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Ok lads - here's the deal:
Most of you probably know by now of the GK SC Draigo and the fact that he makes the new W2 Paladin Terminators Troops.
What I was thinking about is this: What if one took Draigo and 18 Paladins, and ran them as The Emperor and the Primarchs?
Here's the basic list:
Draigo --- 275
1Paladin --- 55
2Paladin --- 55
3Paladin --- 55
4Paladin --- 55
5Paladin --- 55
6Paladin --- 55
7Paladin --- 55
8Paladin --- 55
9Paladin --- 55
10Paladin --- 55
11Paladin --- 55
12Paladin --- 55
13Paladin --- 55
14Paladin --- 55
15Paladin --- 55
16Paladin --- 55
17Paladin --- 55
18Paladin --- 55
Total: 1265 points
That leaves 235/735 points worth of wargear for the 18

Now for the meat of this thread: What setups should each of the Primarchs have in your opinnion?
>Wargear options:
>Halberd (+1I) free
>Hammer (+1S) free
>Falchion (+1A?) 5pts
>Stave (2+ inv save) 20pts
>Apothecary (FNP) 75pts
>Banner 25pts
>1 per 5 Incinerator 5pts / Psilercer 10pts / Psycnnon 20pts
>Master Crafting 5pts/weapon

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>Field too long

TL;DR: How do I counts-as Primarchs with Paladin wargear?

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Oh God, I want to help you, but since the leaked .pdf doesn't have the wargear section explaining what everything does (WTF ARE PSILENCERS?), I think it's a bit early.

If you do this, you must post pics. WIP progress pics of every step. The God-Emperor will smile upon your force if you do this, and your army shall never suffer a single defeat.

Or something.

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I haven't seen the rules though. And I'd probably just try to keep everything fluff-true... As much as it is possible anyway.

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I already have Rowboat, Russ, Lion and Lorgar (and Sanguinius and Horus, but I intend to remake them) ready, but they will need some fixing to make sure they all have the correct wargear for counts as.

Fulgrim would probably have Master Crafted Falchions.
Ferrus and Perturabo would have hammers.
Vulcan an Incinerator.
Sanguinius a Staff.
Angron a Halberd.

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They make Psylencers are hexagrammatical wards that makes their psykers psylent.

But honestly, this is a great idea, but we'd have to see what the war-gear does and what exactly you have in mind with this army.

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Doesn't the nemesis hammer give like +1 strength, according to the rumours? That might be better to be a Khornate chainaxe. Although striking at I1...

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Well the only ones we don't know are the banner and psilencer.
And I forgot what the falchions do. So that's more my derp than anything else.

With 2000pts in mind, we have 40 points per Primarch to spend.
Paladins are 1-10 per squad too, so they can run as 10+8, 5+5+5+3, 6+6+6 or whatever.

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> saw thread, thought "mite b cool"
> see scriptarius, grand lord of scultpting, was doing it
> my face

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I think the Nemesis Hammer gives +1S but NOT I1.
However the NORMAL Daemonhammer acts like a Thunder Hammer, striking at I1.

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Really? Then I vote this! Seems closer to the old chainaxe-reduces-armour-save than just +1 Initiative

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Cant offer much regards rules but god damn this sounds like one of the most awesome ideas EVER

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Draigo Emperor --- 275
1Paladin Lion --- 55
2Paladin Fulgrim --- 60
3Paladin Perturabo --- 55
4Paladin Kahn --- 60
5Paladin Russ --- 55
6Paladin Dorn --- 55

7Paladin Curze --- 55

8Paladin Sanguinius --- 55

9Paladin Ferrus --- 55
10Paladin Angron --- 55
11Paladin Guilliman --- 55

12Paladin Mortarion --- 55

13Paladin Magnus --- 75
14Paladin Horus --- 150
Staff, Apothecary
15Paladin Lorgar --- 75
16Paladin Vulcan --- 55
17Paladin Corax --- 55

18Paladin Alpharius --- 55

Total: 1410 points

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How about giving Mortarion a stave and just model it as a scythe? He was famous for his crazy resilience, after all.

