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Wait, so when Astartes do their EXTERMINATUS thing and start going to town on all the filthy xenos, they don't discriminate right?

So men, women, children - they're all fair game? Like if a Space Wolf stumbled on a little Tau or Eldar girl hiding in a closet, he'd squash her without a second thought?

I mean I'm sure that's suitably grimdark and everything but that kind of makes it hard to root for these guys.

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Sympathizing with the xenos?

That sounds like heresy to me.

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Until you realize that little Tau or Eldar could grow up and kill hundreds of Imperial citizens.

This is war, maggot. Us or them. If you take issue with that, we will bestow the Emperor's mercy upon you.

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Pretty sure that's kind of the point...

The Imperium sucks...but it's better than nothing.

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>kind of makes it hard to root for these guys.

Why? They're safeguarding the future of humanity by curbstomping filthy xenos spawn, that's all. It's unfortunate, but given the circumstances it's definitely the right and smart thing to do.

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Total war. Total war.

The Imperium is at total war.

Every Eldar WILL grow up to become an Imperial-killing serpent.

If it wasn't like that, I wouldn't have over 5000 points of Biel-Tan Eldar standing in my room.

So stop trolling, and stick it up your ass.

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No one is innocent, there is only degrees of guilt

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>I mean I'm sure that's suitably grimdark and everything but that kind of makes it hard to root for these guys.
ahahaha oh my god

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Space yiffs are weird as far as marines go, might pretend they didn't see it or try to keep it as a pet.

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>So men, women, children - they're all fair game? Like if a Space Wolf stumbled on a little Tau or Eldar girl hiding in a closet, he'd squash her without a second thought?

Of course he wouldn't! Hunting down every woman and child? That's completely unthinkable!

That would be a huge waste of time, effort and resources. That's the Guard's job!

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* Tau are almost as ruthless and far more likely to fail
* Eldar are manipulative bastards who see all other species as meat shields
* Necrons are genocidal robot skeletons
* Chaos Marines are psychotic
* Dark Eldar are sadistic fucks
* Tyranids are a force of pure predation that eats everything in their path

Therefore: the most sympathetic race are the Orks.

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It depends, but in truth: Probably. Maybe a Salamander or Space Wolf might not, and even Ultramarines don't just kill xenos just for existing, but it's not unlikely that they'd kill them. They're soldiers, and they have orders.

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As Colonel John Chivington of the U.S. Army said during the Civil War, "nits make lice."

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>even Ultramarines don't just kill xenos just for existing
What the fuck makes you think that?

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The marines don't actually do Exterminatuses (Exterminatii?). If they need to do something like that, they have to ask the Inquisition to do it.

And Inquisitors don't give a fuck.

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If you get into the Imperial mindset, it's not as hard to fathom as it seems.
Xenos are all monsters to them. They're almost completely indoctrinated to believe that even an innocent little Tau baby seeks to corrupt the Imperium with it's foul propaganda. Eldar children will grow into threats, as Eldar are decieving little cunts in every aspect, and it's innocence is just a ploy to lower your guard and your bolter.

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The Tau exist.

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>Therefore: the most sympathetic race are the Orks.
In Fantasy, Orcs eat sentient races.

I think that's something that should come back in 40k.

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Yes, clearly out of the goodness of the Space Marines' mighty hearts and not because it's effort that's better spent killing actual threats.

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No, an Ultramarine would definitely kill xenos for the crime of their species. Ultramarines are not in any way sympathetic towards aliens.

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Untrue. Deathwatch have ships specifically made to launch exterminatus payloads. But then again the Deathwatch do also work a lot more closely with the Ordo Xenos, so that may be a factor.

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what part of the imperium being extremly xenophobic dont u undsertand op? the emperor himself decided fuck aliens HUMANITY FUCK YEAH, did you forget wht happend during the golden age and great crusade and pre imperial history ?

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>WOLF LORD WOLF LORD! LOOK WHAT I FOUND, ISN'T SHE CUTE?!? Can I keep her? I promise I'll feed her and everything!
>Brother Erik, remember what happened last time you found a pet.
>Ummm.... it grew up?
>Yes it grew up. And started spitting acid. And ate half our serfs. Then it absorbed half the motor pool, used the metals to construct a exoskeleton covered with spikes, then savagely beat Bjorn to within an inch of his life. Then it ate a visiting inquisitor.
>So... Can I keep her?

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The orks eat sentient races in 40k as well. And each other. And Grots, if nothing else is available.

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The Tau still exist because the Imperium needed to cut the Damocles crusade short, not because the Ultramarines have any qualms about killing every alien in sight.

The Tau exist until the Imperium feels like exterminating them

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Exterminatus is space-based planet scouring by nuclear/viral/chemical bombing

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>Blah blah blah, Calgar graciously allowed the tau to evacuate the planet before launching an exterminatus.

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Think of the Imperium versus Chaos as the Union versus the Confederates, and all the xenos as Mexicans and Injuns.

Sure, from a certain point of view the Union's the "good guys," but only when fighting the Confederates.

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Let me guess, the Eldar are moping doing their Last of the Mohican act, while the Orks are wearing sombreros and drinking Mad Dok Jose's Fungus Tequila...Sombrerorks?

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>ate an inquisitor
and nothing of value was lost

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If a group of Space Marines were convinced that an area needed purging for whatever reason (say, chaos or genestealer cult), but they don't use orbital bombardment, they would kill any *human* children in the area without any hesitation or remorse. After all, it's best to make sure that none escape to spread their heresy.

What makes you think Xeno children will be treated any differently ?

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Ok again, Space Marines ARE indoctrinated PSYCHOPATHS, their only purpose in life is serving, in service they kill and die. There is nothing else. NOTHING ELSE.

The various distinctions of chapters comes from them adhering to their individual Primarchs.

The Ultramarines being semi-nice comes just from several fanboy-cashcow-milking, the really nice chapters (and they are ONLY nice to humans) are the Salamanders (Vulkan ftw), the Blood Angels (Sanguinius skullfucked Chaos at the Eternity Gate) and Space Wolves (Leman Russ riding Leviathans and doesn't afraid of anything), as well as some of their successors, once again not all (Flesh Tearers come to mind).

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If he brought it home who would tattle? The church and Inquisition isn't given free reign on fenris.

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Meanwhile the Necrons are performing the Ghost Dance to try to awaken the spirits of the ancestors and the land to bury all the white devils beneath ten feet of soil and return the buffalo.

