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Okay, so since it has proven popular (and is related) I decided to stop shitting up the 40k television series discussion, and create a new thread for the comics. First up:
Pax Imperialis, while I look for the Redeemer full comic.

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Awesome, and on my birhtday too.

Pax Imperialis was a good one, thanks OP!

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Fuck yeah, Judge Dredd!

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If you have the AI imprisoned one, or have already posted it, please hook a brother up.

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No problem. Happy birthday anon!

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You are a gentleman and a scholar OP!

Emperor bless you!

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go on OP. How about a mediafire link when you don't feel like dumping?

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May The Emperor watch over you, OP.

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I do have that one somewhere. Will post eventually. Gotta find it... I have it all organized by warhammer monthly issue.

For now, Vindicare.

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Blast, forgot the last page of Pax Imperialis.
Here it is.

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Back to vindicares.

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I'm looking for the AI one as I post, Techpriest.

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Awesome, I've been looking for this one for a while. Nice work.

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TECHPRIEST! I found your story. Here we go, Pax Imperialis as well.

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Techpriest, are you there? I thought you wanted this...

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Dunno 'bout that guy,but I am saving like motherfucker.

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Oh good. I was begining to feel alone in this thread...

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fucking noob here, weren't all these strips in an old comic called inferno? if so where can i get it?

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Not so. We are just not wanting to cut in while reading.

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Silence is good. Means no complaints.

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Sorry, was monitoring other posts while waiting for this.

Thank you kind anon!

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They're all from Warhammer monthly. I've had most of the editions for years now, but it never occurred to me to post them up. So I'm making up for my sins now.

After that, what do you prefer, the full Deff Skwadron, or Redeemer? I will post both, but in what order is for you guys to decide.

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Inferno! had a few comics, cutaway diagrams, in-character journals/histories, but was mostly short stories. I think these were Warhammer Monthly strips?

Also, nice work OP, I'd not seen the A.I. strip before!

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Untill then, short grot story. Not very good, but amusing.

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Anyone? Redeemer or Deff Skwadron? (Note that the Redeemer is 3 full editions, deff skawdron only one)

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Do you happen to have the Warhammer/40K character crossovers they did, where the crew of the titan Imperious Dictatio were steam tank crew, etc?

If you did, that would be AWESOME.

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Deff Skwadron

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Redeemer please =D

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Redeemer was on here a month or so back, go for Deff Skwadron? WAAAGH!

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Dunno, I don't think so. I have all the issues up till 45, then 55-57 and 62, 69 and 75-85. Never managed to get my hands on anymore.

But I don't think I have that specific one, sorry..

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You need the Warhammer Monthly collection. 60 odd copies of Warhammer Monthly, and collected versions of most series.

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All of the redeemer? Cause I have like 60 pages of it.
Anyway, let me finish this one, and I'll post up Deff Skwadron. It's shorter anyway.

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Ah. It seems you've got it as well then. Shame they never finished Inquisitor. It was getting interesting with that... 1 issue of the 3rd series.

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Allright, we'll make it an Ory thread, with now: Deff Skwadron. Next: Blood and Thunder.

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carrying on...

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/rs/ has failed me, is there a MF link or something to get all of this at once?

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I found a torrent, that sounds quite good.

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Try torrent sites.

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Gonna skip to the action, to much introductory pages.

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What? I /rs/'d Warhammer Monthly and got all of them, Megaupload, from /tg/ no less!

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I feel kinda stupid still posting this... What with torrents and all. Should I continue?

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Please do. The torrent I just found was kinda dead. More Orkses?

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Will do!

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Comrade OP, do you by any chance have any "Inferno!" magazines?

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Gonna start numbering pages, before I forget myself. 13.

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I am downloading them myself right now, I'm ashamed to say.

Look at the Piratebay link posted by an Anon some way up in the thread. Working, with everything.

page 14.

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Page 15

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20. And we've reached one third! 5 minutes break for tea and we'll be right back!

Thank you!

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Roight, got myself a cuppa, and back we go.


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Orks are the best.

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Anyone still reading?

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I guess that answers my question then.

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Birthday/Warhammer and 40K crossover comic anon is still here. Nice work OP, is much appreciated.

