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Ok lads, I have 3 options now
1) Make a giant-ass fortress/cathedral/palace scenery thingy
2) Make more Primarchs, namely Ferrus, Perturabo and Dorn
3) Make more Black Templar Crusaders

What should I go for?
>Hard Mode: Post an inspirational pic relevant to your suggestion: Awesome architecture/tabletop building for #1, pics of Dorn/Pert/Ferrus for #2, cool BT pics/models for #3

Pic related - the base idea for the fortress gate.

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Badass Keep sounds like a good idea to me.

Attempting Hardmodo

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Definitely option 1

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Make a giant-ass fortress/cathedral/palace scenery thingy

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fortress, ooooor or a chunk of hive city something.

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Script, are those statues one solid piece, or do they come in a number of separate components?

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Seems like the fort is getting lots of love here

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I recommend option 4: make more paintings of long haired Andy Dick.

> propeen unable
I want a male enhancement supplement called Propeen.

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Finish the Primarchs.

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I was thinking of either just making a solid fort big enough to use as a table, or a smaller one with removable tiers and detailed insides so it can act as a killteam/low points skirmish/necromunda/space hulk board
They come in parts. The parts ares legs/chest/cape/head/arms/shield/sword/base

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In your expert opinion, would the statues make for a good basis for a Daemon Prince/Are there parts of that statue that could be productively nicked and put to use in regular tabletop models?

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Honestly, if you pursue option 1: please convert those statutes- I personally think they are both static in their pose and extremely bland in their decoration. A fortress monastery/chapel/fortress etc. made by your hand would be a wonderful thing to behold.

Why settle for vanilla statues when you have a base to make properly scaled statues of chapter heros?

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I'll call my painter friend and ask when he has time to make more
One day I will. Although I want to wait for the new GK kits before I make Fulgrim.
The pose is VERY static and all the surfaces you can't see (behind the shield, back of the sword, lower half of the chest etc.) are either flat or hollow. You CAN use it as a base, but the model won't look very dynamic and you'll probably have to get creative to hide all the missing details.

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4) team up with a golden daemon winner and create the most badass chaos titan ever.

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1.) Make the miniatures in the pictures.
2.) Sell them to me for a lot of money.
3.) ????
4.) Profit!

Serious offer here.

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Ha hah holy shit talk about wrong image!

Well, bonus points if you make a trout-gun-knife, then? Then again, finding a suitable fish bit might be difficult.

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Still there OP?

For the right price ill buy them!

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I could give them some extra flair but as stated they were made in such a way it's nest to impossible to alter the pose.
Get me a golden daemon winner and I shall make it so.
I do take commissions these days.
Out of those, I can make Ferrus, Perturabo, Alpharius, Russ, Curze, Horus and Lorgar. The others are quite GS-heavy.
If you really want them, we can discuss it futher over email or MSN. My email is in the field.
Also, some relevant stuff here http://adeptusscriptarius.blogspot.com/
I could always get one from the store, I guess

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>1) Make a giant-ass fortress/cathedral/palace scenery thingy

This is a must. You need something for your dudes to fight over.

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Der bump

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Convert a 40k version of The Phantom.

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Moar Templars!

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Right about now I'm going to need to ask for people to post pics or at least ideas for the fortress. Because quite honestly I don't have any.
I do have a shitload (around 15-20 buildings worth) of Cities of Death parts.
That's essentialy converting a naked man.
Good to see some the thirs option get some love too!

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And so far no jokes about making a giant ass-fortress? For shame.

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What happened to that diorama you were making? One model from each faction thing?

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I'd need the 20lbs of pussy and ass thingy for that.
I haven't had a chance to run to the gamestore to pick up more models, so that's on the backburner for now

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But what a man!

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I actually met the guy who draws Fingerpori once. He drew me a cat that looks like Hitler.
Dude was cool. Also, Fingerpori is awesome as fuck.

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And Jarla likes his nazis.

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Bump for ideas/pics for awesome fort.
Otherwise I'm defaulting to Primarchs.

If you added me to MSN, something broke because I'm not seeing you.

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I have some ideas for a fortress I'd like to doodle for you, I just have to eat this sandwich first but they are on the way

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I'll be waiting

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I've got a pretty good sized locations/setting folder, most of it is more cities and stuff though. I'd just send you the whole damn thing but I don't have MSN and new things confuse and infuriate me.

By which I mean I'll probably end up downloading it in a few minutes.

