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Why is at least 60% of the Tabletop community so gross and dirty..?

>Go to 40k Tournament Yesterday
>Walk in
>Walk around, setting my model case down
>Look around, Fat neckbeards, greasy hair, all smell bad, all wear glasses, long hair, acne.

Like seriously, is it a hard concept to be clean among them?

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>all wear glasses
>gross and dirty


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Just a trend among them.

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What do glasses have to do with being unclean?

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>long hair
>gross and dirty
>pick one

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If you can put your hair into a full on pony tail, thats gross.

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>greasy hair

My hair always looks greasy after I go 6-7 hours without a shower, it's maddening. Doesn't help that I shower in the evening.

I'de go on /fa/ to talk about it but I doubt that's a good idea.

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Let's all go. Make it an expedition.

"sup /fa/, all of /tg/ here. Help us out?"

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>If you can put your hair into a full on pony tail, that's gross.
How, exactly? Back in high school I had long hair, but I still able to keep it clean and not greasy and shit. Length of hair has nothing to do with not washing it.

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My hair expands into a foot-wide jew fro made of frizz if I wash it more than once a week. Conditioner does nothing.

Only thing that helps is the leave-in conditioner that makes it look greasy again.

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Dude, I gotta say, I think the jew-fro would be a damn sight better than greasy hair.

If it bothers you that much you can go for a haircut.

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Do it. Promises to be interesting.

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Wait... glasses and long hair... not sure why that counts as gross... but i do agree with the rest. Most tabletop people are fat neckbeards that don't shower.

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/fa/ has horrible taste. Please don't.

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Can we all agree on an image to post first?

Anyone have some good neckbeard photos?


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>is it a hard concept to be clean among them?

Yes. Very.

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Don't knock long hair, I'm a clean fit sexy motherfucker and I have long hair.

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Hey man, I have acne and I'm very clean. Almost compulsively due to wanting to get rid of my acne. This shit is impossible to get rid of.

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You can post this picture.

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>implying my fucking designer glasses are bad


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post a picture of your face. i guarantee you will good good with a buzz cut.

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Dude, you can get medication for that. If you're clean, in your late teens, and still have acne problems, it's a dermatological problem.

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>My hair expands into a foot-wide jew fro made of frizz if I wash it more than once a week. Conditioner does nothing.

Same here. But I don't like the greasy unwashed look either. So I solved both problems by just having my hair cut short. Very short. There's no shame in looking clean cut, and if you think having hair like that is some kind of signpost that you've sold out to The Man, you've got bigger problems.

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Just staying clean does not keep one free of acne. The only time I have ever been rid of mine is when I've used horribly nasty chemicals on my face which dry it out so badly it starts flaking off. Shit was bad. These days, I just live with it.

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>Was about to make an argument for clean tabletop gamers
>Realize I can't, as I am currently unwashed


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MFW every morning and night, im clean as a whistle, and dont sweat nearly at all ever because I"M HARRY POTTER

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>mfw I only know one person who maches ops discription

oh wait no he has short hair

I live in nova so everyone here is a military brat or looks like a military brat(at least amongst the hobbyist community)

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That said, detergen/tg/atherers, which is better:
Top-loaded washing machine? Or Front-loading?

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I fucking love laundry day.
Nothing gives quite that feeling of accomplishment.

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Well... I play 40k.

Bald head, shower every day, work out, clean shave, no acne. Also ex-army if that counts?

It's just similar people tend to group together. Probably why I can't stand going to my local stores.

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They both have their pros and cons, but I kind prefer front load. Easier to haul stuff out and to the dryer.

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>I live in nova so everyone here is a military brat or looks like a military brat(at least amongst the hobbyist community)

As in northern virginia? Where do you game because the fucking springfield GW was pretty bad last time I went.

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I like top-load myself. Easier to dump everything in.

But I hate coin-op. Shit's expensive. I go through quarters like nobody's business.

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That's why it would be funny!

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It may be where you play. The guys I game with in Melbourne (RPG and TT, different groups) don't look at all like that. Myself and the GM are maybe ~10kg overweight, the reast of the RPG group is fit or skinny. There is one massive guy I who plays TT, but again I'm the next biggest and well downhill from there.

Not much in the way of long hair, either. A few staches and beards, but only one guy (TT) with hair past his shoulders.

