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Civilization stories and Civilization general (any of them, 1 through 5 or any of the spin-offs):
>Trying Civilization 5 for the first time to see if it really is worse than 4.
>Playing on Earth map.
>Get my start in Southeast Asia.
>Eventually send out a boat to find other continents to settle once I research it.
>Find Austrialia. Nobody else has settled it yet.
>It's completely barbarian infested.
>Send musketmen to clear the whole continent out.
>I'm imagining in my mind a complete purge of the whole fucking Aboriginal race.

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>I'm imagining in my mind a complete purge of the whole fucking Aboriginal race.

A case of "everything went better than expected"?

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>start on island
>find british
>british ask for help fighting some random nation
>sure why not
>suddenly at war with every other nation in the game.

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I basically did the exact same thing in Civ 4.
>Playing as the Germans.
>Started in China.
>Rushed to boat-tech.
>Invade barbarian infested Australia.
>Easily biggest empire on the planet by double.
>Feels good man.

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>Completely fucking Demolish Lords Believers
>They have one base left
>"Force Size: Anemic"
>Miriam starts demanding that I pay her a tribute in energy lest I incur her wrath

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Sounds awesome.

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90% of my Civ V games:

>Focus on capital and like 3 other cities tops if there are good spots nearby
>Full science
>Try to act friendly to everybody
>Hey we're at war with those, why don't you declare war?
>But they're my friends too! Why don't you stop fighting?
>No, fuck you, even if they're the other side of the map and we don't even really fight. We're angry with you.
>Repeat this conversation 10 times.
>Some moron declares war on me.
>Everybody else decides to join up.
>They fail to conquer a single city due to the wonders of artillery and technological supremacy.
>Fuck this shit i'm going to space.

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Same, except I tend to secure a continent.

That was back in Civ 2, though. Isometric map, and all that jazz.

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I like to "tithe" a planet cracker to the bitch in that situation.

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90% of my civ games:

>Intention of friendship
> Neighbor declares war on me
>Start trouncing his ass
>Asks for treaty, dont start what you cant finish
>New neighbors
>The sun never sets on the 'x' empire.

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>Just got Civ5
>Okay, will play Catherine on largest map, marathon.
>Everything's going okay, screw up a bit on the capital's location but get around it
>Two citystates nearby on the ocean, constantly at war with eachother
>Decide to conquer them both and make puppet states so I have less to worry about
>Germany, Egypt and Persia declare war
>15 turns of asking for peace while they decline
>Curb stomp an Egyptian city nearby
>Egypt immediately wants peace, offers me 2 other cities and all his luxury goods for 90 turns plus all his money.
>Persia does the same minus cities
>Germany demands half of my treasury for peace
>Sure whatever
>Turn 600's game starts crashing every 5-10 turns
>around 800 it crashes every other turn
>Game becomes unplayable
>Terribly disappointed.

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Well in Civ II my answer tended to be "Enjoy my tanks while you have musketeers at best". Mostly because back then i used to roll with communism and having two tanks on each city even during peace was a good idea.

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I always love how they declare war, i slaughter their army, then they demand things in exchange for peace.

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Yeah largest maps are a bit problematic, which is sad. I tend to play on medium maps and disable city states in echange for more civs.

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>Roommates and I all have Civ4
>Hey, we should all play a game against each other
>Playing as Ashoka India, One roommate is Celts, other roommate is Bismarck's Germany
>Celts and Indians end up teaming up, Germany and India do the majority of the comp-stomping
>Bismarck's all about the military, India's all about culture but still has some insane production ability
>Celts are slaughted to a man because he decided he would rather piss our roommate off than capitulate
>India and Germany toss nukes at each other onto the same goddamn island for two centuries
>I steal two island cities from him, he doesn't gain any territory.
>He meets the two of us downstairs and is peeved that we allied with each other instead of doing the "logical thing" and allying with the "strongest power" in the game

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Something similar happens to me, whenever I play on Huge maps on the Earth setting in the late game it just constantly crashes. Had to delete by far my favouite military campaign, so depressing... England prevails...

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>Not X-com

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Communism was ultimate easymodo back in Civ2. All the benefits of autocratic rule with no loss of efficiency? Fuck yes.

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One of my better Civ 4 games
>Start as Rome
>Start Judaism
>Convert America, Japan, and Carthage
>Start crusade and conquer Gandhi and his heathen Buddhist allies
>Later on start New Rome in the ashes of the French Empire, what can I say, they needed to share their resources better
>Near late game china starts threatening me, nuke them into the stone age
>Manage to win space race victory

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>maintain ancient pact of loyalty with neighbours for three millienia
>trade them tech and resources
>they're getting gangbanged by four other states, transfer troops to help them out

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Which Civ were you playing?

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>Focus on capital and like 3 other cities tops if there are good spots nearby

To be honest, that's what I love so much about Civ 5. You can get by just fine with so few cities. Less micromanaging.

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Didn't matter. It may just be my luck, but everytime I play this game the computer just goes KILL THE HUMAN! In the days of numbers 1, 2 and 3, the AI was truly dire.

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What? If you wanted maximum efficiency in 4, you had 6 cities, tops. If you wanted to compete with the computer on the highest difficulties, you had 4 cities, tops.

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I could never understand why anybody would use anything else (possible exception for Fanaticism, but that wasn't my cup of tea). Sure, democracy would give you tons of comerce... but then you'd have to invest it all into luxury because the whiny bitches didn't have enough with the buildings. Fuck.

This is something i feel they need to adress, if you have more than a handful of cities it becomes a bother (unless they're all inefficient hellholes that don't produce anything for 30 turns). I think Spore could provide some inspiration with the zooming out to how things could work, but a more simple idea would be cities begin as towns, working as now, after they reach a certain size, they become cities, and can have attached towns, which benefit from the buildings in the city and such (they should cost some maintenance, perhaps increase the cities expenses by a percentage) and allow you to use more land, as the main city grows it could become a metropolis and later a megalopolis, allowing for more attached cities (or larger if their population isn't included in the main city), or allowing those cities to have attachments of their own (Megalopolis -> Metropolis -> Cities -> Towns).

