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Sup /tg/, I'm sure most of you 40k players/modelers have heard of Ronin Miniatures (the ones that made most of the beautiful Primarchs in this picture).

I believe the person(s) behind Ronin Miniatures are now called Kabuki Models. Evidence in the picture in the next post...

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On the left is (or was) a new, unopened "Death Knight" (Ronin's model of Mortarion), and on the right is the package that contained the "Berskerk Knight" (Kabuki'd model of Angron). Note the circled icons.

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you guys are just absolutely no fun lately.
I worry about you people sometimes.

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Every time I see that picture I want to punch the bastard that didn't paint that Vulkan model.
Everyone else gets a nice paint job(except maybe Mortarion, but hey whatever, thats kinda his thing...) But thats just such an awesome Vulkan model...and it goes unpainted and unfulfilled :(

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Maybe the Vulkan was painted but never photoed?

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Ok...but what does that mean?

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Dat Fulgrim. God damn glorious.

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Anyone got this in a higher-res? I've seen a pic of the primarchs, but not one that includes the Mortarion and Lorgar...

I love Roboute Guilliman, he doesn't look over the top or anything, just stern and unyielding like a Space Marine should... also, captcha;

>Algebraic volly

How appropriate for the father of the Imperium's warfare tactics

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Also why should I care? I like the look of his work, its very detailed and would make a nice showcase item...but none of it seems usable in an actual game.
In fact the only things I could find that would be table top legal would be the bases, and even those would only fit a very small group of units in 40K(the only ones I can think of off hand are terminators and heavy weapons squads)

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Wondering about the fluffyness of the Legion novel a bit and a bit about where they got the idea for Alpharius from ?
If the doctrines of the book were true, shouldnt Alpharius look like any fellow space marine of his legion, just maybe bigger ?

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