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I can just see a spess wolf being like Hagrid. He's HUGE, but he just wants to collect "cute" pets. Of course his definition of "cute" easily fits most other peoples definitions of "Ohh sweet god emperor, what is that!"

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Catachan devil for a pet?

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I seem to recll in Ian Watson's (bear with me now for just a second) in it baal firenze an inquisitor is obssessed with killing eldar young and it is shown that this at least minimally concerns the imperial fists captain D'arquebus who is shown to be wary about firenzes obssession.

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Yup, they are by far the most decent guys in the whole WHverse.

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Pretty much. Them and the Salamanders are the best contenders for the title of "good guys".

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Ok, Salamanders and Orks are also not so bad, I'll give them the credit.

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So if space marines are willing to kill human and xenos children alike, would orks do that too?
Because, if I remember correctly, orks don't kill creatures that can't put up a good fight. So if an ork boy found a human child what would the ork do to it? Eat it? Take it as an mascot? Tech it to become orky? Ignore it?

What about craftworld eldar in the same situation?

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Raven Guard are bros who swoop in to save guard and cities from destruction

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>Comparing a state fighting for survival in a brutal universe to a state killing millions for tax money

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Eldar depends on the individual.
I love the idea of a human who "be speakin' like dis" and hates himself for bieng small and pink, and idolizing orks.

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Orks will torture to death for kicks, enslave in factories and eat things that don't fight back.

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"Get fucked" I said. "Sure, you'll love it and pet it and hold it close just now, but wait until you get your brains blown out" I said. "Then I'll have to feed it, and nurture it and put up with it's loathsome 'cutesy' antics until the end of my days" I said.

I knew I shouldn't have relented. Fucking dumbass Sergeants insisting on going out without a helmet on.

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I remember in one book an Imperial Fists captain he was appalled at the orders to kill Eldar children, and it was the waste of the Emperor's Finest to do such a thing.

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Dude you think that's bad? My battle brother had some kind of cat fetish. He literally had 159 cats of varying breeds stuffed into his room. And guess who had to take care of them when he bought it?

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There called diggas

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>Eat it?
Most likely.
>Take it as an mascot? Teach it to become orky? Ignore it?
Some humans serve warbosses as advisors, so these are also all possible.

>What about craftworld eldar in the same situation?
Depends on whether the Farseers think the future would be improved by doing something. There are just already so many fucking humans, one more or one less isn't going to matter that much to a typical Eldar. Could go either way.

The Imperium and the Necrons are the only factions that really honestly believe in the wholesale extermination of entire species.

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An Ork would probably just ignore a human child. A Grot, on the other hand? Gretchin are nasty, nasty little things and they would gleefully torture anything weaker than themselves to death if they got the chance.

Eldar, it depends on the mentality of the Craftworld, the whims of whoever's leading the warhost, and the exact objectives they have. A Biel-tan army intending on scouring every human from a Maiden world may well destroy all resistance, then give a few days grace period to let the civilians leave, but any who refuse to evacuate or don't do so in time end up being slaughtered regardless of age.

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Doesn't an Exterminatus happen in space, by a ship firing a life eater virus at the planet then lancing it?

Last time I checked that was the case, therefore the resultant fanboy debate was pointless.

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Well, yeah. But they're filthy xenos scum.

Astartes are much nicer towards humans.

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=Meanwhile, aboard the Battle Barge "Unrelenting Scourge"=


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Advanced Ork societies often use humans as slaves in factories.

This means that "blue collar orks" are free to join the war effort, leading to more prosperity for the Orks.

That's Orkish Kultur in Ork empires for you.
>yes, they're rare, but there are semi-stable ork empires in the galaxy

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So in the grim darkness of the far future, "doing your fucking job" is bro-tier.

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Which again comes from the whole Imperium descending a never-ending spiral of bigotry and idiocracy.

The Emperor WAS anti-xeno, but he also had common-sense (most of the time at least)

What would interest me is how the Emperor would have reacted if being subjected to the situation of having to kill a xeno-child, with either outcome bringing no gain nor bringing any disadvantage?

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I think you are mixing orks with deldar there. Sure, orks enslave grown humans, but I don't remember any fluf about them being sadists. The orks get their kicks from fighting. Abusing helples critters, is considered mucking about, because there is alway atleast other orks around, that can put up a good fight.

They might still eat children, but I doupt that they would find humans tasty. We are very bony creatures with very litle fat.

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He would probably kill it. Look how he treated his own sons.

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I don't understand the OP's question. The extinction of non-human life is the will of the God-Emperor.

That is all. No questions are to be asked, no clarification need be sought, no exceptions will arise.

Do His will.

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There are many forms of Exterminatus.

The easiest is nuclear bombardment with normal torpedos.

Then you have torpedos that ignite the oxygen in the atmosphere, basically turning the entire surface of the planet to glass.

There's a special drilling torpedo with a melta bomb, to crack underground bunker complexes, cave systems and Tomb worlds.

There's the virus bomb, for densely populated worlds.

I suppose if you have lots of time, you could also lance a planet to death, like lancing away the polar ice.

You can drop a comet on the planet if they have no way around the lightspeed lag (like having off-planet warp-transmitting observation posts).

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>They might still eat children, but I doupt that they would find humans tasty.
>implying Orks eat for pleasure
>implying Orks get pleasure from anything but combat

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>I love the idea of a human who "be speakin' like dis" and hates himself for bieng small and pink, and idolizing orks.
They exist. They're on Gorkamorka. They're called 'Diggaz'

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>but I don't remember any fluf about them being sadists.

It isn't common, as most Orks don't have the patience for genuine sadism. There is the odd case here and there though - Mad Doks can easily be described as sadistic. IIRC they choose not to use any sort of anaesthetic, even if they had that option available. Most Orks'll cheerfully administer brutal beatings to prisoners though.

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The Emperor was kind of a dick, though. He would probably keep walking, but casually tell one of his underlings to kill the kid.

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>Then you have torpedos that ignite the oxygen in the atmosphere, basically turning the entire surface of the planet to glass.


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You can't tell me orkish humor wouldn't end up with them racing children against squigs or pit fighting "looted" toddlers.

>> No.13949871

I see that, he 'died' being unable to admit that his son Horus had fallen. Till he saw Horus killing a human being/Space Marine/Custodes without that posing any threat.

The Emperor saw killing without having to as a sin punishable by death it seems.

