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Thought you'd like this /tg/.

Jokaero thread go!

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I'm gonna buy the codex, rip out Coteaz's rules, the Jokaero Rules, the Chimera Rules, Coteaz's Army List page, the Henchmen Army list Page, and the dedicated Transports Army List Page.

I'll make a new cover for my 6 page codex, entitled Codex: Space Monkeys.

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OMG! You're genius!

I want to do this now.. And model Coteaz as a Space Monkey.

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The page for the people who missed it. Like >>13966593 says, Coteaz lets you take henchmen as troops so you can make an army of nothing but an inquisitor leading dozens of lasermonkeys into battle.

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What do Digital Weapons do?

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They do the same thing as a normal weapon, but they're very small.

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Let you re-roll 1 to-wound roll. Jokaero can also fire them as Lascannons, Multi-meltas, or Heavy Flamers (All Jokaero in the same unit must fire the same weapon).

Say hello to Space Monkey Obliterators. As Troops. Possibly in Chimeras.

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Jokaero digital weapons count as either a Lascannon, Multimelta or Heavy Flamer. They're like obliterators, except their gun is smaller than your finger.

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A unit of rending 36" multimeltas, shooting out of the safety of a chimera's fireport? Yes please.

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My god

The librarian has a lascannon stored on his finger!

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>Digital Lascannon


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Good luck scoring the OOP model though, let alone an army worth of them.

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What do Meltas look like when they fire? Do they have a visible singature or is it just a flash of white light and a pulse of intense heat?

Because if they look like beams of flame like they do in the videogames, then you have the pyro-monkeybus army right there.

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Deal with it.

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>white light and a pulse of intense heat?
>white light/white heat

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I thought those guys were written out?

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Nope, Matt Ward has brought them back.

oh by the way, sisters are now warrior henchmen with bolt gun and power armor wargear.

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Matt Ward?
Doing something good with his writing?

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This does my head in, why are jokkaro in the dex at all. In the fluff arnt they super-psyker space monkeys that all attempted interactions with have failed. With any attempts to capture them rusulting in McGyver shit with them building digital weapons/tools from dirt and leaving.

How are the justifying it?

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They're Inquisitors, they ain't got explain shit!

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Inquisitors lure them into service, and let the Jokaero monkey around with the equipment. Sometimes they make something worthwhile, othertimes they just make it look better (to the Jokaero).

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nice full house their bro

anyway, looking at the codex this doesnt look viable at all /tg/ but you knwo what that means. We now have to find a way to make a commpetitive space monkey army, NO MATTER THE TIME AND EFFORT. if we act now, by the time the codex is released we'll all be running around beating xenos into smithereens with our primate power. LETS DO THIS SHIT.

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Is this gonna be how we explain shit conversions now?
"Yeah, the Jokaero tinkered around with it. Kind of looks retarded now if you ask me."

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Inquisitors and their business partners can make shit happen

Reverse engineer Genestealers? Sure thing
Capture Necron Tech? Fuck yea
Get infinite amount of space monkeys with infinite about of tech to make infinite awesome weapons? It'll cost a lot but go ahead!

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Are you saying that 50+ Lascannon/Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamer shots PER TURN aren't competitive enough for you?

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is it +1 for each monkey? or -1 for each monkey? -1 sounds reatrded

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Inquisitors have bananas, the Jokaero want bananas.

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I assume you're talking about the unit buff roll? It's a +1 per ape.

Which makes the rule essentially ineffective if you take 5 of them in a squad since you will just keep re-rolling 6's.

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I really hope this fucking codex sells very well, so we can get a Rogue Trader codex.

GW doesn't even need to put out new minis outside the rogue traders themselves (Make a huge ass sprue, like a SM captain) just stat up some alternative troops, add some xenos like vespids and Kroot, sparkle some mercenary units and there ya go, people would go nuts over this and buy the lesser brought units.

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is there a problem...?

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If it passes editing I'll laugh so hard. Then Id probably start playing Infinity instead.

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I think the buff don't apply the second time around. I think.

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>Adding +1 to the result for each Jokaero in the unit beyond the first
>Adding -1 to the result for each Jokaero in the unit beyond the first

Which one makes sense?

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It doesn't say that though. It just says to roll twice more on the chart. They keep adding the +1 each, so you're just gonna keep rolling 6s.

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Not that I know of, I *THINK* they have weapons other than Digi-weapons, and that's what they use in TT, digi weapons are just their most famous "export"

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6 lets you reroll. You reroll 6s, reroll 6s, etc forever. No in-game effect.

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Remember, they're 35 points a model for T3 W1 5++. Mix them in with 4 point warrior acolytes to soak the incoming fire or 15 point stormshield crusaders. Maybe just keep them in a chimera.

5 monkeys per unit is overkill. 2-3 is all you need, mixed in with a bunch of special weapon wielding warrior acolytes. Guard pay 15 points for a plasmagun, warrior acolytes have the same BS and pay only 10 points.

Servitors might work too since they're dirt cheap but they mindlock without an inquisitor. Save them for whatever unit you're sticking Corteaz in.

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I am going to convert Orks into Jokaero, and "dress" them up as construction workers, and their digital weapons are powered monkey wrenches.

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I love you.

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But then you're polluting the purity of apes with inferior humans.

I don't believe you belong in this thread, sir. This is strictly monkey business.

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Fool! Do not underestimate the terror tactics! The moment your oponnent sees the MONKEY TIDE coming straight at him, he will conceive.

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I lol'd.


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oh god, i lol'd.

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where can I buy 28MM monkeys? The AT43 ones are a bit too big for little Jokaeros.