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Wow /tg/ I'm disappointed in so many of you being so ignorant of Warhammer Monthly, so I give you:


Issues 0-86 of Warhammer Monthly.

Get reading.

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Cool. Hope you're enjoying it.

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A link to all warhammer related comics has already been posted mate.

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Whoa hey what, you need the redeemer? Well hey, lucky day! I got it cbr and I'll up it. Gimme a bit to mediafire it, dumpfriend!

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You mean that shitty torrent? Have you actually looked at what it contains? The rapidshare collection is the most complete, only missing the Birthday issue, which is easy to find.

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The torrent is huge though, this one is much smaller.

>> No.14061493

It's got all the warhammer monthlies, Inferno, collections, and independents... What am I missing?


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'Mate' that torrent is full of garbage. The collection just posted is loads better. No need to be so condescending.

>> No.14061520

34 (previous is 32 and 33)

>> No.14061534

I wasn't being condescending. Just British.

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Are you saying it has scans of all the Inferno issues? I'm looking at the 342 files it contains and can't see them...

>> No.14061548

Wait, you say it's loads better, but it's only got Warhammer monthly, while the other one include everything else...

>my brain is full of fuck


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The fuck do you mean you don't see it? Are we talking the same torrent?

Page 37.

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It looks like it has some, but not all of the Inferno! issues.

Oh well, as long as there's some comicy goodness we can get hold of, why get butthurt? Nice job OP.

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But that's just the comics from Inferno, not complete issues, correct?

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Nobody's getting butthurt, just trying to decipher what's actually in that clusterfuck of a torrent.

Some people are saying it has Inferno (which is short stories and comics), some are saying just Inferno comics, others just some of the Inferno comics.

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Eh, not my work. Thank Anon. Anon delivers.

>> No.14061611

The full redeemer, all four issues, delivered.


>> No.14061613

I'll have a look and let you know. Just finished downloading.


>> No.14061620


Thanks. If it contains Inferno scans of the later issues (20-40 whatever it ended on) then I'll be downloading, as I've never found scans of them.

>> No.14061625

It's everything. Stories and comics. Enjoy!


>> No.14061643

Bit poor quality though. Kinda hard to read when you zoom in, and you will need to... so... Hm..


>> No.14061654


On a completely unrelated note, anyone got links to any of the oWoD clanbooks?

>> No.14061658


No way! Does it have all 46 issues? Would you mind posting an example of the 'fuzzy' page so I can get an idea?

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>> No.14061671

It's got 5x60 pages, so I imagine it would. Here's a page:

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That's fine, most posting a picture with a short story, to see how the text looks? Thanks.

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>> No.14061724

It looks fine now, but in paint it looks crappy, especially when you need to zoom in furhter for more text. (that wasn't the best page to illustrate it)

text image

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>> No.14061759

Last one. Rest is titling. Have to go now. Be back in 30min-1hour. Let me know what you want for next comic.

>> No.14061771


Hmm, not sure it does contain all Inferno issues.

The only ones I can see on the torrent list are 01, 03, 06, 04, 13, 24, 25, 29 and 30.

>> No.14061777

>this thread

>> No.14061783

You're right, it's just those. Damn...

>> No.14061855


I'm not sure I'm ever going to find scans of the later Inferno issues. Comics are one thing, but short stories...there's just not as much interest. It's a shame, as I really liked Inferno, and now regret not buying more when it was being published. They're also pretty scant on eBay, with issues 1-12 coming up all the time, and occasionally the last few, but never 15-35. They were lovely bound books too, real nice size and paper quality.

>> No.14061905

I'm back. An carrying on with our Orky theme, it's Blood and thunder!

page 1

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>> No.14061924

Frankly, this comic doesn't get nearly enough attention on /tg/

>> No.14061930

>Written by Dan Abnett

I love it already

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>> No.14061944

While I appreciate your efforts may I commend Titan instead of Redeemer?

>> No.14061946

Hold onto your nikkers, it's pretty good. 's got Gorguts in it.

>> No.14061957

Little late to the party, aren't we? I'll put up some more Imperial stuff in another thread. This one has become too Orky.


