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Wrath of Ashardalon or Castle Ravenloft board game. Pick one!

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cat bump

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Cat thread?
Not related to /tg/ in any way (more to /g/ or /v/), but it's still better than the shit I see here every day.

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Holy shit I love that picture

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olive oil is awesome, any cat will tell you

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I do not know why misnamed cat pictures amuse me so... DAMN YOU /v/!

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Misnamed reaction images are one of those retarded things intelligent people love.

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You, sir, are a most gigantic faggot.

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Why doesn't that picture have an effect on me until I try to drink my soda?

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Guess so. I've sort of made it into a game for myself on the side to boot. Whenever I save a cat picture I must call it something as unrelated as possible while still keeping the name short enough to be seen.
No reason for it, I just find it amusing.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Must be magic.

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Well, many cats actually look like owls, especially striped brown ones with big eyes. I once mistook a cat for an owl, but as he was a totally cool guy, he didn't feel offensed.

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>hyrdodynamic owl.jpg
Try something with cocaine.
Always works when there is snow in the picture.

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I can see how that would happen, yeah.

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cocaine encrusted bear might have worked.

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Farewell, its time to get my cat neutered.

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I ruv u godjira.

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This thread is probably the best thing on /tg/ right now.
Is it good or bad?

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cats are always awesome and should.

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Ashardalon because of the twist ending.

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Yep always good.

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Brushie brushie brushie

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Hell if I know.
At least it focuses on what it's about and not dubz or something.

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What's going on in this thread?

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Detect trap failed.

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collective picdump of correctly named dog pictures

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To post a grafics pic.

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Detect trap failed...followed by stealth attack.

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I am the answer to all questions

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>This thread

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Mark 2

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Well I don't have any cat ones, but plenty of misnamed filenames.

I don't think that's the major point of the thread though.

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Fuck yeah!

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>this thread

Pic related

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>this thread

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My captcha was a wagon wheel, anyone know where I can find that key on my keyboard?

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Apparently my pic of the kittens going down a slide is too large, someone else will have to post that one.

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jesus christ answer my original question GAAGAGHHHHHHHHH!!!!11!!!!11111!!!!

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and I'm out

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