No.14061778

toad gets first turn? vortex shard on my archmage, your magic phase is over
my turn, doubles... DOUBLES FUCKING EVERYWHERE... mmm purple sun

>> No.14061782

Drain Magic renegs irrisistable force. As soon as Purple Sun is cast, bam level 3 drain magic, good bye all 4, 5, ad 6 rolls, bye bye irresistable force.

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ITT: High Elf fanboys versus Lizardmen fanboys.

>> No.14061785

>>14061595 Also, as soon as Wood Elves get a plastic Treeman and Wild Riders, I will be all over them in a heartbeat.

I'm making female centaurs for Wild Riders, and might be using these for Treekin


As for a tree-man.. not a clue yet. Maybe curled wires with latex paint.

>> No.14061795

And at the end of the day, neither of them are cool enough to be able to ask the trees to move around.

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Magic is overpoered in 8th general?
Magic is overpoered in 8th general!

>sorcerer lord
>Mark of Tzeentch
>third eye
>power familiar
>Book of secrets
>enchanted shield

I see you've got cool spells. I've got some cool spells myself.

>> No.14061802


What are the weaknesses of an All-Khornate army? I can guess at the obvious magic deficiency, but any others?

Ah well. Valkia the Bloody is a cool special character I'd like to build towards, so I wouldn't be too depressed if I lost most of the games. I like building and painting more!

>> No.14061804


Well, Slann did move continents. And I'm sure Teclis, fluff-wise, could do the same.

>> No.14061815

>>14061795 Wood Elf brofist

Now lets go punish some maidens for picking flowers! Horrifying forest nightmare style!

>> No.14061816


From personal experience i can tell you that guy with mark of khorne are simply charging towards their death. Also, they can be kited around the whole field with ease. And the fact that you can't use magic pretty much prevents you from winning any big points. game

>> No.14061817

I've recently started Lizardmen, coming from Ogres.

There isn't much scope for conversions with Lizardmen, is there? I dunno if I've spoiled myself with Ogres, but all the Lizardmen have such a distinct look that it's difficult to come up with any conversions.

>> No.14061819

Shooting in general. You move towards the enemy and get pummeled by warmachines and archers so that your melee advantage isn't that great when you reach them.

>> No.14061823

drain what now? where are you pulling this from?

>> No.14061829


Drain Magic. From the High Magic Lore.

>> No.14061835

All drain magic does is increase the casting value of all spells by 3. what on earth are you talking about ?

>> No.14061854

Dude, you just went full retard.

>> No.14061858

I was planning on converting mine to have a Maori look.

>> No.14061863

Its actually a Slann version of the spell in the Lizardmen Army book. Check it out when you get a chance.

>> No.14061876


Hell yea. Are Wood Elves at all competitive in the current edition of the game? What I know about 8th points to it being dominated by big, solid blocks of ranged infantry, which Wood Elves don't really have.

>> No.14061881

are you referring to the drain magic spell they didn't get back with their new army book?

>> No.14061885

Its in the Seventh edition book.

>> No.14061891


Sadly, they're possibly the worst army in the game now 8th shat on skirmishers.

>> No.14061895


I'm looking at that book right now, and see no mention of it. Page source?

>> No.14061898

go read the spell, it's called becalming cogitation, it's and it doesn't have 'levels'.. it's one mage, and only 6's

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>> No.14061911

Glorious Lizardmen Master Race reporting. All other races are babbies

>> No.14061918

your'e terribly wrong on how that spell works sir, go read your army book

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>> No.14061926

So, new Lizardmen player here. So far I have 2 blocks of 24 saurus, 24 skinks and an oldblood. Where do I go from here? I was thinking of a skink priest on a steg for magic, but they're expensive.

>> No.14061928


Not anymore, frenzy is much harder to kite nowadays.

I play a clan moulder skaven list.
Fucking Giant rats and Rogres everywhere. Only the one HPA, convereted from a giant, but with the rest of my troops being stormvermin.

Everone laughs at the rogres, until they realize that Gnawtooth is along for the ride.

And then suddenly death frenzy and skavenbrew out of fucking nowhere!

(I consider any game a victory if I kill as many or more of my (and my allied armies) models than the enemy does)

The horned rat is pleased.

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>this guy is furiously reading his army book wondering wtf happened to his amazing drain magic spell which now sucks bollocks. on top of which thankyou for making my wizard have NO FEAR WHATSOEVER of miscast seeing as all 6's aren't counted as actually being rolled, now i can pump 6 dice into EVERYTHING and get dice back when your sauras are sucked into the purple doom. feel free to waste 50 points on never allowing me to miscast because i get IR on any double, HAHAHAH
tl;dr thanks for making me not miscast ever

>> No.14061989

high elf mages > *

>> No.14061990

What, they ride into battle on stolen bikes?

