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Is it possible to torture a Dark Eldar?

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read the dex, retard.

>> No.13969531

With kindness

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Paralyze the subject by breaking its neck, so that it can't feel or act in any way. Worst torture imaginable to DE.

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sensory deprivation

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shower it in dandelions.

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deploy drawfags!

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Throw him in the Warp.

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Play upbeat music

Walk it through a field of daisies

Sing nursery rhymes

Make it watch My Little Pony. (G1-3.5)

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Make him watch Kimi ni todoke or something

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1: Find Keeper of Secrets
2: Offer him/her as tribute
3: Receive blessings of Prince of Pleasure
4: ???
5: Heresy.

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Present it with one (1) cupcake, flavor and make of any variety.

It will want the cupcake but it wont know if the cupcake is poisoned or not.

Thus it will be stuck in an endless loop of "It looks so tasty....ah! But what about poison? I cant but sure, cant eat it....but it looks so good!"

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