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>> No.14061963

>warboss gorgutz

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>> No.14061967

This is all kinds of awesome. Thanks for taking the time to dump this stuff, OP.

>> No.14061972

Problem, buddy?

>> No.14061987

Unfortunately, I really hate your guts, so the thanks is not appreciated. Tripfag bitch.


>> No.14061995

Didn't Gorgutz was a Bloodaxe.

>> No.14061998

Oh for fucks sake, made me miss one to.
12 previous is actually 13.

>> No.14062000

>Didn't know Gorgutz was a Bloodaxe.

There we go.

>> No.14062006

And here I thought you were an elegan/tg/entleman. Rudeness in the face of thanks. How uncouth. What would your heroes think of you being rude to a stranger? Your elementary school teachers, your parents?

>> No.14062007


>> No.14062018

I'm sorry, I value humility. Do you see me tripfagging while I'm posting all this stuff? No, because I'm not a massive egotripping asshole. DLFG ain't bad, out of all of em, but a man's gotta draw a line, and a tripfag is a tripfag.


>> No.14062020

he was either joking or he is part of the anti-trip fag lot. Which I'm not complaining about because a lot of them are pretntious nobodys who should remain anon's. Deathleapers fangirl is one of the better tripfags who delivers lot's of content though.

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>> No.14062029

Good stuff here. Thanks for posting.

>> No.14062039

I have three more issues of this, dunno if I should post them all. Should I? I also have redeemer and Titan I could post.

Or some fantasy, maybe.

>> No.14062046


A "man" needs to show courtesy, no matter the situation. If something annoys you? Ignore it, and carry on with your day the better for it. An uncouth response for a slight, imagined or not, only lowers your standings. I shall end my instruction here as this takes away from your dumping- which *is* appreciated, my man, but crudeness is never excusable. Whatever you're doing can be done in a suave and elegant manner as having dinner on a cruise tour of the Rhone, my good sir. That will be all for now, and I do urge you to continue an otherwise enjoyable dumping.

>> No.14062051

I think I'll reserve Fantasy for another thread, another day. For now, ORKS!

>> No.14062053

>I have three more issues of this, dunno if I should post them all. Should I?

Yes. Orkz is da best.

>> No.14062057

not sure if srs,trolling or you might be genuine Gent.

>> No.14062062

I'm *probably* twice your age, and matters of courtesy, online? On 4chan? I'm sorry, I'm going to disregard you as a blithering, naive idiot now. Condescending asshole (I know you were kidding. So am I. Somewhat.)


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>> No.14062076

Yes, yes. Next thread. Imperial Thread. First gonna dump everything Orky. Orks need some love to, the big green scallywags!


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>> No.14062097

Vince quatro.

>> No.14062099

At least I wasn't a dick when I dumped this comic.

>> No.14062106


I cannot dispute I am of perhaps limited age compared to others, yet I have toured the Rhone, enjoyed several weeks in Alba, and had a positively sublime weekend in Florence, Italy. My travels teach me that conducting myself with decorum only serves to further encourage others to do so themselves. 4chan could use some more elegance, I daresay. I do not kid in matters of self betterment- and I do not condescend. I am expressing disappointment. I know you can conduct yourself in a manner that would please your early role models, be they mother, father, siblings, school-teachers, or neighborhood religious leaders of your chosen denomination- I want to *see* you do better. Wash away your cynicism in favor of the chance of taking pride in who you are- a person who delivers on the internet to entertain yourself and others. You are a good person- and you can be better, if only you try.

>> No.14062116

How am I a dick? I merely expressed my dislike for being condescended against. And tripfags. For the rest, enjoy the comics, and I'd be happy to keep my trap shut.


>> No.14062117

He's entitled to his opinion. That hardly makes him a dick.

>> No.14062120

Because you went all "hurr durr fuck off tripfag". Theres hardly any bad trip or namefags on /tg/, this isn't like /v/ or /co/.

>> No.14062130

And I'm entitled to judge him based on what he says.
And what he said makes me think hes a dick.

>> No.14062137

I've been through most of Europe and North Africa. Look, doesn't matter. Parents are dead, brother is estranged. Can you stop bringing up painful memories now? Sure, I can behave well, but tens to be a waste of time on 4chan. Only knuckled headed rudeness seems to work around here.

page 1 of the second chapter.