>> No.14062002

sad we never got a response from drain magic guy. guess some people can't handle being out magick'd by elves

>> No.14062022


I went to a different website for five minutes. Jesus Christ. I didn't reply because there's no point arguing with someone who has Aspergers.

>> No.14062034

pointing out that you're wrong gives me aspergers?
did you read how wrong you are?

>> No.14062043

I've just realised I've never played against High Elves with my lizards.

Kinda sucks that High Elves are better at magic, gamewise, considering the Slann taught them how to use magic.

>> No.14062054

high elves are stupid OP in this edition.
it's sad seeing 20 swordmasters and a chariot chop up 40 temple guard and a slaan in one turn

>> No.14062079

I'm organizing a party in Ulthuan for every single elf in the world, attendance is mandatory but there will be cake.

>> No.14062109

Orcs and Goblins. Specifically Night Goblins.

>> No.14062145


There will also be simultaneous parties in the Old World and Cathay for humans and ogres respectively.

>> No.14062161

Excuse me, but is Brettonia any fun?
Can you win with them?
Is there any way i could take that "Green Knight" guy and the Fay Enchantress in the same army, whilst it also being viable?
These questions are vital to whether or not i bother with warhammer at the moment.

>> No.14062169

>every single elf in the world
>attendance is mandatory

If a Treeman steps on a Slaan in the woods, and no-one else is around because they've been shot by arrows, will the rest of the toads learn to stay the fuck out of Loren?

>> No.14062176

i play Daemon of Chaos, mostly tzeench ones, 7ed, spamming Flickering Fire of Tzeench all the way (each fire doing 6hits str7 on average, yes i like my dice very much thank you)

what is the best place/forum to discuss warhammer fantasy strategy?

>> No.14062197

Treeman doesn't step on anything as it is an aberration to the world and the Slann's rightful magic will smite it furiously.

Is there any explanation why Slann magic is super effective against woodspirits?

>> No.14062204


If the old ones decide Loren isn't part of the great plan and needs to become a nice lake, will the wood elves make a sound as they drown?

>> No.14062211

WoC master race here.

>> No.14062231

>Green Knight
He isn't worth it.

>> No.14062232

>You will never be told anything about Brettonia

>> No.14062239




>> No.14062242


Stop playing stuff like "master race". I play WoC as well, but that's just plain stupid.

>> No.14062249


Stop saying stuff like "master race". I play WoC as well, but that's just plain stupid.

>> No.14062250

Oh well maybe i'll get into this game of yours when a new Brettonia/Vampire Counts codex comes along.
Twenty years maybe?

>> No.14062257

Go back to wherever you crawled to after Storm of Chaos.

>> No.14062271

im a experianced lizard player and have beaten teclis. i used tetto eko. for one turn he can make any double irrisitable and the fact is you only need one lucky turn or just throw combat attacks at him. i use 1 unit of 11 skinks with 1 krok. then throw every attack i can at the caster ending him quickly as he only has T2. admitidly my unit dies but teclis=475pts and my unit is 110pts

>> No.14062295

NG, WoC, Empire, DoC player here.

So penniless.

>CAPTCHA: financing atcin
I know, CAPTCHA, I know.

>> No.14062319

Ogres, Lizardmen, High Elves and VC player here, with small orc, dark elves, skaven and empire forces too.

Feels like there's never enough space man, just never enough space.

>> No.14062325


Shush, you, you got beat by Grimgor.

>> No.14062330

Why does GW not like Chaos Dwarfs?
Fluffwise they sound cooler than the regular "GRUDGEHATEMCHATEYBEARDAXEBEERGRUDGE" dwarves they have now.

>> No.14062365


But aren't CD's getting new army book and minis soon?

>> No.14062398


>> No.14062429


>> No.14062440

He is confused.
Forge World is making all new CD minis.

GW has said they are going to release a new army for Fantasy, but nobody knows what. I think they said it's something that hasn't had an army previously, though.

>> No.14062449

This guy looks legit


>> No.14062475


>> No.14062479

Hasn't had an army in fantasy huh...
>We are proud to announce the new WHFB army, "Marines".
>We are proud to announce the new WHFB army, "Snow Elves"
>We are proud to announce the new WHFB army, "Dragons"
Or more likely and as a far better idea, Cathay.

>> No.14062503

They have been expanding on Cathayan fluff since Ogre Kingdoms came out.

>> No.14062507


>> No.14062518

Cathay would be awesome, but they're halfway around the world. Wouldn't make much sense why they'd be fighting Lizardmen/Empire/Brettonia/Tomb Kings/Vampire Counts, etc. etc.