This would also help with not having to leave gaps between your cities to prevent mr asshole from settling in there when you aren't looking since you put them far enough to not screw each other up. You'd be able to puty a town in there, and when the nearby city is big enough join them together.

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Get the statue of liberty. Democracy to fill the coffers and muster your armies, then let the biblethumpers take over while you purge the neighbours with fire and steel. Then it's back to democracy again before the suckers you jumped are done burying their dead.

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I never found that necessary. Communism, 2 tanks per city, when there's war send the tanks out leaving 1 per city or so and start building another. From memory Communism supported 2 units in the city for free, so essentially i tried to keep my military at that level. Also when they declared war on my i tended to not accept peace ever again and just conquered everything (so i had somewhere to park my extra tanks).

I guess i could've gone Fanaticism for the war itself, though i can't remember the effects.

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>playing as glorious Nippon(I randomed) on Archipelago map
>Take Liberty policies
>maxed out liberty in 17 turns
>Expand like a fucking mad man
>take commerce policies
>"Hello Mr. Washington, would you like to be frie-"
>Washington has declared war
>Destroy his troops in my territory
>can't fucking do SHIT in his territory
>make him give me all the gold and resources I want

Haven't played in a while, but I'm getting culture like a fucking mad man. I'm sure I'm going to get a cultural victory before the 21st century.

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Not doing anything on it at this very minute (getting ready to head over to a mate's place). But
>Civ 40k.
>At the sub-sector scale
>Command whole systems

Still waaaay in alpha, but progressing slowly. Expect the next update next week.

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Have a screenshot too.

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>Start playing
>Have a few cities
>Researching efficiently
>Alliances made
>Alliances turn on me
>Armies destroy me

Every game of Civ I've ever tried. It's to the point that I have no frame of reference for what a decent army is, nor do I know how anything works. I am a man lost in a sea of black boxes when I play this game.

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Also, what difficulty does everyone play at? I play noble (Civ IV), I win most the time, but is still a challenge.

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I found Culture and Science the easiest (and safest). They help each other a lot (more science = more social structures, more social structures = more sciency policies), ensure you remain the most advanced, with means you can laugh at any attempts at conquering you with superior artillery, and can be done without travelling the whole map.

By the way... why the hell are iron and aluminum so fucking rare? They're common as shit on Earth.

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Civ IV at settler with tips on might help. It's basically Civ IV, the tutorial. That is if you play civ 4 (protip, Civ IV is best civ).

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I wish there was a Civ game aside from AC that had fucking advanced technology. Military that didn't terminate at modern day stuff. AC doesn't run on my PC (stupid old game) so I can't play.

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>By the way... why the hell are iron and aluminum so fucking rare? They're common as shit on Earth.

The only reason I can think of is that it was a game design decision to force technology-oriented players (read: ALL of us) into interacting with the rest of the planet to get the resources we need to build all the cool shit we've researched.

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Civ V has uranium powered Giant Death Robots. Yes, one single futuristic unit.

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I always ended up finding a city over a choke point somewhere, building, then creating my own empire behind that. Trade for what resources I need, but NOONE GETS A FUCKING TREATY, EVER.

and then I come storming out like the wrath of god to stomp them while I've got Armoured infantry and they've got spearmen.

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I'd love to trade except the rest don't seem to have it either half the time... so i just go fuck it, i'll research until i get something that's better AND doesn't require resources (reason why i tend to somehow send a spaceship to colonize the universe without having researched combustion).

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Civ 4 BtS comes with a mod with a whole future era. Clone armies, battle robots, giant doom robots, etc.

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>Civ V
>Play as India
>Ally with England, America, and China early on
>generally bros- give them luxury goods they need, get protection and jewgolds in return
>Ottomans and Arabs on the other side of the fucking planet keep denouncing me and mocking me for no damn reason
>both declare war out of nowhere
>suddenly, World War since I had peace agreements with every other country
>All my allies two turns later make peace agreements with them, hang me out to dry.
>Fine, they can't get to me anyw-
>they open borders to the arabs and ottomans

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I think Civ V can become great when it gets an expansion or two.

Right now it just feels... Empty, incomplete. Its just missing something I cant quite put my finger on

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I really don't get how Civ V diplomacy works. Well, maybe i do, but if it's make it a challenge to the player it's rather disappointing. Countries pretty much suiciding just to screw with you... it might sound odd, but the weird diplomacy really breaks "immersion" (as far as it can be had in a game where you rule a civilization for thousands of years).

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I've noticed that civs are idiotically suicidal at times, and everybody's a bloodthirsty sociopath on some level, waiting for the smallest reason to declare war. YOU HAVE HIGHER TECH? WAR! YOU DIDN'T TRADE WITH ME? WAR! YOU BUILT A SECOND CITY? WAR!

>> No.14019264

This is why I play a paranoid isolationist in every single iteration of Civilization I've ever had. That's never steered me wrong. You can always count on the AI to be fuck-headed douche-nozzles.

>No peace treaties
>No alliances
>No open borders

>> No.14019307

The last game i played in Civ V i kept being friendly to everybody, trading, doing research agreements... but fuck you, my borders remain closed.

Funny enough, they didn't declare war. It seems they only like to declare war after they've taken a good look at everything you have.

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I think it's intionally the way they programmed certain civilization AI's. I just finished a game without a single civilization declaring war on me (although they did get hostile in tone and publically denounce me, but never a full-blown shooting conflict).

Next time you play a round of Civ 5, try picking your opponents and see what happens.

Arabia, India, Iroquois, Persia, Russia, China, and Egypt.

