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Hey there /tg/.

Share some stories of your best/worst BBEGs?

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Worst: Umbravar the arch-typical necromancer, powerful but magic reliant.
The PC's were so non-threatened by him that after destroying his minions that they slapped an anti-magic zone over him and ignored him while they argued about ethics in game.
Tried to make him give a typical evil speech to interrupt them, but the barbarian rolled a natural 20 intimidate and shut him up with a look. The necromancer then cried and walked out while the PC's continued to argue.
I couldn't help but feel sorry for my poorly crafted BBEG, and had him occasionally show up as a lieutenant for other BBEG's. ... even if the PC's started going out of their way to make him cry during encounters.

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Best was a young green dragon that refused to fight fair.
By this point he PC's had defeated two much larger dragons, and got over confident. The young dragon tormented the PC's with magic and traps, actually forcing the band into retreating back to town twice to stay alive.
He even let them get to his treasure chamber just to breath chlorine gas, run out, and collapse the cavern entrance behind him.
Eventually was slain by the pissed off ranger, who tracked him down and shot him full of arrows.

Now the PC's glare at me whenever I mention a town has a small dragon problem.

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Party thought they found the BBEG's lair. It contained a mirror. I told them "The bad guys are you. You're the true monsters of this world." I got a pepsi can upside the head for that one.

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I'm still running my first campaign, so I can't say if he's my best or worst. He's a LE Bard that has been randomly showing up in places that the party is going to and trolling them since nearly the start of the game. He started out acting like he wanted to help them, followed them around a bit, and helped out in a couple dungeons. He even slept with one of the female PCs. Then after they go their separate ways, he shows up later helping the bad guys and hinting at some even worse ulterior motive. The party was so pissed off about this because they really liked having the guy around. Now he's not going out of his way to kill them, but he has been getting to their goals first and stealing MacGuffins before they can get to them (mainly because they dilly dally around for days on end). Some party members hate him so much that they commissioned a box that would trap him and put him into constant pain and regeneration for eternity. They are willing to pay 500,000 gold and wait the 2 year creation time to put him into it.

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Break the mirror.

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>your face when

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Better solution:


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What makes a good BBEG?
Gonna star dming soon and I need to know this.

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NPC creation handbook. This should help you.

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They need to be damn handsome.

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>LE bard

>L bard

Nice pointless homebrew, bro.

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oh no! a dm ignored one of the most poorly crafted rules in the game!

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Fucking christ, your players are bunch of fucking bullies!

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Best BBEG was shameless ripoff of Hank Scorpio as a Maho Cult leader in L5R. PCs ended up joining for the healthcare benefits and a couple of them got slightly tainted from the previous battling and choose life over HONOURABLE DEATH.

They soon got shot full of arrows in the first round of a random ambush by bandits that was completely unrelated to their cult. Bandits discovered their taint while trying to ransom them and turned them over for execution for amnesty only to be executed themselves!

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Wasn't that a 2E thing that bards had to be non-lawful?

The best BBEG I've ever had the pleasure of DMing was a group of people who absorbed the world's sins to prevent the world from being destroyed. In the process, they gained a good chunk of powers, including immortality. Spefically, however, was a paladin who absorbed the Sins of Wrath and Sloth. He did not lose his paladin powers in the process as I had house-ruled that once given they couldn't be taken away.

He started to lose control and decided to free himself from the chains he had crafted to keep himself locked up.... power swelled over time. Once freed he amasses a small army of devils and other nasties and proceeded to wipe out towns in a slow manner.

When the PCs finally got to him, he stated that he did not care they were there or that they had foiled his evil plans. In fact, he warned them to run as not only did he not want to fight, he still had some control of his mind: The villages had been slow to be destroyed but the people were slain quickly and in comfort. The PCs, of course, did not listen and a fight came.

The fucker started off by using Smite Evil on the party's paladin. That should give you an indication of how badly this guy wanted to die.

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nah it was also 3e, but like >>14027403 said, it can be ignored, except by aspies who must have rules as written.

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