And as for Curze, since we have no lightnig claws, maybe two falchions (depending on what they do). I'm not wrong in my recollection, am I, that Curze had twin lightning claws?

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I thought that was Corax, and Curze had a sword?
Good call on Mortarion though. Maybe I could slap the Apothecary upgrade on him too.

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hey guy, this is unrelated but do you think I could maybe get your email, to talk about a possible conversion that I know you're capable of doing? i think it also might be a fun project for you aswell.

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IIRC falchions are just lightning claws with a nifty name.

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I know you're right about Corax having them, but for some reason my first image of Curze is with TLCs. Maybe it's a fan mini that's influenced me? I dunno.

Anyway, I can't remember Alpharius or *ahem* Omegon having anything in particular as a close combat weapon, so maybe leave him/them with the default sword and instead give him a psycannon to represent him being better with a bolter than a normal Marine?

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inb4 the model of the falchion is just a Grey-Knighted-up lightning claw and Mat Ward can't tell his claymores from his glaives.

>> No.13949147

In the field.
Also you might want to check out this while you're at it
I remember something like this too. Let's just assume that for now.
Yeah most of the models have him with LCs, but I remember some fluff enthusiast kindly pointing out he only had a sword in the books.
Good call on Alpharius too. Updating the list in my next post.

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Me again, bookmarking your blog. I definitely want to keep up with this.

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Angron always had a sword, I think so did Sanguinius. Fulgrim had a flame sword that was forged by Ferrus manus. Mortarion had a scythe.

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Angron had a huge chainaxe in the HH artbooks.

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Draigo Emperor --- 275
1Paladin Lion --- 55
Halberd (Sword)
2Paladin Fulgrim --- 60
Falchions (Swords)
3Paladin Perturabo --- 55
Hammer (hammer)
4Paladin Kahn --- 60
Falchions (swords)
5Paladin Russ --- 55
Hammer (axe)
6Paladin Dorn --- 55
Hammer (hammer)
7Paladin Curze --- 55
Halberd (sword)
8Paladin Sanguinius --- 55
Halberd (spear)
9Paladin Ferrus --- 55
Hammer (hammer)
10Paladin Angron --- 55
Hammer (axe)
11Paladin Guilliman --- 55
Hammer (fist)
12Paladin Mortarion --- 70
Staff (scythe)
13Paladin Magnus --- 75
Staff (staff)
14Paladin Horus --- 150
Staff, Apothecary (mace)
15Paladin Lorgar --- 75
Staff (crozius)
16Paladin Vulcan --- 65
Hammer, Incinerator (hammer)
17Paladin Corax --- 60
Falchions (claws)
18Paladin Alpharius --- 75
Psycannon (bolter)
Total: 1460 points

40 points to burn, enough to Master Craft 8 weapons.
For 2000pts variant, we have 540pts to play with. Enough to easily give all squads Apothecaries and master craft everyone's shit, possibly leaving room for extra guys to represent Custodes or something.

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More contradictory bullshit by GW then, in Fulgrim he is described fighting with a sword, and as a daemon prince he has a daemonsword.

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About Russ, don't the HH artbooks show him with a frostblade? Also, if we're gonna MC anybody's weapon, one of the most important ones is Fulgrim, cause of his obsession with martial perfection etc.

>> No.13949233

It's almost like he could put one weapon down and pick up another one.

But that would be crazy.

>> No.13949239


Fuck, you're right! I remember the old Epic mini of him with a sword. Damn it, GW!

>> No.13949240

I get tanks, you lose.

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From a fluffy standpoint, you should master craft Fulgrim's, Ferrus', and Vulkan's weapons, since they were canonically the best craftsmen.

>> No.13949244

Please pass it along to anyone who might care / want a commission. I don't really want to post it around too much because the Janitors/Mods might rule it as advertising after a while.
I thought Sanguinius had a spear and Angron used Gorechild/Gorefather/Gorechainaxe?
As has every model I've seen of him.

