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Its Battletech time.

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anyone playan Megamek?

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>Implying it isnt always battletech time.

Well since I'm bored, I'm gonna play a game /tg/. Who wants to design a custom Battletech unit, via the best process of all? I speak of course, of listening to the first jackass to shout out a feature.

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>implying no one knows about Battletech time.

No, I'm implying that.

Also, LAM action up in this.

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Alright gimme a second. While I'm firing up the generator, give me a tech base and time period. Clan or IS is acceptable.

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Allright generator is fired up and I'm waiting for posts for a tech base and time period for our LAM.

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I would love to but I'm posting from a bar and not my computer

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Clan lam. 3060

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Allright, our LAM design is using a Clan Techbase, around 3060.

Post a tonnage. LAMs are limited to a total of 55 tons.

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Hopefully the die will decide for me

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30 tons. Good weight for a light harasser, I think.

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rolled 26 = 26

Wish I could roll correctly

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A 26 tonner?

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Our LAM is now a 30 tonner.

Next, post desired speed, number of jump jets, and engine type.

Remember that Guardian mode triples our effective Jump Jet speed.

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Waiting for an actual number.

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We've already made the Blaze once. Let's do something different with this one.

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Let's go with a 7/11/7. Fast, and Clan tech means we have space for killer guns.

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Also LAMS cannot into XL Engines/Endo-steel/FF, IIRC.

Also for a 30 tonner, 3t must be devoted to the LAM's transforming gear.

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5/8/8 with improved jump jets. How you like me now brah?

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Alright, that gives us 5.5 tons of space if we use a standard Fusion, 10 tons if we use a XL, and 11.5 with a XXL.

Internal Structure and Type/Weight of armor is up next, also a choice regarding what type of engine to use would be good.


To be honest, I have no idea. The generator I'm using seems to claim its possible, it also says that pulse lasers mounted on vehicles are made of negative gravity, producing an extra 5 tons each time you mount one.

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The only LAM rules we have to go on are old ones - I'm not sure they even had options for clan LAMs.

I do know for a fact that FF/Endo-steel were specifically disallowed for IS LAMs, but I have no idea regarding Engine types or Clantech.

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We're already fragile as hell. No sense in trying to make zombie LAM. XL, Endo Steel, Ferro-Fib and duh... double heat sinks.

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I knew pulse lasers were made of cheese but antigravity cheese

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To be honest, a LAM is a pretty Unclan like concept, since it blurs the line between Mechwarrior and Aerospace Pilot. IIRC the Nova Cats blew up the only remaining LAM factory in the IS when they captured it. On the other hand, I say screw the rules, we have technology. For the purposes of this unit, all clan tech is fine, within reason.

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How do i import mech files into Solaris Skunk Werks?
im in the right directory, but i see no mtf files...

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Alright that leaves us with 25 criticals out of 47, and 11.5 tons to play with. We have 20 heat dispersion with the basic heat sinks. How much armor should we put down?


I think its cause someone fucked up the heatsink values. The only reason I use this generator is because it allows you to create pretty much anything smaller then a dropship.

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Clan wolverine lam
They were pretty unclan like

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meant to use this

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Wait my apologies. 18 crits out of 47 when we factor in the FF.

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You've aged terribly Natasha

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If it's Clan FF, let's go with 4.5 Tons, with slightly more allocated to the arms than usual. Fucking shoulder crits are the bane of LAMs. Take the difference out of the legs.

Gives us 7 tons for weapons, which is nice.

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To be fair to her, I think thats supposed to be a picture of her during the 3050's. So she's like 80 something.

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Alright, Armor values are as follows.

Head: 8/9
CT/LT/RT: 11/20, 9/14, 9/14
CT(R): 4
LT/RT(R): 3
LA/RA: 10/10
LL/RL: 10/14

As you mentioned, this does leave us 7 tons for weapons.

