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So I'm thinking about rolling a monk next week.

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A disowned rowdy fighter who got kicked out of her own house hold and general hated by the village for having an insatible urge to get in someones shit.

Not exactly deep involving background but sometimes its nice to just sit back and let a chemical brain imbalance to do my thinking for me instead of acting on morals.

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Sounds a bit like Xena, before she decided to become a do-gooder.

So does she just love fighting for fighting's sake, or is there a greater goal there?

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I'm going to play her a bit... off. Definitely a sociopath who only feels the least bit alive when she is caving in someones nose.

Just watching the pain in some dumb bastards eyes when his jaw shatters sends a thousand tiny lightning bugs coursing through her body.

Soooooooo no, I'd not say good or evil. Just looking for that next "high". And adventurers have a good reputation for getting into mixes so she'll tag along for that reason alone.

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Which edition?

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I'm okay with all of that except her being a monk.

When did "monk" come to mean "brawler"? There's more to being a monk than that, right?

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How big you want em?

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Not OP, but...
Speaking of 3e/3.5e/PF monks represent strength through discipline, self-control, and self-restraint, which makes the concept the OP came up with a bit iffy, but not impossible.
It would be easier, and probably make a bit more sense, as a PF barbarian or a barbarian that uses a few ToB feats.

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> necessary reallie

Yes captcha, it's really necessary to post mucsular chicks.

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Welp I'm gunning for Monk because I want to put and emphasis on her "taking punches and giving them out, running headlong into the fight with nothing but your fists and a bad disposition" attitude.


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When they were the optimal non-caster choice for Unarmed combat in 3.X.

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If you're playing 3.5e and want to play a brawler like that, I'd suggest playing a barbarian (or warblade, if your DM allows ToB) and using gauntlets. You don't take the AoO you'd normally get for attacking unarmed if you punch someone with a gauntlet.

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Wrong idea.

Play a monk if:

- You want to use a fucking weapon and be decked in gigantic amounts of bling

Play a full BAB class if:

- You want to function in a fight while unarmed

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Could always say OP's character doesn't follow the typical monk path, just the martial training. How she got it, I dunno, up to the OP.

There's plenty of examples of martial artists who had the training, but not the proper mindset as espoused by their instructors. They have a falling out with the master, go their own way, end up having it bite them in the ass down the line.

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>A strike with a gauntlet is otherwise considered an unarmed attack.
>Attacking unarmed provokes an attack of opportunity from the character you attack.
sorry brah you need Improved Unarmed Strike

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I guess that's the problem with a limited set of class-as-archetype characters!


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spiked gauntlet

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So is WHRP any good? I've heard it's alright

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Not her style. Killing someone is way too simple. A dead body is just a quickly cooling sack of meat. Someone writhing on the floor in agony after having his kneecaps kicked in is like a day at the carnival.

Sociopath brah

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>Implying hitting someone with a spiked glove isn't sadistic as fuck

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Might want to delete that before the janitor catches it, bro.

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Yeah, it's pretty wicked. It doesn't have as many meta-rules so you can't take a huge number of feats and skills to make yourself a more effective brawler, but it's not a huge leap to make a thug or a protagonist or anyone else who gets the "street fighting" talent and use them for the kind of concept you're trying to build.

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You are not OP. I am OP. Get out of my head charles. And Sadistic and causing pain are two separate things. At least in this case..... that makes alot more sense in my head.

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A 4e monk would be interesting to play this way, with the advantage of ki foci, and not having to fight your DM about what exactly lawful means.

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Any -4 STR Dragonborn chicks?

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The birthplace of my mithra and muscle fetish.

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A dragon isn't a reptile, simple enough.

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lol, dieties.
That's how.

So, how's the group feel about having an Evil-aligned character tagging along? Enjoying fighting for fighting's sake is one thing, but enjoying the pain and suffering of others is something else.

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They all must have like a 14 str or something!

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There you go with that OP thing again....

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reptiles also aren't all that talkative or witty as the dragonborn.

I mean +2 CHA bonus has got to mean something about dapper dragonborn.

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The guy who drew that pic is Fred Perry, for the record.

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I know I'm gonna regret it, but...sauce?

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Doesn't sound like a Monk in terms of personality. Monks are supposed to be highly disciplined dudes focused on shit like balance, and strength of mind and spirit, and self-control, and all that other Mr Miyagi crap.

The character you want is a brutal sack of rage and tits without any of that stuff. A Swordsage focused on Tiger Claw or a Barbarian focused on fisticuffs would be more fitting and perhaps just as effective.

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You've never met my snake then.

Ladies love my snake.

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Perry porn is the best porn. He did some E of his LevelUp cast and..... just damn. Guy could make millions if he did purely erotic work.

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does he have a site?

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yes, but his adult stuff is harder to find then a virgin goat in Utah. Here is just his web comic stuff.