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Not the best but megaminis sells x3 varients for less than $2 each


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That walking one just needs a vox box minus the antennae on its back and some cyborg eye piece or bling on the fingers and itll be perfect.

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I can work with that, I've got enough bitz for equipment. Thanks!

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not really monkeys, but keeping with the goofy tech-savant theme, they could be represented by Privateer Press Gobber Bodgers.

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Just tie a flamer to their backs, and it looks like it's falling off and terrible, but that's what those gahd-dang space chimps want us to think

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they also have some chimps. x9 for $12 aint bad

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Reaper Minis

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just put in the minimum of 3 of them (if jokaero only groups), thats a +2 meaning you will only roll a 3 4 5 or 6+ boom, good shit, sure you miss some range, but rending lascannons.

>> No.13967440

That's great. You ignore the second six you roll. How about the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc.


>> No.13967444

what good is a rending lascannon? if you roll a 6 it already pens everything.

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To make you feel special.

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12 jokaero are definitely the best unit in the whole codex to put Corteaz with to shoot down enemy deep strikers.

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Enemy army cancels action: Advance. Interrupted by Rhesus Macaque.

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I want this for sisters but with cherubs instead.


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>all results apply for the duration of the game

How did I not notice that? 2 Jokaero guarantees you'll never waste a roll with aesthetics and after a couple of turns you'll have all the upgrades maxed out for the rest of the game.

>> No.13967497

>each upgrade can only be applied once
>Ignore duplicate ROLLS

Even for a shitty troll you're a moron.

>> No.13967498

It's not per turn, it's when the unit is deployed. You only roll once.

>> No.13967511

Wrong. You only roll for upgrades at the beginning of the game. Maximum nuber of upgrades/unit is two.

>> No.13967514

Okay, we ignore duplicate rolls. If it's impossible to roll below a 6, how do you propose we roll something other than a duplicate? Ignoring duplicate rolls doesn't make you magically start rolling lower numbers.

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Jokaero Taco Bell.

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Not the Apeiest option, but do you guys think if I took orks and greenstuffed some fur they'd look decent?

>> No.13967541

If you can't roll under 6, then you get 6 twice, you get nothing.
Good day sir.

>> No.13967551

that was exactly my point. thanks for playing along.

>> No.13967598

The way I read it here's what happens

1. roll on table. Automatically get six.
2. reroll on table. Automatically get six twice, but one has already been rolled so the second one can only be bumped up as far as a five.
3. Reroll on the table for the 6 in step two. 5 and 6 have already been taken, the die can therefore only be bumped up to a 4.

Result: Jokaero unit has results 4 and 5. They already had the 5++ save, but now their weapons are rending.

The other way to read it is that since duplicate results are ignored you just roll two sixes and get no bonuses at all. I think the wording will be changed for the final codex to explicitly counter this interpretation though.

>> No.13967635


What about the skaven everyone always calls the monkey edition plastics?

>> No.13967637

i'd be fine with that because the 5++ is useless for them

>> No.13967662


Hey guys


Just maybe

You just, hear me out here

You just ignore the bonus after you roll


After you roll your first six?

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>> No.13967690

This is probably what the final rule will be worded to do. Large units of jokaero just automatically get two rolls in effect.

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So how many people are actually going to make the "Warangutans and Inquisitor Grodd" build?

With some creative counts-as you can easily have a whole primate army including dreadknights as King Kong sized gorillas, deadly chimpanzee assassins and so on.

I desperately want for this to become a really popular army seen across tabletops everywhere. I need it to happen. Don't ask me why I just need it. I crave it.

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can't use counts-as in official tournaments. you can use legal codex builds.

if you are just playing for fun there is no limit to what you can troll with. female space marines, ect.

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This could actually be a powerful-ish army.

corteaz 100
librarian w/ the shrouding 155
vindicare 145
techmarine w/ conversion beamer 100
12 jokaero 420
4x 3 jokaero 105
dreadknight w/ heavy incinerator 160

Techmarine fortifies cover to 3+, Librarian uses the shrouding to provide everyone in the 6" bubble with stealth. Corteaz and his unit hang out in this 2+ cover shooting 12 rending lascannons at ANY deep strikers or reserves that come on within a foot of him. Vindicare snipes special weapons tanks and other high priority targets as usual. Dreadknight is your countercharge or is deep struck and used as a hard to kill suicide distraction unit.

Not too shabby.

>> No.13968133

>can't use counts-as in official tournaments

lol wat

The only restriction on miniatures in tournaments is comprehensive WYSIWYG and that at least 51% of each mini be GW product.

You are a dumb.

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The greatest army to troll 12 year old Wardian Ultramarines players with ever.

>> No.13968238

if this is so much rape, why didn't jokaero troops take the eye of terror?

>> No.13968244

Aren't henchmen elites? Or does Corteaz do something that allows you to take them as troops, too?

>> No.13968265

They get bored and wander off.

And there is Fuck-all you can do to stop an army of Ape Tony-Stark/MacGyver hybrids from wandering off when they decide you have not given them enough Bananas.

>> No.13968293

Henchmen are normally 0-1 per Inquisitor and don't take up Force Org slots but Corteaz makes them normal troops (the wording is slightly murky but it seems pretty obvious they're supposed to count as TROOP troops that now actually take up force org slots and everything so you can now have a max of 6 and don't need any inquisitors besides Corteaz. I'm sure it will be rephrased better in the final codex to make this clearer).

>> No.13968297

A group of several dozen jokaero staging a breakout of an Inquisitorial prison is a strangely amusing mental image...

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I love the fact we can field Jokaero now but it just seems so weird for them to be in the Grey Knights codex

>> No.13968371


why bother greenstuffing when you could just cover them in static grass n just paint them up

>> No.13968520

oh god with a bit of greenstuffing on the cheeks and faces that... that might actually work really well.

