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What ho chaps.
Project Primarch is rolling along smoothly but I probably won't have time to make Dorn today (need to make those Terminators). Regardless - I'd like to ask a few questions from our resident lore buffs:
1) I heard Horus used power armour and a sword pre-heresy. Is this correct?
2) Is Magnus supposed to be taller than the Emperor?
3) Is this weapon list correct:
Magnus: Halberd?
Corax: Claws?
Curze: Sword? Claws?
Alpharius/Omegon: Bolter?
Dorn: (Chain)Sword?
Fulgrim: Sword?
Kahn: Sword?
Angron: (Dual(Chain))Axe(s)? Sword?
Sanguinius: Spear? Sword?
Horus: Sword? (Dual) Claws? Mace?
Vulcan: Spear?

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Magnus was supposed to be tall , but the emperor really could be has tall has he felt like, go with your gut.

this just came to me what about ranged weapons ?
did any of the Primarchs have anything ranged ?

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>Kahn: Sword?

he needs a wicked curved sword.

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They probably did but so far I've only given Mortarion his pistol thing because it looked good.
As for Magnus, I'll see how tall he turns out.
Gotta get me one of those then. With a bit of luck the new Tomb Kings will have a suitable one.

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Again? Really FGS? You need to go out more.

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konrad curze


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Didn't you already decide on Curze having a sword, since Corax will be having TLC already?

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Magnus: Halberd?
>Or force staff
Corax: Claws?
Curze: Sword? Claws?
>Sword with skull motif I believe.
Alpharius/Omegon: Bolter?
>Good idea.
Dorn: (Chain)Sword?
>Thunder hammer IMO
Fulgrim: Sword?
Kahn: Sword?
Angron: (Dual(Chain))Axe(s)? Sword?
>Dual Axes yo!
Sanguinius: Spear? Sword?
>Spear sounds a bit more rite.
Horus: Sword? (Dual) Claws? Mace?
>Sword pre heresy.
Vulcan: Spear?

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For Vulcan, I'd assume a thunder hammer would be best.
Curze used claws. Bloody, gory claws. Also you might not know this, he had a crown. Obsidian with rubies and a single diamond, I remember that in one of the Night Lords books.
Sanguinus had a sword, if I remember correctly. Quite a large one.

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>Curze had a crown

Anyone know why? It just strikes me as a little odd, but I'm not exactly a fluff encyclopedia so maybe I'm missing something.

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Fulgrim uses 1 of 4 weapons at any given moment: From Fireblade, Anethema, Silver Sword and the magic hammer of doom lol

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>Curze: Sword? Claws?

I think claws fit better with the whole i'm batman theme

>Fulgrim: Sword?
give him a sorwd that screams DUEL ME BITCH.
like a 1800's gentlemen would carry.

>Dorn: (Chain)Sword?
Some how give his sword a galudis kind of style.
also he need a gold plated bolter
some sort of Glaive on short handle might be cooler then a full blown pole arm.

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I can't remember, lemme just have a little google...

It was to show he was the boss of Nostramo. Also it was like his safety blanket, it stopped too many bad dreams.

I'd imagine it'd be like Sauron's. But with rubies dispersed around and a diamond centre.

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Just checking. I'm having people over for a night of partying so I have the day to throw away anyway.
Just wanted to double check my facts before I get rolling.
Noted. Thanks a bunch mate.
I thougth He'Stan's spear was the one Vulcan used back in the day? Could be mistaken on that though.
Also I remember some mention of Sanguinius having a spear.

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Yeah, He'Stan has the spear Vulkan used to use.

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for some reason i assume your parties are awesome

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Yes, He'stan's stuff is Vulkan's old stuff.

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I think Prince Sigvald's sword might suit Fulgrim.
Also I already gave Rowboat a sort of gladiusish sword, so I was hoping to give something else to Dorn. Nobody had a chainsword yet so I thought that might fit.
Guess I'm giving Vulcan a spear then
That really depends on the party.
This will probably be more in the "movie night" end of the scale though, since I'm not expecting lots of people.