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By my calculations, you're 1 point of armour over the amount for 4.5t of Clan FF. 87pts there, whereas the 4.5t gives you 86pts to play with.

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Am 80 year old Hillary Clinton lookalike


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Meh, strip a point off the CTR then. Its not like having its gonna save us when a Gauss rifle hits us.

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Well, if we wanted to have some silly fun with that, you could fit an LRM-20 on that with 2t of ammo, or 1t of ammo and a backup gun, like an ER Medium Laser.

Or, using experimental Rules, an ER Large Pulse Laser adn... dunno, a Clan ECM Suite?

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1 LPL the rest SPL. We're zipping around like a ferret on meth, might as well be a disco ball.

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Do the clans have stealth armor? Could you imagine a stealth armored lam

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Alright, I am finishing up the mech now.

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ha, all cool ideas.

I want to make a point about crit allocation before we pick guns, though: We have 7 JJs, and IIRC 2 clan double freezers that won't fit in the engine.

My proposal is: 3 JJs per side torso, one in the CT. One DHS in each leg - that way, if we're standing in L1 water, we can still jump, and we get a bonus to heat dissipation.

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I don't believe they do.

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Oh... gods.... Ice Hellion design?

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...Are Omni LAMs possible? We could make all 3 if so.

Prime: 1 LPL & 1 SPL
A: LRM-20, 1t Ammo, ERMLAS
B: LRM-20, 2t Ammo

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I would like to name this lam the Meth ferret

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They do, at least for BA.


Your crit arrangement has been taken into consideration.


As has your armament scheme. At least for the v1 model.

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Sadly I don't believe they are. At least for IS Designs. As one of the rules we're working with is "Fuck your shit, I'm having fun" I'll allow it.

Alright here goes. The Meth Ferret

Mass: 30 tons
Chassis: Endo Steel
Power Plant: Vox 80 Fusion XL
Cruising Speed: 76 KPH
Max Speed: 119 KPH
Safe Thrust Speed: 1210 KPH
Max Thrust Speed: 2050 KPH
Jump Jets: Standard
Jump Capacity: 210 Meters, 630 in Air-mech mode

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Armor: Ferro-Fiberous
Tonnage: 4.5


1 Large Pulse Laser
1 Small Pulse Laser

A: 1 Clan LRM20 with 2 tons of ammo

B: 1 Clan LRM20 with 1 ton of Ammo
1 Clan ER Medium Laser

C: 1 Clan ER Large Pulse Laser
1 Clan ECM Suite.

Prime Variant costs 8,296,470 C-bills
A costs 8,794,695
B costs 8,908,445
C costs 9,225,945

And I'm pretty damn sure that the BV calculator is fucked up on this, since its claiming that prime is only 976. It sounds like its BV 1.0

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>Vox 80 Fusion XL
It's actually a 210-rated XL Engine, for a 7/11 30-tonner

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This is fucking awesome.

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One of the nifty things about the Remlab web designer is it lets you print out a technical readout. Many of the not that nifty things include having to go correct that readout.

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Glad you liked it, I might roll back later to generate some more units, probably after lunch or something.

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No worries mate; just pointing it out. I really do apprecaite you helping our insanity come to life.

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how do i use skunkwerks

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That's a pretty general question.

The same way you'd use most mech editors.

Play with it for a bit. You'll figure it out if you already know the Battletech construction system.

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I wanna learn how to play this game. I actually have the City Tech game sitting around, and I've read through the rule book, but I've no one to play it with.

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Megamek son. Your players lie within the hallowed halls of hamachi

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Does someone have a copy of the 3085 record sheets that have the current quick play rules for the updated LAM?

Having one hell of a time finding them.

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A challenge appears!

Your mission is to design a 45 ton mech, Inner Sphere. All tech is available, but your budget per unit is 5 million C-bills, and not one C-bill more.

Mission role is that of a hunter of tanks and infantry in all terrain.

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Anyone actually come up with the real bv for the Meth ferret? ?