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Wait, I feel as though this is what happened in Homeworld.

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They do torture humans.

But not consciously.

Like the Mekboy tests his new tank... and drives over some poor sod, who starts screaming at the loss of his leg. The Mekboy will yell at the guy for chilling at work, not realising he just crushed the human's legs with a forty ton warmachine.

Or some Orks testing their new guns. Coincidently, a group of human slave workers march to war.

It's torture. Yes. But the Orks don't realise that.

See Orks like autists. Autistic jocks and hooligans who can only think and express themselves through fighting, and are unable to imagine how a non-Ork thinks.

An Ork will never figure out that it's very dangerous for a human to be near Orks. Because an Ork doesn't consider himself dangerous.

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Non-sequitur. Killing a vile xenospawn before it ever has the chance to threaten humanity's rightul ownership of the galaxy is intrinsically both a gain and an advantage. The more of them are stamped upon before breeding themselves, the fewer there will be to fight in later years.

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Salamanders, Space Wolves, Exodite Eldar, IG in orders of niceness.
Exodites are the closest 40k analogue to space westerns. I like to think of them as the town of Rock Ridge from Blazing Saddles but with Space Elves.

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>Then you have torpedos that ignite the oxygen in the atmosphere, basically turning the entire surface of the planet to glass.
"No one is left. Everything's gone. Kharak is burning..."

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'Tis from one of the Retribution vids. Here's one from Firewarrior.

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You forgot the Blood Angels, once again not all of their successor chapters.

>> No.13949912

>*a group of human slave workers march to war.

Work. It should read work.
>a group of human slave workers march to work.

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That would actually be kinda hilarious in a very dark and grim way. But lets say that the kid somehow manages to kill the squig, wouldn't the orks have some respect for the kid afterwards?

>> No.13949932

Suffer the little children to come unto me, and lo, i shall purge them with chainsword and fire. --Space Jeesus

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Nostalgia'd hard.

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That's the part that people forget about the Orks. People talk about them like they're a hilarious, lighthearted faction, and they are - TO THEMSELVES, BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH.

To everyone else, who is afraid of death, they're a race of crazy berserkers who will only stop fighting when they're fucking dead and don't even have any motivation for combat other than "we're orks, we fight".

>> No.13949949

Probably be quite proud. . . Until he got bored and forgot.

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Orks are crazy soccer holligans who just want to murder shit, so no. They aren't relatable at all. Just because they are funny does not mean they are nice.

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Wrong, orkies don't want to murder shit, they want a FIGHT.

Chances are, orks would take a human child and teach it how to fight like an ORK and when the time comes, have it fight with them, or against them.

Either way the orkies are happy, there is no enjoyment in squashing a child.

>> No.13949977

>mfw sounds like any religious fanatic in our world.
>burning women and children at the stake because god told us too

>> No.13949981

The Emperor wasn't all that anti-xeno, he considered them tools, just like everyone else.

>> No.13949987

Wanna get back to that, what kind of pets would they hold? Or, any other Space Marine for that matter?

>> No.13949991


The Emperor would err on the side of caution and destroy the inhuman thing.
Such is the weight on the shoulders of the master of mankind.

>> No.13949992

>because god told us too
>because god told us too
>because god told us too

Also, fictional universe. Stop being so butthurt, and let me act out my violent fantasies.

Aristotelian catharsis.

>> No.13949994

Now there was a douchebag for the history books. Not for his philosophy (which was sensible) but for his choice in targets. Nutball killed his own allies.

>> No.13950000

>dead tools

Fixed that for you bro.

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You don't teach grots and boyz how to fight, they just know. I don't think an ork would understand teaching or learning.

>> No.13950002


Yeah. the main thing to remember is: Orks treat humans in EXACTLY the same way they would treat other orks. They make no differentiations for race or colour; if you're a puny git then you're a puny git be you human or Ork, and it'd be a zoggin' larff to test those weapons by shootin' up those ladz over there, be they Ruggas' slugga mob or the 'oomie boys. Unfortunately, humans break more easily then orks and don't mend as easily, so...

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Fenrisian Wolves. They tame them, and they join them in battle.

>> No.13950017

>Violent fantasies

Bro, if your violent fantasy involves killing innocent kids just because you need to get help. I am all for a good murdering and explosions, but come on now.

>> No.13950023

"'ere take dis choppy, chop dat flippin' grot, AND DON'T COME BACK TIL YA DO, 'UMIE."

>> No.13950026

His policy WAS that human life had to be held up ALWAYS before the xeno, meaning he was pretty much always ready to exterminate them if they caused too much problems.

However, he was also always aware of the betrayal the alien protectorates wrought upon humanity in the Age of Strife. He DID hate aliens.

>> No.13950028

>They make no differentiations for race or colour
>Implyin' green izn't da best.

>> No.13950038


It's strongly implied that 'Fenrisian Wolves' are actually as decended from the original human colonists as the Fenrisian natives themselves.

'There are no Wolves on Fenris'

>> No.13950040


All this talk about orks and childrem makes me want to see a pic of an ork, who has a litle child on his shoulder, and is trying to show him/her how to use shoota properly. Que the next pic, where the child is flung back by the recoil of the gun ans s/he tries to shoot it, while the ork waches.

>> No.13950042

If you have never thought about curb stomping a cute toddler with powered armor feet I think YOU are the one that needs help.

>> No.13950050

I doubt any Ork would have the patience to teach a human child how to fight. If an Ork wants a fight, he'll go find another boy in the fungus brewhouse and have a good brawl. Fighting is not something Ork kulture is short of.

>> No.13950064

Remember that copypasta of that warboss who was left behind in catacombs? He would have been a good warboss, but had nobody.
He woulda taught 'umies ta fight.

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>It's strongly implied that 'Fenrisian Wolves' are actually as decended from the original human colonists as the Fenrisian natives themselves.

>> No.13950071

Eldar burn entire worlds killing trillions of humans if it would save a handful of Eldar lives thousands of years in the future.

The Eldar are demon spawning filth that should be put to the sword regardless of age. Marines should show as much passion killing a warlock as they do killing a child.

To be Cleansed For that is the fate of all Xenos

>> No.13950076


They don't see humans as any different from a puny ork, but they are painfully aware they are pink (or brown) and not green.

This means they're defective orkz at best.

No special treatment though, any humie that joins ork society gets the same chance as any other ork.

>> No.13950078

Suffer not the xenos to live.

