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What is the strongest space marine chapter fluffwise?
My friend says the Grey Knights suck because they never see battle.

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>Grey Knights
>Never see battle

Also, whichever codex you're currently reading is the strongest force in 40K, no exceptions.

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>My friend says the Grey Knights suck because they never see battle.
It isn't that they never see battle, just that you never see them see battle.

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Troll thread.
Come on, if I see it, it's too obvious.

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Black Templar's

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define strong?

1vs1 combat nobody beats grey knights
chapter vs chapter nobody outnumbers the black templar
if you're talking allies, ultrasmurfs have dozens, probably hundreds of chapters who have sworn fealty to them

strongest in spirit? probably the exorcists, every exorcist is possessed with a demon and forced to repel it as part of initiation. Even grey knights aren't subjected to that.

strongest tactics-wise? historically... the dark angels are supposed to the the uber-tactics chapter. Is the the current reality? who knows.

Politically is also the ultrasmurfs

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Fucking Magpies

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Also like BLUHD RAHVEENZ cause they are shaping up to be loyalist thousand sunz.

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Each individual space marine only sleeps a couple hours a day, and they never stop moving from warzone to warzone. This includes Grey Knights.

Your friend is a HERETIC

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I'd say Black Templars simply because not enough information has been given about the Grey Knights numbers.
The Black Templars have 13 times the number of marines of any othert chapter.

1v1 a Grey Knight in the lore is supposed to be better then your average marine.

I'd say it goes something like this:

Black Templars>Grey Knights>Mentors>First Founding Chapters>The Rest

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>never stops moving from warzone to warzone
>Space Wolves getting totally hammered at feasts at every opportunity

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Gotta pass the travel time somehow. What about the Custodes?

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grey knights are all psykers

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Custodes ain't Space Marines.

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So we can have female Custodes then? Cool.

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Different process. Still all male.

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More SPEHSS WULVES than Templar. But the SPEHSS WULVES are really pawns of Tzeentch, anyway.

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