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Why is fred perry stuff hard to find? Didn't he do a lot of furry lite stuff.

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Don't ask me. By all means if you can scout it out go ahead but it seems to be a bitch to find for some reason.

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It just so happens that I found a good bit of it a few months ago while... doing research.


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anon I would take you out for drinks and steaks and let you fuck my sister if I knew you

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Eh, monks are alright. Smiting people with holy power is pretty cool and all.

But I always preferred more aggressive and deadly magic users, myself.

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And lizard isn't a synonym with reptile, or a group that contains them, while dire wolves weren't actually giant wolves.

You expect D&D to pay attention to little details like that? Even modern games often can't format binomial nomenclature to save their lives. Picture is related: at some point, Running Wild just loses its shit and says that amphibians are a type of lizard, and capitalized species names start to slip through. Also, it contains a strong ork gunslinger.

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rolled 9, 59 = 68

I fucking love you, man.

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Dude, you are a fucking saint.

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My wild, untamed brawler idea for 3.x was always using Barbarain or Barb/Fighter with Improved and Superior Unarmed Strike(which gives you a monk-like unarmed damage progression). Rage and just beat the hell out of everyone barehanded.

If you want a more technically proficient fighter, opting for one of the ToB classes(since the feat's in that book anyway) with SUS isn't a bad idea, as long as your DM allows them.

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So...hmmm. A yup *lip smack*

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Well, if you don't care much of the damage output or stuff like that....ever thought of trying the Chaos Monk variant from Dragon Magazine?
The kind of character, seems more fit to be chaotic than legal, after all.

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I opted for more of a Wrestler, rather than a brawler, but...

Human Barbarian X
1. Improved Unarmed Strike, Bonus Improved Grapple
3. Superior Unarmed Strike (Tome of Battle)
6. Scorpion's Grasp(Sandstorm)
9. Earth's Embrace (Complete Warrior)

Be sure to wear Spiked Armour.... This allows you, at level 9 to charge an opponent full tilt(with or without rage), deliver an unarmed blow(for 1d8 at that level, thanks to Superior Unarmed Strike), you then make a roll to start a grapple immediately thanks to Scorpion's Grasp, which if successful deals an additional Unarmed Strike's damage plus armor spike damage. Next round you lead off by Pinning the opponent (and dealing 1d12 damage for Earth's Embrace) and then you can use your remaining attack(s) to deal unarmed strike damage(plus spike damage) to your opponent, as you savagely squeeze the life out of them. This has the added benefit of allowing you to prevent them from speaking(as part of the Pin), crippling most spellcasters... though this does leave you immobile and subject to attacks from others if you don't have people in your party who can distract your foes and keep them off you.

If you opt for a Goliath or Half-Giant you can get Powerful Build, which gives you the a +4 size bonus to your Grapple Checks, but it does cost you a Level Adjustment of 1 and your bonus feat....

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Dat sum muscle thread?

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much so, anon

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well, looks like I'm pulling this by myself now...
And I'm not even OP

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>/tg/ always complaining about offtopic and porn dumps
>musclegirl thread
>no one complains
You guys have terrible fetishes.

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You're complaining at least, that's gotta count for something!
well, I guess that will have to be it.

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it's all SFW so most people don't care.
i agree though, this is one weird fetish, you just know the OP is some sort of scrawny little freak.

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Hey! not cool!
I love beefy women as much as I love being a big person myself! Whatever OPs constitution is I promisse it isn't related to his love for big women. also, most scrawny guys I know are into slender chicks.

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/tg/ loves muscled women because you're all fat fucks with femdom fetishes. Like you.

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Femdom is the worst fetish.

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There is a difference between athletically muscled...and so muscled it actually hampers your movement and renders you unable to function properly.

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>Femdom is a totally cool fetish
If you don't like this thread, stop bumping it.

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>>13921605 Femdom is related to Musclegirls.

>> >>>/d/

Go here and educated yourself.

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Most of the hyper-muscle girls in the thread are actually pretty creepy looking...

But girls like this? So very hot...

(And, apparently now tangential to the actual thread's new direction, what magic items would /tg/ suggest for a bare-handed non-monk fighter? Are there things that just improve Unarmed Strike damage/ability that don't read "as a monk X levels higher than you are".?)

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MOAR muscle girls. Post MOAR!

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I don't think a female monk would have the build of BB/fitness model. Probably more the sinewy, lithe, flexible type. Like a ballerina or gymnast.

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>Always complains

Fixed that for you.

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Oh.... this thread is still alive. I am such the proud pappy

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Yay -4 Str threads.

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Truly, the body of a goddess.

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>you will never go on a life changing adventure with an adorable muscular woman

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I'll settle for seeing a fit woman sweating on a treadmill at the gym. Why does everyfetish have to go to some unreal level? I like big tits, but not the sort that require a wheelbarrow. A fit woman is fine too, but most of these pics (drawn more than real) are rather goofy. I'm not saying for people not to like what I don't like, but there's something destructive about having sexual stimulus that can't possibly exist in real life.