>> No.14062520

I was thinking of starting a Tomb Kings army (FB noob). Are they any good? A bad army to start with?

>> No.14062530



>> No.14062534

I play Lizardmen, but I've been on hiatus since 8th Edition hit. I only started playing during the last year of 7th, but for some reason 8th just doesn't feel right.

>> No.14062539

Wait 'til the new Army Book is released. It'll be out in a couple of months.

>> No.14062544


Right now, they're AWFUL. They're getting reworked a bit soon, so keep an eye on the GW website or sign up for their little newsletter.

>> No.14062551

I can see four choices. Cathay, Araby, Ind and Deep Ones (or whatever they are called in WH).

Cathay seems the most possible as there isn't a Far-Eastern army yet (mongols don't count). They probably have more non-human troops than Araby as they have Crystal Dragon Jesus and all. Ind has non-chaotic beastmen and I don't know if they would feel unique enough. And Deep Ones are just evil lizardmen so they don't seem that likely either.

>> No.14062561

Empire (multiple armies, different provinces)
started skaven and HE from new box set.

>> No.14062572

Maybe the Cathayan Empire is going through an expansion, or the Old World is encrouching into Cathay? As to the Lizardmen, isn't the Southlands crawling with them? Maybe instead of just Cathay it will be the entire East as a continient in a single book. Ind, Cathay, nippon, Kuresh. That would be freaking awesome.

This would mean a fluff advancement, but Fantasy tends to handle it a little better then 40k.

>> No.14062590


>> No.14062600

Dwarfs were my second choice, are they turrible too?

>> No.14062604


>> No.14062609

I know nothing of them gameplaywise.
But they are ugly and dumb. And they smell.
Worst depiction of dwarves in anything ever.

>> No.14062614

Cruise control engaged.

>> No.14062618

Dwarves are pretty solid. They have a good mix of tough warriors and deadly warmachines. Empire without the cavalry in some ways.

>> No.14062628


>> No.14062637

Ogres and Warriors of Chaos

Only got my Ogres fully painted though....

>> No.14062641

A knightly themed Empire army would be better. A crusading Order of the Blazing Sun fits the same mold, but gives you warmachines and more ranged choices.

>> No.14062642

I used chivalrous incorrectly, fuck.

>> No.14062643

Empire Morr army here. In it for all the bitches, and all the dispel dice.

>> No.14062646

Hey you. You shut up.
>BFF with humans, helped them all over the place

WF Dwarfs are awesome.

Kind of boring to play, though.

>> No.14062655

why are they called dwarfs in whfb and not dwarves?

>> No.14062658


Why not?

>> No.14062661

what are fun to play then?

>> No.14062663

i think I remember you from an earlier thread. Great Swords and bugger all artillery right?

>> No.14062678


Aren't Slayers those half naked axemen? Only think I remember about them is that some troll started 200 posts long flamewar about women in fantasy with them.

>> No.14062687


That's me. Added some token shootiness in a Cannon and Helblaster though, because gattling flintlock cannons are funny as hell. And some more infantry blockage.

>> No.14062690

Skaven for one. Goblins look like they might be pretty neat with the next book and that fuck huge spider.

>> No.14062697

>He thinks the book of grudges is cool!

>> No.14062701

Sayers are Dwarf who have dishonoured themselves, and atone for it.


>> No.14062702

Plus helblasters send folk to morr's realm much faster.

I liked your army, very flavourful.

>> No.14062708

Because dwarves sounds smoother and is grammatically correct.

>> No.14062719


Thank you sir. I'm currently working on a War Altar of Morr, consisting of the VC Black Coach with The Nightbringer attatched to the back. High Priest of Morr at the front and all that, knows the whole lore of...Exorcism. *Stern nod*

>> No.14062731

Actually they're both grammatically correct. Dwarves was an invention of Tolkien. Dwarfs was the accepted pluralization before he came around.

>> No.14062732


>Gramatically correct
>Constantly represented and changed fantasy race

>> No.14062733

>grammatically correct
"Dwarfs" is an older, but perfectly legitimate, spelling.

>> No.14062751

Final f's usually become v's in plurals.

The only reason Dwarfs was kept was because it was Old Speak, Tolkien updated the grammar for modern times.

>> No.14062758

ITT: People use Teclis, think they have any sort of skill

>> No.14062759

high elves 3000 points
bretonnia 2000 points
warriors of chaos 2000 points
vampire counts 1000 points
skaven 1000 points

>> No.14062761

Empire reporting in.