Oh shit.


Buy ANY two plastic ork boxes (in fact some goblin kits might work too), apply static grass fur and pad out faces slightly with green stuff. Paint orange.

I prefer wirey, gaunt orangutans to lumbering, hulking gorillas aesthetically but this still should work surprisingly well.

>> No.13968561

Henchmen are elites but don't take up force org slots (like lesser daemons/IG priests/techpriests). Corteaz makes them troops instead of elites.

This is nonsense and there's nothing in the rules saying they suddenly take up force org slots or override their own "no slots" rule after corteaz makes them troops. Problem is, the lack of slots and tiny minimum model count for the henchmen squads *might* end up breaking the game in the early pre-release rules so there's a guy or two here trying claim otherwise.

>> No.13968601

so is this what happened to the monkeys that NASA launched into space?

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So the apes in space army got me thinking and god knows why but it lead me to daydreaming about the jokaero being the same thing but a different earth animal in space instead of orangutans.

tech savvy macguyver red deer
tech savvy macguyver crocodiles
tech savvy macguyver yaks
tech savvy macguyver penguins


There are so many 28mm animal miniatures. And digital weapons can look like anything or nothing so WYSIWYG is irrelevant. Explain that Tzeentch cursed your jokaero with a Ceres-men-into-pigs style mutation and you're good to go.

I'm going to have my legion of Fightin' Space Penguins. You can't stop me.

>> No.13968633

Exactly. Right now you can have unlimited ones but it's pretty clearly not the designers intent so it will be amended in the final version to allow six units that ARE troops and DO fill force org slots.

Right now you can take infinite units but also need two compulsory Grey Knights units anyway to fill your "Two Troops" requirement.Seeing as Corteaz' ability so obviously exists to allow players to make Inquisition armies that feature no Astartes, this is yet more proof that this is not what the rule was written to do and it will be amended to make Corteaz' henchmen count on the Force Org Chart in the final codex.

>> No.13968641

Wait wait wait............. so if I put a Jokaero in a unit with an articifer geared Inquisitor...... I can potentially have a 1+ armour save?

>> No.13968649

mind mother fucking blown.
(Meltas mind you)

>> No.13968651


Except 1 is always a fail, meaning it'll basically be the same as a 2+.

>> No.13968671


Forgot about that. Dammit GW and breaking my unbreakable Terminator squads.

>> No.13968869

It'll still let you take your save against plasma and other ap 2 though. That's pretty sweet.

>> No.13968941

Bumping Codex: Jokaero

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File: 34 KB, 335x383, jokaerodone2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13969023

min squad size 3, cheapest upgrade is a 4pt warrior acolyte
for 43 points you can field one jokaero with a bodyguard of two acolytes.

With two 25pt inquisitors to make two squads the min troop requirement, you can have 45 (as 43 do not take up slots) orangutans independently wander around the battlefield. Only one can ever die per enemy squad shooting at it.

>> No.13969038


ah wait nevermind, Corteaz is needed to break the inquisitor limit

and then he limits them to 6

so much for infinite monkeyworks

>> No.13969118

Well, to much monkeys would'nt be very fun. But converting our own jokaero from green and some bitz could be awesome.

>> No.13969154

So, you can still have a Pimpquisitor with Mystics and PlasmaGuys inside a Chimera Pewpewing anything that dares invade their privacy bubble?

Any chance on getting Leman Russes/Manticores so my old InquisiChug DH/IG list is barely affected?

>> No.13969187

Well at least neckbeards will have an excuse for being fatasses.

'Hay bro what happened to you?'

'Nothing, some asshole played a Jokaero army and now I'm pregnant.'

>> No.13969192

OK, I have a question.

The rule on Inquisitorial Henchmen says that they ignore the force org chart and that you are normally limited to one per Inquisitor.

Coteaz says he removes the limit and makes them count as Troops, but it doesn't say they stop ignoring the force org chart.

With that in mind, why can't you have nigh-infinite 97 point gangs of 3x warrior acolytes with meltaguns in chimeras?

>> No.13969212

jsut thoguht i'd point out you can;t have infinite hencmen units anyway.
their 0-1 per inquisiter. with Cotez bumping them up to also being troops. SO the msot you could ever fit in an army is 8 units (6 troops, 2 for Cotez and other Inquisitor)

>> No.13969223

Some Inquisitor's body cot super wrecked and instead of being put into a dred they stick their brain into a lobotomized ape.

>> No.13969229

You can but it obviously wasn't the intent of the rule and will be amended in the final codex. It's foolish to waste time considering it.

>> No.13969232

doesn;t look like they have the old allying rules anymore.
We'll know for sure when the codex is released though.

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Am I... is this.... okay... so...

>called Jokaero
>as in "this is a joke"
>thread claims ridiculous min-maxing army possible

Has the codex actually been released, or am I the joke in the thread? Hit me.

>> No.13969243

a 'leak' was released with numerous copy-paste errors and wordings GW wouldn't use. People are desperate enough to believe it to be the real thing.

>> No.13969245

leaked play test codex , apply salt

>> No.13969255

Jokaero are from rouge trader days of 40k.
They're not something new but are something getting a return to the table top.

>> No.13969263

The thought of a bunch of bored Jokaero hijacking a titan fills me with amusement.

>> No.13969275

They're some older fluff that is occasionally mentioned in BL books and in one or two of the Dark Heresy books.

As to whether this is for real or a joke...I so dearly want to beleive it's true...

>> No.13969279
File: 102 KB, 400x400, 1294166843055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. Monkey army is pretty cool, though.