>> No.14036496


I can come up with the BV for a Clan omni with those loadouts, but I have no idea what the BV modifiers for LAMs are.

So, pre LAM-modifiers:

Meth Ferret Prime: BV2: 1,136. CBills: 5,960,175.

Meth Ferret A: BV2: 1,102. CBills: 6,197,300.

Meth Ferret B: BV2: 1,288. CBills: 6,297,300.

Meth Ferret C: BV2: 1,182. CBills: 6,624,800.

If anyone can give me the BV/CBill modifiers for LAMs, I can recalculate.

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Easy. Inferno missiles. And machine guns. Think piranha's big brother

Its on my comp, which is far away right now

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That one should be really easy.

Start with a stock unrefitted 3025 IS Hunchback, change out the AC-20 for an LBX-20. Drop 3 single heat sinks, go up to doubles to cover heat endlessly. Add 4 jump jets to bring up to a 4/6/4. Drop the small laser for a flamer. Gains a half ton of armor on the legs. Standard armor.

It will hunt infantry good.

Total price - 4,210,750

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Wrong. Missed the tonnage by 5.

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White Tiger

IS Battlemech

45 tons

5/8/5 with a standard fusion engine

Standard IS and 9 tons of Standard Armor

Armament is:

2 ER Medium Lasers
1 SRM-4 with a ton of Inferno rounds (those still 1 hit KO vehicles right? If not, replace it with standard SRM rounds)
4 Machine Guns with one ton of ammo
2 Flamers
12 double heat sinks

Cost is 4,084,940 C-bills

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Anybody got pics of the white tiger?

>> No.14036593


And I just realized that I can nick a ton off the armor to switch it to Stealth if I also remove one of the torso CASE's and move the Ammo around.

Price ends up being 4,751,940 for the Improved version.

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How's this?

>> No.14036611


As its literally something I brewed up in 5 minutes, I sure as hell hope not. It would be pretty fucking creepy otherwise.

>> No.14036635


Interestignly, despite Experimental Tech beign ticked, that's perfectly Tournament Legal.

>> No.14036669

Then we need a drawfriend to make one for us

Delicious lrm frags

>> No.14036672


I like yours but for infantry and vehicle hunting, I don't think the 5/8 is needed.

My proposal is a 4/6/4 platform that runs a tiny bit hot, no problem really. 10 DHS and with 22 heat generation.

2 MPL, the bonus damage verse infantry in the open is nice.
An old fashion SRM-6 with factional accounting to give half a ton of regular and half a ton of Inferno for flexibility for close in tank hunting.
Twin MG for close in city fighting if it happens. Half ton of ammo there.
Twin MML-5s for versitility. A ton of SRM and LRM ammo feed into the launchers so the thing has a stand off weapon verse long ranged goons. So they have 24 rounds of both types to draw upon.

Armor is not maxed, only 9 tons out of 9.5... thinned a bit on the legs and torsos to shave off the weight.

Total price comes out to 3,326,590 cbills.

Might do well as a support mech for the Hatchetman.

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They should sketch up that crazy-ass omni-LAM while they're at it.

>> No.14036750

Negative on the infernos. As of the recent rules, they do not auto kill.

They just do extra damage over time.

>> No.14036758

Sure thing.

5/8/5 standard Fusion engine with TSM and 10 single Heat Sinks.

10 tons standard armor.

2 ER Flamers
1 Medium Laser
2 Small Lasers
1 MML 5 with 1 ton each of LRM, Inferno SRM, and Frag SRM ammo, though these could be swapped out for other specialty types, ammo protected by CASE II

All linked to a Targeting computer

Total cost is 4,904,915 going by Skunkwerks. Idea is to create heat with its all-energy armament to activate TSM to make it extra speedy, and the targeting computer counteracts the heat buildup.

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hey battletech people.
What's a good place to get minis for battletech.
I mean i have the rule book and I two technical readout books but I got no minis and minis are all i need now to draw in my warhammer friends.