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I think he had a Frostblade, spear and axe.
However my model already has an axe so yeah...
At least I had fun doing so.

>THOUGHT: play Draigo as Horus, take Dreadknight to represent Emperor

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Angorn dual wielded chainaxes. Gorechild got passed on to Kharn. Dunno if he still has other one.

Also dunno if he did that pre-Heresy, as this is presumably pre-Heresy.

>> No.13949288


Unless you're literally stuck to your weapon or it's part of you, an admitted possibility in the 40k universe it is possible to change weapon. Or carry more than one. Maybe Angron used both a sword and a massive chain axe depending on his mood that morning.

People should stop worrying over what's canon and focus on what's cool.

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Yeah, but he kept leaving the Spear places and forgetting about it.

>> No.13949309


>Dreadknight to represent Emperor


>> No.13949313


I'm not sure what happened to Gorefather/Gorechild. But before and during the Heresy he used a sword, and after he became a daemonprince he uses the Black Blade, according to tabletop rules. Knowing Angron and his gladiatoral background, he has a huge selection of weapons, both normal and exotic. But most sources that I've read that actually feature him using a weapon has been with a sword.

>> No.13949332


This is a point. Dude probably was a master of many weapons.

What's the Mastercrafting do again? As an increase in raw rip 'n tear, might be worth giving to Angorn to represent his being very, very combat focused, even among the Primarchs.

>> No.13949354


>Cut head off axe, model the world's biggest chainsword, leave the long-ass axe haft as a grip

Best. Frostblade. Ever.

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Draigo Horus --- 275
1Paladin Lion --- 55
Halberd (Sword)
2Paladin Fulgrim --- 65
MC Falchions (Swords)
3Paladin Perturabo --- 60
MCHammer (hammer)
4Paladin Kahn --- 60
Falchions (swords)
5Paladin Russ --- 55
Hammer (axe)
6Paladin Dorn --- 55
Hammer (hammer)
7Paladin Curze --- 55
Halberd (sword)
8Paladin Sanguinius --- 60
MCHalberd (spear)
9Paladin Ferrus --- 60
MCHammer (hammer)
10Paladin Angron --- 60
MCHammer (axe)
11Paladin Guilliman --- 55
Hammer (fist)
12Paladin Mortarion --- 70
Staff (scythe)
13Paladin Magnus --- 75
Staff (staff)
14Paladin Lorgar --- 75
Staff (crozius)
15Paladin Vulcan --- 70
MCHammer, Incinerator (hammer)
16Paladin Corax --- 60
Falchions (claws)
17Paladin Alpharius --- 80
MCPsycannon (bolter)
Dreadknight Emperor --- 155
Nemesis Greatsword
Total: 1500 points

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The only mention of Gorefather that I could find was in the description for Kharn. Who SAYS the weapons were a pair that were used by Angron DURING the Horus Heresy. Since I'm pro-sword with Angron, whether or not he actually used Gorefather or another sword is irreleveant since the only brief mention of that weapon is that he used it during the Horus Heresy. The list implies that the Primarchs are all still loyal, so Angron should still be using a sword.

>> No.13949390

BRB having a quick sauna

>> No.13949417


The Lion looks awesome.

Is this a commission or for your own personal use? I'd hate to see someone build the most epic army ever and then have to ship it off...

>> No.13949505

Personal house rules: everyone in the army gets Preferred Enemy: Everyone.

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Pre Heresy angron used the chainaxes he moves onto a demon blade for the heresy . His Axes are gifted to the word bearers and the psychotic kharn

>> No.13949604

if memory serves the world eater in battle of abyss mentioned angrons weapons, I give away my hh books when I'm done so I don't remember =P

also alpharius omegron technically there were 19 primarchs

>> No.13949618

How can angron be using gore father during the heresey if its on the word bear starkiller in the hh novels. A loyal bezerker throws it through a wall. How does no one remember this.

>> No.13949690


Just GW being GW: Contradictory.