>> No.14062152

A tripfag is a tripfag, whether bad or good, it's completely unnecessary and is just egotriping, identity forcing asshole-ism. I for one remember when we had hardly any tripfags on /tg/, and I pity those lost days. I for one have contributed as much as any tripfag, but do you see me claiming credit? No, because that is not the point of a chan board...

Look, fuck off. You're making me slow the image dump immensely. We'll have this discussion another time.

page 2.

>> No.14062153

verdict: OP acted like a ngga fool because aggressed a tripcode user.
Said tripcode user has no record of disturbing /tg/ users, therefore OP's behavior was unreasonable and mindless.
This is even more reinforced by the fact that said tripcode user only wanted to thank OP.
The "OP=fag" equation is circumstancially proven once more.
OP must be condemned to be stomped in the nuts by Orks.

>> No.14062160

Knee jerk hatred reaction. Tripfags are my version of Neo nazis. Hate them on sight. Judge all you like, I'm having fun dumping, and find this conversation pointless either way.

page 3.

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>> No.14062168

See this is why you're a dick. You're assuming all tripfags are just attention whoring scum like the ones from /v/, when this one isn't. Ignore them if they upset you that much, even if they're one of the few good ones. Better than being a dick.

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>> No.14062171

I invite you to visit Alba, Italy for the Alba Music Festival with the St. Mary's Honors College of Maryland. I had a delightful time last year and though I may not show this year, I will certainly the next. The concerts will be throughout the 17th of May to Early June, end dates not set. Giusseppe Nova will be both conducting and giving performances, and I am a personal friend of the Choirmaster Dr. Larry Vote. As for Africa, I have never been there, but several others on exchange programs have been to the Gambia and told me that the experience changed their lives for the better.

I do apologize for bringing up unfortunate and painful memories. I had no knowledge of these or intent to do so- I feel memories of siblings and parents should never be ones of sorrow, but of joy and excitement. As for what is "easier"- we do not do what is correct because it is easier, but because it is proper, my good sir.

As you continue this wonderful dumping, tell me- have you ever been to Hamburg? I may have the opportunity to go there in future years, and wish to know whether another has had enjoyable experiences there.

>> No.14062172


Happy Birthday mate. did you have a good one?

>> No.14062178

Said tripcode user is happy with the situation!
Said tripcode user is also a fag!
OP is an idiot because he thinks tripcode users and Nazis are the same! What a stupid ass motherfucker!
OP is judging and thinks he is not egoistical because he is Anonymous! Delusion!


>> No.14062184

If she isn't, then why is she using a tripfag? I can't think of a SINGLE reason you'd need anything but a one time use tripfag, and only in threads that require it.

page 6

>> No.14062193

Comics go to /co/. THIS IS A QUICK REMINDER.

>> No.14062205

I may seem egotistical now, because I'm kinda forced into that position, but I'm conforted by the knowledge that I will never be able to say "remember I made that comic thread, aren't I good?" Or that sort of thing. End of the week, you'll have forgotten me.

And that's just fine by me.

Page 7

>> No.14062240


mfw the only trip that I can remember is Aeris

and that's because it gets /x divided

>> No.14062272


Yeah thanks, been pretty good, just enjoying a glorious Welsh Sunday. Got Soul Hunter by Dembski-Bowden (so far, so awesome), have nostalgia'd over comics (thanks OP!) and gf is making cheesecake, so all is well.

No comments on the 'trip issue' this is turning into though.

>> No.14062315

Alright, I can't seem to get a single post through. Testing with this one, and otherwise, fuck it, I'll try again in a few hours.

>> No.14062338

>cool comic shit thread
>tripfagshit drama
>post of comics GRINDS TO A HALT

so who said tripfagbullshit DID NOT DISRUPT /tg/ related threads?

>> No.14062344

Well fuck me, that worked. Trying page 8 now...

>> No.14062352

Is that it? Have we reached Image Limit or something?

>> No.14062370

HAHAHA! I have managed to reconnect to 4chan. I have no clue what just happened. Sorry about the slow down guys.