I'm almost sure that's from Star Frontiers, a needler weapon? One of the player races was monkey-like.

>> No.13969281

so your trying to tell me someone just up and wasted time to write pages of new fluff and rules on new special characters and units, then formated it exactly the way recent codex's have being done?

>> No.13969287

Leaked playtest codex matches most of the rumours heard so far.

It looks semi-legit but it's obviously not the final draft.

There's a good chance jokaero are in there though.

>> No.13969308

The fluff is legit people, I'm sure some hope that there is no Draigo or Witch Hunter Inquisitors in the codex but there are.

Matt Ward is capable of anything, be glad that the next codex isn't going to be his unless GW breaks its policy about letting two codices by the same author out in a successive order..

>> No.13969345

eh, from what I've read so far of the fluff I think its cool. Doesn't come across as so wanky and sue tastic.
Also i'm liking that Mordrak dude and his ghost Knights just for the interesting conversion and painting opportunities.

>> No.13969347

Learn to read regulations asshole: The tournament we played in and by order of GW, all armies and their models must contain 85% GW parts. We had a guy play Eldar with a box full of dollar store trucks and aliens in protest of GW. He got banned for life from our store and GW took back his army he won at the 'Ard Boys. tournament. Refused to give it to him.

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File: 1.83 MB, 200x200, 1298058341108.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucking monkeys in the Inquisition

Millions and billions of fuck, in my head.

>> No.13969361

right, but if you make your entire army of Jokearo with Gorrillaquistor HQ and Chimp death cult assasins out of GW kits then its 100% tourney legal.
Thats what I think the other anon was trying to say.

>> No.13969381


[Insert Gorilla Grod joke here]

>> No.13969384
File: 34 KB, 350x370, 1289612454149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ordo hereticus and ordo xenos inquisitors
>Karamazov without his giant walking throne
>You can slot motherfucking demonhosts with Grey Knights, and nobody cares.

I call bullshit.
It must be.

>> No.13969393

what are you talking about? Kramazov still has his bigass throne of FUCKYOU

>> No.13969397

Good luck with that though. From what I have seen in friendly games, Fisher Price wooden people have been used as Terminators. Not in my 40k, fuck that. Buy your damn models used on Ebay or something, that isn't supporting GW, some other poor neckbeard chimo did it already.

>> No.13969406

Hmmm. Sprue Knights, ASSEMBLE!

>> No.13969411

Kramazov needs more bling

>> No.13969421

Karamazov is still T5 W4
only real difference is that he no longer gets 2D6 penetration in CC (but then so what, he's got that multi metla) and now he gain cover as easily as a grot.

You can also only take the Deamonhosts if you have an inquisitor. and he can just tell the grey knights to sod off if they have a problem with it. Or we might see a restriction placed in the final copy of the codex.

>> No.13969423

> looks his PDF again.

My bad. But... "infantry" my ass.
Dreadnought sized infantry.

>> No.13969427

If I MUST use GW models, does that mean I MUST use the 1987 limited edition Jokaero mini that hasn't show on fleabay in several years?

>> No.13969435

there are porbaly going to make some ...

but you get one in the new inq and retinue box or something

>> No.13969437

ummm, i don't think I'm the anon you're arguing against.
I was saying that if you made an ape army out of GW parts it would be tourney legal.

>> No.13969438


Why is everyone assuming that GW won't put out a model for it. I understand that it's not always their policy but still...

>> No.13969442

>You can also only take the Deamonhosts if you have an inquisitor. and he can just tell the grey knights to sod off if they have a problem with it. Or we might see a restriction placed in the final copy of the codex.

- Inquisitor, explain this bullshit.
- Fuck you, guys, that's just my demonhos...
*Heresy purged*

>> No.13969447


He's the Librarian. He can do anything.

>> No.13969448

You know...Xenos Inquisitors in the Demonhunter Dex, Monstrous Creature Big K without Popeseat, Jokaero in a Inquisition Dex, Megatron...somehow all this is fucking amusing.

From Space Parody, to serious business grimderp, to a Grimderp Space Parody that thinks it is serious.

>> No.13969455

Build mold and cast grey knight terminators using transparent resin mixed with a drop of blue ink for "Ghost Knights" y/n?

>> No.13969458

it's porbaly only in the codex because some guy was like "hey Matt how's GK codex going , is this monkey i sculpted cool ?" so he writes monkey in to the codex

>> No.13969462
File: 34 KB, 262x303, concernedpoe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13969465

you don't have to use the specific model for that unit. as long as its mostly GW its all good.
as other anons have sugested GS + orks or skaven should work. That DE clawed feind also looks decidedly simian.

>> No.13969472

This is retarded. Originally, they counted as a LasPISTOL, Needle PISTOL and so on but fit on your finger so you could use them as well as a normal weapon.

Digi-Lascannon? How retarded can Matt Ward get?

>> No.13969477


>> No.13969487

you are a dumb

>> No.13969488

yes, though you might not be able to use them in tournies.

>> No.13969489
File: 7 KB, 238x212, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm assumethiers a model that is maybe caring something a bit bigger then a little ring lazer

>> No.13969490

Yeah, but without it he still has T5, or not?
T5. A fucking human.

>> No.13969495

is it really surprising that the dudes who invented and manufacture the weapon in question can get more power out of it?

>> No.13969499

That's still what they are.

Jokaero are just so good that they get a species special rule that lets them use digi weapons like lascannons.

>> No.13969500

the throne and big k are t5 there is no Kramazov walking

>> No.13969504

By that logic a Glock wielded by Gaston Glock shoots harder.

>> No.13969507

Mephiston called. He said he's sorry for beeing tougher than a nurgle champion, but that's just how he rolls.