Aztec, France, Germany, Greece, Ottoman, Japan, Songhai, Mongolia

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What's the name of the mod?

My desire for these is mostly because I want a single city of miniature godlings. Remember in.. I think it was Moo2, you'd send out an army of one or two to conquer a planet? And people would be firing, and your one fellow would run across the map and obliterate them?

Yeah, that. I think it's funny. Especially to watch the world develop when off in one corner is Jesus with antimatter guns.

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at least in IV, the civs have distinctly different personalities
Alexander is a warmonger
Gandhi will almost next declare war on you (will use spies and sabatoge though)
Isabella is a backstabbing bitch, and is more likely to attack you if you have a positive relation with her than if you don't
(that last bit might not be true, but it always feels that way)

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>Funny enough, they didn't declare war. It seems they only like to declare war after they've taken a good look at everything you have.

You know something? Same exact thing happened to me with the Civ 5 game I just finished. Funny how that works out...

>So THERE'S where his capital is! CHARGE!

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IT lacks depth. Which is one of the thing that sold me on the 4X genre. Try playing the "Age of Mankind" mod for Civ IV BtS. It's the real sucessor of Civ IV, with Civ V being the successor of Civ Revoloutions.

Because I can, have another screenie.

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Isabella will declare war on you if you aren't the same religion.

Ghandi... well, there's a reason Nuclear Ghandi is a meme.

>> No.14019397

there are so, so many things wrong with that screenshot.

>> No.14019419

The Zulu leader basically ignores positive modifiers - if it's a good idea to declare war on you, he does.

>> No.14019453

>Isabella will declare war on you if you aren't the same religion.
being the same religion has never helped.
She's just a backstabbing a bitch.

>Nuclear Ghandi
maybe in V, but I've never had Gandhi declare war on me in IV and I've played at least 5 full games with him as an oppenent, two in which he was a starting neighbor.

>> No.14019469

Oh? Please fill me in.

The science thing is because I'm replacing the 'tech tree' with a 'faith tree'. Faith powers and shit, yo. Just haven't figured out how to swap all the symbols. . .

>> No.14019677


I'm pretty sure the Redemptor isn't a cardinal.

>> No.14019687

I used to play the original Civilization, starting when I was probably 7 or so years old. I didn't really understand the different government systems and stuff, but I could win games on the lower difficulties. I played Civ II a little bit, but not much. Last year I saw the Civ IV complete pack for around 30 bucks, so I bought it.

Even on the easiest difficulty I can't do anything. I always get raped by whoever starts next to me, or just manage to hold them off without taking any territory. What the fuck do I do?

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> Playing SMAC as Morgan
> Encounter Dierdre
> We become bros since I'm running Green economics (Free Market has way too many downsides for my taste, and I can still pull in shitloads of cash running with the Wealth value)
> Dierdre's being pressured by Lal so I build a dozen copters or so to blow up his forces, and let Dierdre's ground units take his bases
> Lal's down to his last three or four bases. Whines like a little bitch for me not to kill him.
> Fine whatever, just give me all your money (7 credits, wow) and tech (0 new technologies)
> Disband all my copters because I don't need them anymore and they're using up resources to maintain
> Dierdre declares war on me for no fucking reason
> "Goddammit, you stupid bitch."
> Rush buy a fuckton of copters and take all but one of her bases
> Drop planetbuster on her last base and win military victory despite the fact I was going for transcendance.

>> No.14019713


Prioritize military at the beginning and wipe THEM out first.

Take out your immediate neighbors, turn their cities into your own cities, and then worry about developing peacefully.

>> No.14019742

So am I. But I wanted a religious zealot type picture, and that was the best one I found. The redeemer as a rule doesn't command planets. Cardinals can. I figured that hot hats like that aren't a one off thing, so decided to use the pic. I'd change it if I could find a better Cardinal picture for a commander. . .

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Various Civ 4 stories
>3p MP islands, found a load of religions
>Send missionaries for whatever
>Jew to one player's city
>Declares war on me the next turn
>Destroy him because he sucks
When I asked like three months later, he said he declared war because I had a Jew on his island.

>Same players, continents or whatever
>Tech like a mofo, planning with idiot to backstab Deity player
>Deity gets culture victory like 4 turns later
After that little embarrassment, I always check when someone gets one city fully cultured.

>6P continents, three teams
>Teammate and me get almost all wonders, all religions, decently advanced in tech
>Deity player and his teammate declares war as soon as they get Astronomy
>Nothing happens, all they did was destroy one city that I didn't want anyway because I was an idiot and built it for a banana. It literally only had the city hammers for production

>4P pangaea, I believe
>Deity player being top of the pile as always
>Bro and me declares war to check his power
>He destroys me easily, because I couldn't expand and only had 2 cities
>Out with nothing, gave bro my only iron to continue the fight
>He gave up 3 turns later

>3p Earth2
>I get Europe, idiot gets Africa, deity gets Asia
>At the top for once
>Other two declare war on me to check my power
>Stalemate with deity, push into idiot slowly
>They're sharing military techs as soon as they research a new one, but I still somehow barely maintain military tech superiority
>Eventually take idiot, deity gives up and ends with my religious victory

I was so proud that I beat that guy for once. Actually, it was probably my only real victory against his micromanaging ass.

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In every single Civ2 game I played, if Shaka was around, it was a guaranteed showdown between he and I at the final stages of the game.

Fear of a black planet indeed.

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Seriously, though, why the fuck don't they have the Zulu or any predominantly black civilization in Civ 5?

>> No.14019904

In Civ II i think it was Elisabeth I who always loved to declare war on me.

>> No.14019909

Well, the leader in question is famed for being all sorts of sneaky and underhanded. Also, the other black leaders (Ethiopian one, and the other one) are bros, as long as you're the same religion.

>> No.14019926

The Songhai are the Token Black Civilization this time around. I had to google them because I never heard of them before.