>> No.13950079


Not to mention failed Space Wolves aspiriants actually turn into Wolves.

>> No.13950080

On the other hand, it would be damn d'aww worthy seeing a Salamander, Blood Angel or Space Wolf defending a toddler, may it be human or xen, from death by a slaaneshi daemonette.

Bonus points is if you replace the Space Marine with a Imperial Guardsman/Comissar and the slaaneshi daemonette with a Keeper of Secrets.

>> No.13950081

Chances are, an Ork would totally ignore a human child, having killed his parents, destroyed his home and stolen his food. Unless a Herder boy came along. Then it's slaving time, human slaves being more valuable than grots

>> No.13950085

Who cares? They're alien kids, in a fictional universe where the rules dictate, that it's okay to kill alien kids.

Problem solved.

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At which point the Orks start believing he can fight well...
I like where that could go.

>> No.13950095


This. An Ork would garner no pleasure killing a defenceless child, it's not how they work. He'd probably just drag it out of where ever he found it for the slavers to take to the nearest mines / workshop.

>> No.13950096

He's right. It's in the Horus Heresy novels mostly. It's implied that the original settlers did some kind of modification on themselves to be able to survive the climate, and it went horribly wrong.

That's where the Canis Helix came from, the Space Wolves have it, it's what causes the Wulfen.

>> No.13950102

This coming from a leftie with a dislike for military action.

Yeah, deal with it.

I need to get rid of my frustrations somewhere.

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>> No.13950107


Yup. The space wolves 'taint' is actually not a taint in geneseed but a planet-wide genetic strand. The Genetic taint lies in the natives of fenris themselves, but nobody ever realised and blamed the geneseed instead.

>> No.13950108

Nothing says "healthy outlet" like killin' kids.

>> No.13950120

ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise

>> No.13950121

makes me wonder if an ork stumbled upon a little eldar or tau how they'd react.

they're probably not give a shit and keep walking.

grots might try to pick fights with kids though.

>> No.13950127

All fire warriors are kids anyway,

>> No.13950132

Repost plox

>> No.13950138

There are worse. I know a guy whose thing is that he likes executing people in games, he's just about the most normal person I know otherwise.
Still hasn't shot a kid yet, but that's only for lack of chance.

>> No.13950139


human fighting his way up the ork social ladder trough cunnig and with the aid of his superior inteligence?

Could human ever achive the status of a warbos? If not, could human basicly help a stupid, but strong ork gain the status of a warbos and manipulate this warbos to do shit the human wants?

>> No.13950143


Dude... Slaves... they'd be rounded up and taken to munitions factorys where their little fingers will polish shell casings while Slavers scowl, occasionaly prodding with thier Electrosticks

>> No.13950144


I see the following scene playing out.

A pair of Ultramarines stand at the entrance to an Exodite Eldar household, while two Eldar adults and their progeny cower in fear.
A seemingly endless swarm of Daemonettes attack in wave after wave, falling to chainsword and bolter.
A Craftworld Eldar Guardian eventually arrives on the scene and together they slay the last of the foul minions of Slaanesh.
The Guardian turns to an Ultramarine and begins saying something like "Once I thought mon-keigh were as monsters and beasts, but I see in your nobility that this is not--" and is cut short as the Ultramarine crushes his skull.
The Ultramarines then proceeds to cripple each Exodite Eldar and bind them to a soulstone before slaying them.
They finish it all off with a line about they couldn't allow the Exodites to die without a soulstone because that would have just fed Slaanesh.

>> No.13950155


No, if you're not green you're not taken seriously.

This is why you see Ogryns teaming up with Orks but never leading them.

>> No.13950164
File: 215 KB, 996x694, advisors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orks respect skills of course.

>> No.13950168


>They finish it all off with a line about they couldn't allow the Exodites to die without a soulstone because that would have just fed Slaanesh.

Nigger please, I don't think your average Space Marine knows about the Eldar's deal with Slaanesh. Also a few editions ago, Space Marines were mindwiped after every Daemon encounter while suriving Guard Regiments were executed with full honours

>> No.13950169


Couldn't you just paint yourself green/wear all green?

Orks aren't really smart enough to notice the difference.

>> No.13950171

>WOLF LORD WOLF LORD! LOOK WHAT I FOUND, ISN'T SHE CUTE?!? Can I keep her? I promise I'll feed her and everything!
>Brother Erik, remember what happened last time you found a pet.
>Ummm.... it grew up?
>Yes it grew up. And started spitting acid. And ate half our serfs. Then it absorbed half the motor pool, used the metals to construct a exoskeleton covered with spikes, then savagely beat Bjorn to within an inch of his life. Then it ate a visiting inquisitor.
>So... Can I keep her?

>Well, the last one DID eat a visiting inquisitor...

Sounds like win to me, Lupin Mac Packlord.

Yes. The Emperor's mercy is a quick death, and xenos get that for the crime of existing.
...though a particularly cunning chapter might keep the child as a prisoner of war for use in as currency.

*cue writefaggotry of a Salamander introducing his family to their "lost cousin Ardelia who is a sanctioned mutant because she has strange ears but Papa knows you'll make her feel welcome anyway."*

>> No.13950184

You'd best be one mean brawler with a legendary bellow, because you're in with a culture that punches each other's teef out in a greeting of affection.

>> No.13950187


Possibly, but also, you have to be bigger than the other Orks to take charge. In order to get anywhere in Ork society.

1. You have to be green
2. You have to be bigger than Orks you want to have dominion over

>> No.13950189

Not anymore. Apparently, the chapters rather have their Marines be veterans who survived such a fight. Mindwiping them would make it damn hard for the imperium to actually get hardened veterans who know what they do against daemons, 3000 Grey Knights are not gonna cut it.

>> No.13950191


That's why you use your smarts. Wear power-fists whenever you're in front of da boyz.

Act like a viking.

>> No.13950194

Humans don't grow teeth efficiently enough to function in the orkish economy.

>> No.13950198

How big are warboss usually?

>> No.13950204

To be a Warboss you must be able to command a WAAAAUUUUGH.

Humans cannot into Ork psychic gestalt.

>> No.13950210


I suspect it was retconned since it's not been mentioned since.

Having your power armoured ubermensch freak the fuck out every time they saw a Pink Horror for the first time would get old very quickly.

Oh! if only we had fought these abominations before!