It takes hundreds of years to train a high elf swordmaster
And a couple seconds to kill them

>> No.14062777

More like
It takes hundreds of years to train a high elf swordmaster
And a few cannons to kill one

>> No.14062784

I love my lizzies, though Kermit the Slann pisses me off, every game. I always seem to have better luck with Old Blood Rapetrain.
Was thinking about starting up Skaven, but I might need to wait and see what the new Tomb Kings are all about first.

>> No.14062786

haha dumbass, swordmasters are superior

>> No.14062787

Dwarfs can be fun as long as you try to be fighty with them instead of all shooty. Fighting Dwarfs can be pretty good, but too many people play it safe with the gunline tactic.

Dwarfs lack cavalry, which I think is a pretty fun part of the game - or it was a fun part of the game before 8th Edition. I would say take a look at the more balanced armies, since they offer alot more variety for army building. Empire, Lizardmen, Dark Elves, High Elves, are all good choices. Dwarfs are perfectly fine for a beginner though if that is what your heart is set on.

>> No.14062795


Superior at walking across the battlefield in your paper-thin armour, presenting us with some lovely target practise while we wait for real enemies to turn up.

>> No.14062800

Beastmen were here, fuck the other armies.
I've got chariots. Chariots EVERYWHERE.

>> No.14062802

At least they have skill to recognize a good unit when they see one. Good players make good lists and play them well, crap players copy good lists and fail and the idiots make bad lists and whine when losing to netlists.

Are you one of those guys who think that a someone playing bad list is automatically a good player?

>> No.14062808

So how do they get the chariots out of the forest?
Seems like a tricky task.

>> No.14062811

Night Goblins and ONLY Night Goblins.

>> No.14062822

or more accurately

It takes hundreds of years to train a high elf swordmaster
and one volley to kill them all

>> No.14062844


Nope, I just recognize something irredeemably broken when I see Teclis. One of my regular opponents uses Teclis, sometimes I win sometimes I lose, but I'm just glad I don't have to stoop to that pathetic level to do it.

>> No.14062845

Anyone who uses Special Characters is a munchkiny bitch evoid if creativity.

There, its been said. It cannot be unsaid, and you know it to be true.

>> No.14062847

Let this be our final battle!

>> No.14062851

Fanatics for the win!

>> No.14062855



>> No.14062859

Bretonnians reporting in.

>> No.14062881


As someone who's written in-depth backgrounds about all his armies, I agree with this man.

>> No.14062883

Warhammer Fantasy Wacky Races!

>> No.14062899

We use the road.

>> No.14062904



>> No.14062926

Death to the faggot Elves, whether they be called High, Dark or Wood. They're nothing when Chaos starts rolling.

>> No.14062955

Hey man, I like Warhammer Elves. I just hate most of their players.

>> No.14062978

>Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

So you are whining about the character being broken just for the fuck of it? Teclis obviously doesn't grant automatic victory to the wielder. It also doesn't seem a dick move to use him as he is good against all armies instead of being list-tailors dream that murders one army and fails against everything else.

I can understand rage for gamebalance reasons, but Teclis isn't an unstoppable fist of God and most special characters are vastly inferior to him. So why do people whine about SCs? I see no explanation.

>> No.14062986

I want to play dwarfs but I've never seen anyone lay fantasy at a GW in my 5 years of playing. The 1 fantasy table we have at the local shop is always covered with 40k stuff.

>> No.14063004


Hey, Chaos, Lizardmen here. Just you wait. Shit will get real.

>> No.14063009


>"It also doesn't seem a dick move to use him as he is good against all armies instead of being list-tailors dream that murders one army and fails against everything else."

...So he's not broken, because he can destroy anybody? AH, GOOD LOGIC THAR

>> No.14063033

Fuck yes, High Elves. Though my friends and I only play low-point games.

Amazingly, 500 points of High Elves do really good against most armies at that level.

That or my friends suck and I don't realize it.

>> No.14063047


I haven't played against Lizardmen, so far. Only Bretonnians, Skaven, Tomb Kings and the god fucking damn Elves. Elves everywhere. I think there's a guy who has all three Elves armies.

>> No.14063060

GW doesn't let us go without them.
They have rules i can't get somewhere else, i am going to use them.
Though i prefer characters like the Fay Enchantress that are just vaguely special as opposed to characters with full names and backgrounds.
In my dream world, Special Characters would simply be prebuilt versions of existing heroes with a points discount for being uncustomisable or something like that.

>> No.14063071


No shit they do really well, they're over powered as fuck.

Special Characters are bland and flavourless and make for bland and flavourless armies. Any army that requires Teclis as a lynch pin of their tactics, or any other character for that matter, is an uncreative power gamer who can't create outside a list.