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Exodus Road never did me wrong over repeat orders. Even gave me some Laio joke when I cracked an anti-davion joke in the comments.

Good people.

Iron Wind Metals for all the other low produce/rare mechs/fig.

>> No.14036796


I'd also love to finally get a picture of a Blaze-3 when they're at it. Aka "The fastest goddamn mech ever built. And it can turn into a jet."

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Im having trouble with skunkwerks.
how do i load a mech to start with?

>> No.14037075

Isn't it so fast it would liquify the pilot

>> No.14037165


Its top speed is something over 500 Kph. It achieves that by using literally every single weight saving measure in the damn game, going so far as to use IS tech for the gyro and cockpit. Its armed with a pair of ER Small Lasers, and has like 2 tons of Clan FF for armor. It runs so fast that an encounter with a small divot would result in the leg snapping under the strain. At which point the pilot would be crushed under the massive Fusion XXL engine as it tore free from its mountings and slammed into the cockpit from behind.

Frankly I think we decided that the Clans just slapped a smaller and vastly improved version of the M-5 Caspar drone inside instead of a cockpit. That or it was some massive "Just as Planned" ploy by a Khan to organized a 10+ Clan pileup for a trial of possession for the "Miracle Weapon". You'd literally need to cross breed a Jedi Knight with a Clan Aerospace pilot for someone to have a chance in hell of sucessfully piloting it.

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>draw in my warhammer friends

Some of them could likely complain about the aesthetics, so brace yourself for that. Don't try to argue the matter, as that's arguing opinions. I for one far prefer Battletech's aesthetic over the more artsy games, as finding a raw sci-fi aesthetic is becoming harder and harder to find, these days.

Not all of them will complain. I've met some jackass 40K players in my time, but more recently, 40K players I've run into seem to be a lot more good-spirited and open-minded, less likely to shout *Heresy* to your face at point blank, upon mention of anything not made by games workshop, as had been my prior experiences with the players prior to 2007. Now days, though, the ones I've met have been cool, calm, and collected. I don't know where all the beardy nerdragers have gone, but I've not had a run-in for some time.

As for the miniatures, yeah, as you might know, the introbox is slated to be out rather soon (CGL tends to put out release dates almost as soon as the product is to be released)

Try to find an LGS that stocks it, first, and whatever they don't have, I'd get from online. E-bay is an option for minis, but in general, Exodus Road or Ironwind Metals are your way to go for combined shipping. However, check which miniatures you'll need first before you go shopping. Any of the less popular ones get archived by Ironwind, meaning they're OOP, but they can make more if you pay them a flat $8 startup cost. So if, for example, you're buying a Timberwolf, you won't have to worry. However, if you're getting, say, an Albatross from TRO 3055, they're archived, and whether you're buying 1 or 10, you'll have to pay a flat $8 startup cost for the furnace. This isn't the case if you're buying already-made miniatures like from Exodus Road or E-bay, but ER and other miniatures sites aren't guaranteed to have everything in stock all the time.

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There is a seperate file on their website that contains all the existing 'mech files.

If you didn't download that, you will only be able to use the program to make new sheets.

It doesn't cost anything but 5 minutes of time, though.

>> No.14037644

thank you, but i am confused as to which file i need. can you direct me?

>> No.14037656

SSW Master file.

>> No.14037664

Allright /tg/. Unit Designer Quest-thing is back, if you want me.

Few changes in the rules, I'm going to institute rolls. The highest roll after 5-10 minutes gets their choice incorporated.

Choice of unit is as follows:

Space Station
Small Craft
Aerospace fighter
Conventional fighter
Combat Vehicles (Tracked, Hover, Wheel, WiGE, VTOL, or Naval)
Support Vehicle
Battle Armor
or Omni/Battle/Industrial Mech

I'd prefer to do something a little different then yet another Battlemech, but thats up to you guys.