>> No.13969508

well he still has the chair in his wargear. it just no longer makes him an MC. It does prevent him from embarking though.

>> No.13969511

Thank god. At least one thing he didn't fuck up.
Oh well, 2++ staves. Apparently he didn't learn shit from Storm Shields.

>> No.13969513

now he's a ic right and can join squads

>> No.13969516

Mephiston has the Mark of the Chosen. Faster than Slaanesh, Tougher than Nurgle, Better than Tzeentch, Bloodier than Khorne and Angrier than Malal.

>> No.13969526

grok and mork still laugh at him

>> No.13969538

eh, the warding stave replaces and other CC weapons the guys would have so its trading killing power for survivability.
I just want to run an army of guardsmen with power weapons and storm shields to troll the local Marine player who's obsessed with assault termies.

>> No.13969548

You mean Gork'n'Mork whose warbosses he onehits and whose effigies he rips to shreds?
Granted, Gork'n'Mork laugh at everything.

>> No.13969550
File: 12 KB, 331x263, grokList.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13969551

Could these be converted? Or are they the wrong scale/design?

>> No.13969552
File: 21 KB, 410x385, 1284592832909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't modifying mechanicus tech technoheresy?

I'm surprised there aren't more flayings of the jokaero and turned into servitors.

>> No.13969558

survivability is fucking awesome, especially if you can equip the whole squad differently AND they have multiple wounds. See wolfguard and nob bikers. 2+/2++/FnP Ho!

Crusaders are the next shit. 3++ guardsmen ho!

>> No.13969564

inquisitors can get away with having deamonhosts. a mere heretec isn't that disbelieving.
Also modification isn't explicitly tech heresy either.

>> No.13969565

you can't turn a Jokaero into a servitor because it will escape before you can

>> No.13969570

The Inquisitorial Henchmen thing sounds awesome but surely GW won't do it, right? You can do Nob Bikers with them, give everyone slightly different equipment and mess with wound allocation (or will this not be much of a problem with 1W models?).

>> No.13969581

Nobody really likes the Jokaero, but they pretty much get a free ride because their ability to improve and modify technology is indescribable. Also, this isn't a conscious thing; their ability with technology is innate, instinctive. They don't think 'here is a gun, I will improve it', they see a thing that they think is 'wrong' and then they make it 'right'.

This is why if you leave a Jokaero alone with your Lasgun for ten minutes, when you come back to pick it up suddenly its firing twice as fast, three times as hard and at half the energy cost.
Or maybe it just has some wonderful engraving on the stock and a tooth dangling from the barrel because thats what 'felt right'. Jokaero are weird.

>> No.13969587

Almost every squad in the Grey Knights codex can play with unique model wound allocation rolls.

Your Troop Terminators do it just by taking a heavy weapon (justicar, sword, hammer, halberd, psycannon)

>> No.13969591

its not a problem at all with W1 models
why it was broken was in multi wound model units you could allocate 1 wound each to 4 different 2 wound guys. losing no models when you should have lost 2

>> No.13969595

every knight unit can have al- unique models too. This is intentional so that a low modelcount army can survive.

>> No.13969596

its not an issue though for them, since they only have one wound anyway so you can't play wound allocation games.

>> No.13969598

No? The squad of marines shoot at the squad of GK 1 plasma gun, 9x bolters wind up wiht 2 plasma wounds and 4 bolter wounds, assign both plasma wounds to the same model the other 4 get bolter wounds

def pointless on 1 wound models

>> No.13969620

2 Jokaero
10 Warriors
- Bolters and Power armor

Manage a 3 and 5 on the chart, and you now have 10 of the shittiest Terminators in the Imperium, but then they're only 15 points each.

>> No.13969624

thats nothing compared to the shit you can pull with multi wound models though. you might save one extra model with that, but you could still lose all 5 guys anyway.

>> No.13969633

you can pull that exact trick with a unit of 4 marines and a seargant.....
big woop

>> No.13969644
File: 7 KB, 207x264, implyingthisisntoneofthappiestpicsever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw when gamesworkshop will be populated with people playing nothing but monkeys.

Someone should make a monkey race. Like have an ape overlord count as inquistor . Dreadknight can bea really big guerrilia.


>> No.13969669


>> No.13969760

Henchmen look like the best thing ever in this codex

dreadknight after them

>> No.13969766

some of the larger ones might be.
can't say for sure though, never seen a monster apocalypse model in person.

>> No.13969958

Bump for more bananas!

>> No.13969983


Realted and very dawwwwww

>> No.13969987


also Koko is damn smart

>> No.13969991


>> No.13969999


It would be so awesome to fill the stores with these armies instead of Ultramarines vs Space Wolves vs Blood Angels vs Guard all the time.

>> No.13970008

For some reason the thought of an army Jokaero being deployed to take back an ancient banana artifact makes me think of this.

>> No.13970026


>> No.13970251



>> No.13970305

Oh god, we'll all be raped by the apes.

I for one welcome our new simian overlords.

>> No.13970349

Jokaero. More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

>> No.13970373

Somehow I predict that future tournaments will have a rule that says:


>> No.13970389

The problem is that all these lists are just aping each other.

>> No.13970397


Well, now I'm going to need to blank out grey knights on the codex cover and just write "MUNKY"

>> No.13970424
File: 17 KB, 250x220, inquisitor corteaz silverback.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Inquisitor Corteaz silverback.
In power armor.

>> No.13970435
File: 10 KB, 243x170, dial h for heresy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More little munkys

>> No.13970473
File: 23 KB, 308x365, librarian-discworld.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now all we need are Jokaero Librarians and it's the only fucking army you'll ever need.

