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>2. IG are boring.

Funny thing is I've had vanilla marine players tell me that guard are boring too. Why? Is it because they see it as just "WW2 in space" while space marines are cool and fantastic, even though most scifi at the moment are space marines in space?

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I love Imperial Guard as much as Space Marines.

I just don't like having my entire room filled with tiny dudes, so I stick to Space Marines and vehicle heavy Dark Eldar.

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well some people find it boring to sit in a corner of a table roll 20 to 150 dice at a time depending on what ya shooting and then just watch the other guy pick up models.

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Everything's boring to someone. The important thing is to realise that just because you find something boring, doesn't mean you should start insulting it. And similarly, that you shouldn't rip into people who find what you like boring.

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