>> No.13949726

Right now it's for personal use.
Depending on how deeply I fall in love with it, it might be up for sale too.
Sanguinius just got reserved, but I was going to make a new one regardless so I can let it slip.
And everyone dies. And it is glorious!
I think I'll go with the dual chainaxes for the sake of variety. Half of them already have swords anyway.
Also, Alpharius/omegon will be 2 guys on one base.

Speaking of bases, I thought about how to make Emps tall enough for true LoS. My solution: he has a bigass decorative base where he is flanked by 2 custodes carrying banners, and above them a cherub with a third banner. The cherub's head will count as the Emperor's height.

>> No.13949736

I hate to be "that guy" but.......

First I've heard of the leaked pages,can I bother someone for a link?

On subject This could be a truly epic army.

>> No.13949764

Squad 1
13Paladin Magnus --- 75
Staff (staff)
2Paladin Fulgrim --- 65
MC Falchions (Swords)
3Paladin Perturabo --- 60
MCHammer (hammer)
4Paladin Kahn --- 60
Falchions (swords)
5Paladin Russ --- 55
Hammer (axe)
6Paladin Dorn --- 55
Hammer (hammer)

Squad 2
7Paladin Curze --- 55
Halberd (sword)
8Paladin Sanguinius --- 60
MCHalberd (spear)
9Paladin Ferrus --- 60
MCHammer (hammer)
10Paladin Angron --- 60
MCHammer (axe)
15Paladin Vulcan --- 70
MCHammer, Incinerator (hammer)
12Paladin Mortarion --- 70
Staff (scythe)

Squad 3
1Paladin Lion --- 55
Halberd (Sword)
14Paladin Lorgar --- 75
Staff (crozius)
11Paladin Guilliman --- 55
Hammer (fist)
16Paladin Corax --- 60
Falchions (claws)
17Paladin Alpharius --- 80
MCPsycannon (bolter)

Draigo Horus --- 275

Dreadknight Emperor --- 155
Nemesis Greatsword

Total: 1500 points

>2000pts variant gives Apothecary upgrades to everyone with staves and Master Crafts all weapons
>Any remaining points are used to form another squad who count as Custodes

>> No.13949769

Am I mistaken or does the sword give a 4++ in close combat (instead of 5++ for TA)? If so maybe keep that on Mortarion, maybe with MC, and give him FNP to represent his resilience? Although since Horus has been promoted to Draigo maybe Staff+FNP wouldn't be completely unreasonable?

>> No.13949791

why not have him surfing on top of karazomzs (sp?) throne

>> No.13949872

Mordrak (Valdor) --- 200
Ghost Knights (Custodes) - 32

With the Master Crafts and Apothecaries, this leaves 8 points to spare for 2000pts.

>> No.13949926

Just a thought, if you ever expand it past 2000 maybe you could use an assassin model to represent Omegon shadowing Alpharius. Vindicare or Callidus maybe? To represent his presence, but to make sure he's not noticed.

>> No.13950033

Currently Alpharius' Master Crafting represents Omegon. If one fails, the other takes a shot.

>> No.13950340 [DELETED] 

Le bump

>> No.13950582

Final bump before I let it die, get in here lads!

>> No.13950640

Do you have a model of Mortarion?
That badass is the best primarch ever.

Also, for squads, what if you sorted the primarchs into one squad that's made of the (future) traitors and one squad made of the loyalists?

>> No.13950711

Haven't had proper inspiration for Mortarion yet, so no.
As for the squads, that might work pretty well, save for the fact that the Traitor squad would have all three staves AND DraigoHorus, making it by far stronger.

>> No.13950727

Btw Scriptarius in some older fluff Curze is described as wielding a blade, but I think he might have switched to some TLC sometimes. In "The First Heretic" he uses them:

Corax looked to meet eyes as black as his, in a face as pale as his own. His claw strained against a mirroring weapon, both sets of blades scraping as they ground against each
other. One claw seeking to fall and kill, the other unyielding in its rising defence.
Where the Raven Guard primarch’s features were fierce with effort, the other face wore a grin. It was a smile both taut and mirthless – a dead man’s smile, once his lips
surrendered to rigor mortis.
‘Corax,’ said the other primarch.
‘Curze,’ Corax said the name as the curse it was.