>> No.13970506
File: 796 KB, 857x1024, orangutan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gentlemen your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to each build a small force of weaponless, static grass-dipped orks with greenstuffed up noses and cheeks and paint them orange.

Then flock to Games Workshop stores en masse with your entirely legal armies of monkeys. Ask to play a game on one of the store's tables. There's another warangutan player already there? Ask to play against them on one of the store's tables. Play monkey vs monkey games. Make sure that anyone coming into a Games Workshop store anywhere in the world following the Grey Knights codex release will be guaranteed to see several dozen space orangutans shooting lasers at each other.

>> No.13970512

The fun thing is that taking a Grey Knights librarian for shrouding (stealth to all units within 6") makes those jokaero armies actually pretty scary.

>> No.13970513

We need banana caches to randomly place on the table to fight for.

>> No.13970627

Just go bananas with them!

>> No.13970713

>"Hi mister new customer, let us show the new grey knights codex. Those warriors are purest form of power when fighting against chaos, the last line of defense against the warp. There are new units this edition, like the powerful dreadknight and the Stormreaver..."
>Two players with monkey armies throwing shit to each other while screaming.

I cannot wait to troll GW.

>> No.13970727

And they love encouraging us all to yell WAAAGH! at their events and stuff, surely they would understand that we're just being in character.


>> No.13970878

1500ish points, may be a lil under



12 monkeys
5monkeys, 6 warriors
-6 warriors with power armour
-2 warriors with plasmaguns
-2 warriors with stormshield
-2 warriors with stormshield/power sword
(techy with this squad)

Dreadknight- heavy incinerator

>> No.13971143

Okay I understand the librarian and the techmarine for cover, but those warriors could be replaced with more jokaero!

You should be able to fit Coteaz, 30+ jokaero a librarian and a techmarine into 1,500 points.

>> No.13971154


"Warrior" with power armor, storm shield, and power weapon? That's 49pts.

Crusader: Frak Armor, Storm Shield, Power Weapon, WS4.

Whatever floats your boat man.

>> No.13971171


ps, crusader is 15pts.

Seriously, anyone wishing to add wound-takers to a henchmen sqaud would have to be RETARDED to take anything else, especially a warrior in power armor. Crusaders are dirt cheap and come with a 3++

>> No.13971268
File: 71 KB, 800x600, cybork grots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jokaero: WS1, BS3, S2, T3, W1, I3, A1, LD8, Sv5++

Gretchin: WS2, BS3, S2, T2, W1, I2, A1, Ld(5 or 6 or something), SV-

I may just have to counts-as a bunch of Grot-Meks with Cybork bits (makes them braver, tougher, and faster for some raisin) as Jokaero. Inquisitorial experimimentation for the win.

Is anyone else as pissed as I am about GW rapping normal Tech-Marines. imho no single wound model could ever, EVER be worth 60+ pts. I haven't seen a single one fielded (except as the rare Master of the Forge) since they had their second wound stolen.

>> No.13971291

Sorry, we're too busy raging over the rest of the bullshit. That's fairly tame considering how the dex's been violated worse than a Guardsman taken by Slaaneshi cultists.

>> No.13971581
File: 46 KB, 400x402, jokaero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

henchmen warband
jokaero weaponsmith 35
jokaero weaponsmith 35
warrior acolyte with plasmagun 4+10
warrior acolyte with plasmagun 4+10
warrior acolyte with plasmagun 4+10
chimera 55

Personally I think this is the optimal monkey shooty unit. Two jokaero guarantees you never roll less than a 2 so always get at least one upgrade for the unit.

Each squad has 2 upgraded lascannons/MM/HF and 3 upgraded plasmaguns shooting out of the safety of a chimera. It costs 167 points. An IG vet squad in chimera with 3xplasma and no other toys is 170 points.

Grey Knight jokaero monkeys do chimera/special weapon spam better than IG veterans, and for cheaper. Think about that. A monkey army is BETTER than a guard army at shooting you off the table from the safety of metal boxes.

>> No.13971653

Powercreep at it's best

>> No.13971654

Just FYI guys, too many jokaero in one squad is a bad thing. If you have 6, you'll always roll 6+, meaning you won't get ANY upgrades.

>> No.13971757

I'd consider dropping a vet and taking a few psykers instead, since they all combine into one shot out the top hatch of the chimera. Take 5 for S7 AP2 large blast fun.

>> No.13971760

6 of these units is two points over 1k. 5 of them + corteaz to make them troops still leaves you 67 points to pimp out the unit you plan to stick him in. How about three plasma cannon servitors for 20 points each? They won't mindlock near him and for 60 points you're putting the same triple plasmacannon out of a chimera's hatch that a guard player pays 190 points for in the Leman Russ Executioner. And of course, the jokaero bonuses. Those plasmacannons might be rending or 48" range.

I'm starting to suspect the most broken armies are going to come from combinations of henchmen, not the grey knights themselves.

>> No.13972015


48" is nice, but S7 can wound anything on a 6 anyways and AP2 already ingroes armor. It's only really useful against vehicles.

>> No.13972043

>only really good vs vehicles

Obviously. It's still very nice though, rending is what makes asscannons more effective vs A14 than lacannons.

>> No.13972398


So, grotmeks as jokaero: WOULD YOU ALLOW IT?

>> No.13974325

I'd probably allow the shit out of it if the rest of the army were OrkHunters/Green Knights. Gobbotonnia's already been done, this'd surely be piss easy.

>> No.13974593
File: 1.03 MB, 250x187, 1296598403633.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously guys, this is absurd.

At this rate, your going to tell me they walk on two feet!


two feet?


>> No.13975295

Time to go apeshit insane?