>> No.14037714

rolled 94 = 94

Protomech- considering they have the aesthetics of monsters from the movies a move for a xenomorph proto

>> No.14037783

rolled 6, 5 = 11

Rolling on what? D100? 2D6? D20? Do rolls without the E-mail field visible count?

Seconding Alien protomech though. Rollan 2D6 because it's traditional.

>> No.14037829


While 2d6 would be traditional, I don't wanna end up with a tie between two 12s. 1d100 will be just fine.


Alright so we're making a protomech.

Need a tonnage, between 2 and 9.

>> No.14037852

rolled 10 = 10

letting my rolling do the talking, first number is tonage round up or down as neccessary

>> No.14037866

rolled 2 = 2

ok so 9 tons, and now my roll to compete with others, d100

>> No.14037917


I assume you want 9 tons then?

Alright that gives us a fair deal of tonnage to play around with. 7.15 to be precise. Now select how fast our Xenomorph PMech should be, base speed and JJets.

>> No.14037976

rolled 61 = 61

I vote 8mp, should mean a 2 ton 75 fusion engine. Then maybe a few jump MP, but I'm not sure on that.

>> No.14038030

Our proto now has a blazing speed rating of 8/12.

It has 5.15 tons remaining. Unless anyone wants jump MP, I'm gonna move onto the armor in about ten minutes.

>> No.14038118

Alright Armor time.

For those unfamiliar with Protos, they have a slightly different armor setup then a full scale 'Mech. Armor is divided into 5 sections, Head, Torso, RA, LA, and Legs, plus an optional sixth, a "Main Gun". Our armor limit for a 9 tonner is 2.25 tons.

>> No.14038275

rolled 59 = 59

2 tons

>> No.14038344

Alright, 2 tons of armor leaves us with 3.15 tons remaining. Weapon Time now.

>> No.14038527

That after the cockpit and heatsinks? And I'm wondering if we should add a ProtoMech Myomer Booster. 225 kg (bit less than 1/4th a ton) for bursts of 16Mp. Up to others though.

>> No.14038723

rolled 70 = 70

3.15 tons huh? Well, assuming weapons weigh the same as for normal mechs, the rules out any ACs. How about an ER Medium Pulse Laser?

>> No.14038891


Alright, So the Xenomech has a single Medium Pulse laser. We must dedicate 4 Proto heat sinks to it, each of which weighs 250kg. This leaves us with 136 kg.

>> No.14038997

Throw electronics packages into that last 136 kg. Nothing with a Battletech-scale effect, but stuff that would matter if this thing showed up in the RPG. Like heatvision and shit.

>> No.14039216

>> No.14039303

Allright. Time to necro this hideous mockery of a thread one last time.

Stats for the XenoMech

9 Ton Protomech
8/12 base speed
2 tons of armor (Hd: 6 Torso: 16, LA: 4 RA: 4 Legs: 10
1 Medium Pulse Laser
4 Protomech scale heat sinks
136 kg of electronic warfare equipment

>> No.14039557


I almost despise it yet it is so ugly I can't help but love it. A whole star of those would be really nice and actually not worthless, which is hard to believe since it is a protomech.

>> No.14040948

rolled 66 = 66

This pleases me greatly, first the Meth ferret and now the xenomech...

>> No.14040989

>rolled 66 = 66
The Pole confirmed for Satan or WoBbie.

>> No.14041004

If I may insert some vidya MW4, I think the most unbalanced Mech I ever fielded was a Novacat fielding all Clan Flamers, and one artillery beacon, with a fuckton of heatsinks. 2 shots would shut down any Mech I encountered, and then I would drop arty. Shit was so cash.

>> No.14041054

rolled 93 = 93

issue was getting into range for flamers, when you had 10 times your number with novacats with 8 large lasers playing peekaboo with hills

funny you mention that, I may just go ahead and build me a WOBBIE force

>> No.14041079

Absolutely true; It was really only good for urban maps, although it was pretty damned fast. I think it did about 80kph, which is fast enough to close in an urban map, but not fast enough to avoid being shot full of PPC sized holes in open terrain.

