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anybody have any death korps of krieg to sell? Also 40k selling/trading general

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My friend has some. He pretty much saves up every year and buys a few. He is going to use them as kroots in his Tau army, but I'm 99% sure he says that to troll.

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not 40k but I got a skorne army (privateer press) that needs selling /tradin'

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I've got a battleforce of Orks. Partially assembled and primered. Some have a basecoat. I have everything that came in the box.

Space Hulk 2nd edition. Has all the pieces. The models are all assembled but unpainted. The marines were primered but nids are bare plastic. The box has seen better days. The corners were damaged and repaired with duct tape. Now that there is a new edition I'm not sure if I should even bother or just chuck it in the trash.

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Looking for OPP Cadians (2/3rd edition)
Just normal infantry, not sergeants/flamers/heavy weapons

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I have quite a lot of Guardsman and terribly converted Chaos Guard. Many of which have the Pig Iron helmets. I have some decently converted Guardsman with Max Mini heads, the chaos-y ones, some with shields and shotguns. I don't want any more, as I've moved onto Orks. Send me an email if you want more information.

Willing to sell or trade.

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Got random kroot filling up space. I know no one likes them, but if you want to seriously mess up a reserve army, there's none better...

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I also have 5 partially painted Rough Riders made from the newer Dark Elf Cold Ones.

ADDITIONALLY I have a bunch of Pig Iron pewter figures I'll sell ya.

Furthermore, for the right price I can knock together a pretty damn decent looking techpriestess. (See pic) That is NOT the final paintjob. I ended up selling her for $50 after I finished painting her. Great for the upcoming Grey Knights codex.

Now I'm heading off to work so don't freak out if I don't get to your email immediately. I can also do painting if you want. I'm decent, not good or great.

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for anyone interested the list of stuff I have is as such.

1x Lord assassin morghoul (primed white)
1x lord tyrant Hexeris (painted)
1x tyrant xerxis (painted)
1x Zaal (with his spirit thing) (painted)
1x Supreme archdomina Makeda (unpainted)
2x Ancestral Guardian (painted)
1x agonizer (primed black)
1x cyclops savage (primed black)
1x basilisk drake (primed black)
1x basilisk krea (painted)
1x rhinodon (one of the tiny spikes on the fist is missing)(painted)
8x praetorian swordsmen w/ standard bearer and officer (painted)
8x immortals (painted)
8x karax (unpainted)
5x paingivers (painted)
5x cetrati (painted)
10x venators (2x unpainted, 8x primed black)

anything painted is tabletop quality, would be simple to throw it in some simple green though.

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Could help you there mate, most stripped back to bare metal. could you shoot me your email?

I'm in Melbourne, Australia if that helps?

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I'm in the UK, London
email featured

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I'd like to see some finished paintjobs.

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I will post some when I return home. Most likely in.... 3-4 hours? Or you could send me an email asking for more pictures and I would be happy to oblige. Unfortunately I can't post images from my iPhone.

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I could have sworn this picture looked like Grey Knights complete with Dreadknight

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