I was saddened when I learned there were no Vikings or Celts. :(

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>Civilization 4
>Love the main theme so much that I sometimes load the game just to listen to the song while I do other stuff
>Raging atheist friend of mine who loves Civ also tell me he does the same
>A month later, he tells me that he liked the song so much he found out that it was sung in swahili, and found a translation for it.
>He discovered the song was actually The Lord's Prayer.
>Tells me "I used to love the song so much and thought it was so transcendental, but now I hate it because it's just more Christian bullshit."

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I've run into so many other people with the exact same reaction.

Who the fuck cares? It's an awesome-sounding song.

>> No.14019979

I had to get a DLC for the Spanish and they're quite silly. An ability based on Natural Wonders? Really? Give them bonus money from ports or luxuries or something, not something that relies on extreme luck (or wasting a lot of resources).

>> No.14019983

>Civ 5
>First time playing it, so just playing on chieftain
>Devote everything to research, haven't done anything to anyone
>Suddenly, Genghis Khan declares war.
>Stealth Bombers mercilessly annihilate his cities as he tries to hit my bombers with rocks hurled from catapults

What an odd disparity of technologies.

>> No.14019990

As an atheist, I thought the religion aspect of Civ 4 BtS was one of the better ideas and I was annoyed it was cut. But maybe it was just because I thought the idea of Buddhist Nazis hilarious.

>> No.14019999

The Mali.

Ethopians saved my butt one game. They joined the religion I founded early.
Right at gunpower era I was barely holding off a warmonger civ (forget who, think it was Germany or France), then the ethopians declared war on them for attacking me.

Ethopians were pretty far behind in tech, but I fixed that.

>> No.14020004


That's because it is. The fact that they had the Apostolic Palace added in only made the mechanic work better.

>> No.14020018


Buddhist vikings are superior.

Also, I bought the cradle of civilization DLCs for V, but it won't let me access them or view them on Steam. What do?

>> No.14020027

We must purify the race so that everybody can reincarnate into the master race.

It's scary that it sounds a lot less fucked up if you assume reincarnation is real.

>> No.14020028


Baba Yetu is one of the best songs I've ever heard, Christian lyrics or not.

It started playing in my head as soon as I read "Civilization".

>> No.14020029

I'm an atheist, and I quite enjoy Christian Aesthetics, Cathedrals and such. Love Gregorian music to.

Don't care much for your Swahili singing though. Do me some Ominous Latin chanting instead. This reeks of uncivilized tribes.

>> No.14020031

I think all of the civilization's 'aspects' are kind of silly and stale. I think it's the Turks whose defining aspect is they have a 50% chance to convert a barbarian NAVAL UNIT. Give me a fucking break.

I played my first game as Alexander, whose ability slows citystate rep decline... then I realized I hate the citystate mechanic and ignored/conquered them the rest of the game, wasting my ability.

>> No.14020086


And then you have fucking Nobunaga with his Bushido combined with Populism, making units stronger when you hurt them. I generally play as him, Ghandi (who's weakness is easy to mitigate), Washington, or Hiawatha.

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File: 150 KB, 1280x768, underwaterpyramids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh sure, YOU get to have a civilization thread. MINE get deleted.


>> No.14020159

Most of them are useful in varying degrees, a few require very specific playstyles to get anything worthy from them, and then there's the Turks utter crap, and the Spanish impractical crap.

>Seven Cities of Gold: Gold bonus for discovering a Natural Wonder (bonus enhanced if first to discover it). Culture, happiness, and tile yields from Natural Wonders doubled.

If you actually manage to use it it's good, but as said that requires the luck of getting a wonder nearby or investing a lot of resources into finding it, and even then it's a one time bonus unless you settle nearby... and unless it's close to your capital that might just be asking for MrSmartassAI to conquer that one lonely city that's trapped behind enemy lines.

The rest i think i'm more or less fine with, though the German one i find odd and pretty useless in the long run, but i guess they were trying to make them go all Germanic tribes fucking up the Roman empire.

>> No.14020199

ITT: Baba Yetu

>> No.14020200

Yeah, Nobunaga is damn ridiculous if you're warlike. Sadly, with his "tactical genius" even that doesn't save him. So far his tactics seem to be:

1- Always be at war with somebody
2- Send melee units to attack the cities (never mind that they're eating counterattacks)
3- Great generals? What are those?

>> No.14020211

his special units are awesome for that though

they boost up your great generals to absurd levels

Btw my favorite from Civ V are the arabs...

One time I got stuck on an island with a couple of city states me egypt and the alexander. After conquering half of alexanders shit I just lay low and started to make money... HUGE amounts of money

200 fucking gold per turn in the 1700's

So I started my little "pet" project. A nearby city state had declared permanent war on egypt but were about to be destroyed (they were in control of the other half of the continent after all) and I started to buy them troops

fuckloads of troops higher tech level then the egyptians could dream off.

And then I watched how a single tiny city state fucked up the shit of an ancient civilization burning down every city in its path with my funding

I did this one more time buying fully loaded carriers for another city state who ended up nearly destroying the germans

I won a diplomatic victory since technically I never fired a single shot

Hurray for capitalism

>> No.14020225

that all the proof we need

aliens did the pyramids

this ones were drunk

>> No.14020248

The AI of Civ5 is atrocious. They designed a game where you can only have 1 military unit per tile, the implication being ranged/artillery in back, and then neglected to tell the AI how to manage it.

>> No.14020269

washington's ability kind of sucks

play as russia if you really want to see fast expansion. half cultural required for land expansion+the 75% cultural required for land expansion wonder = a new tile every turn without spending a dime

it gives your cities space to grow to epic proportions

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See pic

Seriously, though, if a vidya gaym is sufficiantly old or graphically inferior enough, it counts as /tg/ material. I figured you can't get much older than the original Civilization (see pic), so I mentioned and posted the box art of that - but mentioned all the other iterations because I knew everybody would want to talk about those, too.