>> No.13975705

Fuck yes.

Not that it matters what I would "allow" as long as you use legal rules and an understandable system of WYSIWYG since this is a modelling hobby and counts-as should be encouraged.

However, in the months immediately following the Grey Knights codex release I would prefer that you join the hordes of people painting orks orange and flocking to GW en masse to troll the shit out of them.

Make your mek army this summer. Until then, play orange orks in GW stores.

>> No.13975732

why would you make power armor a 10pt upgrade?


is it so someone who loves the fluff HAS TO SUCK A DICK?

>> No.13975775

This, like the Coteaz henchmen not being TROOPS-troops issue, will almost definitely not make it through the playtesting. I think it's a very safe bet to count on being allowed a maximum of six Henchmen units and for all-jokaero units to effectively just get two rolls on the table.

Even if we don't get any rolls though, who cares? Despite the fact that this /might/ be a very powerful army build I don't think anyone is in it for the powergaming. We just want to play fucking warangutans regardless of what rules they get.

>> No.13975805

GW doesn't always understand the worth of its own rules and units. This isn't really news. Look at how overcosted tyranid and daemon MCs are compared to eldar and space marine MCs.

Power armour being too expensive should hardly be surprising.

It is just a playtest codex though. It's possible that power armour is a bit cheaper and special weapons are a bit more expensive.

>> No.13975934

>Capture Necron Tech? Fuck yea

Wait wait wait? What? If this is true I will kill everything. Or just ignor this codex.

>> No.13975995


I'm pretty sure the Inquisition has been capturing pieces of Necron technology for a while. Isn't that what the C'tan Phase Blade is?

>> No.13976007

Ctan Phase Sword, bitch!

>> No.13976031


Well it's not mentioned in the Grey Knights codex but it's been canon that the Inquisition has captured some necron tech for like... a decade now. When did the Inquisitor game come out?

So... looks like you have to become a murderer now. Put your money where your mouth is. Kill someone you pussy.

>> No.13976051

>>13975805Power armour being too expensive should hardly be surprising.

but EVERY PERSON WHO HAS EVER PLAYED 40k for a little bit instantly knows that "15pts for a puny human with power armor and boltgun? Fucking retarded"

>> No.13976162


you have no right to call something retarded until you have sisters repentia in your codex

>> No.13976193

And everyone who has played a bit should realize that a carnifex shouldn't be almost worse than a wraithlord for twice the points.

And anyone who has spent more than a minute thinking about GW's business model should realize they're killing themselves in the slightly-longer-than-short-term by cranking the prices, alienating the veterans and only marketing to tweenage boys.

GW is fucking dumb. Never underestimate how dumb they can be. It's really sad, because we all love their IP and some of the old guard like Jes Goodwyn, but the company as a whole is foolishly run and makes bad decisions all the time.

at least they don't make too many HUGE rules gaffs anymore. Power armoured humans being a few points too expensive isn't the end of the world. Witch Hunters are still around and soon enough the new Sisters of Battle book will come out too.

>> No.13976210


I heartily look forward to the day when GW goes bankrupt and someone actually reasonable takes control of the franchise. On the one hand, potential fluff raping, which I don't really care about. On the other, a likely decrease in prices. As well as a less retarded business model.

>> No.13976290

It's not like the fluff raping can really get worse. I mean... I guess Warner Bros could buy the franchise and make Daffy Duck a Salamander and Coyote a Space Wolf but y'know... I'd be okay with that. It's still better than "MY ULTRAMARINES ARE THE BEST THEY AREN'T JUST THE BEST YOUR ARMY IS SPECIFICALLY THE WORST BECAUSE THEY AREN'T ULTRAMARINES YOUR ARMY WISHES THEY WERE ULTRAMARINES YOUR ARMY IS POOP BUY ULTRAMARINES"

And at least we'd have a better chance of lower prices, encouraging people who ragequit to get back into the hobby and ultimately making the company more profitable.

>> No.13976400
File: 58 KB, 500x374, barrel of monkeys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13976917




Grey Knights don't get drop pods though. How are we going to counts-as it? Stormraven?

>> No.13978496

Tip it on it's side, attach wheels. Voila, Chimera.

>> No.13980799

A while ago a redshit in my local GW converted an army of Space Apes by taking Genestealers, leaving out one pair of arms and filling the sockets with greenstuff and giving them Ork heads, then covering them with static grass to give them fur. That would be a pretty good way to make Jokaero.

On the hindsight, it's pretty funny that when he made the Space Apes he would respond to people talking about rumoured new armies by telling the next army will be Space Apes, showing them the models and telling they can go online and tell a redshirt told em that. And now it turns out we are getting Codex: Space Apes (with grey-armoured Space Marines also included for some reason).

>> No.13981679

let's hop they make rules for a Jokaero psycher/librarian soon.

I would play the fuck out of it with one word to my opponents: OOK!

>> No.13981696

Man, Jokaero are the /b/ of warhammer. Not even the Orks are as trollworthy as the jokaero

>> No.13981722


And lose your shit anytime someone asks why you're fielding monkeys?

>> No.13981732

Does that mean that techpriest as an inquisitorial retinue member has become obsolete?

>> No.13981739

Why the fuck would inqisitors hire monkeys as retinue??

I thought they were hardcore human-only, xenos haters.

Or can jokaero only join radical inquisitors?

>> No.13981771

Hehe indeed!

>> No.13981808

Soon, all the enemies of the Imperium will learn to dread one word, one that will strike fear into even the deadliest enemy.
Forget the Baneblades, forget the Space Marines, forget the Exterminatus.
All of those will pale in comparison to that one word. The ultimate terror.


