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Hey /tg/, anyone else getting hideously slow posting times? (although if yes your replies will take twenty minutes to appear, urgh). Anyone know the source?

Here's hoping it blows over soon.

Pic related.

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couldn't even start a thread, with a 46kb image.

Glad t hear it's not just my connection, though.

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From 4chan status
>Posting > DOWN
I guess it's a miracle we can post at all.

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couldn't even start a thread, with a 46kb image.

Glad t hear it's not just my connection, though.

Respond attempt: 3

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Glad it's not just me. Oh well, off to DarkReign40k.com I go then...

Wonder what caused it?

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Oh gods I thought it was just Comcast fucking with me again.

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sys.4chan is fucked up.

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I'm happy I'm able to post at all. 4chan randomly blocks my ISP lately, and it got better at blocking proxies as well.

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So it's NOT just me? Glad to know I'm not alone. Stay strong, friends!

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Dunno what even happened to attempt 2

Thing is, /tg/ was running like shit for a few days now, just today it's been noticably worse. At least they know there's a problem, so there might be some fixing in the near future.

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We should please the internet gods

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I tried to post 5 times, but I thought it was my connection being loltastic.


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Quick bump so people know it's not their connections.

In the meantime, Cultist Chan can entertain us!

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