>> No.14020283

great generals is ironic since his samurai shit out great generals

although I must admit I usually use mine for golden ages

also the AI does not understand the concept of a choke point and keeps sending his troops right through that small mountain pass with my artillery aimed straight down

>> No.14020310

Speaking of ranged units... funny how all firearms are melee weapons huh?

I wonder if it'd have worked without the sillyness to give actual artillery the 2 tile range (later 3), and ranged units (archers, crossbowmen, all the handheld firearms) would have a range of 1 and only be counterattacked by other ranged units. It might also be fitting to let them fire first against attacking melee (only if fortified? as a promotion? bit of both?).

>> No.14020338

I tend to leave the generals parked in cities near problematic borders, buffing the artillery in the city or moving out with the troops if i decide i'll actually go and conquer the dumbass AI.

>> No.14020359
File: 276 KB, 999x999, YouAreAwesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You just gave me an idea that makes me appreciate the new city-state mechanic all the much more. War by proxy - that's good shit! For my next game, my goal will be to build fuckloads of Giant Death Robots and hand them out to city-states like candy!

>> No.14020365

This one was long, but god damned epic
>Civ 4
>Be the huns,
>find awesome lands protected by mountains with lots of flood plains, pretty advantageous
>hindusist, everyone else is jew, everyone hates me.
>Declare war on Aztec for lands, America declare war on me
>I'm fairly good at defense having advanced technology
>They send a million war elephants, can't defend with my decent number of knights or pikeman.
>reload game, make peace right before they annihilate me
>afterward I find out India (jew too) was massively supplying techs to America, both exchanging everything and getting ahead of me in wonders while other nations traded ressources with them
>mfw it was a jew conglomerate against me
>mfw I'm being racist in civilization 4
>set out a 500 years long plan of revenge by first assimilating Aztec to build an uncomparable army.


>> No.14020369
File: 246 KB, 1600x1236, 1297192188716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now this is my kind of thread!

>> No.14020375
File: 5 KB, 129x117, imthesexiest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>500 years later, I'm commercing with everyone, most people have free religion, my relation with Americans is pretty good since I helped them against the French
>In the middle of the French war, sign peace with French
>Upgrade my experienced war units into early tanks, helicopters, and marines.
>Suddently backstab America, declare war on it, send a massive invasion force with boats and marines destroying their coastal cities
>mfw I think how the world would think I'm the most horrible villain the Earth has known for killing so many people for something that happened 500 years ago that everyone but me has gone over it.
>DESTROY AND RAZE all his massively denfended cities (+20 units) with my superior firepower, I still get casualties but at the same time I'm establishing a foward base with a new airport to get reinforcements quickly near the battlefront
>Eventually crush his army, destroy the holy judaism city and wipe his entire civilization from the face of the earth despite his nuremous call for peace. (Took ALOT of turns)
>mfw I commited genocide
>no one can now equal me in terms of technology, economy or military
>my final face when I served vengeance

>> No.14020414
File: 506 KB, 567x720, JUSTICEISCOMPLETE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14020415
File: 25 KB, 320x200, civ1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prepare your anus!

>> No.14020430

Nuclear Gandhi is such an awesome fucking meme. I can't help but giggle every single time I imagine him speaking with a 7-11 Indian accent about nuking people who piss him off.

>> No.14020452

Alright, /tg/, you got me. I'm gonna go play Space Empires V for a bit.

>> No.14020466

you gotta realize it has its limits

first during peace time city states tend to sell their excess troops limiting them to around 3 or 5 unites depending on its aggressiveness

Then you must make sure the war between the 2 happens without you getting sucked into it otherwise the rest of the world WILL hate you for it

You do not get credit for any of the cities the city state captures and they will burn the vast majority to the ground (tile improvements remain undamaged though)

and lastly its best to make sure the nations either have a permanent war with the city states (due to being to greedy in assaulting them) or you have an absolute monopoly on their loyalty... nothing is worse then having your own battleships destroy you

The advantages however include:

no change in global relationships

your pet city state gets stronger by absorbing key cities (capital cities cannot be burned, neither can captured city states so a city state with 5 or 6 cities under its control is likely)

all units you donate only take 2 turns to arrive in the city state of your choosing independent of their location when gifted. This saves you possibly dozens of turns

also you gain no production/gold penalty allowing you to crank out troops at a rate unsurpassed by your "enemies"

and to conclude: a loss in this type of war only means losing the effort spend on your city state. If properly executed the enemy cannot demand any form of payment. And since their disposition towards you hasn't changed they are not more likely to declare war allowing you to select the next city state and try again

>> No.14020512

"I think we can agree, the past is over."
"I think we can agree, the past is over."
"I think we can agree, the past is over."
"I think we can agree, the past is over."
"I think we can agree, the past is over."

Fuck you, Future Tech.

>> No.14020522

did forgot to mention

pulling this on multiple fronts at the same time will make you feel like an awesome chessmaster controlling the world in secret. I'd advise civilizations without direct combat bonuses but with production bonuses. Russia and Arabs are very good for this

>> No.14020529

I find it interesting they chose a Bush quote for that

>> No.14020544

Civ V needs a serious AI update, both in diplomacy and tactics. Also, I kinda want religion back instead of just the culture tracks.

>> No.14020621
File: 24 KB, 311x311, willy-wonka-wilder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Civ V needs a serious AI update diplomacy

>started game focusing on culture/science, Romans to my north
>Romans spend 1000 years denouncing/threatening/laughing at me
>Russia attacks them from further north, slowly conquering them
>right before Russia conquers their last city, they denounce me again in a last act of defiance

>> No.14020667

>Playing Civ 4 with a friend
>Tech tree rush, develop nukes
>Stockpile nuclear weapons
>Make UN
>Draft UN Resolution banning nuclear proliferation
>Only country with the bomb
>Internationally lauded
And then we bombed Boudika 'til she glowed.
We also got the running joke of passing a UN Resolution changing Mao Zedong's name to "Dickhead."
Same game:
>Cultural victory
>Played cutthroat bastards the whole time
>"We're all cultural and shit."

