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Hey /tg/, I need your help. I'm looking for the Fist of the North Star alignment chart, and I already tried /r/ to no avail. I'll dump various other alignment charts and some fantasy art in the meantime.

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Walter as chaotic good is a bit iffy, but otherwise I like this chart.

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I don't think this is a good way to imagine The Big Lebowski. The feminist performance artist? Definitely not LN.

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Got this one in a bigger res? Polite Sage because I have nothing to contribute.

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Yeah, I just noticed that. I would figure her more as chaotic neutral, or maybe neutral evil at worst. The last 5 and Sam Elliot works pretty well though.

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That is in terrible resolution, sorry. Here you go.

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Well, guess I'll start with the fantasy art.

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I care not for your first of the north star alignment chart, I just love alignment charts. MOAR!!!

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The problem when trying to make allignment charts based on stuff like this, is the fact there are NO 'good' characters. Seriously, even the medic, a healer, is incredibly sadistic.

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Nope. Put engie, medic, and soldier on top under lawful evil; sniper and spy under neutral evil; and scout, demoman, and pyro under chaotic evil. I guess heavy would have to be neutral evil since it's the only spot left.

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Ignore that nope, I didn't mean to leave that there.

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Lady Gaga drow can be my next BBEG.

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For the love of the gods, someone post a LotR or Discworld one

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I can't remember which drawfag did this, but it's pretty cool.

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Also Rorschach is most definitely not chaotic good. The man is a psychopath and a lunatic.

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Best one

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We sort of got a Discworld one. I've never seen a full one though.

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I never understood why he always makes it into that spot on these charts. He's neutral at best, and having principles doesn't make you a good guy.

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I mean a full one.
Oh, of course the token transvestite is a bad guy!

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>not chaotic good
>psychopath and lunatic

I think it's time you learned what chaotic sometimes means.

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He still fought for the benefit of other people, but yes, his methods were VERY extreme and sadistic. The question of whether or not he should be considered a "hero" us one of the reasons why he's such a complex and tragic character.

None of the characters from Watchmen fit neatly into a 9x9 grid.

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...do you really count as a token on a show if you're evil?

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Hurp de durp that should be a 3x3 grid instead.

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A 9x9 alignment grid might actually be able to come close to capturing the complexities of morality, but it would be boring as fuck and get in the way of me murdering green people for their copper pieces.

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Have a variant alignment chart.

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And here's a nice template for you creative types.

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I really hate the formatting on this one, but I like the chart itself.

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I disappeared for awhile there. Thank you, good sir. Still have nothing new, hence sage. Take care, now.

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