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Fellow Transcendental Gamers, is there one among you that has the pages concerning said chapter from Badab War pt. II?

>construc eloope

I'm not going to elope with you construct!

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These are the pics I took a few weeks back. I don't know if someone compiled them all on /rs/ yet or not.

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Only 8 pages for the Exorcists-only stuff, and half of those are paint schemes. But still!

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(not including the SC, of course)

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Thank your good sir, much appreciated!

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Start of the art pages.

It's hard to see on some of them, but most weapons have runes/warding symbols on them.

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No problem!

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The Whirlwind doors also are covered in runes.

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Wait, did all these guys die?

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Aaand, the Caestus Assault ram.

Next up, is the Captain character.

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Dare I inquire if you have the Sons of Medusa too?

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Nah, just the top left and bottom right guys.

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I fucking love Mk. IV armor. goddamn.

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Tell ya what. I'll just upload everything I have to Mediafire and MegaUpload.

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How shall I ever repay you? Thank you good Ser!

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No worries, man. I've lost count of the number of times /tg/ has provided content for me.

(Plus, this takes a LOT less time than putting together armylist spreadsheets)

15% uploaded to Mediafire. It's around 73 megs.

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seriously, Mk IV armor is so pimptastic, I'm tempted to order a bunch of it from Forge World, and the different patterns of boltguns and what-not even though I'd be paying like $100 a tactical squad.

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$33.17 for 5 dudes in Mk. IV, 16.60 for 10 Umbra Ferrox pattern boltguns, the same for 10 Phobos Pattern (I'd want both to mix and match), $15 for the special weapons..... sheeeeeeit.

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Finally uploaded!

Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/?dq2f9vqnc8xlnxl

Should I bother with Megaupload?

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MKIII, IV, and VI are all really awesome.

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Also, I included the really big version of this picture with the various armour Marks and descriptions, along with the other art-type pictures.

I had to reduce the image size a bit so they could be uploaded to /tg/ in the first thread.

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I can't get downloads from MU or RS to work, but Mediafire is good to me.

Can't speak for other guy, though.

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God-Emperor bless the uploaders.

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(I'll take that as a no)

I'm headin' off for a while. Have a good evening (or morning, or whatever time it is in your zone), /tg/!

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Bumping so that more people see it!

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Bumping with Mediafire link again:


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