>> No.14020708

>I find it interesting they chose a Bush quote for that

It's called a sense of humor.

>> No.14020765

Anyone played Civ: Call to Power? How is it?

>> No.14020779
File: 6 KB, 181x136, 1268194572975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Start Civ 5 for the first time thanks to $30 Steam sale
>Difficulty 2, Continents, Huge, Standard pace
>Oh boy I can't wait to Civ
>Settle on the tile where I begin regardless of how shitty it is, build improvements on every tile around it thinking it helps automatically
>Research tech, do pretty much nothing every turn
>2050 rolls around, nothing ever happened, everyone loses

>Now, aware of how population works in relation to tiles which produce food and gold
>Talk to everyone I meet every turn and try to pawn my stupid silver or whatever, robbing them blind
>Research agreements with six people at once
>They learn how to make a tunafish sandwich, I construct a space shuttle
>Peace out, bitches

>> No.14020789

Where can I get more music like baba yetu? What genre would it be called (other than just world, that's way to broad). So good...

Civ 5 peeps: putting aside other complaints about the game, how does the lack of unit stacking work out? It seems like it could add a lot to the game done right

Also, Alpha Centauri is best civ. Has anyone else tried planetfall, that SMAC mod for civ 4? It seemed so cool in the few minutes I played it

>> No.14020792

As far as Civ games go, not that great.

I'm sorry I don't remember too much about CTP, it has been years. I just remember it not holding a candle to AC.

>> No.14020831


Broken as all fuck, but enjoyable in it's own stupid way.
CTP2 tried to address some of the balance issues. Tried being the key word here.

It does have space marines and drop-pods though. First person to get to space will win because of them.

>> No.14020859

>be 8 years old
>grandfather got a free copy of civilization 2 from somewhere
>he's 60 and what is this, hands it to me
>I'm finnish and what is this
>4 years later I'm class expert on history and english language

>> No.14020872

>how does the lack of unit stacking work out?

I find it really annoying. Two types of units can be present on a tile, a military one and a civilian/support one, like a worker or a great general. This means you have to juggle units around if you want to move them, and there is no real 'blocking' as every unit has at least 2 tile movement, and can conceivably circle around your warrior to rape the archer behind him. You also can't use two workers on the same square to speed up construction, though this is most annoying on marathon pace where it takes at least 9 turns to build a road.

Also, if a city has a garrison, you can't rush buy units in that city without moving the garrison out first. Kind of silly.

I would prefer the return of unit stacking.

>> No.14020875

>Civ 5 peeps: putting aside other complaints about the game, how does the lack of unit stacking work out? It seems like it could add a lot to the game done right

I personally like it. The thing to keep in mind is that the game is now weighted so that there won't be a metric shit-ton of units on the map at once - you have to make do with a lot less but then again, so does everybody else. The game keeps a soft cap on how many units are out in the world by each unit taking quite a while to build, then you have to keep them supplied (dependent on how many cities+population you have), and you have to pay gold for maintenance. Thus I think it really does add a fun and more tactical element to the game when you go to war because you really do have to pay attention to terrain features and ranges rather than just building these infinite stacks of doom and dumping them on the other guy.

But you can still out-technology your opponent and have Giant Death Robots stomping on their cavemen still wielding pointy sticks, so there's still that satisfaction, too.

In the interests of full disclosure, I've played Civs 1, 2, 3, NOT 4, and of course 5. None of the spin-offs, though.

>> No.14020889

he made a whole album called "Calling All Dawns", check it out

>> No.14020924

baba yetu yetu uliyeee
Fuck yeah
Anyway, I'm really worried about this thread
Nobody has mention Fall From Heaven..
Everyone does know about the awesomeness that is FFH, right?

>> No.14020937

>and there is no real 'blocking' as every unit has at least 2 tile movement, and can conceivably circle around your warrior to rape the archer behind him.

Except for the Civ 5 rule that says that if you are adjacent to an enemy unit, you can only move 1 tile adjacent to the enemy unit no matter how far your unit is actually able to move.

>> No.14020952


I could never get into it honestly. I feel ashamed saying that. It's a great mod, but I just can't like it. I don't know why.

>> No.14020958

>Has anyone else tried planetfall, that SMAC mod for civ 4? It seemed so cool in the few minutes I played it

Only played it for a few hours, but overall I really did not like it.

Stick to the original SMAC.

>> No.14020982
File: 28 KB, 524x438, dissapointment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go on /tg/ for the first time tonight
>see civ thread
>control + F fall from
>one result
I dissaprove /tg/. This mod is pretty much RIGHT up your god damned alley.

Motherfucking GRIGORI raping shit up with their army of heroes, THAT'S what I'm talking about motherfuckers.

>> No.14020995

For those of us who played Civilization 2, the removal of unit stacking is not a huge shock.

Back then, you could stack all you wanted, but if you did, the entire stack could be killed by a single combat resolution if the enemy won.

You could have your entire force on one tile, and if that tile got attacked and you lost, goodbye infinite number of units.

So you learned to spread out nice and quick. You might stack just to get your vulnerable siege units up next to a city to attack it, but most of the time, you did not want to risk putting lots of units in a stack that could die in one shot.

Spreading out has always had benefits in the Civilization games. Now that it's mandatory and I'm already accustomed to it, I get to roll face.

>> No.14021034

Then there must be something breaking that rule, because the Siamese are blowing past my infantry to kill my artillery.

>> No.14021052

I got pig iron, I got pig iron, I got ALL pig iron.


p.s. Stars Full is the best thing about Civ 3.

>> No.14021053

Fuck the Grigori.
Clan of Embers is where it's at,
I can't hear you over the sound of sacking cities on turn 2.

