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you guys seem to be my best hope for getting a good collection of images of ALL of the primachs from the horus heresy. Need them so i can have a go at sculpting them and need references.

thanks in advance

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the picture above and this one are the only ones i have so far. have seen a lot of cartoon ones but wasn't too interested

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Go to http://www.coolminiornot.com/, they have a shitload of minis and other stuff related to the Primarchs.

Oh and http://demonwinner.free.fr/ is a possibly good source for Primarch minis though you have to look around a bit before finding some.

But if you mean images, as in art, of Primarchs, there's this guy on deviantart Slaine69 that has pretty good drawings of the Primarchs. I'd upload some, but my upload is currently shitty.

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Here is one version of each (lol @ Russ), I believe that there is more complete version of this list.

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never seen this many of them before.

thanks. seen some of these in the golden demon comps.

/sigh currently backlogging through them all

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I have some (Lion, Rowboat, Russ, Lorgar) that I've kitbashed, but >>13935793 is far better for reference.

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Personally I like this Horus better.

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The emperor is pretty cool too, but I prefer the look of yours over this.

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That IS a far better Horus.

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thats the challenge though. I'm looking for pre heresy versions. those primarchs are during like horus is in those

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Still like this Corax.

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side view

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WAY too much going on.

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How is that a bad thing?

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How is it a bad thing that the model lacks any visual focal point or "gimmick" and instead becomes incoherent...?
Nothing, nothing at all...

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The phrase 'too much'. If it wasn't bad, it wouldn't be too much. Too much is never a good thing, it's common sense.

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Kinda hard to tell with out it being painted, I would assume there will be lots of black, grays and the like so it will blend together.

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Perhaps so...
Any painted pictures?

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Still haven't seen it painted.
Hoping for a paint scheme that ties it all together.
It's got alot going on because of tokens and such.

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Jump pack is WAY too huge. He basically tore a jet engine out of a bomber and strapped it to his back.
It also look like the legs might be a bit too small.

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I think they are going for some visual perspective trick but since it is a 3D object it doesn't work too well.

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