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Vulkan's wargear really should just be ripped straight from He'stan

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The only problem is it will probably be too small. The spear might work but the cape would be hard to work with compared to just making a new one.

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Dorn should have a massive thunder hammer.

Fulgrim should have a rapier or at least, a sword with a really fine blade.

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What about Lorgar?

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2nd from the left in OP, I'm waiting for the new GK plastics so I can make a better one

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Have you considered one of these swords for Khan?

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The shape looks good but they might be a little short for him, especialy when compared to say, Lion's sword.
But i'll keep them in mind. Thanks brah.

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Not sure - but in the book Raven's Flight,, Corax started out with a heavy bolted -- then switched to a custom tri-tailed Lightning Whip -- somthing to do with him using symbol of slavery to 'noble means'.

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Regarding Fulgrim, oddly enough, I've always imagined the Laeran Blade as somewhat Khopesh-shaped.

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>>Magnus: Halberd?

I believe he has something like this in the old art of him.

>>Corax: Claws?

I would think so, not 100% sure. I can dig around and check if you want them to be 100% accurate to the old art/new art.

>>Curze: Sword? Claws?

I think Lightning Claws.

>>Alpharius/Omegon: Bolter?

Power sword/bolter combo, maybe?

>>Dorn: (Chain)Sword?

I believe his art shows him with a fancy chainsword. A power chainsword?

>>Fulgrim: Sword?

Sword, try and use one that looks classy/like a dueling saber, or a khopesh like the others mentioned. It needs to look sleek and elegant.

>>Kahn: Sword?

Giant-sized cavalry saber or a turkic style sword, since he's supposed to be Genghis Khan in space. Something like a kilij or yatagan with the blade bulked up.

>>Angron: (Dual(Chain))Axe(s)? Sword?

He used a giant chain-glaive iirc.

>>Sanguinius: Spear? Sword?

Sword or spear. In the art he uses a sword with a red blade, but he was also said to use the spear of telesto in those books.

>>Horus: Sword? (Dual) Claws? Mace?

He ran with the Talon of Horus+Power Mace when he was a loyalist, the only thing that really changed on him into the heresy was he went from white armor->dark green/seafoam green->black. He may have used a power sword at one point, but I think the mace has been a constant.

>>Vulcan: Spear?

Spear or a thunder hammer. Not 100% sure. The spear works because of Vulkan Hes'tan having one of Vulkan's relics and its a spear, but Vulkan was also a smith so the hammer would work. I'll check.

Magnus was taller than the Emps, at least by a head. He was also BIG N RED OOOH YEAH.

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That's because in almost every piece of artwork where he's holding it, it IS Khopesh-shaped.

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Just a little.

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It's Khopesh shaped in several GW drawings of him

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Who's that guy with the big ass sword and winged helmet?

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Lion'El Johnson.

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Fuck weapons, all he needs is that helmet spike.

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It's all looking good, dude.

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Here you go, Scripty.

Art of the primarchs from the Horus Heresy: Collected Visions books.

More coming, ofc.

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Hey, Scriptarius. Last thread you gave a piece of advice on converting two handed miniatures. Something about a chainsword arm. Can you repeat it please? It really would be helpful. (Would-be Captain Angelos converter here...)

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Sanguinius ofc.

Jaghatai Khan here.


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Heres dorn. Angron up next.

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Killhappy McStabsalot.

Russ/Magnust spreadsheet next.

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This is the art from pre-heresy horus apparently.

I guess the mace just looks chaos-y due to Blanche's art-style/he wanted it to look imposing.

In regards to sanguinius: All of the art shows him with a sword, there are a couple of pictures of him slapping Ka'bandha's shit/diving sword first into him.

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This is all I have at the moment. I'll dig for some more.

I haven't seen any art of Corax, Curze or Vulkan.

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A bolter arm and a chainsword arm can be used to make a two handed pose. You might need to dislocate the shoulders a bit, but you can cover that up by alignin gthe shoulderpads correctly.
Saved, thanks bro

>Now it's time to kick off the party. Cheers everyone for the feedback!

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Thanks for the advice.

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that's what the Learan sword looked like, not sure about fireblade though

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bumping cause im still reading and dont want it to 404

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