>> No.14021076

FFH is awesome and /tg/ related, but Civ deserves it own thread without FFH or SMAC stealing all the spot light.

>> No.14021099

I'm impressed with the setting and the detail, I just don't find it fun.

I have that problem with a lot of homebrewed settings though, trying to keep track of who is the good guy, and which unit is actually worth building is hard with Fall.

>> No.14021107


I want that song sung by Leonard Nimoy. It would be boss.

>> No.14021112

>Then there must be something breaking that rule, because the Siamese are blowing past my infantry to kill my artillery.

Sounds like a bug. Google "Civilization 5" and "Zone of Control", ZOC for short. It works in my game - much to my own chagrin when playing it for the first time. I thought I was going to be the one to run my melee pikemen around their warriors to get at their archers but I was stopped, and THEN the advisor/tutorial window pops up and teaches me about Zone of Control.

>> No.14021188

>my cities on one side
>his cities on the other
>landbridge connects
>he declares war, moves soldiers over landbridge
>artillery and warships all along the distance
>hardly any of his troops make it to mine
>go and rape his empty territory

I wish the AI could take landmass into account.

>> No.14021224

I can't find that mod I see a lot of Rise of Mankind is that what you meant?

>> No.14021324

Can we all agree that CiV V is shit? I didnt like it when I heard what they were changing, and I dont like it after playing. Early game is boring as fuck, wars a boring as fuck, AI is still braindead, and maps are small as shit. Oh, removal of naval units is a terrible idea. And dont forget the hopelessly tacked on Citystate mechanic.

Rise of Mankind was the best Civ game, and it came BEFORE Civ V.

>> No.14021348

>Can we all agree that CiV V is shit?

No, sorry. Civ 5 is what got me back into playing Civ. It all depends on what you prefer. Civ 4 has all kinds of micromanaging and minutia that you have to deal with in order to win. Civ 5 cuts a lot of that out for the sake of a streamlined game where you have fewer things to keep track of.

>> No.14021357

>casual shit
>in my civ game



>> No.14021417
File: 61 KB, 500x332, DealWithItPS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Civ 5 and still play it.

>> No.14021430

>Waaa waaa casual waaa

>> No.14021475

I might just try it if that's the case. I love civ... but only the early game. After that, it just gets tedious, the game should scale with the size of your empire. I have never had the patience to finish a game...

>> No.14021514

civ V does scale better.

But the problem I have with civ is the same i've had with ALL games in the series... the diplomacy just isn't there. The AI is retarded and/or mean, there's NO finesse or interesting circumstance... they get close sometimes, like with the random events that could spark things in 4, and the city-state politics of 5, but it's still not actually engaging.

>> No.14021623

Fucking shit
I just searched all over for my Civ 4 discs and couldn't find them.
All I found was Civ 5, bah.

>> No.14021632


It was mainly meant to be a multiplayer game I think. Unless you're going for a diplomatic victory. Because trying that shit in Multi is like putting a big "NUKE ME" banner on your capital

>> No.14021669

>It was mainly meant to be a multiplayer game I think.

Actually, no. The original Civilization (Civ 1) had no multiplayer (although a multiplayer hack was later shoe-horned onto it). Now it may be true that later versions of Civ tried to be more multiplayer friendly, but I'd argue the core game has always been about player VS. computer, and multiplayer was always a secondary consideration.

So any disappointments with the computer AI only makes it that much more... disappointing.

>> No.14021915
File: 2 KB, 92x108, WHAT_AM_I_FIGHTING_FOR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gets Civ 2 for christmas year it came out. Was <= 10yrs old
>Renames Germans into Maverick Hunters.
>Each city is a boss from the MMX games. Small map, so no need to go beyond X3
>Game ends before nuclear holocaust
>Eventually (about 2500) conquer the world.

Pic related

>> No.14022867
File: 78 KB, 620x480, dbimage[1].php_id=19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'll be great to get a battletech mod for this

>> No.14022910



>> No.14025261

Any good mods come out for Civ 5 yet?

>> No.14025337

Hey, this thread is still around, cool.


Try the Civ Fanatics forum. There's a pretty large modding community there, but last I checked the only mods out were ones that modified gameplay (adding unit stacking, etc). Also be careful, they are like the NMA of the Civilization series.

>> No.14025346

>wayyyy back playing the first Civ game
>be Rome
>farm and build
>suddenly, a paddlewheel steamer approaches
>many laughs were had at the image

one of my best gaming related memories
don't ruin it by pointing out flaws or things I remembered wrong

>> No.14025351

wtf firefox y u no delete a name i used once in a /sp/ thread

>> No.14025400

My strangest Civ experience has to be losing to Hiawatha through Tech victory. He was quiet the whole game, never opened borders, never traded, never did anything. Suddenly, "FUCK THIS I'M GOING TO SPACE!"

>> No.14025418

>get civ2 gold for christmas from an aunt I never see, who knows nothing about me
>I am 7 years old and what is this?
>No idea how anything works
>No idea what's going on
>Don't realize I'm losing until my last city gets captured. Wat.
>Play new game after new game, never learn anything.
>parents complain I hog the computer, don't care.
>find civ2's scenario folder
>Napoleonic wars, Atlantis, after the apocalypse, WW1, Ice Planet, FUCKING DINOSAURS, MoO jr, MoM jr, X-com, something crazy where everything is bears, america 2015 scenario, the World of Jules Verne, 1997 alien invasion, and much much more.
>fast forward several years
>no cool scenarios like civ2. No space empires, no aliens, no secret empire that has invisible soldiers (seriously, what was up with that scenario? "The Hidden" I think it was called), no cyborgs versus humanoid dinosaur empires fighting over the irradiated remains of Earth.
>better mechanics
>you win some you lose some?
Fuck I miss civ2.