I could be wrong, maybe there is a 7 foot tall 350 pound muscular dickgirl with the face and voice of a 5 year old. Good luck finding that shit though.

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>mfw you summed up my fetish perfectly minus the dickgirl part..then made me remember that it can never exist

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Pow, right in the kisser.

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Call me crazy but I'd never want to be muscular if it makes your crotch look like an angry spiderweb.

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>an angry spiderweb

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>an angry spiderweb

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She's clearly one of Lolth's favored

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Funny story, but while in Europe, I did go on an adventure with a girl potentially of that nature.

I wasn't able to tell if she was muscular or not, but she must have been fit at least, to save me from some muggers with a baseball bat, and drag me at a steady run through the city for a good 10-20 minutes.

I don't suppose you could call it life-changing, although things could easily have gone very badly had she not come to my rescue, so I consider myself forever indebted to her for 'saving' my life.

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I'll raise you one.

>> No.13925252

If it was plausible, they would be messing up by not actively doing something to improve themselves and make it more likely to happen.

The more unrealistic or infeasible a fetish is, the less responsibility the fetishist has to take. OH WELL, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, MIGHT AS WELL JUST BE A GREASY SLOB FOREVER

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in love with julia rohde, anon

would crawl on my belly through the mud for her

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She so muscular, her clit is trying to be a penis.

She has that much balls.

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Williams moves around for hours competitively.

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Yep that would be because while she is built as hell she isn't a body builder so can still move.

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Bumping all day, everyday.

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I was just about to post something about that though. It's an interesting defense mechanism to make your ideal person nonexistant so you

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Any more of this girl?

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Pauline Nordin

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Yes, this one. IIRC her name is Pauline Nordon. Or maybe Norton. Something along those things, at least.

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The 4e Monk is powered by psionics, which might not aid you playing a no-nonsense brawler. That said, not all characters get psi-powers from discipline; some get them from extreme emotion, others almost at random.

Alternatively, working backward from "strong, mundane fist-fighter", you could play a Ranger or a Fighter (high STR, Martial archetype); neither has a special talent for punching people to death, but if you want to punch people for fun and then use a weapon for serious fights then they'd work pretty well. Just choose whether you like heavy armor and one 2h weapon or light armor and two weapons. (Fighters can also use two weapons, but they're pretty much always in heavy armor.)

Neither Monk or Fighter/Ranger is an exact fit for the character concept, but either would be fun to play.

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Pauline Nordin

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You know what build I personally believe to be an excellent mix of bulk and realistic softness?

The fembarb in Diablo 2.

One of the best designed warrior-women I've seen in a videogame, not least of which because it dares to be different (to the annoyance of whiney fans).

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/tg/-related. From the Glory Days.

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...god i love muscular women. I wish my gf would like femdom, but alas she has fallen pray to gender roles.....it sucks really

>> No.13929170


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>> No.13929263

/tg/ I want your honest opinion.

Femdom or Giantress

>> No.13929284

My honest opinion is that /d/ is full of those threads

>> No.13929315

>My girlfriend allows herself to be oppressed by gender roles, because she does not live out my fetish.

>> No.13929325

no, /d/ is full of female cocks.

>> No.13929337

>feminine empowerment means doing something that gives me a boner
>if you chose to do anything else you're being restricted by society

>> No.13929339


hey fuck off. I may of not phrased that but damn just want to try it once.

>> No.13929379

She doesn't want to. Fuck off and get some self-confidence.

>> No.13929421

Threads like this make me miss my fetish dice...

I had dice that had a weird thing for rolling up amazonian females. Seriously, they literally generated a town where every major female NPC but one was at most 1 point off from max strength or size.

>> No.13929451

/tg/ = Putting Words In Mouth Games

>> No.13929469
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Wish that I could actually post most of the contents of this folder.

>> No.13929485
File: 104 KB, 600x950, 1252625398050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13929570
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>> No.13929650
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>> No.13929850
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>> No.13930127

Upload to mediafire or something?

>> No.13930769


sauce for this, does it exist?

>> No.13930826
File: 204 KB, 899x1200, 050 - Julie Bell - WET.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13933285

Nifty. Was looking for some stuff to inspire my current character. Some are... a tad on the extreme side (she's more lean), but some fit rather nicely...

>apparent uldrep

>> No.13933312

Just you wait, once diablo 3 finally gets released you will be able to play that fembarb, and a femmonk.

>> No.13933621

The monk design sucks.

She's a twig with a pixie cut.

>> No.13933635

She's not as big as the fembarb I will give you that, but she's still a physical fighter that looks like she can kick an ass or two.

>> No.13933655

Who the crap is this character?

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