>> No.13950220


It depends on the warband. To an ork the ranking is simple: the biggest guy is always the boss. If you find an even bigger ork, that ork becomes the boss. And so on.

>> No.13950225


Isn't Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka 20(+) feet tall?

>> No.13950228

>having your power armoured ubermensch freak the fuck out

>> No.13950241


Hey now, freaking out and running off crying are two different things.

>> No.13950253

you know, that would actually be interesting, bringing up an Eldar in a chapter like the Salamanders...

I might try something like this

>> No.13950258


I'd say from the top of my head, about 6-8 meters high and weight several hundred, maybe even thousad kilos.

But I don't think that there isn't any limit on the possible size of an ork, well maybe the square cube law maybe not even that, knowing how 40k breaks the laws of physics pretty regulary.

>> No.13950262

"Dat's our lil'Nob, Bob Sparky'Ands!
"Oy, wait! Zagga owe me teef!"

>> No.13950274

The IoM are in no way the good guys, they're just human. They're every bit as bent on killing everything in the galaxy other than themselves as tyranids or necrons.

Even orks, dark eldar and most of chaos doesn't even want that.

>> No.13950282
File: 108 KB, 600x449, 1294625755006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just finished the second Blood Angels book, and I can't help but ask: Sure, the chapter master of one of the original legions has sway, and what happened was pretty damned bad.

That said: you're seriously going to Exterminatus a Forge World that is mainly a munitions supply for your sector over what happened? An entire forge world?

>> No.13950297

more context needed, Exterminatus happens quite often...

If it is about a daemon-infestation, then yes, probably, depending on the heaviness.

>> No.13950302


And give the slavers their own precious loot?

>> No.13950339

that's not true.

Orks rarely use their own teef.
They're far more likely to use another Ork's teef for purchases.

>> No.13950405

Not true for bad moons. Their teeth grow much faster than other orks, so they are the richest. They use their own teeth because they can.

>> No.13950444

Someone said earlier that the Imperium and the Necrons were the only ones bent on the complete annihilation of the enemy.

That's actually incorrect.

Necrons do not want to destroy everything and everyone and leave the galaxy a barren wasteland, they simply want to crush all opposition, ie the military of the different factions in the galaxy so that they can go around farming all manners of humans, xenos, mutants and critters for their C'tan masters to eat.

They don't even want to destroy Chaos, merely seal it away so that it can't mess with their plans, of course if that means that chaos would stop feeding on emotions and disappear is not said.

Only races who want to destroy everyone but them are the Imperium and Tyranids.

That said it's probably better for your entire race to be eaten/killed than be turned into cattle for angry gods.

>> No.13950463


The Necrontyr allied with the C'tan because they wanted to engage in the wholesale genocide of the Old Ones.
So a long time ago the Necrons were almost a fraction as genocidal as the Imperium. They grew out of it, though.

>> No.13950480

Nope, their desire to annihilate everything not them is the only thing that remains of their former selves.

>> No.13950516


Yeah, too bad they can't do jackshit about it now that they're mindless slaves.

Only Necrons who can do something about it are the Lords, and most of them don't really care, although the 5th edition rulebook does say that some Lords go in crusades to kill everything, others become pirates, others believe themselves to be the C'tan.

>> No.13950532

Ah yes, the notorious "Give a Toof, Take a Toof" bin at the Da Quik Git mini-mart.
I lost a finger to that thing when it turned out the severed head at the bottom wasn't quite out of vim.

>> No.13950661

Bad moons grow their teeth faster true, but that just meant they get knocked out by the bigger guy more often.

Besides no Ork worth his slugga would give up a opportunity to punch someone else, the teef arr just a bonus.

>> No.13950673

Wrong. C'tans eat suns. Necrons kill FUCKING EVERYTHING, even bacteria.

>> No.13950692

I bet Yarrick could become a warboss if he wanted to.

>> No.13950713

Gazkul refers to him as the Warboss of the humies, and a tough one at that, one he'd regret killing because he so much damn fun to match wits and mettle with.

>> No.13950740

Almost forgot to say, the necrons want to exterminate ALL life, because that would literally make all emotion ... nonexistent, thus destroying the Chaos Gods, purifying the warp.

Yeah, necrons are really a good option for everyone, yeah?

>> No.13950790


You don't know much about the necrons do you?

>> No.13950849


"Best Friend" and "Favorite Enemy" are the same word in Ork.

>> No.13950858
File: 4 KB, 243x68, grod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


'ere's da glyph, no tanks to dat weedy git Captcha.

>> No.13950871
File: 66 KB, 360x271, leave-and-never-return.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13950891

stopped reading right here

>> No.13950922

Let me check the fluff again... hmm...
Only few Necrons have arrived yet, C'tans once ate suns, found that the living creatures were simply more delicious, but still able to effectively thrive on solar energy.

Thing is, they are entirely unprotected against the warp, thus seek to seal that thing. Thing is also, they do not have souls, being beings of pure physical energy, while the necrons have lost their souls when they were transferred into 'robots', crudely speaking.

They effectively TRIED to wipe out all life in the universe when the Old Ones were around, but the C'tans ended up killing eachother, the whole war ending with the Enslaver Invasion and the warp ending up as the nice place we know and love.

Till now, 40k, only few necrons have awoken yet, they are only here for hit and run, harvesting a few souls y'know? Still, current aim seems to seal off the warp, which you simply CANNOT do while its in the state it IS in right NOW.

Thing is, like with the tyranids, EVERYTHING is boned when necrons fully awake. Thing is also, the only chance the necrons (and effectively their C'tan masters) have on accomplishing their goal, is to kill every living being, which becomes evident by the fact that, as far as I remember from the fluff, all the worlds they managed to conquer FULLY, did NOT just launch hit'n'run attacks on, was literally purged of all life, including bacteria and the like.

Did I miss anything?

>> No.13950947


Yeah, you missed the part where the Tau are basically the only thing standing between the Necron and the galaxy.

>> No.13950956

Sun goo = Okay
Real life = Delicious

You now know the feeding habits of the C'tan. They don't want all life dead because it would quiet the warp. They want all life dead because life is delicious.

In the necron codex isn't the ending about what would happen if the necrons win, where they just move everyone into what is essentially a space cuisinart?

Everything dying and quieting the warp is just a happy off occurance. Even Cadia is a necron weapon to seal off the eye of terror so they can eat all of the gathered species piecemeal.

