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Deal with it.

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Wait, hold on, if all interaction is based on lies and selfishness, why do I care? Wouldn't I be incapable of anything that's not lies or selfishness, and thus accept that as the norm?

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i stop posting mediocre wat do threads

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Fill the empty room. With stuff.

>> No.13961138

I turn everyone into tang and force them to get along.

>> No.13961139

I get even.

>> No.13961153

Hey! The worlds a better place than I thought it was!

Walk out whistling.

>> No.13961154

I continue being lawful evil and continue my personal, selfish pursuits.

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-> r9k

also, text is false.

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Try to make it better.

>> No.13961174

smoke a shit ton of weed

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"I may die alone. Doesn't mean I have to live that way."

>> No.13961186

I give a whistle.



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Spread hope and knowledge.

>> No.13961200

Hail the Primarch!

>> No.13961209

I don't see the problem?

>> No.13961211

I remember that I'm not a giant pussy, most of that realization's points are either false or irrelevant, and the ones that aren't are just all the more reason to try and leave the world a better place than I found it.

Then I go outside to have a smoke and pick up the today's newspaper.

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The tears won't stop

>> No.13961225

Realise I'm adrift.
Sell my amazing anti gravity device for muchos dorrar.
Fill room with junk I don't need but desperately want
Buy new rooms. Fill with junk. Repeat.
Die happy

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I remember everyone else faces the same thing so I blot it with a massive ego fuelled by the misery of others

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And inspire courage in the face of ordeals, real or imagined.

>> No.13961282

No. Even if you die, people may remember you. The best way to be remembered is to discover something revolutionary, a true scientific breakthrough - or - conquer as much of the planet as possible. Listen to your heart, it beats to the rhythm of the wardrums. There is no love, no caring god - there is only hate! Hatred is the right of all sentient beings! They shall curse your name in fear! When your empire is finally toppled, you will be immortalized in history books forevermore!

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Even in the face of overwhelming opposition, I stand strong and hope that my example drives others to do the same.

>> No.13961356


Because that's how the Lawful Good Brigade rolls.


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i wish i had even a scrap of the hope, goodness and optimism that /tg/ often speaks about.

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Oh, to be 17 and lonely.

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