My forest goblin army might be tier-wise completely shit, but it is fucking fun to play, and interesting to fight.

>> No.14063082

You can get by without those special rules you know.

>> No.14063088

The guys said that he wins even when facing Teclis. There is a difference between good and broken.

Slanns and Grey Seers are good against all armies are they broken in your opinion?

>> No.14063099

Been playing Night Goblins for a few years now.

Never won a game. Loves it.

>> No.14063104

But some of them are more shiny and fun to me.
I want to create my own guys, but not at the cost of my own enjoyment.

>> No.14063105

High elves are not over powered. Anybody with half a brain can take them out. And no, all those attacks with spears don't mean shit, you stupid ass mother fucker. God that makes me so angry when people whine about High Elves being broken because of easily avoidable shit.

I mean, fuck, this isn't 40k. You actually have to think in this game, you know.

>> No.14063114

was doing this, but a friend wanted them for something and offered me a shit ton of money.

Never saw them again. Never looked back.

>> No.14063118


You get to him, he dies like a bitch. Trouble is by the time you get there he's assraped you so thoroughly it's difficult to deal with whatever uber-unit he's hiding in.

>> No.14063142


He's toughness fucking TWO. If you really can't kill a T2 character, regardless of his ability, you're doing something wrong.

>> No.14063166

I have units that have never destroyed another unit, and a bunch of bowmen that I can count their single model kills on one hand. I laugh heartily when my fanatics slam into my own men, and everyone asks me why I don't add some orcs AT LEAST to make it playable.

Goblins are just too fun.

>> No.14063167

Always strike first, re-rolls, re-rolls everywhere! Core troops that fight better then most armies special units. Special Characters that are over powered. Non-special character heroes that can easily be made over powered. Shit, High Elf players brag about this stuff. I play High Elves from time to time and I'm embarassed by how ridiculously cheesy they are.

They're fucking overpowered. The starter box was designed as a High Elf curb stomp. That's a bad fucking sign.

>> No.14063191

Played a 2000 point game as my friend's skaven army versus some neckbeard's Teclis army. The stupid fuck had him in a group of Swordmasters.

I used that rocket 'magic' item. Took him out turn 1.

>> No.14063210

>I play high elves.

No. No you don't.

You're far too stupid by buying into this 'omg overpowered' thing. Unless you're trying to do something like the Dark Eldar players did when they said their army is too hard to use.


>> No.14063226

I know...

...I almost want to make another army of them again...lol.

>> No.14063229

Haven't played in a couple years, used to play Daemons.

>> No.14063246

Hey woah, what the fuck is with the person attacks? Chill the fuck out, its a game.

And yes, I fucking do play High Elves. Lothern Seaguard/Naval Marine themed army bitch, and working on a White Lions themed one as well. They are over powered when twinked out by Munchkinny douchebags. Screaming 'no they're not' over and over again without giving any kind of explanation as to how they aren't over powered isn't going to convince anyone that they aren't.

>> No.14063257

I'm planning to play an Empire army full of guys with guns.

I don't know if it'll work out though.

>> No.14063261

Imo characters with interesting rules make the lists more fun to play. I can build my army around those special rules and it feels better to actually think how to protect your tactical assets on the battlefield and how to get the most out of them. You don't need special characters with all armies and all tactics but in my eyes there is no difference between a list with a special character and one without one. The rules are important when building an army not which unit has them.

I can use Teclis and BoH archmage to create list where mages do the killing and other units protect them, there is a idea behind the list that I can execute on the table. If I just mashed units together I wouldn't know what am I trying to do and I would just reactively move units around instead of having any kind of plan.

Most "cool" armies I see are completely shit point and click armies, they might look great and have good fluff but that doesn't help when there are no choices to be made on the battlefield. The fluffbunny is mostly just hoping that dice gods grants a victory to his inferior but superbly painted units.

>> No.14063293

As I said before: Anybody with half a brain can use their army to stop anything but the cheesiest tactics, which ALL armies (except TK and O&G lawl) have. Teclis is easy to take down. How? He's got toughness 2. Focus AoE attacks on him (stone throwers and the like.)

Seaguard are easy to take down. How? Flank them. 90% of all WHFB can be dealt with that easy.

Spearelves are easy to take down. How? Multiple attacks don't mean shit if you're shooting at them from afar.

It just pisses me off when people start talking about them being overpowered when they don't use basic tactics. You can't just charge in blindly, and expect it to work. Sorry about the aggression it's really a fucking rage button for me. Every time folks start to talk about it, it's them baawing about how their 5 orcs aren't strong enough to stand up to Phoenix Guard.

>> No.14063309

Cannons! Don't forget cannons!