But again, it's your choice. I'd prefer to see him with a sword if possible.

>> No.13950890

Yeah I think I'm going to stick with the sword option on Curze

>> No.13950911

Unrelated question, but Script, any suggestions on how to make Chaos Cultists from plastic? And do you know of any good non-Cadian/Catachan plastic kits for non-SM humans?

>> No.13950913

Vulkan He'stan is a good enough representative for Vulkan anyways

he's got Vulkan's spear and Vulkan's flamer-gauntlet

and Vulkan's cloak...

>> No.13950970

Like these?
But he is LEETLE BABY MAN i.e. normal sized, as opposed to my more Truescale sized Primarchs.

>> No.13950993


Indeed, like those. I recognize the guns and back-racks, but none of the rest of it.

>> No.13951000

fair enough.

Rather than a hammer, I'd still give him a spear to stay true to the (little) background we have on him

>> No.13951004

flagellent kit from the Empire range

arms are.. a mix. pistols are from grots?

>> No.13951042

Where did you get that head at?

>> No.13951060

As >>13951004 pointed out, Empire Flagellants with Grot and Ghoul arms.
Good point. I dunno where I pulled the hammer from. Swapping it to a spear.

>> No.13951223

Are they truescale space marines or true scale primarchs as in fucking huge compared to EVERYTHING.

>> No.13951263

Truescale Marines. If you look at the photos tou can see Terminator legs on all of them. When set up with normal sized marines they should look suitably huge.
My Emperor is almost as tall as a Dreadnought.

>> No.13951269

>> No.13951394

I see your massive emperor and raise you a half-made dreadknight

>> No.13951428

I see your Dreadknight and raise you my plans to make one out of a Dreadnought and a Defiler.
Think this, but with a Dreadnought/Penitent Engine mix instead of the Sentinel cockpit.
Also arms.

By the way, yours looks pretty awesome. What are the lower halves of the legs from?

>Gonna go sleep soon enough...

>> No.13951436

looks like the deathwatch model from Inquisitor

>> No.13951479

Primarchs unite, let's rock.

>> No.13951490


>> No.13951493

Ah yes, I see it now. The extra plate on the right leg was throwing me off.
Damn that's one sweet-ass Magnus. Looks mostly sculpted though so I doubt it has a lot I can steal from.

>> No.13951516

Calm bro, it's not like I cut apart a genestealer hybrid model to make metal confetti. I got that brother cheap off ebay anyhow.
Still need to finish this actually....

>> No.13951527

>nipple horns

must be cold.

>> No.13951543

The Space Wolves probably brought their snow shit along with them to Prospero. Maybe that's why Magnus is so pissed at them, rather than the books and whatnot.

>> No.13951550

This is fun to have when going up against the wolves. It brings much rage.

>> No.13951556

They say it's pretty windy at the top of the silver towers...

>> No.13951567

Is that an IN-heresy 1k Son I see?
Damn, you don't see many models of traitors DURING the heresy...

>> No.13951589

yeah my command squad is mid-heresy themed

>> No.13951629

Gah, too weak to keep posting coherently, think I'll grab some sleep now.

Cheers for the thread lads, I'll bump it up if it's still alive when I wake up.

>> No.13951657

what did you use for the head on that Scriptarius?

>> No.13951658

Vihta shenanigans took it out of you?

>> No.13952873

Holy shit Scriptarius, did you make these?

>> No.13956593

Oh goody, the thread is still alive.

Nah, just the beer and prior sleep debt.
No, those were made by some far more skilled people.
I might be able to copy Ferrus, Perturabo, Alpharius, Russ, Curze, Horus, Lorgar and maybe Angron, but not all of them.

>> No.13956684

Both use claws, it was mentioned during the istvann massacre. Also Curze has wings, although i think they might be part of his jump pack.

