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How does one recognize the taint of Chaos?

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The foul scent of bacon.

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It's usually something that seems reasonable at first, but then you start growing tentacles and claws and shit

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Through the power of dance.

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Even asking that question is suspect. Unless it's your job of course. and even then watch you step.

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Oh, man.
I already need to shit from time to time. How long have I got before the claws and tentacles pop out?

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when he said that, he was refering to the insidious madness and treachery tipe of chaos that taints the mind and soul, not the " LOL I HAVE A TENTACLE GROWING OUT OF MY ASS"

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Back when space marines had hair...

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If it expresses concern for life or liberty, it is chaos. If it possesses intelligence, it is chaos.

A man must possess only hate and bottomless faith. Hate for all those different from the creed, and faith in the hierarchy of the Imperium.

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