>> No.14063329

I agree with you for the most part, but i do believe a balance must be found.
Part of that balance is putting that special army with it's own fluff's paintjob to shame with your own.

>> No.14063361


Always take Handgunners with a champion, and always give those champions Hochland Long Rifles.


>> No.14063380



So yeah. I have discovered the best way for Ogres to troll deathstar units. Will post in a sec once I get some shit sorted out.

>> No.14063387

Flanking isn't quite as effective as it used to be with the new rules about charging and initiative. Any combat with High Elves is going to hurt, even if you eck out a victory in combat a lot of your boys are going to be lost in the process. Having to rely on sheer numbers, unreliable charging, and ranged combat is fucking irritating when most High Elf units can just plow straight through your guys, or if your playing an army that lacks much ranged combat capabilities.

The fact High Elves are pretty damn manouverable as well as tough further compounds the problem. Half the time you have to rely on your opponent not being very good, the other half on dice rolls. Of course that's true for most armies, but its more annoying with High Elves because they're such good all rounders. They do not suffer in any particular area and excel in most others. Better core ranged, better core spears, better core everything.

>> No.14063415

Their weakness is their numbers. For every one guy, my Empire friend can field 2 or 3. And that's just basic spearelves.

I get raped most routinely by both Lizards and Warrior-focused Chaos armies.

>> No.14063469

Ogre Trolling 101.

Tyrant: Fencing Blades, Greyback Pelt, Glittering Scales, Mawseeker.
1 Ogre Maneater: Great Weapon, Heavy Armour.

Rank them up in 1s. Ogre with the maneater behind him in a train. Charge the enemy deathstar and declare a challenge after impact hits. Most good people accept.

Whilst in a challenge the enemy unit can only hit models in base to base with the unit. Unfortunately the first rank is the Tyrant so they technically can't hit him, due to the challenge. As you have a huge base, you will be in contact with their unit. Your maneater throws S7 attacks with impunity due to support attacks.

In the challenge your tyrant is hit on 6s, has T6, 5 wounds. Good luck killing him. He'll hold up any challenge for the entire game.

>> No.14063498


Also, a tip to beating Lizardmen: DON'T IGNORE THE SKINKS. They might not look important, but those little fuckers have poisons, meaning they can drop something worth a LOT more points than them, easily.

>> No.14063557


Yeah and tanks!

>> No.14063606


I just use knights with mark of nurgle. Skinks need 7+ to hit them, so poison doesn't work. In one game a unit of 20 skinks with blowpipes started shooting at my knights, none of them inflicted a single wound.

>> No.14063648

Poison is on a roll to wound of a 6, no matter what. Even if it is a 7+ to hid through modifiers, poison still auto wounds on a 6.

Or on a hit roll, I'm not sure, been playing 40k for a bit so I've lost the rules in my head.

>> No.14063652


Except 6 is always a pass, no matter what.

>> No.14063655

wood elves

>> No.14063680


>note that if a poisoned shooting attack needs to roll a 7 or more to hit, or hits autamtically, then the Poisoned attacks rule does not come into play

quoted from the big red book

>> No.14063699


Just checked; he's right.


>> No.14063721


Mark of Nurgle brofist.

Fuck the skinks.

>> No.14063726

Well I'll be damned, you're right.
Mark of Nurgle just became even better. Still would prefer a MoTz on marauders with shields/hand weapons for a tarpit unit.

>> No.14063737

Well, my skinks will continue to take down shit that's bigger than them, so long as it doesn't have MoN.

>> No.14063793

Why MoTz for marauders? I'd take MoSl for marauders

>> No.14063802

So I play empire, and I tend to annihilate high elves almost every time I face them. Granted we play mostly in the 1000-2000 range and I've never seen teclis fielded. However, it almost seems to me that high elves are gimped vs. empire, to the point where I feel bad beating them. I dunno, maybe I just have shitty high elf players at my lgs?

>> No.14063803


MoTz turns marauders into a tarpit because with that ward save, it makes them VERY hard to shift.

>> No.14063813


I take MoKh myself, with great weapons.

Not as a tarpit (obviously), just as a killy unit. They tend to do pretty damn well, much to the chagrin of my friends.

>> No.14063816

I've got myself a large Empire force, but they're packed away at the moment as nobody here plays Fantasy anymore.

>> No.14063833

Wood Elf player here. Have models from 6th edition, and have recently got back into it. Lack of funds and people to play with (youd think it would be easy finding players in Nottingham!) means my force isnt up to scratch yet. Will probably be buying Tomb Kings once the codex has been released.

>> No.14063841

Do you think it's insane to play a WoC army without marauders?