>> No.13950984

Sorry, went away to go paint. Anyhow, no large demonic incursion. Basically, a corrupted Ordo Hereticus agent leads the Blood Angels to the forge world to retake it from Word Bearers that recently (like, less than 5 months) conquered it. They do so, but through psyker magic and Tzeentch dickery the Inquisitor convinces most of the forces there that one of their marines is Sanguinius reborn, and attempts to divide the chapter.

The final showdown, which actually includes large scale demonic incursions, happens on a monument world far away. Still not enough reason to accidentally a whole world. Also, the author doesn't seem to know that bolter rounds are expected to explode.

>> No.13950990

The necrons are... miniscule, considering they can be wiped out by any force if any of those forces would just so much as care.

It is true, the Tau have BARELY any warp signature, making them effectively invisible to daemons, but NOT to cultists and CSMs and the like I suppose.

What I'm saying is, Tau have souls and they have emotions. Warp is powered by emotions. Wait, I am right with this, right?

That is actually something I always found questionable. Tau CAN feel emotions, yes? So, they must SOMEHOW also contribute to the warp... no matter how miniscule?...

>> No.13951011

Yes, but the average toaster oven in the IoM has more soul than entire worlds of Tau.

>> No.13951017

James Swallow is almost as bad at fluff as C.S. Goto.

>> No.13951018

Necron Tombworld were purged of all life so that it would not interfere with them and their affairs.
The idea was not to kill all living beings, but rather grow them as crops and then have the Ctan nom them. For this to be satisfying to the Ctan the crops need to be sentient beings.

>> No.13951025

>doesn't know boltershells are supposed to explode
Dear god, not one of those authors again!
anyhow, if there was a Chaos Incursion, then it has probably-surely infested the whole planet, especially if its Tzeentch dickery, that guy knows his way around.

Thing is, that forgeworld would have supplied the sector with tainted weaponry. You can see the implications.

>> No.13951035


None of the fluff writers in 40k know or care about 40k's fluff.

>> No.13951045

>Necrons miniscule
Damnit, correction, it is supposed to be
>Tau miniscule

>> No.13951065

Fair enough, but then again these are the first books I've read of his, and I wasn't aware of how bad he was at fluff. It just seemed excessive, but yeah.

>> No.13951096

>Thing is, that forgeworld would have supplied the sector with tainted weaponry. You can see the implications.
The Blood Ravens' arsenal would grow a thousandfold.

>> No.13951148

>James Swallow is almost as bad at fluff as C.S. Goto.


>> No.13951171


>kind of makes it hard to root for these guys


>> No.13951215

40k hasn't been a joke since at least the late '90s.
Hence the introduction of more serious business faction, the Tau. And a general serious-the-fuck-up approach to technology, instead of jokes involving the AdMech ritually reciting curse words when the "on" button is sticky.

>> No.13951339

>They might still eat children, but I doupt that they would find humans tasty. We are very bony creatures with very litle fat.

Actually, we are juicy and our bones are crunchy. We eat much much better than any other beast anywhere we live, and some of us are even perfumed. And most of our body is water, so we are also thirst quenchers.

Humans are the elvis of monster food.

>> No.13951401

>betrayal the alien protectorates wrought upon humanity in the Age of Strife

I do not know much about this, can someone illuminate me please?

>> No.13951415

>more serious business faction, the Tau.

i hope you're fucking serious because "hey guys we're the super-clean super-naive faction who tries to make friends with necrons" does not indicate "serious business"

>> No.13951420


And let's not forget how the Tau slew Slaanesh.

>> No.13951429

Long story short, Imperium has plenty of ways to justify the atrocities it commits on a daily basis. It's part of why they're fun.

>> No.13951467

Once upon a time Humanity was a kind, tolerant, and peaceful race, in a noble and peaceful society akin to Star Trek's Federation.

Then the Eldar fucked a Chaos God into existence. Slaanesh balanced out the previously unstable forces of Chaos, so the Warp was able to merge with the Materium across the galaxy, producing giant warp storms like the Eye of Terror. Interstellar flight became a nightmare, interstellar politics shut down, and all those tolerant human worlds which had tolerated psykers were consumed by waves of Daemonhosts. Thus began the Age of Strife.

Almost all alien polities, even those which had benefitted most from their good relations with the tolerant human hegemony, immediately turned on their former friends. On some occasions this was out of simple necessity, because of the aforementioned human tolerance towards psykers. On others this was out of ordinary self-interest. Sometimes it was the end result of their previous cultural jealousy and centuries of quiet hatred. On other occasions, it was the nature of the alien, as with entire worlds of sentient gigantic spiders that can only feel predation instincts and have no concept of benevolence.

It is possible, if unlikely, that mankind could have weathered the warp storms with its benevolence intact. It was the great betrayal of the xenos that pushed mankind to the brink of extinction and required the Emperor's direct intervention.

>> No.13951489

Before Imperium, before the reveal of the Emperor, Mankind had a fucking cool technology level, had made peace-treaties and what not with aliens, easily kept the orks at bay, everything was wonderful.

Then, Eldar literally fucked up, Slaanesh was born, massive warpstorms isolate the former Imperium's world and systems from eachother, the former Imperium's major worlds (like Terra) starved without the support of its colonies.

All the while, the cut off systems were easy prey for the aliens, who broke all treaties and fell upon humanity like vultures. You can imagine that aliens like the orks went on a killing spree. The aliens pretty much broke humanities last hope of survival.

Cue Emperor shows up on Terra. The rest is history. *sets on sunglasses*

>> No.13951531
File: 267 KB, 763x764, 1277633832387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13951545


in the grimdarkness of the far future there is only xenocide.

>> No.13951552

>Implying a virus bombardment can discriminate.

>> No.13951587


The Imperium of Man, 40,000 years in the future, lacks the technical and biological expertise to create bioweapons that selectively kill species based on biochemistry.

>> No.13951612

Well actually they just misplaced it.

>> No.13951623


call in the guards.

>> No.13951624

Virus bombs, at least the ones we hear mentioned most often, are exterminatus tier weaponry. They simply destroy all biological matter on a world, rendering it down to nothing more than goop.

>> No.13951645

I think his point is that the Imperium can't create a Virus Bomb that specifically targets non-human biologies.

>> No.13951654

>The Imperium of Man, 40,000 years in the future, lacks the technical and biological expertise to create bioweapons that selectively kill species based on biochemistry.
Well duh, precision-targeted species cleansing would hardly fit into the pseudo-medieval setting would it? You may as well argue about them using petrol-powered chainsaw swords.