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type Louis xiv statue into goolge images for inspiration.

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First one, might be a bit crowded and unclear, I'll try some more detail next time.

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Earlier today I had an idea regarding this fortress: using the walkway from the "fortress of redemption kit" and using plasticard/styrene/milliput- sculpting them into walk on scaffolding for the fortress. I'd imagine the fortress would have to be huge to warrant that kind of feature, but god that'd be scary to witness.

Pic related

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If your gonna make have a fort give it an awesome interior.

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number 2

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google 'orthodox catherdral interior scriptus'. Holy shit my mind over blows looking at that shit. I'm sure there is a word for that sensory overload caused by grand buildings.

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>google 'orthodox catherdral interior' Scriptus

I derped

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I can't be the only one throwing random pictures out

Castle Granada is awesome from the outside!

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Number 3, That's just what came to mind. If you wanted you could always stick tracks on it.

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I knew I could always count on /tg/ to deliver!
Now hoe to incorporate that gate I have into these...

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captcha says

>Use shums

That would give Scriptarius some inspiration I suppose

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So what we're looking at here is

Wall wide enough to walk on
Gate - stairs - courtyard - staris - landing pad
Wall wide enough to walk on

Is that about right?
I could probably do something like that, if in a slightly smaller scale.
Interior works only if I can lift the roof off. Then again that is just a question of not gluing it.

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Interior is optional I suppose. If the roof is unglued you will always have the option to do it up later.

>rappl there

How do you say the most semi-related things all the god damn time captcha?

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Here's a pic of the eady components. Maybe they will give you some inspiration and/or something to doodle ideas on.

>I can't even fit them on my table. Enjoy my floor.

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Yes that's. Or you could put the first set of stair before the gate actually. That would probably look better as you'd have stairs going up into the building between the two towers.
Stair in between the gate and courtyard would be kinda silly now that I think about it

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>Hurr imma gate
>also I can't spell "ready"

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If I put the whole thing on stairs I'd need to raise everything my that much, leading to either a windowless bottom floor/basement thing or a random rock for it to sit on.

>Hey, I can see a my own inability to take proper photos from up here!

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Poor Horror


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I'll get to him soon enough. Right now the fortress seems to be picking up wind so I'm rolling with it and seeing where it goes.

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dear scripty,
i always wondered where you get your assloads of bitz from.

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Hmm that's a good point. There is always tracks PUT IT ON TRACKS. but I kid. I'd never see it being taller as a bad thing, the lower level walls could al be manifactorum bits, no sunlight for those servators.

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Fortress that's actually a dark-age space ship embedded in rock.

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All right, I have no idea if this is going to be up your alley or not, but I'd fucking kill to see you make an Icelus pattern dreadnought.

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10 years of hobby and not using any online bitz stores.
I DO have 2 spare Baneblades...
The only problem with tallness is that it breaks up the westhetic a bit. But then again the bottoms of the towers are windowless so I guess it could work. Hmm...
So it's a... nimble dreadnought?
I have seriously zero knowledge about the Emperor's Nightmare. I've seen the threads but they seemed to be more about fluff refinement and Deathwatch rather than tabletop 40k, so I left them alone.

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The upshot is that they took a pre-heresy mark of the dreadnought frame that had less armor and was more agile, then master-crafted the shit out of it. They outfit it with sensor quills, redundant stummers to quiet it, cameoline plating, and so on. They typically have CCWs and a mounted astartes rifle. The end result is a freakishly agile and speedy dreadnought frame that can get close and make hit and run attacks without being detected, the whole while producing an unnatural and disquieting area of silence around it.

And on a personal note, I highly suggest reading up on the Emp's Nightmare when you have time and inclination. It's some of the most fun I've had on /tg/.

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Don't worry, they have rules in the new GK codex.

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How about you combine 1 and 2, and do Peturabo taunting Dorn from atop the battlements of the Cage of Iron?

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What kind of idiotic bullshit is this? If you want fast walkers, go play fucking eldar. This is the imperium, where we don't move faster than walking speed.

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make a cathedral fortress.
pic related

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You mean a Capitol Imperialis?

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sure, well go with that.

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Pre-heresy style, with short spines on the back.

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>freakish movement
>unnatural disquieting silence
So the Scary Marines ate Eclipsion?
The first thing I thought of was Perturabo and Dorn in a cage match.
And it was worryingly awesome.
I'd fucking love to, but how do I make those spires and roofs?