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I'm neither fat, neckbearded nor do I smell bad, but I have long hair and I've had a long fight against acne leaving me with quite a lot of scars. Does this make me gross and dirty? I would say no.

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OP here, I live in NoVA as well, this is literally where I'm seeing it.

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I have never even seen a top loaded washing machine outside of old TV shows.

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gaem parlour woodbridge until it moved to a building half its size

now I just shop and hang their with freinds

my "group" plays fourdeekay and fantasy at my house cause I have the largest dining room table

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Just face it, the crossover between attractive, clean, sexy people and gamers is pretty small.

Most of the people I run into at the LGS are average and normal, (once in a while a very good looking guy or girl walks in) with the occasional stinky unwashed blob. They usually stand out, they're the ones who like to linger for too long awkwardly talking to you, while you're trying to be friendly, and then saunter off to find the store employee so they can discuss fluff minutae and net lists in excruciating detail.

Anybody ever worked at an LGS? Do these guys ever buy anything?

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I just can't afford a haircut.

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If you guys are ever in Charlottesville, stop by The End Game Center (made famous by Chris-Chan). Has a pretty good table-top crowd.

Also, the long hair is because these fat neckbeards see themselves as some kind of ancient warrior, and everyone knows that ancient warriors had long hair. Unfortunately, they think that the order of priority for looking like an ancient warrior goes
1) Long hair
2) leather bracers with spikes
3) Being able to see one's own dick.

Little do they know that it's very much the reverse.

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you mean the iron fist league?

they are a bunch of fat old men(mostly ex vets)

this is down in woodbridge though

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nope you can have nice long hair i wont lie, but a majority of nerds with long hair have very greasy dirty hair.

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>Do these guys ever buy anything?

No, man. They just download the PDFs.

The only shit I ever see selling at local gaming stores anymore are pieces for wargames and board games.

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Well the guys at my uni's gaming club looked fairly clean, there is just a hugely disproportionate amount of long hair and beard.

>> No.13974360

It all makes sense...

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Wisdom, but i spent 4 months on Roacutain. Trust me when I say the cure is worse then the disease.

>> No.13974397

I go for the crew cut personally

idk my whole gaming group was pretty well kept

I really dont know where this stereotype comes from maybe it is the area you live in

i think it is all based on their life veiws if they value order or freedom (possibly urban vs rural gamers?)

I dont really know

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good pic, source?

>> No.13974437

is this a nova meet up thread?

>> No.13974440


Uh... and

> long hair, acne.

> gross and dirty


>> No.13974450

I have long hair, a beard and can smell pretty funky if I don't have to leave the house for class or other social stuff where I interact with real people.

Then again, I don't game and never at a LGS.

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This is what I've heard for the most part. Also I'm almost 22 now lol. I didn't have acne until I was 20 and that shit sprang up like overnight. I mad.

>> No.13974532


1. There is one particular drug for Acne (which I believe is Roacutain) that is linked with suicides. Bad.

2. I'm 24 and take 200mg of Clindamycin everyday to keep my skin under control. No side-affects, works quite well. I recommend it.

Of course I has NHS so I only pay.. $22 for one prescription of several months.


>> No.13974573

I tried a gel that I don't remember the name of a few years ago. I spent months on it and it only made my acne worse.

I'm using Differin now, and it's great. It cleared up my skin in a grand total of two weeks, and I haven't had a single pimple since.

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Fuck nova.

>> No.13974852


Not them, although they wanted me to game with them. I was over in Martinsburg for that tournament, but when we had a LGS in Winchester, it was full of these people I described.

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Really awesome LGS on my side of town closes due to people coming in to use tables or terrain, but never buying shit other than small things.

Go to the other game store that has been around for years.
>walk in
>overwhelmed by stench of taco bell and body odor.
>walk to counter
>rude neck beard at counter
>walk right back out

Mind you, I'm a 6' tall, clean, semi attractive nerdy guy. I've never been a neckbeard nerd. I've played in a few bands, gotten my share of pussy, but I'm extremely shy if there isn't a musical instrument within 10 feet of me that I can potentially play.

These guys all looked like greasy nerd nobody wants to deal with.

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anyone have faces of /tg/, and its a collage of everyone who has posted their pic on /tg/?

>> No.13978295

Ehhh, it depends on the area. My FLGS is pretty good at hygene. Sure people have weight issues, lord knows I can stand to lose 20 or 30 pounds, and sure we get neckbeards, but overall, we're clean.

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