>> No.14063855


It WILL be difficult. Plus, go up against Empire, Skaven or Dwarves and you will be SCREWED.

>> No.14063871

First army I ever collected was the motherfucking lizard men. Best band of scaly asskickers ever, back when saurus all looked exactly the same and the only part you could position was their arm. And the slann looked like a wasted frog. Fuck I love them.
Wish people still played it so i could dust the old heroes off, i really do. Oh man I'm tearing up.

>> No.14063877

WoC here

>> No.14063881


What role to mauraders play?

>> No.14063892


Maybe just a bit.

I mean, our Warriors get shit done well enough, but they're not exactly expendable.

Add in the fact that Marauders can function as a decent tarpit (MoTz + Light Armor + Shield = 5+ armor, 5+ ward) or as a pretty good hammer (MoK + GW = 2 WS4 S5 attacks) and you can see why they're such a staple unit.

>> No.14063896


Anything Warriors do except slightly worse, but signficantly cheaper.

>> No.14063901


They are either meatshields that attract all the enemy fire to them, or justslap on flails/grea weapons and MoK, this way they will either attract most of the enemy ranged attacks or get there and rape all the weaker infantry.

>> No.14063905

I thought I could take more warhounds instead of marauders, as low cost units.
You may laugh, but it's just because I hate those old marauder models...

>> No.14063917


Or in some cases, their special troops.

Marauders are overall pretty fuckin' awesome.

>> No.14063941

Fuck yeh fantasy. That was OUR war man.

>> No.14063969

Guys, how do YOU paint gold? I can't seem to do it, and I've seen thousands of tutorials for it.

>> No.14063987

Start with a drybrush of boltgun metal. Drybrush Tin bitz, then the brighter gold that I forgot the name of over it. Wash in Devlan mud. It gives a weathered, yet still blinging gold colour. My skaven warlord has it that way.

>> No.14064117


Sweet, works well.

I ask, because my temple-city is basically going to be the WH equivalent of El Dorado, so I'm gonna need a lot of gold.

>> No.14064130

I play Daemons. No really.

>> No.14064150

My ogres have a sort of murky bronze armour. my skaven have muddied iron. I do like the sound of gold armoured lizardmen. Saurus are fucking awesome models.

>> No.14064162

1/3 Black, 2/3 Gold mix.
Looks nice when washed with badab black.

>> No.14064165


I've also got a friend who's just starting Empire, so I'm trying to persuade him to do them in a Conquistador style.

>> No.14064170

I've used the following that I learned from someone else:
Paint Phase:
Black undercoat
Boltgun Silver Basecoat
Burnished Gold layer
Wash Phase:
Devlan Mud
Orgyn Flesh

It will mute down the "shiny" aspect of the metallics a bit, which I prefer.

>> No.14064187


Nah, I'm wanting gleaming, shiny gold.

I'm even giving my slann a gilded palanquin.

>> No.14064296

Daemons here. (40k and FB cuz ima cheap ass bastard)

>> No.14064394

Heres what I use for marauders.

>> No.14064621


Funny that. My friend is painting his SLAAN gold, because in our first game of 8th ed my Supreme Sorceress cast Final Transmutation and rolled a 6 for him.

>> No.14064690

Ogres right here...
Brian the Blessed Slaughtermaster believes all other races should consume themselves to the point of Ogreishness...
Remember, there's always room for Maw.

>> No.14064754


I guess he could say they done what they did to lord Kroak, but just went further.

>> No.14064770

I hope that they make generic Relic-Priests an option/upgrade the next time the book comes around.

>> No.14064799


Yeah. They'll be fucking expensive to field though.

>> No.14064878

I'd imagine that they wouldn't be too much, as going by Kroak, they'd trade off a bunch of really good abilities for a select few "awesome" ones (in quotes is Kroak actually is pretty bad right now).
Plus they become flammable, which kind of sucks. Oh, and a Lore of the Old Ones would be cool, me thinks.
Skinks getting access to the Lores of Beasts and Light would be nifty too.

>> No.14064976


Nah, I like choosing a normal lore. Maybe reserve it for relic-priests.
Also, Tenhenenenthen-whatever can use Lore of Beasts so that's not out of the question.

>> No.14065022

There are exactly two MANLY MEN armies in fantasy.

LizardMEN and BeastMEN.

Two armies filled with enough testosterone to simultaneously make every woman on the planet wet.

I play beastmen, no named characters, having a balanced army is fun.

P.S. No matter how much you teclis players cry and moan that your special little snowflake magc phase isn't over powered...stop it. Or atleast don't get so smug about thinking that lol 6 dicie, big version of purple sun over your army ololol taks any skill what so ever.