>> No.14025420

That's like some crazy cult-nation... Mysterious, unknown when suddenly, ASCENSION!

>> No.14025427

I can't tell you how happy I am to see this outside of the thread that spawned it :D

>> No.14025614

>no cool scenarios like civ2.

Civ 2 was so easy to mod. Open a text file, replace a few lines, and you've got a brand new civilization, or unit, or whatever. It was so easy a kid could do it, and I indeed modded the shit out of that game.

Pardon me for this nostalgia sidetrack.

>> No.14025648

>secret empire that has invisible soldiers (seriously, what was up with that scenario?

here. I guarantee what they did was assign a combat value to a 'unit' that didn't have a graphic.

>> No.14025717
File: 4 KB, 100x100, tn_249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>civ 2 WW2 scenario, playing as Neutrals
>shit gets pushed in throughout early part of game, as usual
>eventually retreat to large, uninhabited desert areas in mid-east
>seclude myself from the world's troubles and rebuild my shattered empire
>return after several hundred years isolation as glorious conqueror, punishing the Nazis for their impudence

>> No.14026379


Yes, that's exactly what they did. I was like 9 at the time I played it, and I figured that much out (it also perplexed me, as the shield is always visible so an invisible unit just seems pointless) it's just that there was so much OTHER crazy shit like a spiral landmass, weird units, etc, and my memory is foggy but it didn't really seem to have any coherent theme or background; it was just nuts.
Hidden is the scenario name, it's included in the bestonet 2 pack.

>> No.14026834

>Play new game after new game, never learn anything.
>Napoleonic wars, Atlantis, after the apocalypse, WW1, Ice Planet, FUCKING DINOSAURS, MoO jr, MoM jr, X-com, something crazy where everything is bears, america 2015 scenario, the World of Jules Verne, 1997 alien invasion, and much much more.

I don't get it. How do you have fun with a game you don't understand at all simply because they tossed a bunch of weird random shit into it? Or is this some kind of kiddie reasoning I'm not getting (not trying to put you down since you were, in fact, a young child when you played it).

>> No.14026915

My Civ II games:

>get Monarchy ASAP and switch, then on to Chivalry for Knights
>go straight for Philosophy next, then on to Invention and Democracy
>build Statue of Liberty in like 240 BC
>switch to Communism; invest my corruption-free revenues into greater Science spending
>get a good 500 years ahead of everybody else
>switch to Fundamentalism
>no more diplomacy, no space race, just Cavalry and Marines everyfuckingwhere
>conquer the world in 1200 AD
>go to sleep, feel empty on the inside

>> No.14027111

>play Civ 4, first Civ evar
>20 hours later, wtf am i wasting my life on?
>give disk to friend

never regretted a single day of it.
Then I went out and bought black ops.
Deal with it.

>> No.14027224

>parents actually buy me a game for once
>Civ 3? Sure, MoO was good
>Play around a little bit
>read manual
>Play Rome
>Conquer the Greeks, Iroquois, and English
>Control large central continent.
>1000 YEARS OF ROME!!!!!
>Finally make contact with other nations
>Declare war because I won't give them shit
>WWII era technology ravaging their spearmen and cavalry
>Finally make peace
>Culture overruns the world

>> No.14027270
File: 25 KB, 650x646, British pith reclined guy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>civ 5
> I'm England because Fuck yeah longbows
>Become bros with rome
>Be neutral, slightly friendly with egypt
>Egypt start insulting me
>Me and Rome plan their downfall
>I take all their important cities
>They are left with two chickenshit cities out of my way
>Soon after this I rule the waves and I'am filthy rich

>> No.14027346

>Start game as Washington
>Quickly overtake my neighbors and conquer northern half the continent.
>Southern half is connected by a narrow isthmus which I have defended with a bastion.
>Southern rival is Catherine
>Have an allied city-state literally parked on the chokepoint as a buffer.
>It's Seoul

>> No.14027390

>Playing through the game
>Building new cities as fast as I can
>Surpassing everybody on science and production
>Dominate the world
>50 cities, each one buildind something every turn
>Getting through a turn takes 2 hours
>Quit playing

>> No.14027494

For some reason, only Civ2 and SMAC ever managed to truly capture my interest. Even thou they were at times furiously hard (mostly due to the AI being a gigantic douche), they still seem to have something all the later games miss.

It's cute how you seem to think that anyone is going to care.

>> No.14027509
File: 7 KB, 239x300, admiral-lord-nelson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>play british
>earth map
>costal cities only, goal is to have every single luxery resource within border, only plant a city if it gives me acces to a resource I don't have.
>have isolated costal cities all over the planet, surrounded by more or less hostile nation
>my face when any attempt of agression are turned back by my superior navy bombing the shit out of thier army.

>> No.14027606

Sup anons, I did playtesting for some of the anon games.

Every playtester is sl9ghtly older very late 20s, and has a thick full, lucious neckbeard.

Also 2K games is mad unprofessional, just asshats in QA everwhere. Everyone smart left long ago, leaving just the high school drop-outs to become managers.

>> No.14027643
File: 8 KB, 251x251, 1195235766291s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Duel Map, Continents
>Play as Montezuma
>Queen Elizabeth spawns literally next to me.
>Wipe her out in 5 turns
>mein face

>> No.14027682

>civ 5
>new patch
>nerf liberty and honor, buff tradition massively
>suddenly massively punished for being expansive and aggressive
>punished for good play
>one city play is now easy, not a challenge


>> No.14028273

You mean it wasn't easy before?

>> No.14028367

The Devs apparently thought it wasn't easy enough.

So they buffed Tradition and nerfed all the others, and made cities almost impossible to take without access to iron.

>> No.14028569

/tg/ - vidya

>> No.14028632

The happiness nerf is even worse. Oh, you want several cities with decent population? Tough luck. What you're getting is up to 5 cities with mediocre pop before we decide to punish you for trying to win a domination victory.

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