Fucking internet sometimes... Page 9

>> No.14062387

Okay... so, be warned. It takes around 6 minutes to post a single image. Enjoy, but slowed!


>> No.14062409


>> No.14062419

Still slow as shit. Hope it improves a bit soon. Otherwise I'll need to postpone the Imperial thread to tomorrow. Fucking sucks...

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>> No.14062432

Getting better. Trying to make up for lost time.

>> No.14062437


>> No.14062444


>> No.14062453


>> No.14062457

Annyone still interested?

>> No.14062463


yes keeeep goin

>> No.14062468


Indeed my friend. And you never answered me if you went to Germany- Hamburg in particular! This dump is indeed good, and I thank you for it.

>> No.14062469


>> No.14062476

Thanks for the dump, if you would be post Daemonifuge it would be most appreciated , I never got a chance to read it, no idea if it is any good or not, does anyone know where I could download it if not?

>> No.14062478

Sorry, I took the slow-down as a sign to do something else for awhile.

>> No.14062484

This comic is awesome.

>> No.14062492


The Culexus killed the story.

>> No.14062494

Writefag here.

Keep posting, I'm taking notes on the Orky way of talking so I can write for em better.

>> No.14062502

nein comicwurst ein blud achtung blitxkrieg hitler toyota hamburg

>> No.14062504

Ich komme sehr viel in Deutschland. Meine Freundin ist Deutsch, so, ja, Ich komme bis Hamburg mindestens einmal Monats.


>> No.14062516

Ich... was? Du sprecht schrecklich Deutsch. Ich kann dich nicht Verstehen.


>> No.14062524


>> No.14062535

Naja, wenn seine Freundin deutsch ist, ist es ja kein Wunder, dass er viel in Deutschland kommt :3

>> No.14062540

I do have Daemonifuge, but I wasn't intending to post it... Maybe when I have nothing more interesting. There's plenty of download links in the thread. At least three different threads.

Tl;dr Read the thread

page 23

>> No.14062547

I hate how Daemonifuge ends in the middle of the third book.

>> No.14062556


Unfortunately my friend I don't speak German as much as say it- I'm in training for becoming an opera singer and concert artist later in life, and though I do a rather good job of Standchen and An Die Musik, I've yet to become proficient in much other than the pronunciation!

Once again, I do love the comic, and please, do keep going!

>> No.14062560

Ich glaube du meinst meine Freundin. Ich weiß nicht wohin ihr kommt. Möglich Kanada? Ich Dochte das geheuert zu haben.

Last one. Next story coming up.

>> No.14062580

Wasn't Lady Malys in some official 40k comic trolling daemons and shit? I might also remember wrong and it was fanstuff instead.

>> No.14062586

I will, I will. Well see, languages is kind of my forte. I speak German, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch and understand most germanic or latin based languages.

Like Flashman, you learn the language best of a woman's tongue.

Page 1, chapter 3.

>> No.14062593


>Orks casually talking about how they're going to get blown up. Gorkamorka-era helmet.

I love this comic.

>> No.14062602


Image limit approaching. Creating a new thread after this story, and will bump this one for a bit afterward.

>> No.14062611


>> No.14062626


>> No.14062640


>> No.14062648


>> No.14062665


>> No.14062673


>> No.14062688


>> No.14062696


>> No.14062709

For all of those who wondered where Commissar surf came from... Dat's 'im.


>> No.14062717

Uhm... I mean the one above. ANYWAY

>> No.14062728


>> No.14062735


>> No.14062741


>> No.14062748


>> No.14062763


>> No.14062773

18... 34-567-01

>> No.14062778


>> No.14062791


Well, that's the image limit. Creating new thread.

>> No.14062828


OKAY. New thread at >>14061047


>> No.14062890

OP here. Bumping so some more people might enjoy it before this thread is abandoned. Feel free to discuss something, I dunno.

>> No.14062905

It appears you accidentally linked to THIS thread again good sir instead of linking to the OTHER comic thread.

>> No.14062918

Huh... right you are. Correction, new thread HERE: >>14062816

>> No.14063093

Bump for keeping up the interest.

>> No.14063499


>> No.14063695

one more Bump, then letting it die.

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