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actually i just looked up what that was, and i dont think we need a giant mobile base. we just want a humble cathedral over a giant water fall perhaps with more guns and some walls

>> No.13985405

No real man uses those anyway. And those who do at least have the decency to move 6".

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It's missing Peturabo defenestrating Dorn through the stained glass window.

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> Scripty making terrain
This can only end well.

>> No.13985909


Will this be a weapon free affair or will the imperium way of sticking guns to everything be present?

Also, would it be too off topic to ask you a couple of general conversion ion questions?

>> No.13985954

do the Sagrada Familia with guns on please.

>> No.13985968

I'll see how many good looking gun mounts I can get on it.
And conversion questions are always on topic in my threads. Go ahead.

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cathedrals are usually layed out in a cross shape (to represent a the christian cross) try to do that with an Aquila would be really hard , but with a cog .....

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Or an =][=

>> No.13986251


Cool, I was going to convert a Succubus for my DE to look something like this picture and though I have the parts for the head, arms, weapons, and I think I have the right legs I don't have a torso.
The real problem is the exposed shoulders and back, closest I have is one of Vect's slave girls but getting her arms off might ruin the parts of the model I want.
Anything you can suggest. One of those plastic daemonetts maybe but I haven't got a hold of one so I don't know what the back is like.

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Now that is a good idea!

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Plastic daemonettes are fine and you can make anything look bare if you just file it down a bit and sculpt an edge for the cloth.

Now then, here is plan #1 for =][= fort.
How do we improve it?

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Bump so we can get this thing planned so I can actually build it tomorrow

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Ok, thanks. Now I need to find a source for one or two of them, I certainly don't want to up up with a whole spare unit of them.

This looks good, I think to improve you could...
...I err...I can't...

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Whoops, got those numbers the wrong way around.

Anyhow. Apart from the need for a whopping great big skull in the roof I can't think of anything in the basic design that needs to change. It looks pretty sound.

Is this roof a permanent fixture or will you make it removable to see or the pretty-ness inside? I'd think on something this big you'd want the inside accessible so you can have fighting inside the building when battling with it.

What's the selection of wall sections available from the cities of death sets?

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Stained glass windows made from plastic soda bottles?
You could do greens, reds, and... yeah, I got nothing.

Is this just a generic fortress/cathedral, or does it have a specific theme going on? Inquisitorial Comm-Cathedral? Devotional shrine?

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I was thinking about leaving the middle completely open, or adding a removable roof.
Wall options are
-two tall windows
-two tall windos w/ statues
-wall of skulls
-windowless metal wall
-metal wall /w fan
-metal wall w/ machine
-metal wall w/ admech logo
-narrow door
-wide door
-square door

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The =][= shape points to it being an Inquisitorial something, but really I have no exact theme to work towards.

>> No.13987046


my first ideas about composition, not sure about the walkway around the keep.

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I only have like 4 or 6 skull tiles so I need to put them somewhere impressive.
Otherwise, that looks really good. I especialy like the courtyard doors idea.

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This thread again.
Just saying........

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I figured the skull tiles would be in short supply.
What will you be doing with the big eagle heads that come with the shrine of the aquilla? Will you be attaching them to the keep part?

>> No.13987342

Technicaly, yes I think I did have a similar thread about scenery building some time last yearish, but with different components on hand.

>> No.13987378

I don't really know what do with them to be honest. I have 4 of them so I could either slap them on the keep or keep them for a giant tank project or something.

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I like how, what I assuming is a self portrait of the dude just happens to be leaning beside where he takes his first picture.

A self portrait of the dude, palming the entire world...

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I have a friend who loves to paint crazy shit and I like his crazy shit, so it's a win/win for us both.
That's only like the 3rd craziest one he has made of me.

>> No.13987507


I was actually thinking of a tank based use for them. I wasn't sure they would really suit this building.
I'm not sure I have much more input for this build tonight, I'm too full of biscuits to think. I hope it goes well for you Scripty.

>> No.13987662

Well it's already past 1am here so I might as well call it a night soon too.
I'll kick the build off tomorrow morning and see what I can manage.

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Iron Cage.

Lots of Emp Fists getting gunned down in WW1 conditions.

Atop a wall covered in Heavy Bolter gun ports is Perturabo. He menaces with spikes. He is laughing.

>> No.13988061

Scripty, just a side note,
I think it would be cool if you made something like this.

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