>> No.13951663


They use PROMETHIUM-powered chainsaw swords, sir.
An entirely different matter, I assure you.

>> No.13951671


I thought chainswords worked via a crank on the side that the spessmehreen rotates real quick

>> No.13951740

Kill them. Kill them all.

No Pity. No Remorse. No Fear.

My armour is contempt.
My shield is disgust.
My sword is hatred.
In the Emperor's name, let none survive.

>> No.13951831

I'm sure they can. On the occasional forge world or two. When plot calls for it. If they could do so more easily then they'd have significantly less trouble with orks.

>> No.13951847

>but that kind of makes it hard to root for these guys.

>> No.13951939

I remember reading one bit of fluff in which an ork warboss was ruminating about various species. He concluded that da hoomies were pretty bro-tier because they were usually up for a good scrap, and while they could never be as good as orks, they came the closest out of all the other species

>> No.13951988

>makes it hard to root for these guys

Says you.

In The Emperors name, cleanse them all in the holy fires of promethium, so that their strangled cries of terror and pain can be heard for what they truly are.

The triumphant calls of victory and joy expressed by another soul freed from the bondage of existence as a non-human, to be reborn into the glorious form of Man.

It would be a far crueler fate to NOT exterminate them.

>> No.13952005

Fuck, you're retarded.


Until they found out that living things are so much tastier.

>> No.13952025

Wow. People still miss the point of the grim darkness of the grimdark millenium.

>> No.13952031


explain dow2 then.

>> No.13952043

Orks are known to make slaves of their captives, and generally aren't interested at all in their well being, which in a lot of ways is worse then simply killing them as it often leads to slow agonised deaths by starvation after a prolonged period of forced labor.

>> No.13952049

>eat suns


>> No.13952069
File: 557 KB, 1280x1024, AwesomeJimProfit19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imperium is fags anyway. They have an entire faction of cunts. Sisters of Battle=Lady Gaga in armor.

Tau reporting in. Sniper rifle lasers, big mechas, immune to chaos influence. If it wasn't for humans and eldar, there wouldn't even BE chaos in the universe! It's always the uppity races who think their shit doesn't stink that ruins it for the rest of us.

Necrons are pretty bro-tier too.

>> No.13952077

Uppity race that think their shit doesn't stink? Sounds like Tau to me.

>> No.13952117
File: 1.43 MB, 1024x768, KHORNE_WARRIOR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>immune to chaos influence

GW kindly disagrees.

Dull souls =/= immune to Chaos influence

>> No.13952122
File: 35 KB, 318x320, deathwatch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


LOL my Bolter is older than their 'Empire', and more reliable too.

>> No.13952132


No 40k fan ever cared about what Games Workshop says about their faction of choice.

>> No.13952139
File: 48 KB, 436x600, 1294942067454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>So men, women, children - they're all fair game?
>>suitably grimdark
isnt like this in real life too?

>> No.13952157

Welcome to the 40k fandom, a.k.a. "bad things happened to decent folk! this is so fictitious that i'm insulted by its implausibility!"

There is nothing in 40k that has been Bad that hasn't been worse irl.

>> No.13952171

There are no elves in real life.

>> No.13952179

I now have my gorkamorka gang...

>> No.13952202
File: 26 KB, 300x330, elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13952217
File: 162 KB, 470x470, Elf-Ears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Counter-CounterPoint - Thanks to bored plastic surgeons and equally bored and rich lotr fans, there are too.

>> No.13952261

"Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand realise that you have no right to let them live."

>> No.13952357
File: 21 KB, 492x384, Heresy, extra heretical.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13952361
File: 64 KB, 581x674, AwesomeJimProfit13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eldar: Fucked everyone over by awakening Slaenish. Refuse to admit they're better off dead and think they're the bees knees.

Dark Eldar: Angst teenage eldar who don't want to give up their faggotry even though it screwed up the universe. Vote republican for the waterboarding.

Orks: Chaotic stupid idiots who fight for the sake of fighting, and their blood is like cum and makes more of the green niggers.

Humans: Psychotic, and dogmatic morons. Who won't rest until they've purged the world of all the unlcean. Would make sense if not for the fact they can't get their shit together and are as destructive to themselves as others.

Necrons: Nihilists who want to destroy EVERYTHING. You shit bricks when you realize we've only encountered a fraction of them so far.

Tyranid: Compulsive and useless eaters who are going to devour the whole universe unless they are stopped. Assholes of the biggest variety.

Chaos: Aspects of extreme emotion that lead people into doing crazy shit, for crazy reasons. They'll inevitably become corrupted, husks of fuck, and pray for death. But first they fuck us all over.

Tau: Classy gentlemen who just want everyone in the world to have a good education, free healthcare, and not be a dumb bitch who lives for self masturbation and wanton death. Get a bad rep for putting fluoride in the water and mind control devices on allies.

>> No.13952386


>> No.13952451
File: 3 KB, 101x89, images of the Black Templar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, Salamanders, no, let's be honest, they wouldn't. Space Wolves? Those guys are so far out there, who can tell? The Ultramarines? Since they kind of represent the basic Space Marine, and therefore the most common form of humanity to likely to be sent to communicate with aliens, they might be lenient. HOWEVER... Beyond that? Innocence proves nothing.

>> No.13952472

Did somebody say VIRUS BOMB!?

>> No.13952509

All three most likely would. Salamanders are nice guys that will protect HUMANS at all costs. They're still indoctrinated psychopaths that hate all aliens. Same with the Ultras.

>> No.13952571
File: 1.14 MB, 1000x1000, Prophet_of_Damnation_by_torture_device.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick question:

What ever happened to those guys who legitamatly believed the human race/life period would be better off under Chaos? No, I'm not talking about those fuckers that just are all "FUCK EVERY1 OVER FOUR NUO RAISIN" renegade shits, I'm talking about people like (some) Word Bearers and the like. I know at least some of them try to convert feudal and feral planets and all that cal...do they try and convert xeno planets? What are they're roles?

>> No.13952601

Chaos space marines hate the xeno too.

>> No.13952620

Well, that seems a bit suggestive and dependent on the chapter to me. A few longer-sighted and loyaler CSM might want them to worship Chaos as well. Probably the same guys who don't mind the Dark Eldar hangin' about.

>> No.13952633

He's right. Almost all hate xenos.