>> No.14065043

>LizardMEN and BeastMEN.
>Two armies filled with enough testosterone to simultaneously make every woman on the planet wet.

>> No.14065065

Skaven centered around the plague monks.

My army is still in the works but the strategy I plan to use is slash/burn.

That is having slaves slash at the enemy and me burning them all alive.

>> No.14065092

You forgot the manliest mans of all. huMANS. And on /tg/, that will not fly.

>> No.14065109



I suppose you think Skaven are furry too?

>> No.14065112

Night Goblins.
I'm about 50/50, but UNLEASHING THE FANATICS never gets old. Neither does the sight of measly 30 spearmen wtfmurdering a unit of Grail Knights ten times their points with nets and fanatics.

>> No.14065143

That's not an army, though.
There is Ze Empire and KNIGHTonnia, but no 'humans' army.

>> No.14065175

I just feel like if the god damn prissy elves can have their own lore, the race that taught them the concept of language should, at least in some way.

>> No.14065186


I've been thinking about starting an army of cave gobbos, what with the new army book and all.

Would you care to give me any pointers? I plan on using 100% Night Goblins, even if they suck now (though those spiders are rather tempting...).

>> No.14065187

>I suppose you think Skaven are furry too?
They are when you talk about them in the context of WOMEN GETTING WET

>> No.14065234

Tomb Kings player.


>> No.14065235

>Oh no
>Someone is bringing any amount of sexuality to anthropomorphic creatures
I think the guy was making a joke.

>> No.14065259

The most important thing is not giving in to point sinks.
You want as many dudes as you possible can on the table. This is vital because you don't want to get charged, EVER, and having a lot of shit makes that easier.
Have as many fanatics as you can but use them only when you're certain they'll count. Fanatics are the only unit that kills shit in that list. Nets are vitally important. Don't bother with any wepons other than spears and bows. Don't bother with armour, use shields.

>> No.14065304


Don't try and talk sense to him, he's on a crusade, nothing will stop him

>> No.14065316

I was making a joke too, but then you came in and argued that there was no source for the remark, which is why I was correcting you.

>> No.14065339

I didn't post anything until the thing that i posted.
Anonymous and all.

>> No.14065356


All I see is heretics and base scum... Cleansan time!

>> No.14065414

Turn back stranger.
There is no place for you here.

>> No.14065436

>Fellow tomb king player
It was my lawn first!

>> No.14065472

Technically it was the Old One's lawn first, wasn't it?
Therefore Lizardmen inherit it.

>> No.14065475

Tomb Kings like a boss

>> No.14065513


>> No.14065528

Yeah, say that shit to my face!

>> No.14065545

I was trying to but i can't work out where it is you moldy pile of bones!

>> No.14065559

What in Grimnir are you guys doing at the foot of my mountains? And above my tunnels...................

>> No.14066865


Many thanks. So that's a no to the catapult thing that launches spike-helmed gobbos at the enemy as living missles:(

What about heroes/lords? Are the shamans worth taking (I REALY like some of those models)?

Squig hoppers?

I hope those new "sneaky skulkers" can be used in NG units.

>> No.14067034

Just about to start Brets. Gonna fag it up with some Pegasus Knights. I don't care if they're good or not. Not enough people use flying shit at my store. No one ever brings dragons, or gryphons, or eagles, and I'm sick of it.

>> No.14067051

So /tg/, I was thinking of getting into Fantasy, since 40k has gotten extremely bland for me, what with 3/4 of everyone in town using leafblower IG or some variant of Marines, and oh! Next codex? MORE Marines. Fuck that noise.

I only have a faint knowledge of Fantasy fluff, but Chaos Dwarfs were the most interesting to me; being tricked into Chaos right on the verge of their last stand against Demons, their own personal Chaos(?) bull-god, sorcerers being slowly turned to stone, backstabby Hobgoblin allies, the whole Babylonian theme in general. Apparently, though, they don't exist as an official army anymore, but I still wanna use them, especially after finding the IndyGT fan-book. How tricky are conversions? Would other players allow me using them? Any general advice for Chaos Dwarfs?

>> No.14067191


FW, or "Fantasy Forge," is supposed to be including them in the Chaos campaign book they're supposed to be releasing.


You can find good conversion tutorials on line if you look hard enough.

Hope you like working with green stuff.

>> No.14067544

Okay, how about combat? I know this is a silly question to ask; as an unofficial army, not many play Chaos Dwarfs or play against them, but how would/do CD fare against other armies?

>> No.14068566


Eh the home brew CD book is okay... not powerful but they can hold their own.

And if you want cool CD minis look up Scibor minis, he has his own line and they look phenomenal.

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