>> No.13956750

Right. Bat wings, I assume?
On a sidenote, what did Dorn use? A sword too?

>> No.13956778

the khan is balling

>> No.13956780

Yeah I'm pretty sure it was a sword

>> No.13956819

I love his massive pimpcape. And the fact that it looks like he and Dorn are having a bling-off.
Well, I'll need to come up with something clever on that then. I was hoping to give him like a powerfist or something but I can work with a sword.
On a sidenote, is it bad I immediately opened that pic to see if it was made of gingerbread?

>> No.13956845

i was going to make a custom chapter that took the whole "warrior monks" theam of space marines.

but now i think an army of space pimps are in order.

>> No.13956869

I always saw Dark Angels as warrior monks. But then again my vision is based on what I read about them when I was like 12.
Regarding Space Pimps, why use Marines when you can have the whole pun hog and make Pimperial Guard?

>> No.13956895

i already have a guard army. but they can sure biling up the field.

pic related and then some

>> No.13957047

also this man

>>arabic ouseuse

>> No.13957085

He don goofed!
Either he is getting BLAM'd for heresy or an entire craftworld worth of Eldar to get those soulstones back.

>> No.13957114

Now a Grey Knights General thread?

I've spent the last day or two writing an Epic Armageddon Grey Knights list based off the rumours, about to download this pdf and make sure my work is going to be in line!

>> No.13957157

I'm sure the Munitorium has some radicalist wing who spend every living hour spitting on cadian pattern equipment while whipping their bling-servitors to work harder.
Sure, why not. We pretty much have the Emperorwing list down anyway.

Also, I could use some help here >>13957143 , trying to pick an IG winter scheme.

>> No.13957313


I dunno how versed anyone is in Epic Armageddon, but I present this anyway!!


PW: /tg/

At the moment I have warp quake on all GK infantry because gamey wise it will be fluffy- even though it seems that only strike knights have it.
Got a lot of filling in of units to do but the remainder are taken from other epic lists.
I have a lot of ability and point work to do to get it as close as i think it might be, then I will need to buy the codex to make sure it's more representative of it later on, and playtest will begin after that.

>> No.13958080

I don't really know anything about Epic...

>> No.13958373

>> No.13958454

I dare fucking anyone to identify all the shit in the background

>> No.13958772

Good luck with that...

>> No.13959872

Scripty, you must be mad. Amazing idea, but madness.

And this is why we love you.

(And where is this vindicare you promised?!)

>> No.13959896

I don't have any Vintidares on hand. I could try making him out of bitz but that might end horribly.
Also right now I need to make this guy for a thread request and a Nurgle Dreadnought commission...
Then again the Vindicare was also a thread request... Oh dear.

>> No.13959935


Vindicares would be hard without vindicare bits. I mean, the best way I can think of is an eldar model of some kind, plus a space marine scout rifle.

(And I know it was a thread request, it was me who requested it!)

>> No.13961553

Speaking of that

>> No.13961583

Well I would never have expected to see a model of that.
I laughed heartily, good show!

>> No.13961738

I never expected to make a model of it, quite honestly.

>> No.13962761

Needs more Slipshine.

>> No.13962819

So Scriptarius.

How long until you make your own Imperator battle group?

It would be truly a feat of the Dice Gods if you would succeed.

>> No.13962839

I know, but I couldn't think of good heads to use for the knees...
Making ONE took me the best part of a year. A whole battlegroup would turn into an eternity project really fast.
On the other hand, I was thinking about making some wearable Power Armour.

>> No.13963020


>> No.13963126

Sweet jesus that's a lot of tanks!

>> No.13963238

as i first read, i thought Ironhandsguy or Perturabo would be excelent choices for a dreadknight, but i guess Emperor will do fine as Dreagknight too.

Keep it up!

>> No.13963269

I'm in fucking tears at that picture. Keeping it for ulitmate heresy

>> No.13963310

I have a few more if you want them

>> No.13963328


>> No.13963594


>> No.13963635

ahahaha, I didnt know it was you who made fapping ork.

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