>> No.13952641

The guys who are just in it for power probably don't give a shit either way about the xeno, but the ones trying to spread the good word are trying to spread the word to humanity.

>> No.13952661

He actually captured Yarrik, beat him up for a while then let him go so he could fight him again. He probably considers him the Orkish version of a friend.

>> No.13952680

Only one I can think of who doesn't is Fabius Bile, he associated with the dark eldar until he realized he knew more about bioscience than them.

>> No.13952693

>implying dark eldar in general worship Chaos

Anyway I'm sure plenty of warbands are perfectly fine with using xenos mercs or cultists or what have you, but in general the traitor legions that still care about anything beyond maimkillburn still share the Imperium's views on humans versus aliens.

>> No.13952712

Why just humanity? Wouldn't it make just as much sense to convert, say, a world filled with feudal Eldar or somethin'? All worshipers give power to the Dark Gods (except for Tau, methinks). I ain't sayin' that all CSM chapters should turn into super-weaboo-Tau-accepting-fucks, but I'm a bit confused as to why at least some of them don't. Especally those guys in the WB who completely disreguard the emprah's tenets.

[Note: Fluff newfag, only been playing for a few months]

>> No.13952745



Even the Salamanders would not break a sworn oath.

>> No.13952777

>Why just humanity? Wouldn't it make just as much sense to convert, say, a world filled with feudal Eldar or somethin'?
Eldar already belong to Slaanesh alone and no other Chaos God will protect them. Slaanesh, for his/her part, eats the Eldar immediately because their souls are just too delicious to resist.

Orks are untaintable. They can follow, say, Khorne, Nurgle, or Tzeentch on a whim, but they don't really go to Chaos, and their psykerstuff all goes into the WAAAUGH without feeding the Chaos Gods.

Tau souls are nothing, and Necrons have no souls.
Who would they evangelize to? The Hrud?

>> No.13952813

I've been under the impression there are a shit-ton of alien races that are more or less powerless under the other factions. Like the Thyrrus or other such cal.

>> No.13952917


Yeah, they exist, but they really aren't worth the investment of Chaos' time and resources.
Chaos has all the time in the universe and infinite energy, but remember, there are only a few places in space where they can actually break through into the Materium, and they're better off evangelizing in the areas around where pre-existing breaks are and in places where the Materium is already stretched thin, to expand their sphere of influence with the greatest efficiency.
The stable warp rifts, like the Eye of Terror, are mostly in Imperial space, because the Imperium covers so much of the galaxy. So your CSM ministers and such are limited in their effective distance and the time they can spend, so they have to select their targets with a bit of care, to simultaneously expand their own powerbase and weaken their strongest nearby rivals. So it ends up being almost all Imperium all the time.

>> No.13952987
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Thus... if you get rid of humanity and eldar, you get rid of chaos. Or at the very least you get rid of the prop they use to troll the universe with.

>> No.13953051


Why not simply genetically engineer some humans to be cut off from the Warp and let natural selection take it's course?
Non-warping humans won't become daemonhosts, won't be KILL BY DEAMONS, won't have to worry about their religion, and will propagate invisibly among the rest of the humans. Thus a differential rate of survival and reproduction will be established, with the null humans eventually entirely replacing psionic humans, severing Chaos from the Materium and allowing you to feed your gods like a good little boy.

>> No.13953058

That is what the void dragon is doing.

>> No.13953190

Deathwatch aren't the best example, on account of how they have full-blown, cloaked Dark Age of Technology, AI-controlled exterminatus ships. Nothing could go wrong.

>> No.13953198

More than chapter to chapter, it varies by marine to marine.
Some marines have a stronger sense of personal honour than others and wouldnt kill a defenseless child.
I get that it can be hard to see each mook as a person since GW sure as hell doesnt, but I like to think all my models have different personalities and backgrounds.

Not that I'd ever actually remember them, but its a nuce thought.

>> No.13953348

They're not actual AIs.

>> No.13953441

Anyone have the one image macro of guardsman with an iron gob and the caption 'OI DONT SHOOT DIS GIT, EE' WAAAGH'S FO' FREEDOM'

>> No.13953596


Page 247 of Rites of Battle, under the heading "Kill-Ships"

>Some whisper that Kill-ships verge on techno-heresy and that their crews are little more than puppets of the ship's implacable war spirit. The Deathwatch cares little for such points of dogma

>> No.13953699

And yet he failed to police that mustache!

Natural selection chose against nulls though. The ability to not become a daemon spewing portal weighs poorly against the ability to not be utterly creepy and revolting to everyone around you solely by existing.

>> No.13953991


Dude seriously... A SUN is A STAR. Yes every little star you see out there in the night sky is a SUN itself.

Thats how big the universe is out there.

>> No.13954016
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>mfw GW can't figure out how to make SM sympathetic without making them pussies.

God, why do I hate 40k so?

>> No.13954318


>> No.13954334

Ian Watson's (I know, but many writers shove their fetishes in their works) Space Marine.
They were human but inhuman.

>> No.13954691

on a related note do space marines keep pets?

>> No.13954736

It's because it never actually makes sense as a decision, it's always done for HONOR or VALOR or some other thing that makes no sense for a super-brainwashed knight templar.

The best they should get is PROTECTING HUMANITY IS THE PRIME DIRECTIVE and sacrifice themselves in some way. Salamanders were close but they decided to protect a convoy which made basically no sense logistically and just ended up being WE'RE GOOD GUYS

>> No.13956830

>I mean I'm sure that's suitably grimdark and everything but that kind of makes it hard to root for these guys.

Nope, not for me. If you mind fictional xenocide, perhaps 40K is the wrong setting.

This setting isn't at all about woking towards mutual understanding with all the different races holding hands in the end after the bad guys have been defeated.

This is all about peace through superior firepower.

>> No.13956834


Yes, Thunderwolves.

>> No.13956857

>This is all about peace through superior firepower.
>This is all about peace
"I see no victory here. I see but one truth. AND THAT TRUTH IS WAR!"
--General Sturnn, Cadian 412th.

In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, there is only war. The Imperium fights to preserve that war, because war might not be a good life, but it IS a life.

>> No.13956913


Tsk. Some High Lords/Inquisitor Lords might think so but the vast majority of imperial personnel would beg to differ, most notably the overwhelming majority of Astartes.

It's about eradicating anything that dares to oppose the Emperor's will so that one day peace may reign in the galaxy.

>> No.13956953
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