>> No.13982017

i seriously need to get me a Ape army. Jokaero everywhere and big giant ape as inquisitor Cortez Maybe make some banana caches al'a Donkey Kong Country as objective markers.

Fuck Yes this has soo much Win it's not even possible to loose with it.

>> No.13982109

We need a pic of Cortez and a Greyknight captain in the X. X Everywhere format

Insert Jokaero instead of X

>> No.13982123

rolled 22 = 22


Apparently Jokero don't count, since they're actually useful and technically not sentient.

>> No.13982204

That's the thing: They're not xenos. They're animals.

Everything they do, they do on instinct. A Jokaero making a finger sized las cannon is as natural as a dog wagging it's tail.

>> No.13982257

That statement made me smile.

>> No.13982281

please tell me this is either in the new GK codex or an old one i can download right now.

>> No.13982311

The beliefs of your inquisitor are no longer involved in the tabletop rules (as it should be). Besides picking your order for equipment etc it's up to you whether your is a Thorian, a xanthite, an amalathan (sp?) or what.

Jokaero are in the inquisitorial retinue because some inquisitor somewhere might requisition its services for some reason. The how and the why of it are up to you.

>> No.13982313

It's in the leaked playtest version on the grey knights codex

>> No.13982323

The first thing and the second half of the second thing. It's a leaked playtest codex.

>> No.13982341


does someone have it on /rs/ or somewhere?

>> No.13982354

Why don't you type "grey knights" into /rs/ and find out?

>> No.13982380

Why do we not have drawfaggotry of Inquisitor Corteaz leading an army of Jokaero, with his Emperor's Chosen Banana in hand.

Should be.

>> No.13982443

I think you mean Inquisitor Grodd.

Coteaz is a puritan of sorts iirc. in any event he is a filthy human and doesn't deserve to lead apekind in its conquest of the galaxy.

>> No.13982473


because there's been so many fake codex before, i'm tired of DLing shit that isn't what it's supposed to be

>> No.13982514

>so my unit is firing five lasscannons at your tank
>monkeys... are a whole squad of lascannons, okay...
>now they have multimeltas

>> No.13982533

Anyone who is actually afraid of a WS2 S2 T3 unit is silly.

They have bs 3 lascannons, yes. They're a pretty good unit. But they have a glaring weakness. It's not like they're overpowered even when spammed.

>> No.13982537

Eureka Miniatures has a whole range of sci-fi apes. More suited to Planet of the Apes type stuff, but worth a mention.


>> No.13982668

Oh right.

So who else imagines Inquisitor Grodd's recruitment strategy is just asking "Do you want a banana? Peel it down and go..." followed by Jokaero taking bananas from the crates Grodd brings with him and munching going "Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmmmmmmmm" ?

>> No.13982808
File: 50 KB, 500x161, 100BSA19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Swap some lasguns or something.

Bonus points for the female monkey

>> No.13982852

They don't even need guns. Digital weapons can be anything. Nine times out of ten they're like a pinky ring or a coat button.

>> No.13982890

what does warp stabilization field on a chimera do? I can't find the chimera entry

>> No.13983069

It's not in the chimera entry anyway, it's generic vehicle wargear. All the wargear sections that aren't unit specific are missing, that's why they say "see page XX" instead of a proper page number.

>> No.13983240

>They don't even need guns. Digital weapons can be anything. Nine times out of ten they're like a pinky ring or a coat button.
They always are a pinky ring. That's why they're called digital weapons. You wear them on your digits (fingers). Nothing to do with HD TV or next-gen consoles.

>> No.13983287

I just wish GW would update the old Daemonhunters codex, release plastics, and call it a day.

Henchmen instead of stormtroopers is a bad joke at best. I don't care about space monkeys, hilarious as they are, if they get in the way of my stormtrooper list.

>> No.13983443

do we atleast get to see what all nemesis weapons do?

>> No.13983476
File: 128 KB, 622x497, jokaro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

problem astartes?

>> No.13983693

No but current rumours are

sword: +1 to inv save in CC force wep
hammer +1 strength force wep
halberd: +1 init force wep
pair of falchions: force wep lightning claws
warding stave: normal power weapon that confers 2+ inv

>> No.13983714


Actually, there are also earring grenades. See Dark Heresy: Ascension. Digital Weapons are *usually* put on fingers, but they can also be inserted into armour or worn as jewellery in other forms. In some rare cases, rows upon rows of digital weapons are used as defence turrets on spaceships.

>> No.13983863


Dear god you people suck.

How could you let gold like this slip past?

>> No.13984433
File: 62 KB, 363x224, mldg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In some rare cases, rows upon rows of digital weapons are used as defence turrets on spaceships.

Not quite.

>> No.13984591


I think I'm the only one here who laughed at the filename. Probably too late now.

>> No.13985202

Question guys.
Is there any rumor for Jokaero minis or we are going to scrapt them?

>> No.13985214

Nah, I laughed too but didn't want to turn this into a "mfw" thread.

>> No.13985243

I think they're going to have to be converted or counts-as'ed, for the moment at least. There might be a Mail-order only model released somewhere down the line, like the Ork Flash Git model, but that's purely speculation on my part.

>> No.13985246

I am still moderately annoyed people are saying that the heavy weapons the Jokero use on TT are the same as their digi-weapons, they may not be.

>> No.13986357


"The Jokaero can fire their digital weapons as..."

>> No.13986641

What if the Jokaero carried a sack of bananas, and in each banana was actually a melta/lascannon?

>> No.13986783

Replace "People" with Ward.

Jokero Digi-weapons are still pistol range, not heavy weapons, it's just silly.

>> No.13986828

>Just silly.

I fail to see the point.

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