>> No.14041134

you know what i wish was different about the game, I wish it was more proactive in forcing you to take something lighter than assault mechs, ones where you have to defend a convoy already enroute.....you can damn well bet that frustrated you the half dozen times you tried pulling that shit with your atlas, and then you finally realize your error and then go for a madcat....

>> No.14041430

lets get some battltech music in here


>pollock's celabi
wut captcha?

>> No.14041490


>> No.14041572


Well, do you blame em?

I mean, there is not a mechwarrior or mech commander game that does not punish you for not taking the biggest, heaviest, meanest, clanniest battlemech you can.

Oh, you can go IS... but that is like purposefully handicapping you, especially since the enemy has most likely gone pure clan themselves (mechcommander II was the offender here)... sure, you could go lighter than heavy/assault... but again... the computer is going full tilt to all walking death boat spam... again, all clanner, all the time.

Then looking back at your mech collection, some of them iconic and fun to drive IS heavies, mediums, and lights and just toss them out to the curb. Nope, no place for all those... lets roll out the clan Mad Cat and Daishi.

*grumbles* At least let me have a bloody Masakari, Gladiator, Thor, or Loki occasionally if I have to drive heavy/assault Clans in these games.

>> No.14041604

wow bro, ya gotta chill

here have this

>> No.14041817


>> No.14042018


Too bad that game is pretty much dead and buried... haven't heard a peep about it, not a screen shot, in years...

For all we know, that game might as well be the Duke Nukem Forever of Mechwarrior games... so incredible it will melt the faces of everyone who plays it and turn even the most staunchest of clanner into an IS player...

and maybe it will be delivered to us on the back of a unicorn while carried by leprechauns who will toss a pot of gold in for pre-ordering it.

Till then, I too can wish for a mechwarrior game that will have an indepth character creation system, loyalty sliders for my lance mates (with obligatory romance option), an epic storyline that will rival the gods, and the ability to customize my mechs out to which ever terrifying combo I can come up with using the time period of the game.

Perhaps the big scary super monster faction won't be the clans this time (because it always is going to be clans, right?) but perhaps ComStar or someone using Star League lost tech. So that the increase isn't stupidly huge compared to the base line stuff.

They would be nice... especially since they have really been fleshing out the Age of War, Star League lost designs, and the such to give more variety to the base pre-invasion era.

Otherwise... it will be another game where I am going to be in a Mad Cat or Daishi... and I think we have had three of those so far? Yeah.

>> No.14042114

Has there been ANY information released since the trailer and subsequent legal troubles?

hell, do we even know how the legal stuff was resolved?

>> No.14042184

cease and desist, followed by ceasing and desisting?

I have a feeling its just being hush hushed, cuz god knows if catalyst can put out the anniversary set finally, mechwarrior the PC game will too

>> No.14045999

>> No.14046133

I don't remember fighting a lot of clan mechs in MW2 mercs. They didn't even show up until halfway into the game...

>> No.14046405

Hell of a thread we had last night, hm?

>> No.14046816

So, guys.
What would one recommend in the way of programs for making Protomech scematics and LAMs?
For these two 'mechs. I can't for the life of me figure SSW out for LAMs.

>> No.14046832

Supposedly Mech3015(the reboot) will not force you to take out the heaviest mech you've got. They say that if you stick with a mech all the way through then you'll be rewarded for it.

I imagine some levels will have some differences in what mechs appear based on your personal mech choice, and others will just hand you more C-bills if you use a lighter force

>> No.14046845


SSW doesn't do LAMs at all, IIRC. Nor Protos.

There's a fnky web-based one in this thread somewhere, but It's old and buggy.

>> No.14047199

Well damn. Thanks anyway, good sir.

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